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(3 hr ago) Recently, Baidu Research Institute published a paper called "Neural Conditional Random Field" pathological section analysis algorithm, the accuracy of tumor identification positioning significantly increased, the accuracy rate of ultra-professional pathologists.
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(9 hr ago) "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" reported on June 18 that Honda officially joined the Autonomous Driving Development Alliance established by Baidu and became the first Japanese car company to join the alliance. China is advancing the development of technologies such as autonomous driving and artificial intelligence (AI) under the guidance of the government. Honda plans to strengthen its relationship with Chinese companies by joining the alliance and step up efforts to bring self-driving cars to practical use in China.
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(9 hr ago) In 2006, the company was bought by Baidu and was renamed Baidu Music in 2013. It is reported that after upgrading to thousands of music, the functions of the original Baidu music, such as the APP and the PC, remain unchanged, and the development strategy of the “music companion” in the personification, the scene, and the intelligence remains unchanged, and continues to rely on “Taihe + Baidu”. The dual ecosystem will enhance user experience in all aspects.
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(13 hr ago) Phoenix Network Science and technology news (author / Sun Hong) June 19th news, Baidu Research Institute published a paper called "neural conditions with the airport" new pathological slice analysis algorithm, the accuracy of tumor identification positioning accuracy has been greatly improved.
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(4 day ago) In May this year, the senior vice president of Baidu, the president of Baidu search Company, told Hailong about medical issues at a media communication meeting after the 2018 Baidu Ecological Alliance Conference, saying that Baidu currently has the most stringent medical advertising qualification review in the industry. And equipped with the "machine manual" third-instance mechanism.
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(4 day ago) In June 11th, Baidu's mini smart speakers came on sale, priced at 249 yuan, and the price of early adopters is 89 yuan. Baidu has also invited Kevin Tsai to serve as a "tutor" of the small degree. From the scene Kevin Tsai's witty words and the burst of laughter, it really gives this product a lot of color.
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(4 day ago) Above right: In May 2018, Lu Qi appeared at Baidu's internal communication meeting. On May 18th, Baidu announced that Lu Qi was unable to continue working full-time in Beijing due to personal and family reasons. In July, he no longer serves as president and COO of Baidu Group, but will continue to serve as vice chairman of the group company.
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(5 day ago) On June 14, the blockchain was one of the hottest topics in the market in the past year. Both emerging startups and traditional Internet head enterprises are actively deploying applications. For Baidu, after the original application of the universe official online line in the blockchain, the degree universe APP was formally launched.
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(5 day ago) The integration of AI and communications also has huge room for innovation and will create more new experiences for users. The cooperation between Baidu and China Mobile will greatly expand communication-related AI application scenarios and accelerate the integration and win-win of the artificial intelligence and communications industries. The first product to be launched in this cooperation will be the joint launch of free flow products.
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(5 day ago) From left to right: Baidu vice president, general manager of intelligent driving group Li Zhenyu, Baidu car networking business department general manager sutan, BMW digital products and services, digital user channel strategy senior manager Sabine Hatz, BMW Group China Vice President Markus Seidel according to the cooperation agreement, Baidu and BMW will connect with the car family To explore the intelligent vehicle experience for the basic cooperation, users will be able to send voice instructions at home to achieve ventilation control, oil consumption check, door closed remote control...
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(6 day ago) At the 2018 Asia Consumer Electronics Show (CES Asia) recently held, Baidu's Apollo open platform focused on the results of productization and mass production since the platform was released more than a year ago. At the same time, during the exhibition, Baidu will sign an agreement with BMW, an international car company, to develop cooperation around the car network and establish a deep cooperation with Betta on the basis of a small vehicle system. In addition, Baidu also announced that it will launch deeper and more comprehensive cooperation with Hyundai Motor in the field of automated driving.
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(6 day ago) Baidu, a cooperator of the Baidu Apollo co-produced by Baidu and Jinlong Bus and a startup company Neolithic, has also reached an in-depth cooperation with Baidu based on a small vehicle system. Zhang Yaqin, vice president of Baidu, said, "The Internet and automobiles are important pillar industries that drive the development of the global economy and social progress. The continuous integration of the two has created a golden opportunity.
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(7 day ago) In response, Baidu Maps officially responded, saying that there was a problem with the routine upgrade of the service. At present, engineers have already rushed to complete repairs and services have returned to normal. The following is the full text of the Baidu map response: Around the morning of June 12, we experienced a failure in the routine upgrade of the service. As a result, some users in some areas use the Baidu map to navigate, and voice announcements and prompt messages will appear incorrect.
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(8 day ago) The small intelligent sound box carries the latest version of the dialogic AI operating system, DuerOS, which starts the children's mode and the geek model in the smart experience. It sells for 249 yuan, and the price is 89 yuan. The small scale intelligent sound box takes the DuerOS high quality dialogue AI experience, only needs one "small degree small degree", can satisfy the user to look up the weather, listen to the audio and audio, set the alarm clock and so on.
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(8 day ago) In June 11th, following the release of the smart home video box three months ago, Baidu launched a new smart sound box, which was made by Baidu self - research and priced at $249, but the price is only 89 yuan.
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(8 day ago) The reporter learned from informed sources that Baidu has already selected Huatai Securities and CITIC Securities as sponsors for the issuance of CDRs. The two brokers are preparing for the battle. People familiar with the situation expect Baidu to become the first company to return A shares from the Nasdaq stock market through the issuance of CDR.
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(11 day ago) Recently, University of California at Berkeley has opened a large automatic driving database BDD100K to the public - the largest autopilot database in the world.
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(11 day ago) The main content of the article: at the beginning of last year, when Chinese tech giant Baidu bought the Raven technology at $90 million, executives hoped the smart phone maker could be the key to Baidu's AI strategy. At the Baidu World Conference in November 2017, the Raven Raven H smart speakers released in a high profile seemed to confirm the importance of the company in Baidu.
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(12 day ago) The reporter with "WeChat ticket" "brush ticket" as the keyword in Baidu search, the first place is a WeChat vote company website, and the search results are mainly by the WeChat ticket company advertising. And reporters on Baidu to "WeChat canvassing" specialized search news, ranked first in the same is WeChat brush ticket advertising.
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(12 day ago) Foreign media interviewed 17 current and former Baidu employees and investors, in-depth analysis of Baidu purchased Raven technology story. But Baidu refused to comment. In the months after the completion of the acquisition, Baidu allocated 200 million yuan for Raven technology to cover marketing and manufacturing costs. But soon they were told to compress the marketing budget and initial order of smart speakers.
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(12 day ago) From the beginning of 2017 to the middle of the year, there are many opportunities for the business line to report to Lu Qi. At the same time, the internal big project Lu Qihui personally interrogates. However, by the end of 2017, it will be reported to the corresponding vice president of the business line.
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(13 day ago) “The core factor affecting the credibility of blockchain is the distribution of nodes. The more nodes there are, the stronger the credibility; the fewer nodes, the weaker the credibility.” said Xiao Wei, chief scientist of Baidu blockchain. In this regard, Baidu has for the first time released Baidu's next-generation blockchain network operating system, the "superlink."
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(15 day ago) Baidu announced today that the "Baidu Create 2018" Baidu AI developer conference will be held on July 4th -5 at the Beijing National Convention Center.
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(17 day ago) Nearly half of this year's time, Internet giants seem to have had a bad time. But Ctrip has been pushed to the top of the wind and waves recently because of being questioned by the big data. Although Ctrip has denied it strongly, it can not be denied that the history of the development of Ctrip, with the rapid rise of business volume, has declined with the Hukou tablet.
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(17 day ago) Since its birth, logistics has been a labor-intensive industry. It is very heavy. Large organizations and complex circulation links have brought many uncontrollable factors, which lead to many painful points, such as asymmetric information, insufficient resources integration, low efficiency of scheduling and so on.
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(18 day ago) This is a new column [great new product], and we will continue to read and analyze the new movements of phenomenal products, new ideas, and big company products. This period, Tencent product evaluation products for Baidu's products "simple search". Enjoy:
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(19 day ago) On the news of May 31st, micro-blog's mobile phone input method responded to the question that micro-blog users questioned Baidu's mobile input method to push the corresponding ads according to the user's input. "Hello, thank you for your feedback!" We have identified that the ad is the custom behavior of mobile phone manufacturers in the customized version of the input method. Yesterday, we had communicated with the manufacturer's offline advertisement for the first time.
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(19 day ago) In March 2018, Baidu CEO Robin Li first proposed the suggestion of using AI to control tobacco during the two sessions. In May 31st, Baidu engineers conducted a field test for the first time in Baidu, with a recognition rate of 76%. The engineer also developed a small function to cover the face, not only to put the identified smokers on the public large screen, but also to automatically give the staff's face a mosaic of 100%.
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(19 day ago) You can also download the Baidu input method, such as the official version of the Baidu input method, the HUAWEI custom version, and other versions of Baidu input in the major application markets, which have no advertising behavior. Thank you again for your support, "according to the information provided by micro-blog users, the input method automatically associates the recommendation" the highest can borrow 100 thousand "when using the Baidu mobile input method to enter" no money ".
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(20 day ago) Search on Baidu Apple phone malfunction information, the first recommendation is the "Shanzhai" maintenance site. Recently, the legal Evening News reported that when searching Baidu for keywords such as "iPhone8 handsets are small" and "iPhone8 screens are broken", the first search results are "copycat" aftermarket websites.
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