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(42 min ago) On the evening of September 18th, the foreign media Phone Arena conducted a battery test on the Sony Xperia XZ3, and the performance was worrying. As shown in the picture, the Sony Xperia XZ3 has a battery life of 6 hours and 5 minutes, ranking among the many flagships.
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(3 day ago) On September 14th, the president of Sony Vision Products Co., the senior executive vice president of Sony Group, Takagi Ichiro accepted an interview with in the office of Osaki, and talked about Sony's strategy in the Chinese market, IoT plans and products.
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(8 day ago) On the evening of September 10, Beijing time, Sony announced today that by the end of 2040, Sony will use 100% of its global operations in renewable energy.
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(13 day ago) The three masters of the console game, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, are in a delicate competitive relationship at any time, just like Wei, Shu and Wu in the troubled times of the Three Kingdoms.
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(14 day ago) Although Sony's PS2 was discontinued six years ago, in fact, after-sales service in Japan has not been interrupted. Now, according to Kotaku, PS2 after-sales services have officially ended on August 31, and future PS2 players in Japan will have to find other ways to repair their machines.
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(14 day ago) Sony's refusal to provide cross-platform online support for cross-platform games such as Fortress Night and my World on PS4 has once again sparked criticism from the industry. Since Sony's CEO Yoshimoto Ichiro Yoshida last week said PS4 is the best experience platform for the game, the hope is healthy competition. Mike Ybarra, vice president of project management at Microsoft's Xbox division, tweeted today that Sony "has no plans to listen to players."
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(15 day ago) So, Sony if the introduction of the XZ3 in China, the price may not be less than 6000 yuan. The biggest change from the previous Xperia XZ2 was the upgrade to a six-inch 18:9 OLED full screen (the Xperia XZ2 screen was 5.7in), with a resolution of 2880 x 1440, making it Sony's first flagship phone with an OLED screen.
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(16 day ago) A long time ago, in order to make shoes more individual, manufacturers have come up with various means, some will add LED light-emitting components to the soles, put on these shoes and walk rhythmically on the road, the lights will appear At the sole of the foot. However, although this kind of shoes looks cool, but it is too swaying, the color is not good to see often have side effects, and secondly, even if the lights are very good, it is no good to show the cool feeling during the day.
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(17 day ago) Titanium Media Note: [Da Wen Guan Chain] is a new series of blockchain technical analysis series. The author of the app, Ma Wenpei, has applied the layer-by-layer technical solutions in the blockchain and digital currency markets to explain the application layer and the technical analysis of hot events. Every working day will share with you the daily minds of the "chain-ring technology house".
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(18 day ago) The receiver has a built-in DAB / DAB + tuner and promises high quality sound. The receiver's power output is 4x55W and integrates Sony Extra Bass technology. This technology overcomes engine noise and produces clear bass at any volume level.
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(18 day ago) The QN1 processor also helps improve sound quality, and Sony says it can now process 32-bit sound and separate power between the DAC and the amplifier. In a typical Sony style, the 1000MX3 has neutral sound features, raised slightly at bass to cater to different tastes, and compatibility with LDAC, AptX, and AAC codecs ensures improved Bluetooth connectivity.
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(19 day ago) After connecting, users can join the Google Assistant to the XB501G. Users can search for music through Google Assistant, throw common questions on Google's AI, or control different smart home devices via voice.
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(19 day ago) Sony Xperia XZ3 carries its own Bravia image processing technology, which not only brings a wide gamut of colors to its proper saturation without bias, thus bringing a rich color hierarchy. The back is equipped with a single camera to support fingerprint identification, and the overall design is not much different from the previous Xperia XZ2.
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(19 day ago) Among them, the flagship model is VPL-VW870ES, using 4K laser source, 18 ARC-F lenses, maximum 2200 lumen brightness. At the same time, especially for game and movie enthusiasts with "double contrast control engine". The "mid-low" model also has 1,800 lumens of VPL-VW570ES and 1,500 lumens of VPL-VW270ES, which will replace 5000 euros and 4000 euros of old models, respectively.
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(19 day ago) It is worth mentioning that there is a clear gap under the back of the machine. The foreign media speculates that the Xperia XZ3's new accessories should be introduced, and the two will cooperate to achieve more functions. As for the specifics, it will be announced when it is unveiled tonight. In addition, it is revealed that the four color names are black, silver, forest green and Bordeaux red.
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(20 day ago) For professionals pursuing extreme reliability, the meaning of giving up the switch completely exists. The integrated design greatly enhances the durability of TOUGH memory cards and protects them from dust and liquid intrusion. It is reported that TOUGH new product has obtained the IPX8 level waterproof authentication, as well as the IP6X level dust proof authentication.
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(24 day ago) The Sony XZ3 is still a full screen design at 18:9, and the screen ratio is not very good, with flash lights, double shots, fingerprint recognition on the back, and a thick middle in order to enhance the feel of the surface on both sides of the back. In configuration, the Sony Xperia XZ3 will feature a 5.7-inch screen, a Qualcomm 845 processor, 6GB memory 64GB storage, a battery capacity of 3240mAhh, quick charge support and a single camera, according to current revelations.
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(29 day ago) Hidden breathing lamp, hidden receiver, hidden light distance sensor, Hammer Technology logo and fingerprint identification of the two-in-one classic elements are retained, in addition to retaining the classic white, black version, but also provides dazzling blue, dazzling red color matching.
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(32 day ago) In terms of appearance, the proportion of Xperia XZ3's screen has not changed much compared with that of the previous generation, which is at a low level. The back shape is not much different from the Xperia XZ2, with cameras, fingerprints and flashes arranged vertically in the middle.
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(32 day ago) At a China Conference on Sony TV's flagship new Z9F and A9F, Sony's senior vice president and chairman and President of Sony (China) Takahashi Yong demonstrated Sony's performance in FY2018.
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(32 day ago) In fact, Sony often boasted of sales, while competitors Oculus and HTC remained largely silent on this issue, indicating that PSVR has a lot of success. This may be because it only requires PS4 consoles, not expensive PCs like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
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(33 day ago) From the picture, the machine is equipped with a high-pass 660 chip, 6GB memory, pre-installed Android 8.0 system, single-core running is divided into 853, multi-core running is divided into 4172, is the standard mid-end model configuration. Combined with the parameters of the machine, foreign media speculated that the machine should be Sony's middle-end model: Xperia XA3, will also use 18:9 scale screen.
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(33 day ago) Sony has released a new generation of image processing chip X1 flagship version of Sony OLED TV A9F and LCD TV Z9F. In addition, HDR dynamic image-by-image remodeling technology can independently repair every object in the image, bringing a better three-dimensional picture, exquisite and accurate material.
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(35 day ago) Pictures from the spillDMP-Z1 have many top-level features, offering a "black-glue record-level processor" to make digital music less cold. Sony's DSE HX processor can even recreate lost audio (from musical instruments to sound) during digital compression.
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(39 day ago) Not only that, there are digital bloggers broke the news, H8416, H9436 and H9493 codenamed "Akatsuki", equipped with Snapdragon 845 chip, 6/8GB RAM, 64GB/128GB ROM, 5.99-inch OLED display, the first 13 million after 19 million pixel CMOS.
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(40 day ago) "I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to every player and partner who has supported us for many years and contributed to PlayStation's rich history," said Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Koji.
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(40 day ago) In terms of structure, IER-Z1R has 3 newly developed driving units, 5mm moving coil units, 12mm dynamic iron moving units and balanced armature drive units together to accurately control the original sound. SONY also introduces the IER-Z1R's sound space control technology that controls the air flow on the back of the driving unit to ensure that the medium frequency is balanced, rich and accurate, and the sound of the environment will become rich.
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(42 day ago) Configuration, from the current exposure news, Sony Xperia XZ3 will be equipped with 5.7 ~ 6-inch screen, continue to carry Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, built-in 6GB memory +64GB storage, support fast charge. As for the camera, Suojin hopes that XZ3 will use the latest IMX586, 48 million pixel, four Bayer array, and the quality is close to the Huawei P20 Pro IMX600.
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(43 day ago) Access to the purchase page: Sony Xperia XZ2 appearance ID, Sony Xperia XZ2 uses the latest Ambient Flow symmetrical design language, double-sided glass metal frame, back for 3D curved glass, fuselage size of 153x72x11.1mm, weight 198g.
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(48 day ago) Recently, OpenAI held the first intensive learning competition Retro Contest, the theme of the competition was to play "the hedgehog Sonic" game with AI, which attracted the competitive pursuit of hundreds of teams around the world. In the end, Dharmaraja, the joint team of the league, won the championship by overwhelming superiority.
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