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(8 hr ago) Although the list of target products originally announced in April was not included in the list of chips, the second list of 284 products worth US$16 billion was published by US trade officials on Friday, including Intel’s core business. And memory chips.
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(14 hr ago) If you are interested in the eight core Coffee Lake on the eight core Coffee Lake desktop processor, then there is a hint from Intel official. In a "Dear customer letter" (DCL), the company provided the partner with a guide to the identification and use of the samples of "Xeon E Coffee Lake-S 8C Processor ES".
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(1 day ago) Two reasons for the slowdown in the growth of data center services The performance of Intel’s announced data center business last quarter was a staggering increase of 20% year-on-year, which also set Intel’s revenue record. At Intel’s recent earnings conference call, Robert Swan, chief financial officer, said that although Intel’s data center business should continue to grow rapidly in the second quarter of 2018, it is expected that growth will slow.
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(1 day ago) Silicon Lottery has done a lot of work on Intel's high-end models in recent years. This time it is one step and it also helps you overclock directly. The default frequency of the i7-8086K is 4-5GHz, and the price is 429 US dollars (the Bank of China is generally 3999 yuan). Silicon Lottery has given four options, the frequency of which is 5.0 GHz, 5.1 GHz, 5.2 GHz, and 5.3 GHz respectively.
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(2 day ago) V18.6.1 is the updated version of AMD released a few days ago, focusing on the optimization of the war hammer: the last plague 2, and has repaired many BUG. Of course, v18.6.1, as a "adrenaline" drive family, also contains several previous versions of the functional points, such as AMD previously indicated that the performance was up to 20%, and the response speed of all DX11 Games was accelerated.
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(4 day ago) The information of the core information was not published. It should be because the yield problem was disabled. Therefore, Lenovo added an AMD discrete graphics card. ComputeBase, the German hardware and media company, disclosed the first “image” of i3-8121U. It can be seen that the package layout is basically the same as the previous product. It is still a processor core, a chipset core packaged together, and BGA integrated package method. Solder on the motherboard.
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(4 day ago) Now that apple and Qualcomm are not allowed to stand on fire, the possibility that iPhone will continue to adopt the high pass network baseband in the future will be very slim. So this time, Intel, as the second supplier of the iPhone baseband, naturally has the opportunity to go to the top.
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(5 day ago) Are these two solutions better or worse? And look at our analysis and actual measurement. Differences in Implementation The original intention of both programs was to obtain low-cost, high-performance, high-capacity memory by accelerating mechanical hard disks. However, there are many different ways to achieve it.
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(6 day ago) It's no surprise that pushing independent GPUs by 2020 isn’t surprising that Intel will launch a separate GPU, because the tweets are photos of Raja Koduri. Raja Koduri was named chief architect of Intel on November 8th last year, and served as senior vice president of the newly established Core and Visual Computing Group.
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(6 day ago) Intel officially announced that the first discrete graphics product will be available in 2020. Analyst RayShrout revealed that the news came from Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, who was publicly open at the analyst meeting last week.
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(6 day ago) According to the development cycle of the industry, new products may need to wait for many years to come. However, analyst Ryan Shrout pointed out in the report that Intel plans to release the first (next generation) discrete graphics product in 2020. At the same time, Intel confirmed the news through the official Twitter account (@Intel News).
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(6 day ago) Historically, hard disk performance has been a shortcoming of the entire computer hardware, including the results of the Windows hardware scoring feature and other third-party hardware "running points." Increasing the loading speed of hard disk data becomes an important part of improving the performance of computers.
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(7 day ago) The PYPL index is a very popular reference indicator and its raw data is based on Google trends. The Top IDE Index is generated by PYPL analyzing the number of times users search for different IDEs on Google. The more searches an IDE gets, the more popular it is. The list can be used by developers to decide which one to use. IDE for project development.
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(8 day ago) Looking ahead, Intel now produces up to five silicon chips a week, including up to 26 qubits of quantum chips. This achievement means that Intel has greatly increased the number of existing quantum devices, and is expected to steadily increase the qubits in the next few years.
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(8 day ago) This time the listing of Intel is not a box version, and all of them are compatible assembly machines, including brand machines, notebooks, AIO computers, and even the Ningmei country. At present, Optane has two kinds of capacity, 16GB and 32GB, which are designed by M.2 2280. The function is neither to deploy system nor to "confuse hearing" as DRAM, but to speed up HDD (mechanical hard disk), improve startup speed, browser opening speed, media file opening speed, game loading speed, and so on.
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(8 day ago) Since AMD released the Ryzen processor series in 2017, Intel and AMD always seem to be in the "core war". Obviously, they are trying to transcend each other in terms of core computing and final performance.
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(8 day ago) Reports in April pointed out that GCC is preparing to abandon Intel's Memory Protection Extensions (MPX), and Intel no longer maintains MPX code.
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(9 day ago) This technology has been applied to the 1W display panel manufactured by Sharp and Innolux, which can reduce the power consumption of the LCD screen by half, and can provide an additional 4-8 hours of local video playback life. According to data given by Intel, the screen brightness is set to 150nits on a laptop equipped with a Core i7-8550U quad-core processor (TDP 15W), 8GB RAM, Intel 600p SSD, and Windows 10 system...
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(9 day ago) Maxio (Hangzhou Lianhe Technology) recently demonstrated an SSD sample based on Intel 3D QLC flash memory with a capacity of up to 4TB. The main control is, of course, the company's own, model number is MAS0902A-B2C, built on GF 14nm process, supports AgileECC2 error correction, SLC cache, virtual partition recovery and other features.
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(9 day ago) The Verge editor of foreign media has been amazed at its compactness and lightness. Similar to Lenovo's Yoga Book, the thickness of Intel's concept notebook definitely meets the requirements of the current mainstream ultrabook. More importantly, Intel claims that the prototype can last 6-7 hours of battery life, and further cooperation with other hardware vendors is expected to increase again.
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(10 day ago) Intel demonstrated a 28-core CPU at the Taipei International Computer Show. All core operating frequencies reached 5 GHz. Intel did not tell the audience that this was the result of overclocking. The cooler used was a 1-horsepower industrial chiller, which was very expensive. It was almost impossible for ordinary desktop computers to use this cooling device.
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(11 day ago) At 8:31 in the evening, nearly 1000 UAVs were shining like stars in the night sky. Over the past year and a half, the Intel Shooting Star UAV has been flying successfully in 14 countries and has performed more than 200 performances, including the 1218 UAVs lighting show in the Pingchang Winter Olympics, South Korea, which broke the Guinness world record.
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(11 day ago) There was a saying that the 28 core was based on the Cascade-X new server architecture, but not so, it was a consumer platform, but AnandTech said Intel confirmed that the consumer product based on Cascade-X would have at the end of the year.
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(11 day ago) AMD and Intel launched the "Nuclear Warfare". 28-core and 32-core desktop CPUs arrived at the Taipei Computer Show keynote. Intel unexpectedly announced the existence of 28-core desktop processors. The site also demonstrated the test of CINBENCH R15. The 28 cores are running at 5GHz at full speed.
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(13 day ago) Another Intel prototype uses two conventional monitors that look very similar to Lenovo's Yoga Book product. The keyboard can be displayed on one side to use the device in a laptop-like mode, but typing will be performed on the display.
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(13 day ago) Battery life has always been a hurdle for mobile devices. The more highly configured laptops, the more so. However, on the Computex 2018, Intel announced an exciting solution that is expected to increase notebook life by 4 to 8 hours.
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(14 day ago) 5G is also one of Intel’s key areas for future work. At the Winter Olympics in Pyongyang, South Korea, Intel deployed a large-scale trial commercial 5G network for the first time, and achieved fruitful results and rich experience. Now, the large US operator Sprint has also become an Intel 5G partner and will sell Intel processor-based 5G PCs in its global stores.
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(14 day ago) In December 2016, Microsoft and Qualcomm announced plans for Windows 10 to run on an ARM chip, and promised to try to catch up and surpass Intel x86. A year later, the notebook with the Snapdragon 835 processor was introduced, but due to poor performance, it was not approved.
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(14 day ago) Intel demonstrated a 28-core CPU with all cores operating at around 5 GHz, indicating that it will be released in the fourth quarter of this year. Intel did not disclose more details of this processor, did not clarify whether the 5 GHz is an overclocked value, it did not disclose power consumption.
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(14 day ago) As for the details of the power consumption and heat dissipation of this platform, it is currently unknown. However, the reporters found that Intel did not even use extreme cooling solutions because the demo platform appeared to be housed in a standard water-cooled enclosure. Intel said that this mysterious product will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.
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