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(14 hr ago) Soon after the trouble was eliminated, the WeChat public article was able to be opened smoothly. Now WeChat monthly user has more than one billion, is the real national application, any single point of accidental error will cause a big wave, but now the stability of WeChat is also getting better and better.
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(18 hr ago) In July 13th, WeChat iOS version 6.7.1 update, release the "my applet" function, that is, for users to set up a small program collector, can be pulled down the status bar on the first screen and "discovery" - "small program" access.
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(2 day ago) The SFC reminded investors that some unlawfully used the WeChat group, QQ group, network live room and other real-time shouting orders with the name of "recommending stock", and commanded investors to buy and sell shares at the same time, and was suspected of manipulating the market. The Securities Regulatory Commission said that at present, illegal recommendations are varied and fraudulent, and unlawfully lawless elements often do not operate in a fixed place, run the case, or even hide out of the country, seriously damaging the interests of investors and the normal order of the securities market.
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(3 day ago) WeChat for iOS v6.7.1 official version Official download:
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(3 day ago) In the past, each user can "Star" up to 10 favorite small programs, and now can collect up to 50 favorite small programs to "my little program". At the same time, WeChat users can also sort "my little programs". WeChat said that after this round of adjustment, you can get services faster, and you can also increase the retention and average usage time of small programs.
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(3 day ago) Tencent Technology News, on July 13, the WeChat team pushed the WeChat iOS client v6.7.1 update for iPhone and iPad users. After the update, users can add common applets to "My Apple".
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(4 day ago) According to the report released by Analysys, in the first quarter of 2018, the transaction volume of China's third-party mobile payment market exceeded 40 trillion yuan for the first time, and Alipay and WeChat payment (Tencent Finance) accounted for more than 92%.
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(5 day ago) "Life for Jedi" has been published since the end of last year. It has been very mysterious and has not been revealed until now, while players have recently discovered the shadow of "Jedi survival" on the WeChat's Tencent recharge (WeChat Purse - QQ recharge game) page.
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(5 day ago) Original title: 咋 整 | WeChat transfer sent the wrong person, the other party received the money to pull me black... On the 2nd of May, Mr. Huang of Guangdong sent a letter to the cousin named “Haikuo Sky” through WeChat, but Mr. Huang’s hand turned Wrong person, this "sea wide sky" is not the "big sky", turned more than 80,000 yuan in one turn.
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(6 day ago) At 5:40 on June 26th, Tongzhou police received a call from the owner, Mr. Jiang, claiming that he had stolen $8000 from WeChat wallet and bank card. Mr. Jiang said he had borrowed 200 yuan from his neighbor Zhang. On the evening of June 23rd, Zhang proposed to return the arrears by way of WeChat transfer.
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(7 day ago) WeChat officially announced that the advertising components of small programs (including small games) have been fully opened. Developers can self-service to open traffic masters in the background, and then they can access advertisements in small programs and get advertising revenue on a monthly basis.
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(7 day ago) In the second quarter of 2018, according to the relevant state laws and regulations, the Tencent WeChat software licensing and service agreement and the WeChat personal account usage specification, the users of the alleged Internet gambling behavior were limited to the extent of the violation of the violation, according to the relevant state laws and regulations, the Tencent software licensing and service agreement and the WeChat personal account usage specification. The function of the system and the gradient penalty for limiting the login:
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(7 day ago) Recently, the public comment of the US group launched a new activity, which uses WeChat to log in and share the dynamic with friends, giving a reward of 5 yuan. However, some netizens were surprised to find that the restaurants, attractions and hotels that they had visited were shared and shut off.
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(8 day ago) At present, the new digital marketing capabilities of WeChat payment are open to merchants who meet the following conditions: - Catering, offline retail merchants - Lines will reach more than 100 transactions next month. If you are a WeChat payment merchant, please search for the small program "WeChat payment merchant assistant ", enter the "business center" and select "deliver new ads."
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(8 day ago) In the past, there were many cases where the wrong account could not be returned. The relevant personnel of Tencent Public Relations emphasized that protecting the privacy of users is the bottom line of Internet companies. They are responsible for all users. As long as the judiciary asks WeChat official assistance, they are bound to define their incompetence, but if they are personal needs, they cannot break through the bottom line.
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(10 day ago) Tencent Technology News, on the evening of July 6, the WeChat public platform announced the opening of the brand search function, the business to open the brand search will get the brand's official area and micro home page capabilities. According to the official introduction, the brand official district is the exclusive channel for the certified brand under the search, the official channel for users to obtain brand information and services; the micro homepage is the standardized small program provided by WeChat, including brand introduction, main products and services. , contact methods and other modules.
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(10 day ago) Careless WeChat transfer to the wrong person, the other party did not pay back the money, but even delete friends, pull black, Mr. Huang in Guangdong has encountered such a bad thing. At present, this matter has made the latest progress. WeChat payment has guided users to court filing, and will cooperate with law enforcement departments to assist forensics.
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(12 day ago) WeChat subscription number reversion of the "information flow", many netizens think that this is a functional retreat, and have expressed to "take off", and in the knowledge, bean, and other big community platforms, also set off a lot of "WeChat has the functions have not been able to" scold war.
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(12 day ago) Now through WeChat, Alipay and other platforms for third party payment, shopping, transfer and so on more and more frequently, but the wrong accounts often happen, how to solve the problem is always a very headache.
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(13 day ago) The police brought the suspects suspected of fraud to the police car. The police got a number of mobile phones. The group provided a picture/Beijing Public Security Beijing Uncle invested more than 600,000 yuan in mid-February. In 2018, the criminal investigation detachment of the Shunyi Public Security Bureau received the report from the police chief Fan Dashu. Said to be "fried gold" on the Internet was cheated 670,000.
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(13 day ago) The police arrested the suspect involved in the case. The police for the map is a screenshot of the police simulation of the "Beijing Racing PK Pickup" betting method. The police provided a picture recently, coordinated by the Ministry of Public Security, Beijing police chief investigation, the other 21 provinces across the country unified operations, destroyed 7 "PK pick" online gambling gang, criminal detention 25, administrative detention 16 people, effectively cut the country "PK pick up" gambling software research and development, gambling software sales, network organization gambling industry chain.
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(13 day ago) If someone told you, now you don't need to spend a penny, you can buy on some business platform, will you believe it? In July 3rd, according to the news of the white hat Exchange Security Institute, a net friend published a serious flaw in WeChat's official SDK (software tool development package) in a foreign security community that could lead to a merchant server being invaded, once a key security key (such as md5-key and merchant-Id) was obtained by an attacker. He can deceive businesses by sending fake information without paying for anything.
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(13 day ago) According to the micro-blog blogger @ Internet, the main function of the small program is to allow you to authorize landing, and then if you use the WeChat landing shaking sounds, it automatically detects your trembling number, and then induces you to share in the group or elsewhere to see which friends you are shaking!
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(14 day ago) The “underlying” of WeChat charging is “New Traffic Monopoly” WeChat announced that since August 1 this year, each payment of WeChat credit card is charged at 0.1% of the repayment amount. According to media reports, there are currently 1.04 billion WeChat users, and 13.6% of users use credit card repayments, which means that hundreds of millions of users are affected by the new rules.
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(14 day ago) The WeChat explanation is due to the rapid increase in payment channel fees and the adjustments made to balance costs and development. However, at present, the fast channels of traditional financial institutions such as mobile phone APPs and UnionPay wallets of major banks and Alipay have no credit card reimbursement charges. There are certainly other demands on WeChat separate charges, and there are deeper strategic considerations behind them.
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(14 day ago) Recent WeChat actions on the subscription number have been particularly frequent. The "Information Flow" has been redesigned, the appreciation of the public has been restored, and the open reprint function has been introduced... But one of the features that WeChat has already tested for a long time still does not appear. Recently, the headline has to be launched first. This function is.
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(14 day ago) Text / Eastland Lei Jun said that "millet = Apple X Tencent" can not help but laugh generously, Huang Xie said "together = Costco + disney" is completely child's play. Two "magic weapons" and reference to game ideas 1) Efficient and low-cost acquisition of 99.99% of customers' bill-of-things electricity projects has lost the cost of acquiring customers.
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(15 day ago) From small to big changes, from fine-tuning to “great changes,” the long-lasting revision of WeChat finally came to an end last week. However, Tucao and worries also followed...
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(15 day ago) (Original title: Deep-fried! Ma Huateng's big move "to kill" WeChat, the 100 million users to be charged! "Free lunch" no) China Fund News Taylor was caught off guard, yesterday's WeChat Financial Wealth posted a heavy announcement.
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(15 day ago) From December 1, 2017, WeChat pays 0.1% of each user's monthly cumulative credit card repayments in excess of 5,000 yuan (minimum 0.1 yuan), and no more than 5,000 yuan per month is still free. .
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