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(1 hr ago) Almost immediately after Tencent's first-quarter earnings report for 2018, a man went to Tencent for a second round of interviews. He was asked a question, "What do you think is Tencent's biggest problem for the foreseeable future?"
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(2 hr ago) For Teng Xu, the launch of the WeGame platform "Monster Hunter World" was suddenly taken off the shelves, they did not expect, without the current most popular PC masterpiece, they also lost a lot of revenue.
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(3 hr ago) The announcement of Tencent's quarterly financial reports has attracted much attention. It has become a big brother in many fields. It has indeed affected many sub-sectors, and it has become the darling of public opinion. And today (August 15th), Tencent released Q2 financial report, we also want to talk about Tencent, but this time, we only talk about Tencent in its most prominent field - the performance of the game, we from the entire game industry market Start and see Tencent's current situation, strategy and achievements.
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(14 hr ago) In this case, both the stock market and the industry are looking to Tencent's second quarter of 2018 (Q2) earnings due on August 15. Tencent Q2 performance in the afternoon of August 15th, Tencent Q2 earnings report was officially released.
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(16 hr ago) Today, Tencent will release its 2018 Q2 earnings report. Shares fell the most since March 23, reaching a peak of HK$476 at the beginning of the year. Tencent's adjustment fell 29.6% to HK$337.
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(19 hr ago) Among them, online game revenue was 25.202 billion yuan, up 6% year-on-year, while Tencent's online game revenue in the first quarter was 28.778 billion yuan, down 12.36% in the second quarter. Tencent's smartphone game revenue was RMB17.6 billion, although it increased by 19% year-on-year, but it was down 19%.
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(19 hr ago) Summary of Results for the First Half of 2018 Total Revenue: 39% YoY, Profit attributable to equity holders of the Company in accordance with non-GAAP: 24% YoY total revenue of RMB 147.223 billion (US$22.248 billion), compared with the same period last year Increased by 39%.
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(21 hr ago) IP game changers are facing many challenges, especially the classic IP like "Soul Door" and loyal fans are generally entering the society. Their rich experience makes them more demanding on the quality of rival game products. In June 17, the mobile debut of the series, Return, was launched. This innovative work, developed by Tencent Tianmei Studios, has been running steadily for more than a year, with a high DAU and content updates, making it almost a rival in the horizontal shooting category.
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(21 hr ago) However, Tencent has fallen by more than a third since its peak this year after a huge jump from late 2016 to early 2018, bringing its P/E ratio back to 38 times. Some investment bankers have analyzed that Tencent's early gains were huge, and the Hong Kong stock market as a whole fell after the synchronous adjustment; on the other hand, as the most heavily paid sector of Tencent's game is facing growth pressure, since the "King Glory" no one follow.
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(23 hr ago) CAPCOM, a veteran game maker, has had a tough time these two days, with its share price falling and a sudden crisis in the Chinese market. Even worse than it is for Chinese players, who have experienced the agony of "hope in the present but cruelly shattered" and are reluctantly taken to shore by the tide.
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(1 day ago) Tencent, the Chinese Internet giant, is one of the most popular stocks for Asian investors. However, this belief has recently been shaken in some institutional investors. Tencent's share price has fallen by more than 27% since its January 2018 high, and its market value has evaporated by more than US$150 billion. Shareholders' wealth has shrunk to the top in the world.
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(1 day ago) On Tuesday, Tencent’s market value evaporated by $15 billion after Chinese regulators demanded that Tencent download the service from its PC to download the "Monster Hunter: World" game. This is only a few days away from Monster Hunter: World. Tencent’s blow was at a time when the company’s game revenue growth was slowing.
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(1 day ago) On August 14th, 澎湃News ( found that the company jointly established by Wanda Business Management Group, Tencent and Gao Peng was named Shanghai Bingyi Technology Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 4.6 billion yuan and a legal representative of Wanda. Qi Jie, President of the Business Management Group, was established on June 8, 2018.
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(1 day ago) According to foreign media reports, since the launch of smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, some people began to worry that these devices may overhear their speech. In recent days, Tencent security researchers have discovered a way to crack Echo and use it for monitoring, which makes this part of the people's concerns seem unreasonable.
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(2 day ago) After many times, Xinli media turned around and turned to the embrace of reading. On the evening of Aug. 13, Yuwen Group announced that it would acquire Singaporean Media at a price not exceeding 15.5 billion yuan and settle the accounts in a cash-and-new-equity combination. Among them, Yuwen Group will pay Tencent 5.29 billion yuan, settled in shares, Xinli Media Management 10.21 billion yuan, 50% cash and 50% share settlement.
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(2 day ago) Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Committee of Consumer Protection has received a number of consumer complaints related to Wechat payment, including the situation that consumers were swindled because of the false news issued by the circle of friends of Wechat and were pulled into black after payment through Wechat transactions.
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(2 day ago) Tencent and today's headlines are still in the midst of competition in the field of pan-entertainment consumption. There is another third pole to participate in this user time battle. Momo is one of the articles. Intern reporter Tan Hanhan
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(3 day ago) The rapid development of artificial intelligence is taking the world into a new dimension, but it will also push the network world into the next battlefield. CAAD Village, hosted by Geek Pwn, landed at the world's top geeks conference DEF CON on August 10, local time.
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(5 day ago) Today, Iqiyi, Youku, Tencent Video three video sites issued a statement, starting today, the joint noon Sunshine, Huace Film, Li Mengying, Ciwen Media, Yaoke Media, Xinli Media six major film and television production companies, boycott The artist’s “high price” pay-for-fee phenomenon advocates the cost of production, the quality of service, and the actor’s style of industry.
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(5 day ago) The main contradiction at the current stage of the blockchain industry is that the contrast between the fullness ideal and the reality of the bones is technically still in the stage of social experiment. The scene is held with a "hammer" everywhere to find "nails." It is understood that in the first phase of the pilot application, the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau, Tencent, and Kingdee Software cooperated to create a full-process invoice management application scenario of “WeChat payment – ​​invoice issuing – reimbursement and reimbursement”.
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(5 day ago) On August 10, Tencent and PuBG officially launched the Jedi Survival series of hand tours at home and abroad have a good popularity. But the series of game configuration requirements are not low, can be said to be a number of low-end mobile phones blocked out the door. But the recent Tencent games have brought good news to these phones.
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(6 day ago) Is there a dream for the Tencent? There may not be a unified answer, but Tencent is definitely a product-driven Internet company. Ma Huateng, chairman and chief executive of Tencent, once said that "the Internet in China is driven by applications rather than technology" and that it is the infrastructure that most people would not notice, the data center, that supports modern society, to carry so many types of business.
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(6 day ago) Recently, the startup's “Front-edge CNC” has attracted industry attention for a essay on Tencent Cloud. Frontier CNC issued a message saying that the data on the company's Tencent cloud server was lost and could not be recovered.
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(6 day ago) It's a multi-faceted business battle, a headline battle between middle-aged Tencent and teenagers, two generations of Internet companies on the rules and boundaries of the competition order. Tencent and headline rivalries ran through May, and the war has not ended. For the first time, the two companies, with a total of 57% of the total China's total Internet use, opened the conflict for the first time - choking the top leaders and prosecuting mutual public relations to prosecute and suspend business cooperation.
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(6 day ago) In the previous article Tencent has no dreams, it was mentioned that Tencent is becoming an investment company. In fact, Tencent has invested a lot of Companies in recent years. Statistics show that Tencent has invested more than 600 companies in the past seven years. If categorized, these invested companies are broadly distributed in business logistics, O2 O, games, content, hardware, real estate and many other fields.
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(6 day ago) Tencent will sign an agreement with the venture capital company tomorrow. After the share purchase, Tencent will hold a 10% stake in Blue Hole. Last year, Tencent acquired a 1.5% stake in Blue Hole from the venture capital company for 70 billion won. Blue Hole stock is about 500,000 won per share in the over-the-counter market. The Korean game developer plans to attract investors by selling existing shares and issuing new shares.
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(7 day ago) Naspers said on Wednesday that in response to fierce market competition, it merged its on-demand video business Showmax Africa and Internet TV service Dstv Digital Media in the second quarter to form a new business unit called Connected Video.
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(8 day ago) Xu Zhenhua, a former senior R & D talented person of the Tencent game, was accused of violating the terms of competition restriction, the defendant went to court, and the two trial of the Shanghai central court decided Xu Zhenhua to compensate Tencent for more than 1940 yuan. The reporter found that the competition restriction and litigation in the Internet industry are very common in recent years. The basic model of the competition restriction clause is that the employee can not enter the "competitor" business in a certain period of time after the employee has quit.
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(8 day ago) After the tax extension pension insurance pilot, pension management second boots finally landed. In August 6th, 14 fund companies' pension target fund products were issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), and the 14 public fund companies were all partners of the Tencent financial management platform. Tencent is in close communication with some partners, believing that investors will soon buy pension funds in WeChat - Wallet - Walton and do a good job of financial planning.
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(8 day ago) According to the document, as of March 17th last year, the Tencent bought 8 million 167 thousand and 500 shares of Tesla in the open market through the Huang River Investment Limited (Huang Investment Limited), accounting for 5% of the stock, with an average buying price of about $217 / share.
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