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(14 day ago) 外媒Intercept给出了一条这样的报道,引得国内用户广泛关注,谷歌计划在国内推出符合中国法律规定的搜索引擎,最终版本会在6个月后上线,事实真是这样吗?
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(14 day ago) Last weekend, China's electrical appliance manufacturer Skyworth asked for a lot of counterfeit Skyworth products, and reserved the right to file a lawsuit against the matter. On July 19th, American diaper maker Daddy’s Choice filed a lawsuit in New York, accusing the company of deliberately allowing the sale of counterfeit Daddy’s Choice products.
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(15 min ago) On Aug. 16, Lenovo Group (00992. HK) released its first quarter results as of June 30, 2018. In the first quarter, Lenovo Group's revenue jumped 19% to $11.9 billion, a record high for the same period, which meant that Lenovo Group's revenue continued to accelerate for four consecutive quarters.
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(20 min ago) In addition, iPad users can finally use small programs. According to the latest data released by Wechat yesterday, the number of active applet users has exceeded 200 million, and it is bound to take a new step forward after supporting the iPad tablet. There are also other recent updates to WeChat, iOS.
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(24 min ago) Until now, the opportunity is still dormant. Engineers began to worry about its situation. After all, the age of opportunity is high. It has been on Mars for more than 14 years. And in order to wake up the probe, NASA decided to keep its spirits up by playing some exciting songs.
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(40 min ago) But Red Core is still an autonomous and controllable domestic kernel because of other innovations such as intelligent perceptual rendering. As to why the installation package is offline, it is because the Ministry of technology starts the contingency plan and starts self checking.
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(40 min ago) The 15-year-old Taobao has never lost his enthusiasm in the "innovation" issue. This year, he set up the Creation Festival in the West Lake of Hangzhou, which is quite classical and beautiful. Netizens can not help but stand on tiptoe and look forward to it: What is the fun-loving Taobao Creation Festival like this year?
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(44 min ago) Visit: Intel 8 Generation Core Windows 10 Shenzhou letter "upgrade win combination" on Intel's NUC 8 mini PC page, can find the detailed specifications of this mini computer, Code name is CRIMSON CANYON (Crimson Canyon), the processor is BGA package TDP is 15W, the process is 14nm, but Intel does not mention the specific model of the processor.
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(45 min ago) It is also the second Hypersonic Weapons Contract awarded by Lockheed-Martin (pictured here: US Air Force) to change the rules of the future battlefield game after introducing supersonic jets 75 years ago. If any big country possesses a large number of such weapon systems that can be used, it will ignore any currently deployed air-launched weapons.
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(45 min ago) Access: Intel Eight-Generation Core Windows 10 letter "upgrade winning combination" (video capture 1) [vulnerability resolution] L1TF is a recently discovered security vulnerability in presumably performing side channel analysis. It will affect a number of processors that support Intel SGX software protection extensions, including desktop, mobile notebooks, servers and data center products since the second generation Core (Sandy Bridge).
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(46 min ago) "Some time ago I bought a smartphone for my child, but there is too much bad information on the Internet, and I'm afraid it will affect him." This is the voice of a mother on the Internet. Maybe it has also stamped every parent's worry. Nowadays more and more teenagers have their own mobile phones, but the good and bad information on the Internet, children may be harmed by bad information on the Internet.
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(49 min ago) Samsung still needs a deposit to make reservations this time, as it always does. The deposit of 99 yuan guarantees that all subscribers want mobile phones. This should be praised, but the real downside is that the face data is not very good. Well, Galaxy Note 9 appointment after last night's appointment is as follows:
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(1 hr ago) Almost immediately after Tencent's first-quarter earnings report for 2018, a man went to Tencent for a second round of interviews. He was asked a question, "What do you think is Tencent's biggest problem for the foreseeable future?"
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(1 hr ago) According to foreign media reports, the Japanese government has launched an investigation into Apple because Apple is suspected of anti-competitive practices and has put pressure on publishers to prevent them from cooperating with Yahoo's game platform, Games Plus.
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(1 hr ago) On Aug. 13, WeGame announced that Monster Hunter: The World, released on its own platform, had been pulled from the shelves for a large number of reports, and that unconditional refund channels were open because of the lack of follow-up services.
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(2 hr ago) For Teng Xu, the launch of the WeGame platform "Monster Hunter World" was suddenly taken off the shelves, they did not expect, without the current most popular PC masterpiece, they also lost a lot of revenue.
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(2 hr ago) Nine months after the first Chinese version of Bixby was released, Samsung Electronics China Academy President Zhang Daijun said with some irony, they announced a new generation of intelligent assistants, The New Bixby, along with Samsung Wise Men, who were dubbed by Samsung Electronics President Quan Guixian of Greater China as the two winners of the AI era. Big arms.
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(2 hr ago) Nommo Chroma supports the RGB Lightworks three Nommo products with a pair of satellite boxes with a 3-inch drive unit on each side. The difference is that Nommo Pro, with a 7-inch subwoofer, built a 2.1 speaker system.
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(2 hr ago) Sony has released a new generation of image processing chip X1 flagship version of Sony OLED TV A9F and LCD TV Z9F. In addition, HDR dynamic image-by-image remodeling technology can independently repair every object in the image, bringing a better three-dimensional picture, exquisite and accurate material.
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(2 hr ago) In fact, by 2017, the DRAM market had grown by as much as 78%, pulling the market to more than $70 billion. On a scale, DRAM is followed by NAND flash memory, multi-core processors, computer/peripheral chips and wireless communication chips.
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(3 hr ago) Google launched TensorFlow at the end of 2015. When it was open source, Google said that open source TensorFlow can accelerate Google's deployment on artificial intelligence and help it seize more leadership in the increasingly important future of artificial intelligence development.
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(3 hr ago) The announcement of Tencent's quarterly financial reports has attracted much attention. It has become a big brother in many fields. It has indeed affected many sub-sectors, and it has become the darling of public opinion. And today (August 15th), Tencent released Q2 financial report, we also want to talk about Tencent, but this time, we only talk about Tencent in its most prominent field - the performance of the game, we from the entire game industry market Start and see Tencent's current situation, strategy and achievements.
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(3 hr ago) The first generation of Xiaomi was released in 2011, and the mobile phone ID design was completed by Xiaomi's internal hardware team from Motorola. The mobile phone production was started by Foxconn and Inventec. The mobile phone operating system uses Xiaomi's MIUI operating system modified according to the google open source android system source code.
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(3 hr ago) During the SIGGRAPH2018 conference, Intel Graphics officially released a new video, and finally settled in "In 2020, We will set our graphics free, and that's just the beginning", which is to emphasize that Intel will release discrete graphics products in 2020. ..
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(4 hr ago) Muske, the head of Tesla Motors of California, unilaterally announced that it would privatize and delist from the social media, triggering a global media and capital market shock. Musk and Tesla were questioned and even criticized.
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(4 hr ago) Access: Huawei Mall according to the page display, the machine uses a 6.3-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2K, equipped with the world's first 7nm process Kirin 980 chip, with 6/8GB memory +128/256GB storage available in two versions, battery capacity It is 4200mAh, supports 5V/4.5A fast charge, and runs EMUI 9 based on Android Pie.
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(4 hr ago) The full payment of the stolen money is Alipay’s long-standing commitment. However, a few days ago, some netizens posted that the Alipay account has been repeatedly stolen by three stolen laptops. After that, they have been contacting customer service. The call has been transferred to N departments and cannot be solved. The solution is to apply for a claim, but the result of the final claim is not passed.
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(4 hr ago) Compared with the released BlackBerry KEY2, the BlackBerry KEY2 LE has a slight market positioning and hardware configuration, but it is still equipped with the BlackBerry's iconic physical full keyboard, but it seems to cancel the keyboard touch function. The KEY2 LE specifications that the media has exposed so far are as follows:
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(4 hr ago) Tencent Technology News, August 16 news, affected by the external market, the Hong Kong stocks A-share market opened lower today, the Xiaomi Group listed on the Hong Kong stock market, fell more than 3% in early trading, and hit a record low of 15.52 Hong Kong dollars.
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