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(41 min ago) (photo: SellCell,via PhoneArena) 2018 was also a record year for the average price of a mobile phone. Under the pull of Apple's iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note, a number of phones have broken the $1000 mark.
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(41 min ago) It is not known whether the galaxy S10 Lite will have green and yellow options. In contrast, we are more interested in aura glow color of Galaxy note 10 (although Samsung is unlikely to release this flagship color).
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(41 min ago) It is reported that Baunay, a small town in the western part of Sardinia, Italy, recently put up warning signs in the town to ask tourists who drive to visit the area to stop using Google maps to check the route. "too many cars and small vehicles are stuck on remote roads, sometimes off-road vehicles," said mayor Salvator Corrias.
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(41 min ago) Visit: Microsoft's official mall in China - Windows image credit: in the update of edge dev 79.0.301.2 released yesterday, Dr Kellerman introduced a new function in addition to the regular repair: users who log in to the browser with a work or school account can display work-related content instead of news content.
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(1 hr ago) (from NASA, via BGR) Unfortunately, in the decades since then, the space agency has not changed its force field, that is, there is no life on Mars. In a statement provided to Fox News, a NASA spokesman denied Gilbert Levin's claim.
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(1 hr ago) According to the encyclopedia, Fossa, also known as the Ma Dao mongoose, is a mammal endemic to Madagascar. They are close relatives of the mongoose and belong to the family Anteridae. They are Madagascar's largest carnivorous mammal.
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(2 hr ago) On October 15, redmi officially announced that redmi would cooperate with AMD. The new notebook product "redmibook14 sharp dragon edition" will arrive on October 21, which will be the first amd notebook of redmi.
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(2 hr ago) (screenshot via CNET) Benioff criticizes Facebook as a new era of tobacco, addictive, attractive and harmful to adults and children. At the same time, he also called for the repeal of Article 230 of the communications regulation act of 1996, as it became an excuse for social media companies to exempt users from joint and several liability for publishing content.
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(2 hr ago) At a hearing on Wednesday, Jos-Serrano (D-NY), the chairman of the House of Representatives, referred to NASA's allocation, and he referred to the potential huge cost of the space agency's lunar plan. He claims that some experts estimate that, over the next five years, this could cost over $25 billion, and that the money would be difficult to justify, especially because many other government programs needed funding.
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(2 hr ago) Tencent's tech news, according to the media's latest news, has been climbing further with Microsoft's business goals, and Nadella, the chief executive of Microsoft, has received more pay in a recent fiscal year from Microsoft.
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(2 hr ago) "We often say we need to be bigger and stronger, but just like net weight and gross weight, we need to hold the borrowed iron ball to weigh ourselves and rank. The more problems we will have later," he commented.
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(3 hr ago) Original title: IBM revenue misses on weakness in its bigest unit; shares fall 5%
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(3 hr ago) Original title: FCC approvals merger of T-Mobile, sprint on vote split on party lines: sources
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(3 hr ago) This is the conclusion of gene Ma, director of IIF China research, in the report. Southeast Asian countries are either too small to absorb China's huge processing and assembly trade, or lack the technology and supply chain to handle more complex production.
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(3 hr ago) The term "open source" not only represents the feelings of technical personnel, but also conveys ideas such as research knowledge sharing and community building. Although open source has always had a positive impact - with the increasing popularity of risc-v, the open source movement to promote software innovation is now causing a sensation in the field of microprocessors, but the semiconductor IP provider arm (which supports 95% of the embedded processors of smartphones) is not an open source enthusiast.
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(3 hr ago) Nearly a month after the official IOS 13 launch, apple posted the latest IOS 13 and iPad OS installation rates on its developer page. As of October 15, 50% of iPhone users had updated to IOS 13, 41% were still on IOS 12, and the remaining 9% were earlier versions.
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(3 hr ago) WeChat seems to be more and more like Alipay. Previously, wechat launched wechat payment score, similar to ant credit score. At that time, it was rumored that the function would be charged for opening, and then wechat refuted the rumors. According to the official introduction, wechat payment score is a comprehensive calculation of personal identity, payment behavior, compliance history and other situations, covering more and more scenarios, including dozens of scenarios, such as charging treasure rent free, first ride then pay, wechat on-board payment, hotel booking free of charge, logistics express delivery first post then pay, entertainment equipment first play then pay, etc.
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(3 hr ago) Visit: AnandTech, Apple's online store (China) is a media of technology school. However, in order to fully realize this improvement, apple must increase the peak power consumption of CPU core: "in the spect2006 benchmark (a set of CPU intensive cross platform integer benchmark suite), we can see that Apple's A13 chip has increased the peak power consumption.
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(3 hr ago) It is reported that Samsung plans to take off from the launch platform in South Dakota, using half a basketball court size (10.5m x 18m) high-pressure balloon to send the galaxy S105G to a height of 20km. This special base is carefully designed to ensure the best quality photos are taken, taking into account the curvature of the earth and sunlight, and its solar energy supplies the base and the galaxy S105G.
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(4 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China's official Mall - Windows released cumulative update kb4517389 for version 1903 during this month's Patch Tuesday activity, focusing on fixing security issues and printing errors.
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(4 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft's official mall in China - when Windows opens high contrast chrome and chromium edge in Windows 10, after migrating edge browser to chromium, Microsoft not only adds new features and migrates classic edge features, but also hopes to bring care browsing and native support for high contrast mode to chromium edge.
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(4 hr ago) Generally, websocket can be used to replace Ajax technology for push, and then realize lower cost and more real-time communication. Generally, websocket is also mainly used for applications requiring real-time communication.
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(4 hr ago) Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports, recently, a federal judge in Manhattan, New York, the United States, finally approved Alibaba Group's $250 million settlement agreement related to the 2015 investor lawsuit. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff argued that Alibaba artificially inflated the value of its shares
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(4 hr ago) Access: Apple online Store (China) specifically, the European Union survey covers some of the topics: the behavior of, Apple Pay pop-up when users set up iPhone, and the "set now (Set Up Now)" dialog box that appears in the settings.
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(4 hr ago) 很多朋友仍使用Ghost装系统,但其实Ghost非常不靠谱——你永远也不知道Ghost里面封装了什么乱七八糟的玩意儿。最好的装系统方法,当然是利用官方镜像制作系统U盘安装,市面上能够制作U盘启动盘的工具很多,比如某ISO以及各种PE工具等等,但这些工具要么太臃肿,要么要付费。
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(5 hr ago) Visit: the speed of Apple's online store (China) has made IOS 13 as popular as IOS 12 last year. It is reported that the adoption rate of IOS 12 reached 53% last year. This year, apple broke the data down into IOS 13 and iPad OS after the launch of iPad OS.
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(6 hr ago) In the past few decades, Icahn has been regarded as "wolf of Wall Street" and "corporate raider". With his own efforts, Icahn has played a role in applauding global airlines, Dell, Time Warner, apple, Motorola and other well-known enterprises, or facilitated a certain acquisition, or forced the replacement of senior executives, which has made the enterprise turn upside down. He can make hundreds of millions or even hundreds of millions of profits at a time. One billion dollars, with a total value of nearly 20 billion dollars.
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(13 hr ago) Visit: in the first three quarters of this year, Huawei's smartphone business maintained a steady growth, with more than 185 million shipments, up 26% year on year. At the same time, businesses such as PC, tablet and smart wear have also achieved rapid growth. Nicole Peng, vice president of mobile at canalys, a consultancy, said: "Huawei's overseas shipments rebounded rapidly in the third quarter, although they have not yet recovered to their previous levels.
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(13 hr ago) In fact, after the birth of MIX and Max, Xiaomi Note became embarrassed. On screen size, such as Max,, orthodoxy is not as good as digital series, and on the future, it loses to Mix.. This time, "Xiaomi Note" came back and jumped directly to "10 generations" is thought-provoking, speculating that it will work on large screens, handwritten pens, etc., CPU or Snapdragon 7 lines, we might as well wait and see what we are interested in.
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(14 hr ago) Visit: in fact, the U.S. authorities invaded Huawei's servers to steal e-mail and source code. In March this year, Huawei sued the U.S. government. Recently, another source revealed that Huawei was worried about the presence of American "spy" employees inside the company.
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