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(2 day ago) With emboldenedness, AMD naturally straightened its back and even dared to publicly ping Intel. At the show's site, AMD had a large number of posters. One of them screamed: “You will be fired when you buy Xeon again!” There are many people standing in line on the poster, and it is natural to buy EPYC.
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(4 day ago) Intel CEO Brian Krzanich clearly stated in an interview with the famous financial program Mad Money on Thursday that Intel would not buy Broadcom because such acquisitions would not bring direct benefits to the company.
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(4 day ago) If your operating system is Windows 10 v1607 or later, Microsoft has integrated it in a cumulative update. If it is Windows 7/8.1, it is best to use the motherboard BIOS update method to immunize.
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(5 day ago) Born in Oxford and died in Cambridge Hocking was born in Oxford and died in Cambridge, his life and academic career are closely related to the two of Britain's most famous university. Hocking's birthday is January 8, 1942 is the anniversary of the death of Galileo; and his death in March 14, 2018 is also the birthday of Einstein.
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(6 day ago) Under the influence of the ban imposed by US President Trump, Intel's share price hit its highest record in 52 weeks. At the same time, Nvidia also continued its strong momentum in the previous trading day and reached a record high today.
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(8 day ago) In the midst of Broadcom's unsuccessful acquisition of Qualcomm, it killed "Intel" on the way. Industry insiders say Intel's intentional acquisition of Bo Tong has highlighted the huge threat to Intel from the acquisition of high pass.
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(10 day ago) The results of the potential acquisition transaction between Broadcom and Qualcomm are still unknown, and the incident is still fermenting. Qualcomm announced on March 9 that Jacobs, the executive chairman of the company, had been removed from office and no longer served as the chairman of Qualcomm, which his father co-founded in 1985, although he will remain on the board of directors.
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(11 day ago) And when Intel is ready to promote this pure 64 bit architecture, AMD puts forward a downward compatible 32 bit x86-64, which is more conducive to the industry transition. Intel is finally fully adopted. It can only bend to the large server area, and the market is narrowing.
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(11 day ago) The current AoMin Teng memory is only 16GB and 32GB capacity, even the system can not be installed, 800p can be used as a high-speed system disk, Intel also recommends that users can buy more than two 800p to build NVMe RAID (there is money that is not large capacity SSD walks, so toss the old computer?).
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(12 day ago) It is even more difficult to unify the names. For example, i3-8130U belongs to Kaby Lake-R, i3-8121U, i5-8269U, and i7-8559U are suspected to belong to Cannon Lake, and i7-8850H/8950HQ belongs to Coffee Lake-H.
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(12 day ago) Movidius VPU features high performance and low power visual processing. Intel says that VPU is the first SoC in the industry to speed up the neural computing engine with special hardware, and it can efficiently distribute artificial intelligence workloads on different types of hardware.
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(12 day ago) According to the IC Insights data, the overall R & D investment in the semiconductor industry is growing, but it will take a long time to challenge Intel's dominance. Data show that the semiconductor industry investment growth of 6% in 2017 to $34 billion in R & D, while Intel's R & D investment is more than $13 billion, than in the back row of the five rival Qualcomm, Broadcom, Toshiba, Samsung and TSMC combined, the top ten companies also have contact FLYCO, NVIDIA, flash Hynix and.
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(13 day ago) The top ten companies are also associated with the Branch, Micron, Nvidia and Hynix. And NXP, TI, ST, AMD, Renesas, Sony, Analog Devices and Global Foundries have invested more than one billion US dollars.
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(15 day ago) But Asustect could not help but disclose that the eighth generation of the original Core is compatible with the 100/200 system motherboard, but the last minute Intel changed his mind. More is that there are a number of domestic players proved through experiments, eight generations of core can really lit on the old motherboard, but only in a very small number of models to achieve stability is not good.
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(17 day ago) In fact, in the past 30 years, Intel has not done much in the field of independent graphics, but there are some related news from time to time. In 2009, Intel announced the graphics and graphics project code named Larrabee GPU after ten years. However, the development of performance and drive is far behind the original plan. Finally, the project was cancelled at the end of 2009.
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(19 day ago) Specter specter loopholes are actually two versions, CVE-2017-5715 can be resolved through software updates, CVE-2017-5053 you must be hardware-level repair, seven generations of Core Duo has been completed. Now Intel has released a patch for the second generation of Specter vulnerabilities to the fourth generation of Core Haswell and the fifth generation of the Broadwell family, emphasizing a stable patch, that is, it should not cause a restart.
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(23 day ago) On the eve of MWC 2018, Intel held a press conference introducing the 5G deployment at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and exploring the 5G vision for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
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(23 day ago) In partnership with NTT DOCOMO to provide 5G technology for the next Olympics Intel Corp. Aicha Evans, senior vice president and chief strategy officer, introduced the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Intel and South Korea's communications service provider - KT companies, the use of Intel's 5G technology built the world's first large-scale 5G network.
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(24 day ago) The latest Intel campaign may be counterproductive. The chip maker recently announced the introduction of a new smart eyeglasses, Vaunt, which looks different from other smart glasses on the market.
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(25 day ago) Intel has just announced that it is working with some of the leading PC computer makers to develop a PC computer that makes full use of the 5G network. According to the cooperation agreement between them, the new generation of computers of DELL, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft will use the Intel XXM 8000 Series 5G modem.
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(25 day ago) The 5G tech Intel general manager rob top (Rob Topol) said, "this will be a completely conforms to the standard 3GPP 5G standard docking, on December 2017 just votes, but only a short period of time can be developed to support and fully comply with the norm of the solution.
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(25 day ago) Alphabet pointed out that in June last year, the Google Project Zero team informed Intel, AMD and ARM about the chip loophole. They were given 90 days to fix before they were exposed to the public.
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(26 day ago) Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, Intel released a batch of patches against Specter loopholes this week. Specter has variants 1 and 2, while Meltdown, another serious vulnerability, is actually the third variant, affecting only Intel processors. Vulnerabilities for Meltdown have been released previously.
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(26 day ago) Recently, Intel divested Raja Koduri, head of AMD's graphics business, as ambassador for chief architect and senior vice president of core and visual computing, and his return to the discrete graphics market.
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(26 day ago) Data Figure Reporter Chen Wenxian Du Zhen It is learned that the Kyle Yetegat plant in southern Israel is one of the most advanced chip manufacturing bases in the world. Intel invested 6 billion U.S. dollars in 2016-2017 to expand and upgrade the plant. It is reported that in order to attract Intel's continued investment, the Israeli government will give it a "package of preferential policies," including a government grant of 20% -30% of the total investment, reducing corporate tax, land acquisition-free bidding and development cost subsidies.
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(27 day ago) After many exposure, a number of new generations of eight generations of Core family Coffee Lake has opened in many foreign e-commerce, which impressively has a new generation of Pentium silver. Several new models and prices are as follows: - Core i5-8600:
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(27 day ago) Unfortunately, the starting lineup is lacking in 8 core versions: ● The entry-level Celeron G4900 / G4920 is a dual-core / dual-thread with a base frequency of 3.1 / 3.2GHz and costs $ 52/93 (about 330/527 RMB) G5400 / G5500 / G5600 for the dual-core / four-thread, the basic frequency 3.7 / 3.8 / 3.9GHz ...
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(28 day ago) Allegedly, the prototype built 1.542 billion transistors and two main chips, the first one contains the actual GPU, the second one contains the field programmable gate array (FPGA). It is said that the chip is currently only a proof of concept, and does not provide a true indicator of its performance.
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(29 day ago) Yesterday, Intel expanded its bug bounty program to catch more problems, such as widespread meltdowns and possible CPU bugs, but the plan is too trivial for some chip users.
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(31 day ago) These 32 lawsuits include 30 class actions and 2 securities class actions. Civic litigants generally believe that misleading knowledge of vulnerabilities disclosed by Intel is misleading and that the related remedies have a negative impact on performance. Intel wrote in the document: "The main representative of the securities class action plaintiff in the July 27, 2017 to January 4, 2018 purchase of Intel shares during the user," and said Intel and some officials in violation of securities law, illegal release A note about Intel products and internal controls ...
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