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Ma started Alipay made rhetoric: If you want to go to prison I go

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At the beginning of the establishment, the ant gold service is only Taobao's settlement department, the staff only a few people, accounting is a simple Excel table. Just ten years, it started from the payment field, into the financial industry, and with data and technology to change the face of China's financial industry. Alipay, the balance of such a product innovation is born how? Why ants gold clothes from the payment field to step by step into the financial sector? How does it affect or even change the appearance of China's financial system?

"Ants gold clothes & mdash; & mdash; technology finance unicorn rise"

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Author: Written by Xi

Publisher: CITIC Publishing Group

About the Author:

He has worked in Hawking Lu Wei Law Firm in Beijing, as well as the "Daily Economic News", "First Financial Daily", "Finance" and many other well-known domestic financial media. 2013 founder of the WeChat public number and the central bank observed "ralph lauren pas cher," founded in 2017 "

January 2004, the Swiss town of Davos snow-capped, dignitaries around the world again and again gathered here, to attend the annual World Economic Forum. In the hurry of the crowd, there is a tall Chinese, he is the founder of Alibaba Ma, this is his fourth time to Davos.

This was born in the 20th century, 60 years of Hangzhou, is today, China's hottest entrepreneurs. He founded the Alibaba Group in 1999, profoundly changed the business environment in China. This vow to do 102 years of private enterprises started from the B2B business, and gradually derived from electricity, financial services, cloud computing and a series of business. Today, it serves tens of millions of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, is for China and the world to build the Internet business infrastructure.

In 2001, Ma first came to Davos, then traveled for 16 hours, he had complained on the road, but entered the forum was fascinated. Later, he recalled: "Davos is a saying that & lsquo; empty words & rsquo; and & lsquo; mad words & rsquo; place, but always give me a sense of direction. & Rdquo;

Ma is a good learning person, in the young, in order to learn a foreign language, he had in the West Lake area for foreigners to do free tour guide. In 1995, he was in the United States for the first time in contact with the Internet in Seattle, which gave him a huge touch. Subsequently, this is neither business, do not understand the Internet technology of young people, returned to the Internet began to start the business.

2004 again to Davos, Ma's mind has been thinking about a question: how to make Taobao users more active. Taobao was founded soon after the very lively, but the real deal is not much, because few people are willing to believe that strangers. When a person thinking, the surrounding people and things will always be inspired by him, Davos Forum for Ma is also the case.

At the venue, Ma found that everyone was talking about corporate social responsibility. This topic was originally disappointed by Ma. On the surface, this discussion can not solve the specific problems faced by Taobao, but when in-depth thinking, he vaguely felt "corporate social responsibility" the number of words.

In fact, we have seen, in the course of the development of Alibaba and Ants Kim, "the mission" to deal with specific issues "rather than profit, as the company's goal and driving force The When the enterprise to complete the mission of the times to solve the current problems, or to social responsibility, the company's profit level and market value will naturally increase.

At that time, in Davos Ma did not consider so much, but he has begun to calculate, Taobao reason why not develop, the lack of trust between people is. By extension, China's e-commerce in order to develop, but also must have an open, transparent and impartial credit system, if the treasure does not do this thing, there will always be someone to do. Taobao, although there is a certain risk, but it is definitely worth trying, because if you want to do e-commerce in China, we must do really valuable things, to bring substantial social progress, which is Taobao existence of the value and significance.

At that time, doing so has a lot of risk. In 2004, China's financial industry or state-owned enterprises, electronic payment license has not let go, to establish a payment system is both facing the risk of the law, but also face technical problems.

To this end, Ma and Taobao initially tried to find cooperation with the traditional financial institutions, but all without success. Rely on others not, to build & ldquo; trust & rdquo ;, must first go to break their own.

Think of this, he did not hesitate, that night from Davos to the domestic colleagues to call.

Immediately, now, immediately start Alipay. "Said Ma.

Finally, also did not forget to add one: "If you want to go to jail, I go. & Rdquo;

This is an important decision. Even today, this decision in Ma's heart is also very weight. In May 2016, he said in a video recording of the Singapore Honor International Symposium, which was one of the most important decisions he made in Alibaba.

Ellisman executives Porter & middot; Erisman recalled that Ma was very confident, convinced that once the payment to a certain scale, you can carry out direct payment services, and with the popularity of Alipay, one day, it will become China's largest Bank of. When talking about this, Ma also ignorant of the bank, even in a few years later, he and former chairman of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Jiang Jianqing dialogue, do not know "do the bank needs capital" and other financial regulatory expertise, But this does not prevent the ants gold clothing into the financial field of expertise, and later in the way with technology to change and enhance the entire industry. In leading a business into a new field, Ma is rarely bound by the rules and regulations, such as in a CCTV "dialogue" column, when the host Chen Weihong throw Ma and Wang Jianlin who understand football such a problem, Ma said: Understand football is not important, China has to understand football at least 5 million people, the football engage in it? Did not engage in it. Understand football reform is very important, we do not understand retail, we do not understand Internet finance, perhaps because do not understand, perhaps because there is no tangled, but we can reform. & Rdquo;

(Article section from the text of the book, there are deleted, the title for the editor)


"Ant gold clothes: from Alipay to the new financial ecology"

Author: Lian Wei, while Hui, Su Xianghui, Cao Pengcheng

Press: China People's University Press to open Alipay, we can not only use mobile phone real-time payment, transfer to friends, credit card repayment, purchase water, electricity, natural gas, you can also apply for overseas shopping tax rebate; because the balance of treasure, we can start playing In the hands of pocket money, anytime, anywhere financial management; because sesame credit, we feel the credit for us to bring the trust, dignity and convenience - free mortgage car rental, rental, riding. From Alipay to Ants Kim, it is no exaggeration to say that a business has changed our lives.

"Ali iron army"

Author: Song Jinbo, Han Fudong

Publisher: CITIC Publishing Group

In 2014, when Alibaba is listed in the United States, more than 10,000 employees become multimillionaires, the global look, its success is like its name, almost myth. But few people know that help Alibaba out of the lowest valley, get through the turn of the century the Internet winter, is a named "Chinese supplier" team. This is Alibaba's earliest profit project, and later Ma was called Ali's "iron army". Alibaba Group of many executives, Peng Lei, Dai Shan, Jiang Fang, Sun Tongyu, Cai Chongxin & hellip; are all from this "iron army" ralph lauren pas cher.

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