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(2 hr ago) In the second half of last year, Google released a traffic management application called Datally to help users understand and manage the cost of mobile data. Today, the company announced an update to the app and introduced four main features, including Wi-Fi maps for easy access to public wireless hotspots nearby, guest mode, traffic limits, and "unused apps."
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(5 hr ago) On June 19, according to foreign media reports, Google's Medical Brian artificial intelligence team is currently training its own artificial intelligence technology to predict the time of death of patients in the hospital. According to earlier results, artificial intelligence systems are more accurate than doctors' predictions.
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(5 hr ago) Internet dating service is popular in the world, many consumers also directly through the digital map tool to call a certain network about the car company's services. The Google Maps service, which has a huge global influence, has been integrated with Uber. However, according to the latest news from foreign media, the two companies have cooperated and changed, and Google Maps has cancelled the integration of Uber services.
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(7 hr ago) This feature could have enabled users to search for locations in Google Maps and then search for routes, but instead of choosing directions for walking, driving, biking, or public transportation, clicking on “shared rides” would allow users to book vehicles directly. Currently, the shared rider key still exists, but the ability to directly book Uber has been cancelled. After clicking, it will only provide an app that evaluates and jumps to Uber.
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(12 hr ago) This year's "6 18" 15 th birthday of the JingDong harvest a "Howley." JingDong and Google announced a strategic partnership to invest $550 million in cash in JingDong, and in return for more than 27 million new JingDong Class A common shares at $20.29 a share.
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(13 hr ago) On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival in China, a piece of news was reinvented within the technological circle: Google invested USD 550 million in Jingdong. As a result, the interpretation of how Google is investing in Jingdong to contain the Amazon, and Jingdong's cooperation with Google to strengthen its strength with Ali and other interpretations has rapidly become popular.
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(17 hr ago) At present, the best Chromebook such as Google Pixelbook runs the Chrome OS desktop operating system, but can run Android applications through the Google application store.
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(17 hr ago) In a May paper published in the journal Nature, the Google group mentioned its prediction algorithms: these models are better than the traditional clinical prediction models in all cases. We believe that this method can be used to create accurate and scalable predictions for various clinical situations.
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(17 hr ago) YouTube music is Spotify's most direct competitor, and Google believes that the advantage of YouTube is that it will combine all the formal versions of the song with "thousands of" related playlists, mixing, cover, site versions, and of course music video.
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(17 hr ago) Jingdong also plans to optimize a series of high-quality merchandise and sell through Google Shopping in various regions around the world. According to the agreement, Google will receive 27,106,948 newly issued Jingdong Class A common stocks at an offer price of US$20.29 per share, equivalent to US$40.58 per ADS (American Depositary Shares), which is the price for the first 10 trading days. Weighted average price.
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(17 hr ago) Jingdong’s current market capitalization is 60 billion US dollars, and Google’s 550 million US dollars corresponds to more than 27 million shares. In fact, it is still a Class A stock. In contrast, Tencent’s shareholding ratio is much higher and it is Jingdong’s largest shareholder. Of course, the right to vote is still firmly in the hands of Liu Qiangdong.
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(1 day ago) Two tech giants said they will jointly develop retail infrastructure to provide a better personalized shopping experience. To this end, Jingdong said it plans to sell some of its products in the United States and Europe through Google Shopping.
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(1 day ago) WebXR is a Web standard that will soon be popular. Just as historical HTML, CSS, and ECMAScript, WebXR is born for the new era of AR / VR.
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(1 day ago) On June 18th, Jingdong Group and Google announced that Google will invest Jingdong with US$550 million in cash. In return, Google will receive approximately 27.11 million newly issued Jingdong Class A common stocks with an offer price of US$20.29 per share, etc. The value is $40.58 per ADS (American Depositary Shares).
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(1 day ago) According to media reports, Google’s 550 million U.S. dollars stake in Jingdong became the largest news in the Internet sector during the Dragon Boat Festival. Of course, this kind of news may not have surpassed Wall Street's expectation because, in the past few days, Jingdong's share price has been “abnormally” rising continuously, and the wind has already been revealed.
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(1 day ago) English original: Google to invest $550 million in Chinese e-commerce giant
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(1 day ago) Jingdong's supply chain and logistics advantages will be combined with Google's technological advantages to explore next-generation retail infrastructure solutions. Jingdong also plans to select high-quality products for sale through Google Shopping in multiple regions.
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(1 day ago) Sina Technology News, Beijing time on the morning of June 18 news, a year ago on Saturday, Amazon announced that it will purchase whole food supermarkets for US$13.7 billion. This transaction shocked the entire grocery industry.
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(2 day ago) What is the size of grocery retailers? According to Euromonitor, a market research agency, the total retail sales of global grocery products are US$5.9 trillion. In 2017, online sales of food and beverage accounted for only 1.5% of its total sales, but it grew rapidly in some major markets.
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(3 day ago) Beijing time June 16th morning news, a panel of audit experts appointed by Alphabet (Google parent), said the company's AI company DeepMind should explain how to profit from the British national medical service system (NHS).
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(3 day ago) Although the voice command function is relatively perfect, its operation speed is obviously not as good as that of direct contact with fingers. Interested friends can try several Google Maps bottom columns of these two icons. [compiled from: SlashGear]
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(3 day ago) Erik Ackermann, a Google AR/VR software engineer, says the desktop tools of this Mac/Linux system will help anyone "edit VR180 format video with existing video editing tools." Ackermann says VR180 Creator currently provides two major functions for VR Video:
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(3 day ago) Because they believe that Google Translator has not reached the threshold of the Fourth Amendment, the amendment prohibits unreasonable search and seizure. According to court documents, after a police officer realized that Omar could only speak limited English, he began using Google Translate to communicate with him on his laptop.
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(4 day ago) In November 16, Google launched the low code online development tool App Maker, which is used to quickly build and deploy commercial applications on the Internet. This tool has a large number of templates (mainly G Suite and partner integration services) that allows users to develop applications by dragging and dragging UI with a small (or not even need) programming, thus reducing the time from ideas to implementation from the past few months to several days.
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(4 day ago) According to foreign media reports, from Android P, this flexibility will no longer be applied to the theme engine of OEM devices (or Google Pixel smart machines). Review the whole thing about the root free theme, thanks to SONY's pioneering work - eventually integrated into the Android 's "overlay management service" (OMS).
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(4 day ago) This means that you will have a specialized Tasks mobile application. More importantly, Tasks is now deeply integrated into G Suite, which means that users can drag and drag mail directly from the Gmail to create the to-do items, and can automatically add the event cut-off date to the Calendar.
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(4 day ago) Netease Technology News, June 15 news, according to foreign media reports, Google recently released a diversity report on the company's employees, which accounted for 30.9% of global female employees. Among the employees working in the United States, blacks accounted for 2.5%, Latinos accounted for 3.6%, Indians accounted for 0.3%, and employees of other races accounted for 4.2%.
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(5 day ago) The 2018 World Cup was the twenty-first World Cup, which was held in 12 of the 11 cities of Russia from June 14, 2018 to July 15th. There were 32 teams from the 5 continents' Federation, with the exception of the host Russian team and the remaining 31. Only teams qualify for qualifying events held by all continents.
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(5 day ago) At the door of the Google Manufacturing Conference in October (Khari Johnson / VentureBeat), Google AI senior Jeff Dean and research scientist Moustapha Cisse wrote in a blog article: in recent years, foreign media have witnessed a growing interest in the study of machine learning in the continent.
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(5 day ago) The author of this article Alex Irpan is a software engineer on the Google Brain Robotics team. He attended two academic conferences in less than a month: ICLR 2018 and ICRA 2018. The former is a deep learning conference and the latter is a conference in the robotics field. The author compared the two conferences.
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