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(2 hr ago) For Xiaomi temporarily withdraws from the CDR, Deloitte believes that currently A-shares are mainly retail-based, regulatory agencies need to weigh the valuation and investor protection and other factors, it is expected that CDR will be launched in the second half of this year, but the progress will be slower than expected. In the second half of the year, Hong Kong will have at least five large new shares including new shares scheduled to be traded from June 21 to June 28, 2006. Deloitte expects that by the end of June 2018, there will be 101 new shares in Hong Kong that will raise about 50.3 billion shares. Hong Kong dollar...
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(9 hr ago) Sources said that Xiaomi delayed the listing because the company had disputes with regulators over the valuation of its China Depositary Receipts (CDRs). This caused external efforts to attract Chinese technology giants returning overseas for listing in China. doubt.
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(11 hr ago) Another Xiaomi A2 will be equipped with a clean version of Android 8.1, and Android 9.0 updates should also be coming soon. Currently Xiaomi has not officially confirmed the equipment, but according to retailers, Xiaomi A2 will be on sale on August 8 and is expected to be officially released by the end of July.
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(11 hr ago) Among them, in the category of the above models, users of the MIUI 6/7/8/9 development version system can check the update directly on the mobile phone upgrade page, and the stable version of the user's official proposal is upgraded to the MIUI 10 development version through the line brush mode. .
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(12 hr ago) Limited to the unit price of mobile phones, the top three mobile phone rankings of the past big business platforms are mostly occupied by Apple mobile phones. This time, according to the reporter, because millet 8 series success, won the high end of the user's great recognition, making the average price of millet mobile phone increase, the unprecedented Jingdong Tmall two platform China mobile phone brand sales first!
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(13 hr ago) The CSRC also published a supplementary announcement in the morning of this response to "respect the selection of the millet group, and decided to cancel the seventeenth session of the eighty-eighth trial Commission in 2018 to review the company's issuance of the declaration." Millet, which originally set the record on the 12 day, made the above move on the eve of the trial conference.
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(16 hr ago) Millet official micro-blog 19 morning, said, today, the company, after repeated careful study, decided to step into implementation in Hongkong and the domestic listing plan, that is, after the first listing in Hongkong, and then select the machine through the issuance of CDR in the domestic market. To this end, the company will apply to the China Securities Regulatory Commission to postpone calling the development committee to examine the company's CDR issuance application.
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(16 hr ago) Sina Technology News, June 19th morning news, millet official micro-blog @ millet spokesman said the spokesman, today, the company, after repeated careful study, decided to step into the implementation of the Hongkong and the domestic listing plan, that is, first in Hongkong after the listing of the market by issuing CDR in the way in the domestic market. To this end, the company will apply to the China Securities Regulatory Commission to postpone calling the development committee to examine the company's CDR issuance application.
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(19 hr ago) However, at the end of 4 this year, Lei Jun's internal mail made the list more interesting. There are two main contents of the internal mail: on one hand, it reemphasizes millet 6X conference, the commitment to all users: the integrated net interest rate of the overall millet hardware business, never more than 5%; on the other hand, the appointment of CFO is the senior vice president of the company; the co founder Zhou Guangping and Huang Jiangji (KK) resigned. Company position.
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(19 hr ago) If Xiaomi is successful today and becomes the first CDR to issue shares, it will set many precedents in the history of A-share IPOs, such as AB shares with inconsistent voting rights in the company's equity structure, without dismantling the vie structure, and IPOs in the form of CDR Hong Kong stocks.
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(1 day ago) Valuation and recommendation: Xiaomi’s business model is to use cost-effective hardware to acquire customers + multiple categories to increase the viscous + high-margin value-added services to realize the Internet model, mobile phone and IoT hardware is the user base for realizing the Internet business. Based on the characteristics of industry development, we analyzed the hardware business in detail and forecasted the profitability of the three types of business.
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(1 day ago) Chinese-funded institutions and foreign-funded institutions hold different views. In the analyst roadshow, Chinese-funded institutions and foreign-funded institutions have given very different price ranges. The price range given by Chinese-funded institutions is much higher than that of foreign-funded institutions. The market generally believes that Xiaomi’s stock story is very exciting, but foreign companies believe that Xiaomi’s return to financial data is normal and cannot fully support high valuations.
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(1 day ago) Viewing into the side of the mountain - Comment on Xiaomi's confusing financial report Huang Shizhong (Professor and Ph.D. supervisor of the accounting department of Xiamen University) Recently, he browsed articles and reviews on the Internet and found that investors are full of Xiaomi's financial reports. Confusion: Does Xiaomi have a serious loss or a high profit? In the end is the insolvency or strength? According to IFRS, Xiaomi lost 43.9 billion yuan in 2017. If it does not measure according to IFRS, it will earn 5.4 billion yuan. The difference between the two is as high as 49.3 billion yuan, of which the increase in profit of convertible redeemable preferred stock is as high as 54.1 billion yuan.
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(1 day ago) It contains a high-efficiency extinguishing agent that releases a large and thin film on the surface of the combustible at the instant, blocks oxygen, and at the same time decomposes flame-retardant gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen. With a wide range of applications, it can effectively deal with multiple types of fires such as solids, liquids, living and electrical appliances, and cooking oil. Shelf life is 3 years. At the same time, the drug is non-toxic and has no irritating odor. When a fire escapes, it can also be applied to the clothes to prevent the fire from burning the skin. When it is abandoned, it will not cause any damage to animals, plants or water sources.
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(2 day ago) The core idea of ​​the article/Sanshan paper is to adopt a partial valuation method to forecast the market value of 2020, and then discount it according to the cost of equity capital to obtain the current company valuation. This article attempts to value millet based on public disclosure data disclosed in the prospectus and industry analysis. However, due to the current instability of various financial data, it is assumed that the company can maintain the established development strategy after listing, and it is expected that the company’s smartphone will be 2020 after three years. The business will enter a mature development period, and the IoT business will also have greater volume and predictability.
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(4 day ago) Among them, the China Securities Regulatory Commission released information on the basic information of stocks or depositary receipts issued by pilot innovative companies. As of June 14, only one Xiaomi Group company issued depositary receipts for acceptance, and the audit status was pre-disclosed and updated.
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(4 day ago) After the end of the first quarter, there were two things centered around Xiaomi’s mobile phone: First, Xiaomi's mobile phone shipments rose against the trend; the second was the launch of the Xiaomi 8 conference. The flagship machine finally got a “real image”. Apple's evaluation.
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(4 day ago) The tablet may be named millet tablet 4, after the XDA Forum had exposed configuration information suspected of millet tablet 4, this device may use 18:9 LCD display, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, before Set 5 million + rear 13 million pixel camera combination, battery capacity of 6000mAh, running based on Android 8.1 depth custom MIUI system.
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(4 day ago) At present, there are 4 stores in Xiaomi's family in Nanjing. They are Nanjing maomai world, Nanjing Jinying world, Nanjing impression exchange, Nanjing Golden Eagle lakeside world and so on. Nanjing Jing Feng KINGMO flagship store will become Millet's home in Fifth stores in Nanjing. As an important link in the new retail layout of millet, Xiaomi's home is in a stage of vigorous expansion.
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(4 day ago) Specifically, the issue of whether Xiaomi has horizontal competition has attracted the attention of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The CSRC asked Xiaomi to additionally disclose whether the company’s cloud service business relied mainly on Jinshan Cloud. In recent years, the company has purchased from Jinshan Cloud the proportion of procurement of all external cloud services, and the procurement pricing mechanism has ensured price fairness.
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(5 day ago) On June 14, the official website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission disclosed the Xiaomi Group (hereinafter referred to as Xiaomi)’s public offering of the CDR prospectus (preliminary disclosure update). The prospectus further disclosed that Xiaomi’s CDR accounted for not less than 7% of the total share capital after the issuance. %, CDR issue price will certainly not be higher than the key information such as Hong Kong stock pricing.
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(5 day ago) Today, on June 14, the Securities and Futures Commission once again updated the Xiaomi CDR prospectus. The updated version disclosed more detailed company operations, CDR circulation, senior management, and shareholdings, the gross profit margins of the mobile phone business, IoT business, and Internet business compared with the industry... In the second quarter, Lei Jun’s share award was approximately 9.8 billion yuan. Xiaomi's updated version of the CDR prospectus indicates that Lei Jun has made great contributions to the company.
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(5 day ago) If Xiaomi is listed on the Mainland and Hong Kong on July 9 and 10 respectively, its IPO will be conducted from June 25 to 28 and will be priced on the 28th; if it is on a later schedule, it will be on July 16 and 17 respectively. Japan listed in the two places, the public offerings will be postponed between June 29 and July 5, and will be priced on July 5.
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(5 day ago) Xiaomi’s CDR prospectus disclosed that CDR issuance using inquiry pricing to determine prices, and CDR is issued at a lower price than Hong Kong stocks. The Group plans to issue Class B common stocks as the basic stocks to be converted into CDRs, and “the proportion of the total share capital after the issuance of CDRs and Hong Kong stocks shall not be less than 7%”.
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(5 day ago) As the saying goes, there is a company called someone else's company. The benefits of big companies are all good. The good or bad food has a direct impact on the enthusiasm of employees. Wang Jianlin, the owner of Wanda, once said that it was over 7 in the morning. The reason for going to the company is that the canteens do a good job early.
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(6 day ago) As a fast-growing local company in recent years, Xiaomi was once the largest non-listed company with global market capitalization. Today, Xiaomi’s IPO is officially launched, “shares with different shares”, “H shares + CDR issues”, and “Unicorn concept stocks”. The listing of Xiaomi has created many precedents and has also affected the heartbeat of the capital market.
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(6 day ago) On the morning of June 11th, the China Securities Regulatory Commission disclosed the millet CDR (China depository receipts) prospectus, which is only four days since the publication of CDR related documents. In the early morning of June 7th, the CSRC issued 9 regulations and normative documents, such as the issuance of depository certificate and the management of transaction (Trial), and made clear requirements for the issuance, listing, trading and information disclosure system of CDR.
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(7 day ago) On June 12th, Xiaomi Company has already submitted IPO applications to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The operating data of these companies have been officially disclosed in recent years. However, the valuation has not yet been finalized. Recently, major institutional analysts sent investors an analysis report on Xiaomi.
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(7 day ago) On the morning of June 11th, the securities and Futures Commission disclosed the millet CDR prospectus. In the crowded subway car, Li Ke's cell phone popped several push, and at the same time, many of his stock investment groups suddenly became active. In the past, it was a scene after the opening of the market.
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(7 day ago) Before Xiaomi submitted the prospectus, the dispute about Xiaomi had never stopped. One of the questions is: Xiaomi MIX series of flagship mobile phones did not actually sell a few sets of millet, Xiaomi MIX's mission is to establish a brand image of millet, and really make money and take the amount of still red rice.
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