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(14 hr ago) The Dragon Boat Festival, the Jingdong released large satellites, not only announced the 618 17 days before the promotion of the results have surpassed the last year, but also announced the Google 550 million US dollar shares of the news, the wind was more than the German team.
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(1 day ago) More than one friend looked down on the headline, so he steadfastly cheered Tencent to beat it. I asked them, who are even more immoral in information houses and addictive games, who have more original sins in Shakespeare and the glory of the king, Tencent’s charity and which are the nobler in the headline... They generally do not speak.
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(2 day ago) For instance, the royalty fees for the League of Legends Professional Leagues (LPL) and the League of the Kings Glory Professionals (KPL) have reached the threshold of 100 million yuan. In the commercial sponsorship of KPL2018, the single-person sponsorship reached a maximum of 58 million yuan. , enter the ranks of top sports events.
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(2 day ago) After you open the app, you will see a "scan recognition" button. That's right, this is the biggest selling point of the General Manager's APP - just use the mobile phone camera to align the exhibits, and you can instantly identify what the exhibits are and give detailed information.
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(3 day ago) Following the 3Q war many years ago, in 2018, the "head-to-head war" broke out again. This is really a headache. Because the two main characters are Tencent, and the other side is still monopolizing and indiscriminately attacking. . Of course, there are still some differences. The 3Q World War is because of QQ, and the head-to-head battle is for WeChat.
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(4 day ago) Recently, Tencent security Cohen laboratory researchers in the daily guardian of the whole network user information security work, accidentally discovered 360 mobile browser a serious memory cross - boundary reading and writing loopholes. In order to secure the information security of the whole network user, the Tencent security Cohen laboratory, with the international "responsible reporting mechanism facing the manufacturer", first submitted this high risk vulnerability to the 360src (360 security emergency response center).
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(4 day ago) In June 15th, in order to strengthen the construction of Internet content, establish a comprehensive network management system and maintain a more clear Internet environment for users, according to the "People's Republic of China network security law" "the regulations on the management of the public account information service of the Internet users" "the law of the protection of the heroic martyrs of People's Republic of China" and "the Tencent" Software licensing and service agreement "WeChat personal account code", the Tencent security team has been through the platform self-examination, user reporting, and other ways to continue to crack down on the bad information on the Tencent platform.
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(5 day ago) On June 14th, Tencent Microvision released the iOS 4.3.5 version and launched the domestic new video gameplay effect—sound control magic. This function can help the user to control the dynamic effect change effect through the volume of sound and music.
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(5 day ago) The page reads as follows: During the Internet short video rectification, the platform will directly pause the direct playback. If you want to watch, you can still copy the web site using the browser to play. For the QQ lifting the micro-vision issue, the relevant person in charge of the vibrato responded that the tested , Volcano, watermelon related links are currently still not properly shared in QQ and WeChat.
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(5 day ago) Sina Technology News, June 14 morning news, Tencent entered Tmall the day before yesterday opened a "tencent Tencent flagship store", and added the only product "Tencent listen to" smart speaker, within 24 hours, Tencent and the next rack With this product, Tmall currently searches for "there is no store or abnormal store status."
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(5 day ago) Chen Xiaoqing had been working as a CCTV for 28 years. In 1989, Chen Xiaoqing entered CCTV, filmed the documentary in 1991, began documentaries in 1996 and tried natural documentaries in 2007. It is widely known that Chen Xiaoqing's work is "China on the tip of the tongue". The first 7 episodes of the first quarter of the tongue are 13 months. It was first broadcast in May 2012 at CCTV, which was the first large food documentary made in China using high definition equipment.
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(6 day ago) The blue hole company is the developer of the popular "chicken eating" game Jedi survival. Tencent has taken the "Jedi survival" national service agent before. Taiwan media reported last month that Tencent will spend more than 500 billion won (about 2 billion 960 million yuan) to acquire at least 10% of the blue hole company. If the transaction is established, Tencent will become the second largest shareholder of blue hole.
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(6 day ago) The results of the CVPR 2018 Image Compression Challenge (CLIC) have been released. Tencent's audio and video lab and Professor Chen Zhenzhong of Wuhan University have achieved the first compression performance in this challenge.
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(6 day ago) Tencent NOW broadcast officially announced the new brand positioning "This is my moment", and invited the dance instructor Wang Yibo of "Create 101" as the spokesperson. In recent years, content consumption has started to shift to video, and Tencent has also increased its investment in video content.
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(7 day ago) With the increasing influence of Tmall, many IT giants have chosen Tmall to open official flagship stores to increase customer channels. Recently, some netizens discovered that Tencent has officially entered Tmall to open flagship store “tencent Tencent’s flagship store”.
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(7 day ago) 2018 06 - 12 at 19:17 on 12 sina science and technology to find, not only Tencent, the current Amazon, NetEase strict selection and other Internet Co have opened an official flagship store. It is worth noting that Tencent has opened an official shop in Tmall in the name of "Tencent intelligent equipment flagship store".
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(7 day ago) June 12: TAPD-Tencent Agile Product Development (Tencent Agile Product Development) released the 2018 Enterprise Agile collaboration data report. The report shows that since the first anniversary of the opening of TAPD, more than 1.2 million users have been served, providing support for more than 200,000 projects, and services companies covering e-commerce.
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(8 day ago) According to foreign media reports, India B2B logistics platform Shadowfax is negotiating with Jingdong to raise C round financing transactions. According to people familiar with the matter, the negotiations between the company and Jingdong group are at an early stage and have lasted for five weeks. The scale of the current round of financing may be 1800-2500 US dollars.
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(8 day ago) On April 11th, WeChat suspended the short video app's direct play function on the outside chain, which involved Apps including microvision, fast hand, vibrato, and watermelon video. On May 22, Shakespeare issued a tweet to friends on the WeChat public account. "I'm sorry." 》, complained that the short video content uploaded by the Tencent video was removed.
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(8 day ago) Text/Sina Technology Miao Zhongyu This commercial war, dubbed the "head-to-head battle," is hardly reminiscent of the "3Q Wars" eight years ago - the same Tencent and different challengers. In fact, there are many things worthy of comparison between the two World Wars. In essence, the "Tengtou War" and the "3Q Wars" fuse are the core business of Tencent to enter each other's core business; "Tengtou War" is a core issue of Tencent and the headline of "open policy", and "3Q war" Tencent embraced the beginning of “openness”.
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(9 day ago) Tencent Security Response Center (TSRC) promptly pushed the business team to perform repair work after receiving this report. It has now fixed the vulnerability and launched an emergency online update mechanism. Fortunately, at present, no user has caused information leakage and loss due to this loophole.
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(10 day ago) Linzhi Tencent is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tencent Industrial Investment Fund. Tencent often conducts acquisitions and investments under the name of Linzhi Tencent. This time Tencent Cloud and Beiming Software have reached cooperation, as well as capital operation, and Tencent’s The importance of smart city layout.
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(11 day ago) On June 8th, the official micro-blog, micro-blog security emergency response center, issued a thank-you letter today, thanking the 360 Alfa team for their help and support. It is understood that the Tencent security emergency response center received a 360 Alfa team vulnerability report: the V8 engine used by chrome exposes a serious vulnerability, using this vulnerability to implement remote arbitrary code execution, the APP of part of the system Webview and the cell phone system may be affected.
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(11 day ago) Beijing time June 6th, AsiaSecWest international security technology summit - Asia opens in Hongkong, China. The summit, which lasted 2 days, attracted the "strongest brain" of the geek community from the United States, Germany, China and other places. It discussed the most forward-looking and most gold content issues in the field of global information security, trying to provide a new platform for sharing and sharing global security technology.
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(12 day ago) On June 7, 2018, Wal-Mart China and Tencent jointly announced that they formally entered into a deep strategic partnership. The two sides will play their respective advantages in their respective industries, focusing on in-depth digitization and smart retail cooperation in various areas such as the promotion of shopping experience, precision marketing, comprehensive payment services, and strong value-added membership.
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(12 day ago) On the evening of June 6, Beijing time, Reuters reported today that Tencent is discussing the establishment of an electronic customs clearance system with the Chinese government and plans to use WeChat to replace traditional travel documents between the Mainland and Hong Kong SAR.
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(13 day ago) At present, WeChat has more than 1 billion users, most of which are located in mainland China. Although the Hong Kong SAR Government did not immediately indicate whether it would consider Tencent's proposal, the Chief Executive of the SAR, Mrs Lam, watched the WeChat scanout demonstration. Tencent said that it is cooperating with the Chinese government to plan to introduce "E-card" systems based on biometric data for the Mainland and Hong Kong citizens, linking their identity documents and customs clearance.
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(13 day ago) Beijing time June 6th, known as geek version of the "strongest brain", "AsiaSecWest international security technology summit - Asia station" opened in Hongkong, China.
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(13 day ago) On June 6, according to foreign media reports, informed sources revealed that both the technology giants of Ali and Tencent have requested that investment banks providing services for themselves should not provide services for each other. A banker stated that Alibaba’s affiliate Ant Financial required some banks to sign “very restrictive non-competition” agreements, which stipulated that they could not serve Tencent entities. Ant Financial is approaching the completion of a new round of financing of US$10 billion.
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(13 day ago) Eight countries, 24 teams, and 36 hours of intense battles, the little-known Vidar team of Hangzhou Dianzi University came to the fore and won the second TCTF newcomer of the Tencent Information Security Championship with 3654 points. Last year's champion Zhejiang University AAA team won third place.
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