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(11 day ago) Visit: Microsoft's official mall in China - Windows, but in the Reddit community, Microsoft's official technical support community and Twitter and other social media, some users reported that there were various problems in the installation process. For example, the patch requires the user to restart the PC hard, making it difficult to connect to the IP address of the internal network and to access the network application.
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(17 day ago) Shown in the screenshot is the Canary branch of Chrome OS (the latest feature compiled version). The new theme not only covers the entire page area of ​​the browser, but also takes into account the download folder, setting the toolbar and other areas. Given Google's commitment to "design consistency" across operating systems, we can anticipate the style of future Windows versions when they are finished from Chrome OS Canary.
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(24 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - After Windows Jump, you can view a series of Windows Mixed Reality supported computer devices on the Microsoft page. The new version will display your configuration in a separate window. Of course you can still copy and paste. Configuration.
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(30 day ago) Does this sound ridiculous? It is reported that this feature was exposed on Twitter by Albacore (@thebookisclosed). Before Microsoft officially announced some new features, Albacore has discovered many other new Windows features, such as the recently launched Windows Sandbox sandbox.
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(34 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Store - Windows Windows Sandbox has the following features: ● Native: As part of Windows, all the resources required for this feature are provided with Windows 10 Professional/Enterprise Edition, no need to specifically download VHD virtual machines; initial:
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(34 day ago) Today, many individuals and businesses have the need to remotely access NAS, private clouds, shared files, internal office systems, and video surveillance. The dandelion network does not require public IP, no professional network knowledge, and it is only a simple two-step process to build a remote network device into a virtual LAN to achieve interoperability. The traditional networking method relies on fixed public IP. The pain point of deployment costs.
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(36 day ago) Microsoft has split the search box and Cortana in the latest Windows 10 19H1. From the news on Twitter, Microsoft may allow third-party voice assistants to be installed instead of Cortana.
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(40 day ago) Open SSH clients can now be used as on-demand add-ons in Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10 1809 versions.
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(51 day ago) Wine 3.0.4 Update Highlights: Shell32 adds a large number of icons. Various bug fixes Various bugs are fixed. Download source code: binary package download:
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(55 day ago) Apple released the 7.8.1 version of iCloud on Wednesday. Before the latest version was released, many users reported compatibility problems between iCloud on Windows and Windows 10 in October 2008. Photo synchronization and many other functions were affected.
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(55 day ago) Apple today launched an iCloud update for Windows, pushing the application to version 7.8.1. This is the first update since users reported major compatibility issues between iCloud for Windows and the latest Windows October update.
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(56 day ago) Alexandre Julliard plans to freeze the Wine 4.0 code on December 7th, and once the code freeze begins, there will be a weekly Wine 4.0
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(59 day ago) The update is as follows: Typelib marshaller is overridden using the NDR function. The latest Android version provides graphical support. Support for memory font resources in DirectWrite.
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(61 day ago) Visit: According to Microsoft, when Windows 10 v1809 was not officially released in September, Intel's version and of display driver released to OEM manufacturer inaccurately opened a function that Windows does not support, which led users to upgrade the latest version of the system through HDMI, USB-C, and OEM. There is no sound on the display or TV outside the DisplayPort interface.
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(62 day ago) The instructions were quickly removed, but the relevant annotation blocks were retained. Raymond Chen jokes that this may be in case one day the gamma-ray flip bits need to be processed again.
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(62 day ago) However, as the first preview version of Windows Server 2019, there are usually not many new features, and the focus of development is still focused on background performance improvement. Windows Server 19H1 is the next version of the semi-annual channel (SAC) and is expected to be released next spring.
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(64 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China's official mall, Windows, as a 3D authoring application, supports various functions such as modeling, sculpture, assembly, 3D/2D animation, simulation, rendering, motion tracking and video editing. It is worth mentioning that although the Windows platform already has Windows 32 version of Blender, the biggest surprise of this update is the support for Windows 10S mode.
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(64 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Store - WindowsWindows 10 19H1 182771. Cortana prompts TimeLineCortana search box is the first change found, in addition to starting to match the current color of the system, a very obvious change is that the "all" filter actively prompts the user TimeLine information.
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(67 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China's official Mall - Windows is only in the official community of Microsoft. There are many posts reflecting this problem. 126 and 104 of the two popular posts express the same experience. There is also a lot of feedback in Windows Insider's internal feedback channel.
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(68 day ago) Visit: According to the latest feedback from many netizens, Microsoft China's official mall, Windows 10 v1809 is incompatible with Realtek Sound Card Driver. At least a dozen cases have emerged. After upgrading, the system is silent, even if the hardware and driver are reinstalled, it will not help.
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(68 day ago) Access: Microsoft China's official Mall-Windows's previous 19H1 preview also added icon multi-selection to the start menu area (the left mouse button Ctrl), satisfied many calls. Win10 19H1 is scheduled to be rolled out between March and May as a spring update for 2019, but for unknown reasons, the most anticipated Sets global multilabel feature is temporarily unavailable.
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(68 day ago) Windows, Microsoft's official mall in China, said it had introduced two important new features, based on customer feedback, to provide more control over updates, such as suspending updates, You can select on 'Settings-> Update and Security-> Windows'.
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(68 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Store - The Snip & Sketch app has also changed. The new version already supports window editing, and you will find new editing options at the top. The new version also brings improvements in printing (supporting bright themes).
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(68 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Windows 1. Introduce the bright color theme mode Currently, the default theme of all versions of Win10, the start menu, taskbar, operation center, etc. are gray-black base, plus some semi-transparent effects.
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(69 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Store - Windows Microsoft said: "The more cautious attitude towards this October update will slow down the push rhythm and more confidently study user device health data. Only device data display is ready. Push through Windows Update for a good experience.
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(69 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Store - Windows cumulative update is critical for Windows 10 systems, ensuring that the system is always up-to-date and protected from vulnerabilities and bugs. On the other hand, with the release of each cumulative update, there will always be various bugs, which will be a headache for IT administrators and ordinary users.
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(70 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Windows From the latest developments, Microsoft should be ready to re-release. @rgadruard wrote in the tweet: "The November 13 update is on the way, and Microsoft will introduce a new version of the Windows 10 1809 media creation tool that day."
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(71 day ago) Recent versions of WeChat support shortcut keys directly copy chat records, paste and merge send. The session you search will be top, optimizing the performance and experience of browsing the big picture. It can send and receive messages from WeChat friends, and save the chat records to the computer by default. Official download of WeChat for Windows v2.6.5 official version:
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(71 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China's official mall, Windows, will be supported by the autumn creator update and higher version of Windows 10 this month. It should be noted that Windows October update stopped pushing after 4 days of online due to deletion of the BUG file by mistake, and many BUGs such as ZIP file compression and inactivation of the professional version were discovered later. The patches released on this month's activity day are expected to repair these problems.
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(72 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Store - Windows "Select the default Windows mode" option will change the color of the taskbar and tray pop-ups, the color of the taskbar can finally be customized, instead of the current Windows 10 version usually does not accurately follow the desktop The wallpaper chooses a color scheme, which is a lot of trouble for people.
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