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(14 hr ago) Most internet companies in China are quoting machines, and they are good at not breaking their tongues. However, there are still no unique “League-to-quarter” timetables for Lei Jun’s “little back to home” goal.
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(1 day ago) As shown in the figure, the front of the millet MIX 2S still continues the classic design of the MIX series, leaving only the chin and the front camera on the bottom. After lighting the screen, you can see that the screen is higher, and the visual effect is very shocking. Unfortunately, Xiaomi did not publish the MIX 2S's back map. From the spy photos previously exposed, the dual cameras on the back of the millet MIX 2S are arranged in an upright position and the fingerprint recognition is centered. The layout is basically the same as that of the red rice Note 5.
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(1 day ago) At the same time, the official also launched the millet MIX 2S conference registration activities, and the invitation to the release of the press conference. Xiaomi said that Pompidou is a world famous museum of modern art. It collects the speculation of master Picasso and Duchamp. It collects millet MIX series mobile phones.
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(1 day ago) Recently, some media have exposed a so-called Xiaomi Pre-IPO financing promotion material, which clearly shows Xiaomi’s income, profit, user, valuation and market value data. According to the materials, Xiaomi still lost 9.8 billion yuan in 2015. In 2016, it earned 913 million yuan. In 2017, it is expected to reach 7.582 billion yuan. The profit rate is 6.5%, and it is expected to increase to 18.831 billion yuan in 2019.
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(2 day ago) Xiaomi adopted a seemingly powerful strategy to conquer the Chinese market. Its mobile phone has high quality features and a beautiful appearance, just like Apple's iPhone, but at a low price. In addition, they are only sold online, and Xiaomi also launches fancy marketing activities from time to time to stimulate consumer interest.
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(4 day ago) China's well-known venture capitalist Liu Qin has made a lot of bets, but from the perspective of investment returns, there may not be a comparable investment in Xiaomi, which is expected to conduct an IPO (initial public offering) this year.
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(5 day ago) Income structure exposure According to the exposure materials, Xiaomi’s daily active users reached 132 million, monthly active users were 165 million, and daily average user usage time was 312 minutes (5.2 hours). In the percentage of daily active users in the percentage of monthly active users, Xiaomi ranked first in 80%, one percentage point higher than the second-ranked WeChat, and 20 percentage points higher than the 60% of the third FaceBook (Asia).
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(5 day ago) In March 15th, after Baidu Leitz block 360 dogs, cats, NetEase planet, millet announced its blockchain game "encryption rabbit" will be held today online, and some game player open, on the morning of 11 will officially open collar.
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(6 day ago) According to official website information, Encrypted Rabbit is a digital pet service provided by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “xiaomi”) based on blockchain technology for users (hereinafter referred to as “you”). You can get carrots or encrypted rabbits through tasks, or use carrots to convert encrypted rabbits.
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(8 day ago) China smart phone maker will release at least 6 smart phones in India this year, open 100 stores, and will soon release more new products, including televisions, and expand business to the smart phone market.
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(9 day ago) For Xiaomi, the biggest breakthrough of this new mobile phone is to support wireless charging. The Xiaomi MIX 2S, which is scheduled to be released on March 27, will be Xiaomi's first mobile phone that supports wireless charging. In terms of charging power, according to Rechargeable Network, Millet MIX 2S and Xiaomi 7 will both support 7.5W wireless fast charging similar to iPhone X.
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(9 day ago) At the end of last year, Xiaomi completed a feat that other manufacturers failed in the past 6 years in India: beyond Samsung to become the largest smartphone brand in India. This is an important moment for the Chinese manufacturer, especially in the light of millet 3 years ago to start selling mobile phones.
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(12 day ago) It is reported that millet MIX 2S uses 19:9 screen ratio, AI camera blessing, support condensing time shooting 960fps. At the same time, he also baked a photo proof of Xiaomi MIX 2S and felt it together: From the point of view, the millet MIX 2S is similar to the millet MIX 2, but the screen ratio is larger and the chin is further reduced (front camera Center). According to the netizen, the new machine uses fingerprints on the screen and no longer uses fingerprint design on the back.
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(12 day ago) The thickness of the two is 7.7mm, and the length and width of MIX2 full ceramics are shorter than that of the Black Standard Version 1.3mm and 0.9mm respectively. According to the official introduction, the technical difficulty and production cost of the whole ceramics are beyond imagination. Every Unibody ceramic has to go through 1400 degrees high temperature and 7 days sintering. Finally, it needs to go through 240 storey stamping and molding with a two storey tall equipment. It uses carborundum knife 0.01mm repeatedly to carve, and every processing a mobile phone needs to change the tool head.
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(13 day ago) The outline in the posters can prove that millet MIX 2S will basically continue the current overall shape, and the progeny transferred to the upper right corner of the rumor has been self-defeating, apparently still at the bottom, but the chin has not revealed, should be further reduced. Millet MIX 2S biggest highlight should be post-double, there will be AI artificial blessings, it is likely to still choose the dual camera program.
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(14 day ago) On the morning of March 5th, "Chinese entrepreneur" reporter successfully "blocked" the people's Congress to represent the Lei Jun in the Great Hall of the people. He said that HKEx promoted "the same rights and different rights" will promote Internet companies, especially technology innovation enterprises listed in Hongkong, "because it recognized the value of founders in high-tech enterprises and innovative enterprises."
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(14 day ago) About the beginning of this year, listed on the news millet exposed to "2000" billion dollars; shortly after the rapid change that has been selected to the Underwriters, valuation of $100 billion; and recently, news reports and changed, the adjustment of 800-1000 billion dollars.
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(14 day ago) Data Sheet But Millet's plan is to sell mobile phones, but also to sell shares in the upcoming IPO, pushing up the company's valuation. There are many voices in the industry that the valuation of millet may reach as high as 100 billion U.S. dollars or greatly overestimate this Chinese start-up company.
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(15 day ago) The update package size 1.4GB, content is very rich, summarizes the features of the closed beta more than two months ago, there are some new changes, especially the new face recognition unlock function, as well as a variety of full screen gestures, Including swiping back up to the desktop at the bottom of the screen, sliding up and pause at the bottom of the screen to switch the recent tasks, sliding the screen left or right inward to return to the previous level, and sliding the left and right edges of the screen inward to trigger the application function.
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(15 day ago) With multi-port fast charge capability, you only need to bring this multi-port charger for your travel or business trip to meet the needs of electronic equipment charging, or quickly complete the charging needs at home and within the company. The left most USB Type-C interface output power up to 18W, support QC3.0 and compatible with the PD standard, in addition to millet 6 and other Android phone, but also for the iPhone8 / 8P and iPhone X to provide fast charge capability.
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(15 day ago) Millet MIX 2S network exposure renderings Millet mobile phone official microblogging microblogging said: "# Millet MIX2S #, not just the AI ​​camera.Consider the picture to answer the question: Is the stress" AI "or" camera "? March 27 officially announced "Hint the new aircraft will have a major breakthrough in both artificial intelligence and photo taking, or a combination of the two.
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(15 day ago) According to the speculates, the new TV is the Mi TV 4A series, which includes three models of 65, 55 and 49 inches. Last year, the company has launched a 32 - inch Mi TV 4A series, selling only 11300 India rupees (about 1099 yuan).
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(17 day ago) However, the cost of child education is not low, such as children in private kindergartens, about 3,000 yuan a month, or even higher. Tens of thousands of yuan a year the cost of education on average family pressure is not small, if coupled with the mortgage, will have an impact on life. "So I think 3500 tax threshold to be changed, it should be raised to 10,000 yuan.
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(18 day ago) In 2017, the shipment of wearable devices reached 115.4 million sets in FY10, representing an increase of 10.3% over 2016 (1.1046 billion units). However, the growth rate in 2017 marked a marked decline, with a year-on-year increase of 27.3% in 2016.
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(18 day ago) Against this background, millet with the capital market to further enhance the competitiveness of the company, successfully entered the 5G era, may have been within the radar within the scope of consideration, as for the end of its IPO who spend, I am afraid there is still time to give an answer.
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(18 day ago) March 2, according to foreign media reports, market research firm IDC latest release report shows that with the continued growth in demand for wearable electronics, Apple has taken away from the competitors Fitbit and millet decisive market leadership .
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(19 day ago) Investment community reported today that millet IPO may finalize A + H shares double line. Lei Jun Millet in millet technology company shares 77.8%, some people say, millet listed Lei Jun will become the new richest man.
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(19 day ago) The $100 billion valuation means that Xiaomi will become the largest technology company to list since Alibaba went public in the United States in 2014, once it materializes. According to sources close to Xiaomi, the investment community reported on March 1st. Xiaomi IPO, which has long been the focus of attention, may eventually finalise A-H shares.
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(19 day ago) (Original title: millet or Hong Kong stocks will be listed at the same time in the A-share!) By 旸 汤 | PEdaily investment community second only to Ali Tencent, millet is expected to become China's third-largest technology stocks Previously, according to the media, "all-weather technology" , They obtained a millet Pre-IPO financing program shows: At present, the underlying assets of millet valued 54 billion US dollars, a conservative market capitalization of 100 billion US dollars after the listing.
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(21 day ago) On February 27, Xiaomi mobile phone Weibo said that Xiaomi MIX mobile phone was collected by the International Design Museum in Munich, Germany. The director of the museum said "Xiaomi MIX left a precious memory for the development of industrial design history for future generations."
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