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(3 day ago) Sina Technologies News, October 11, afternoon news, today, Baidu and Huawei jointly announced that they will cooperate in MEC platform technology, MEC typical application scenarios verification and other aspects to create an open platform compatible with telecommunications MEC functions and Internet edge computing applications. This is the first cooperation between Internet companies and telecom equipment providers in the field of 5G MEC. It is of great significance to explore new business models and promote the development of MEC industry.
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(4 day ago) Among other stocks, the United States and Hebron Technology both rose at least 10%, and both the company and the group rose by about 7%. On the other hand, fluently said that the price fell nearly 15% to 9.19 US dollars, compared with the IPO price of 12.5 US dollars per share has fallen by nearly 27%; interesting stores fell more than 11%, the market value shrank to 1.404 billion US dollars, compared with the previous The market value of the billions of dollars reached has fallen by more than 80%; the fight has fallen by 9%, and the market value has shrunk to $22.5 billion.
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(4 day ago) In October 10th, the deep learning engineers' Accreditation Conference and artificial intelligence talent development forum were held in Beijing. At the meeting, based on the first professional and technical personnel training standard in the field of AI issued by the China Software Industry Association, the China AI was jointly released by the National Engineering Laboratory for in-depth learning technology and application, the China Software Industry Association and Baidu Company. The first in-depth learning engineer certification examination program and the first systematic in-depth learning personnel training program.
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(6 day ago) As a decentralized technology mechanism, blockchain has a wide range of application scenarios and market potential. Since the explosive growth in 2017, although the blockchain has entered a stable period, there are still pain points such as concept confusion, technical performance constraints, smart contract constraints, consensus mechanisms, and network construction.
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(6 day ago) At the Summer Party last month, Baidu CEO Li Yanhong announced that he will launch the “Qingsong Plan” in October this year to provide nationwide medical insurance for parents of Baidu employees who are more than 2 years old.
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(8 day ago) The most used in the car scene is the navigation function, but Apple's CarPlay only supports the built-in map application. Until iOS 12 was released, CarPlay finally began supporting third-party navigation. We experienced the Baidu map on CarPlay and talked to you about it today.
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(10 day ago) With the arrival of the National Day holiday, nearly 1,000 scenic spots across the country began to offer free or reduced prices during the Eleventh National Day holiday. Many people chose to travel to Hi Hi. During the journey, mobile phone map has also become one of the essential App. However, media reports said that the number of tourists in Keyan scenic spot on October 1 was much smaller than in previous years, and then received a number of phone calls, saying that Baidu map shows that the closed scenic spot "destination is closed today, please be careful to go".
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(10 day ago) A company called Nuclear Education Technology in Guangzhou and its four company-owned shell companies used fake recruitment information to attract candidates. When candidates came to the organization, they found that they had to conduct mobile phone repair training. Applicants then borrowed nearly 20,000 yuan from Baidu's rich money, but after graduation they failed to find the high-paying work promised by the agency.
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(11 day ago) The report said that Baidu's reply was that someone provided a closed park information, Baidu confirmed it and posted it on Baidu map, but Keyan scenic area said that they never received a verification call from Baidu map. In this regard, Baidu map official Weibo has also questioned the issue, Baidu responded that "for the inconvenience caused to the scenic spots and some users, we apologize.
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(14 day ago) Searching Baidu for "Baidu" will search for anything, search, network disk, map, encyclopedia, know, picture, etc. These C-side applications constitute the ordinary impression of ordinary users on Baidu, but few people understand, support Baidu and other large Behind the C-side applications that Internet companies use for hundreds of millions of users, the Internet's digital underlying infrastructure is no different from another, more competitive competition. The data center, which is spread across the country and even the world, is the most important part.
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(16 day ago) The main functions include sweeping operation, washing work, garbage collection, and garbage transfer, covering the entire process of traditional cleaning and cleaning operations. Xue Zhendong, deputy general manager of Beijing Sanitation Group Environmental Sanitation Equipment Co., Ltd. introduced that the products have "eyes" and "brains", integrating artificial intelligence, machine vision, image recognition, precise positioning and other technologies.
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(16 day ago) According to the introduction, Gehua Xiaoguo STB is Baidu DuerOS 3.0 technology in the field of operators and television form of the first landing products, to achieve the cable network and the Internet, live television and Internet on demand, video content and smart voice, television screen and mobile phone small screen four aspects of integration.
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(19 day ago) According to Ping Xiaoli, general manager of Baidu App Business Department, during the past two months of the invitation system, the smart small program has lived over 100 million yuan. Today Baidu announced the application of smart small program open, from now on, developers can find the application portal by searching for "Baidu Smart Applet" or Baidu App Voice Search "Smart Small Program Academy". After successful application, they can develop their own smart applet. .
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(22 day ago) Recently, Baidu map held a press conference. Before the arrival of the two festivals, the Baidu map based on the artificial intelligence deep polishing is ready to go, ready to cheer for the upcoming Double Golden Week trip.
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(23 day ago) Fan Junqing, a science and technology reporter for the World Wide Web, has recently been reported by the media that police have successfully cracked an Internet "black public relations" case, captured a number of suspects at one stroke, and seized a number of computers, mobile phones and other crime tools.
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(27 day ago) Access: Apple's online store (China) iOS 12 is equivalent to opening map rights to third parties, including Gaud, Baidu and other map applications can be adapted to CarPlay. In fact, the two map manufacturers have already announced that they have completed the adaptation and only wait for the official version of iOS 12.
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(27 day ago) This article is from the WeChat public address: ID:xierqi2018. At 7:00 p.m., after making a dish of cooked pork with both color and taste, Xierqi Mingyuan picked up her mobile phone and prepared to send a circle of Weixin friends.
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(27 day ago) Ms. Ma Dongmin, a classmate of the China University of Science and Technology's Junior Class, and a special assistant to Baidu's chairman, donated RMB 100 million to the China University of Science and Technology and announced the establishment of the “Rose Science Development Fund”. This donation will be used to focus on the training of young people in the juvenile class, as well as the discipline construction of the alma mater and the development of talents. This is also the largest personal donation in the history of the University of Science and Technology.
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(27 day ago) On September 17, Baidu Chairman and CEO Li Yanhong gave a speech at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference held in Shanghai, expounding his own views on artificial intelligence. In his speech, Li Yanhong once again reiterated his optimism about AI's position and suggested that no company in the future can claim that he has nothing to do with AI. The real "AI company" is a three-dimensional integration:
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(28 day ago) On September 14th, the “Xiong'an New District Artificial Intelligence Education Laboratory” jointly organized by Baidu Education, Beijing Normal University Wisdom Research Institute and Baiyangdian High School was held at the Baiyangdian Middle School in Xiong'an New District.
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(28 day ago) Waymo, the parent company of Google's parent company Alphabet, replaced Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan and became the most competitive company in autopilot patents.
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(31 day ago) On Sept. 6, a woman writer announced on her microblog that she searched Baidu for the address of the official website of the US consulate in Shanghai and found out how many of them were fraudulent advertisements. Many netizens later said they had the same experience, so a previous search in Baidu "Shanghai Fudan University Affiliated Hospital" was linked to the "Fuda Hospital".
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(31 day ago) Recently, Baidu Visual Team won the championship in the largest target detection contest, Google AI Open Images-Object Detection Track, and was invited to share it at the top visual Academy Conference ECCV 2018.
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(32 day ago) Baidu bid for medical treatment and another accident... Miss Zhou of Ningbo wants to see rhinitis in Fudan Affiliated Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, but a few searches in Baidu have shown that Shanghai Changzhong Road Fuda Hospital. Miss Zhou was diagnosed as chronic hypertrophic rhinitis by the other side, and nearly $10000 was paid on the spot.
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(34 day ago) On the morning of September 11th, Baidu smart small program recently said in a closed-door small developer forum that Baidu smart applet will open a smart small program application in the fourth quarter.
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(34 day ago) A few days ago, the writer Liu Liu said in his personal microblogging, "I will check the address of the official website of the US Consulate in Shanghai, and how many of them are scam advertisements." And question Baidu founder Li Yanhong "Are you a search engine or a liar leader?" ”
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(35 day ago) Great change is always accompanied by amazing scams. With the birth of the blockchain, not only the legendary story of the class jumps, but also the pyramid scheme of the title chain. These scams are quietly eroding our lives, and another pyramid scheme blockchain scam - "Ruibo Fed", began to let more ordinary people into the pit.
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(36 day ago) A few days ago, CCTV news reports that many patients who sought medical treatment in Shanghai recently reported to the media that they searched for “Shanghai Fudan University Affiliated Hospital” through Baidu and went to the “Fuda Hospital”, which is ranked in the top of the search results. After spending a lot of money on medical treatment, the disease was not good. After returning to the top three hospitals, the diagnosis results were quite different from those of the “Fuda Hospital”.
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(37 day ago) Yesterday, a microblog of the writer Liu Six sent Baidu to the hot search list again. Sixty-six said: "I checked the website of the official website of the US Consulate in Shanghai. How many of them were scam advertisements, and I was forced to use Google on FQ. The first one is..." and asked Baidu CEO Li Yanhong to be a search engine or a liar leader.
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(37 day ago) September 7 noon news, Sina Technologies learned that Baidu will be promoted to vice president of the company (Michael), continue to be fully responsible for the search company's sales system management, to report to the president of the search company Hailong.
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