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Amazon(亚马逊)News list

(4 hr ago) Some media have previously reported that Marriott International is testing Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa at the same time to assess which voice assistant is more suitable for the hotel service industry. Amazon said that this cooperation will be officially launched this year. Amazon also pointed out that the cooperation is not exclusive cooperation, other hotel chains can also cooperate with Amazon.
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(17 hr ago) Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports in June 18th, American legislators have recently been interested in the various problems encountered by technology companies, but the attention has been focused on Facebook and Google.
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(1 day ago) Once the bill becomes law, it will require companies to share large amounts of user data and explain how it sends targeted advertisements. It will also force companies to give users the right to choose and refuse to sell their information to the highest bidder. Obviously, once the bill is formally implemented, it will affect the revenue stream of technology companies, so they will stand up and do not want to pass the bill.
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(1 day ago) If users need technical support, the Fire support team will assist with the Fire tablet's "screen sharing" feature. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who had hoped the feature would be popular, later claimed that Mayday's response time had been reduced from its original target of 15 seconds to 9 seconds and was used by about a third of Fire users.
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(1 day ago) Flake is the chairman of the Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology, and Legal Jurisdiction, and Coons is a member of the Subcommittee. "Recent reports have questioned Amazon's methods for collecting and storing data, and asked Amazon what steps it will take to ensure that this information is not shared with third parties without consumers' knowledge.
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(4 day ago) June 15th news, according to foreign media reports, the Nasdaq composite index hit a new high on Thursday, and the stock price of Amazon, an e-commerce giant on Nasdaq, has also hit a new high. At the closing of the US stock market on Thursday, Amazon's share price was $1723.86, up $19 from the previous trading day's closing price of $1704.86, or 1.11%.
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(4 day ago) Now, Amazon employees who are holding six-figure payrolls and making multi-million dollar deals with well-known brands are being replaced by automation software that can predict what consumers want and what the price of related products should be. For the winners and losers in the retail industry, the biggest difference lies in the key inventory decisions, and in this regard the machine is surpassing human performance.
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(5 day ago) An orange-colored flat robot shuttles back and forth on dense shelves, automatically transports shelves one by one to a designated location, and automatically finds places to charge when it is dead. In a large warehouse, there are only a few human employees.
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(5 day ago) DeepLens is essentially a small computer based on Ubuntu and Intel Atom with a built-in camera that is easy enough to run and evaluate visual machine learning models. DeepLens has a computational performance of approximately 106 GFLOPS.
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(5 day ago) Mcgee said: "I am sure that I may have more objections to Amazon than any other person, or probably more than anyone else. However, I have lost the least. I have been doing this for 40 years and I am very financially stable. I like full food. " Mcgee made millions of dollars from Amazon's deal.
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(5 day ago) The project covers more than 6000 Amazon employees working in the company's operations center. Amazon will open a new operations center in Tucson with 1500 employees. Amazon spokesman Lauren Lynchren called it "a plan we want them to never accept."
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(7 day ago) On June 8, US Eastern Time, Walmart, the world's largest retailer, launched services for high-end users. In order to counter the competition from e-commerce giant Amazon, Wal-Mart, known for offering affordable products, has launched a shopping site called Jetblack. Users can send a short message to get personal recommendations for personal shopping. On the same day or the next day delivery.
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(12 day ago) With far-field speech recognition, one difference between the two devices is that Fire TV cubes rely on the eight microphones embedded in the box to listen to users in the entire room, while Apple TV 4K only receives commands through the handheld Siri Remote.
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(12 day ago) The Tencent announced on Wednesday local time that it would add more than 2500 full-time jobs in the UK, adding a total of 28000 employees in the United Kingdom to the United States, according to foreign media reports.
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(12 day ago) The camera combines the views of the machine algorithm and the fashion experts to take a clear picture of the user's clothing from different angles, and then give the user the best fit to choose according to the degree of fitting, collocation, version style and current popular elements.
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(13 day ago) The breakthroughs in some of the miscellaneous diseases need the long-term persistence of the scientists, and there are plenty of money to be backed up. Of course, the world's richest man, Bezos is doing such a thing. According to CNBC, Amazon built a secret lab called "mega challenge" at its headquarters in Seattle. Its internal code is 1492 and Amazon X. It shows that the lab focuses on new ideas that can promote industrial change.
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(13 day ago) Weft creation is a 27 inch @ 4K screen all-in-one, with 1080p camera (infrared sensor), four microphones, and a pair of stereo speakers. In addition, weft has developed a 15.6 inch @ 4K screen with a high-definition camera, four microphones, a pair of speakers, and battery life for 8 hours.
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(13 day ago) In June 6th, the US stock market closed up on Tuesday, and the NASDAQ hit a record high for second consecutive days. The market is digesting a series of economic data and business information. In China's concept stocks, the easy car rose 6.24%, red, yellow and blue rose 5.11%; on the other hand, elite education fell 6.50%, and pat fell 4.61%.
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(13 day ago) Many of Mr. Parviz and his team members were employees of Google’s different departments, including wearable computing, driverlessness, and Google Brain. Amazon is also very interested in these emerging technologies. According to CNBC, the laboratory's internal code is 1492 and Amazon X.
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(14 day ago) The e-commerce giant Amazon’s after-sales service is notorious in the industry. In some cases, if the customer encounters a product damage or is lost, Amazon will promptly give a refund or re-delivery without having to return the old part. However, all this is based on the "gentleman's agreement", which is based on good faith. It is difficult to stare at the sheep with a wool all day long.
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(14 day ago) In June 5th, the US stock market closed up on Monday and the Dow climbed nearly 200 points, as Apple's stock price hit a record high, leading the technology sector to rise. The majority of the Chinese concept stocks rose, of which Sogou rose 13.22%, the letter rose 8.68%, the Jingdong rose 5.74%, and Baidu rose 5.01%; on the other hand, the loan fell 9.75% and the saint Ying letter fell 6.20%.
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(18 day ago) This change in personnel comes as Tesla's global restructuring of its nearly 40,000 employees takes place. Although Tesla is known for its electric vehicles, the company's products include solar panels, photovoltaic roof tiles, home battery storage systems, and utility-scale batteries.
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(19 day ago) For this reason, Amazon will also force its Australian users to use Amazon's Australian website from July 1st instead of the US website. Amazon spokesman said: "this is a great pity for users. We do this to comply with local laws rather than tax avoidance.
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(19 day ago) At present, AWS provides 6 trusteable and formally used databases, as well as a database migration service for migrating host database to cloud. The core of Amazon Neptune is a specially built high-performance graphics database engine, which is optimized to store billions of relationships and reduce graphics query latency to milliseconds.
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(20 day ago) There is a continuous mountain in the New District of Guiyang, which is one hour away from the urban area. No one will notice two obscure mountains unless someone tells you that the cave between them will store the most important data of the Tencent in the future.
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(20 day ago) In May 30th, according to foreign media reports, Russian search giant Yandex has just launched a home voice assistant intelligent speaker, hoping to compete directly with companies such as Amazon Echo and Google Google Home.
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(22 day ago) 3% of these professional sellers have more than 10 million U.S. dollars, an increase from last year's 1%. This means that Amazon's more specialized sellers are becoming sellers of high sales. The growth in sales of its third-party merchants is also good news for Amazon.
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(23 day ago) Send a voice at this time and ask to whom. The subsequent background conversation is interpreted as a name sent to the address book. Alexa sounded again and asked for confirmation to send the message. Then the background dialogue is interpreted again as confirmation. Then an accident happened. Amazon said it will ensure fewer incidents of this kind occur. However, the company’s explanation did not satisfy the couple and they have pulled out all
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(24 day ago) In fact, he just did not immediately enable the delivery of the service in the days of installing the Amazon Key smart door lock. This is due to a variety of concerns, such as: (1) My dog ​​bites a deliveryman? (2) What if the deliveryman is scary? (3) Or the surveillance camera was cut off half way? As a Prime member exclusive service launched only in a departmental city, the Amazon Key Home Kit purchased by users includes a smart door lock and a cloud surveillance camera.
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(25 day ago) Until 2013, there was no Amazon in the global corporate R & D list, but the company, which was famous for its business business, continued to dominate the list in recent years, even far away from the second.
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