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Alipay(支付宝)News list

(1 day ago) On the evening of September 17th, the chairman of the ant gold clothing company and CEO well Xian Dong said at the Alibaba investor conference today that Alipay added more than 200 million domestic active users in the year. In addition, through the technology export and empowerment, the company has landed 9 local wallets in the countries along the belt and road.
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(1 day ago) Every reporter Xiao Le is edited by Wang Keran.
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(3 day ago) In this regard, Alipay officials said that the transfer notes are only convenient for themselves and the other side to make a mark when transferring the accounts, so as to facilitate their account keeping with each other. If they write, do not write, choose, or choose, they will follow your own needs, and you will have the same name as the red envelopes on the envelopes.
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(5 day ago) The key is to require third-party payment agencies to disconnect from banks by June 30 to access legal clearing organizations, namely UnionPay or Netcouplet. In the view of industry insiders, the move of "breaking up the direct link" is conducive to the supervision and control of the flow of funds and information from payment institutions in order to purge the market, and on the other hand, it has broken the operating mode and management ecology of the payment industry for more than a decade.
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(5 day ago) In the last two days, there are two major events in Ali department. First, on Teacher's Day, the new succession plan was put forward by the head of the Faculty. It is not known how many times he has expressed the intention of retreating from the rivers and lakes. All kinds of rumors and speculations fly together. Two, yesterday, Alipay held a press conference in Beijing. The long rumored Alipay Mini program was finally launched.
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(7 day ago) Many people like to save some money in Alipay's balance treasure, they can get a lot of income, and learn to manage money, but the balance treasure is more and more restricted, can only store up to 100,000, and is limited to sell every day.
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(8 day ago) This morning, Ma Yun issued an open letter entitled "Happy Teacher's Day" announcing that one year later, on the occasion of Alibaba's 20th anniversary, September 10, 2019, he will no longer be chairman of the board of directors of the group, and will be replaced by the current CEO of the group, Zhang Yong.
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(13 day ago) In September 5th, today, the chairman of the ant gold clothing company and CEO well Hsien Tung announced in Tokyo that in order to facilitate the Chinese tourists to enjoy the Olympic Games, Alipay will work together with its Japanese partners to accelerate the construction of the cashless payment environment, and will realize its full use in Japan by 2020.
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(15 day ago) I don't know when, every time I open Alipay, I will have a message, and my green energy is charged a few grams by a certain friend. You don't have to open it to know that this is the information of Alipay's public interest game "Ant Forest". The secretive friends who steal energy are always greedy and eager to get up early every day. They are struggling to cultivate more small trees. They have the style of stealing food in QQ space.
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(17 day ago) Reward use method: If you get the super-member card deduction red envelope, after you receive it, the red envelope will be automatically placed on the “Hungry-My-Red Packet” page, which can be used when opening or renewing the super-member. Use; If you get a one-month super member who is hungry, after you receive it, the membership will be automatically bound to the mobile phone number you received, you can use the mobile phone to log in, you can use it, hungry What is the super member's corresponding rights.
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(17 day ago) The cooperation between provinces and cities and Alipay on the “one network office” is accelerating. Following the launch of the country's first Alipay small program in June this year, on August 31, the “one network through” small program in Fujian Province and Haikou City settled in Alipay at the same time. According to Alipay, the Alipay applet in Jiangxi and Wuhan will also be launched in the near future.
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(19 day ago) On August 30th, according to the data of heaven eye survey, in August 29, 2018, Alipay (China) Information Technology Co., Ltd. changed its legal person and was changed from Ma Yun to Ye Yuqing. In addition to being the chairman and manager of Alipay, Ye Yuqing is also a legal person of Alibaba Yuhang branch.
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(23 day ago) On August 20, 2018, at the new hammer launch conference that evening, Luo Yonghao released a new Smartisan OS 6.6.5 while releasing the new Pro 2S machine. It featured TNT, bullet SMS, and unlimited screen. The function, in which the unlimited screen is the top priority, is even set to the climax of the entire conference.
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(23 day ago) Bullet SMS's two appearances of bullet text messages are products launched by Beijing Fast Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fast Technology). As fast as technology company registration time is May 2, 2018, the legal representative is the company's founder Zhang Wei; but according to Luo Yonghao, Hammer Technology participated in the early investment in the fast as technology, so the relationship between the two It is also very close.
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(23 day ago) It is understood that in June this year, Alipay launched the "Design for millions of small and medium-sized businesses". In just 20 days, a total of 725 designers from inside and outside the company participated in the creation of more than 1,000 works for free use by small and medium-sized businesses. Nowadays, nearly 70,000 merchants pay attention to the “creative poster” apple program every day, and a poster template has been downloaded thousands of times.
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(28 day ago) Alipay is expanding its risk control range from "anti theft" to "anti fraud". The theft is an account fraudulent, and it is the user's own initiative that is being defrauded. Fraud prevention is more difficult than theft prevention. In view of the endless telecommunications fraud, Alipay has taken an important step in this world-class problem.
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(33 day ago) More than a dozen stall owners around have reflected their own two-dimensional code being transferred. Police investigation found that two men steal the two-dimensional code on the night. At present, two people have been arrested. Alipay official micro forwarding said, "the loss of the package was paid by Bora to compensate, thanks to the police uncle to catch the two thieves!" In the video, the owner of the code damaged business is calling the customer service hotline 95188. Alipay's "you dare to accept, I dare to pay" plan can compensate you for the loss caused by the two-dimensional code being lost.
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(33 day ago) The full payment of the stolen money is Alipay’s long-standing commitment. However, a few days ago, some netizens posted that the Alipay account has been repeatedly stolen by three stolen laptops. After that, they have been contacting customer service. The call has been transferred to N departments and cannot be solved. The solution is to apply for a claim, but the result of the final claim is not passed.
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(33 day ago) His company, iResearch, is working closely with several Japanese organizations, Alipay and other international mobile payment brands to promote the adoption of QR code in Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and throughout Asia. Since 2015, Yirui has shipped more than 1 million Yirui small white boxes, but this figure is still negligible compared to the number of payment points in China.
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(34 day ago) Nowadays, sweeping payment has become the "standard" posture for our daily shopping, but it still depends on mobile phones. And brush payment means that we can complete all kinds of payments when we forget to bring mobile phones.
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(34 day ago) KFC Hangzhou the Mixc KPRO restaurant from September 1st last year on line brush payment, this is Alipay brush face payment for the first time commercial pilot. At present, there are 23 KFC stores in 11 cities supporting brushing payment. On July 2, the lotus plus boutique life supermarket in Anhua Hui, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, was selected for the first time to implement face-brushing payment, and then on July 20, the face-brushing payment was extended to all 44 outlets in the southern part of the lotus flower market.
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(34 day ago) Alipay announced that from August 8th to August 31st, Alipay will start the late-night warm-hearted operation, and free night-time buses can be used in seven major cities across the country. If you are in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Xi'an, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, every night from 11:00 am to 6:00 am, you can use the Alipay scan code to take the bus. There are two free opportunities.
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(35 day ago) In addition, he also took a task, the executives went to the front line, experienced work, found pain points, improved the system, and performed poorly to the rider to mung bean porridge. The mischievous Alipay official micro also forwarded Wang Lei Weibo ridiculed: "Come on, hungry, the CEO himself went to take delivery, a few pounds of sweat and fell!! Hahahahahahahahaha, I will open now Are you hungry and ready to order a cup of tea?"
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(35 day ago) Previously, Ant Financial became a senior member of the IEEE Standards Association. As the world's largest non-profit professional technology organization, senior members of the IEEE Standards Association, including Apple, Google and other well-known technology companies, have developed international standards including WiFi. It has a wide range of influences around the world.
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(36 day ago) According to statistics, at present, 70% of taxis in Singapore, 70% of Singapore Airport stores, Sentosa Island, Universal Studios and other core attractions, three major department stores on the Orchard Road, China town food street, tax rebate service points can be directly paid by Alipay through mobile phones.
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(37 day ago) Two years ago, Linyi in Shandong thought that the uncle who was synchronizing with Alipay became popular, and then went on a variety show. But the days after the popularity were mixed, and the grandfather said that he often faced online rumors and ignorance, and he did not know how he became a "tool"... Uncle Ali said that he still only wants to do his own business.
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(39 day ago) On August 10th, according to the data released by Alipay, since the opening of the "small program collection" in July 31st, the number of users of Alipay's small program active collection has increased 1.2 times compared with that of the previous week, and the number of user week collection programs has increased 3.7 times compared with the same period.
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(40 day ago) August 8th news, after repeatedly denying all kinds of rumors, ofo co-founder Yu Xin yesterday in the WeChat circle of friends publicly roared black draft: "Recently black drafts are flying, but I would like to ask the person who wrote the black draft a little professional One point, don't give me the chance to fight back." He said ofo suffered an unprovoked attack, ando is collecting evidence and intends to report it to the relevant authorities.
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(40 day ago) Ma Yun said: "If I don't do it, I won't have these difficulties, but if I don't know it, I will go to jail, so I called my colleague that day, we will do Alipay, but we will write a report every month or three months. To the government, what did you do, what you want, put it on the table, if someone wants to be a prisoner, the first one is me. If I am in prison, I will continue to do it for the individual, and this will go to prison and then continue to do it. .
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(42 day ago) On September 21 last year, Alipay's small program announced that it began to open beta for users. At that time, in the face of the wave of WeChat applets, Guan Zhong believes that the advantage of Alipay's small program is user operation and empowerment. After opening the collection of Alipay's small program collection last week, Guan Zhong once again said that the value of the Alipay applet to the merchant is more commercial ability and shorter service path; the value to the user is more abundant service scene and more convenient. Service experience.
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