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Huawei CP07 (6700mAh) mini mobile power dismantling evaluation

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Product specifications are relatively simple, capacity 6700mAh, input and output 5V, 2A, support for small current discharge.

Input Interface: Micro USB, Output: USB Type-A,

There are black, white, pink three color styles, charging head network to get the black version.

Called "Standard Edition" this product may mean 5V low-voltage output, look forward to the follow-up with fast charge function "enhanced version."

There is also worth mentioning that Huawei uses environmentally friendly soy ink to print product packaging, reflecting the attention of a major brand of environmental protection and due responsibility.

Mobile power black body, most of the area by the finer ring wrapped, warm and delicate touch non-slip, a short cover with a matte black skin-friendly coating, such as fine velvet-like texture, enhance the visual effects.

Top cover face as shown above distributed Micro USB, USB Type-A input and output interfaces and power button from left to right.

Comes with a dark gray Micro USB line of high quality, paste barcode stickers.

Cover the side of the distribution of 4 white LED power indicator light, moderate brightness, yet eye-catching yet.

24.3Wh, from the product appearance and nominal capacity can guess the internal is composed of two 18650 batteries, with two 18650 battery size.

The nameplate on the bottom of the product is printed with the same serial number as the outer package,

Compared with a cigarette box than the size (Tips: smoking is harmful to health), very good grip.

Insert a LED USB lamp (only for demonstration, other brands, separately) immediately turned flashlight.

Suggest that Huawei integrated flashlight to increase this function, or a single head lamp accessories is not bad yo ~

Charging test:

iPad mini 3, full speed, drop 10W, ChargerLab Power-Z KM001 tester shows its support Apple 2.4A protocol.

The Samsung note 3 Neo handset with a more charged head also reached a full-speed 8.6W.

EBD step test:

The voltage is maintained above 5V in the current of 2.2A, the output of 0.7A appears a smaller step line compensation, when the voltage exceeds 2.3A falls below 5V, the maximum discharge current reached 2.4A, at this time the voltage is 4.77V, the maximum power of 11.4W.

Recharge test:

Use a wired patch USB plug, 10W input power.


Bottom cover is ultrasonic welding, the remaining three sides are close snap structure. White silicone rubber is used inside the case to hold the batteries.

Two pink LG AB F1L batteries in parallel, a single capacity of 3350mAh, high-end mobile power standard.

Below the high temperature insulation tape is the battery cathode lead and NTC thermistor.

NTC thermistor is used in soft silicone wire, non-low-end enameled wire, high temperature insulation better.

The motherboard uses two screws on the housing.

Batteries positive end of the green shell paper to do to strengthen the insulation, the shell there are cells for battery isolation limit, to prevent the drop impact and other possible displacement.

Positive battery nickel plate and the motherboard for the spot welding connection, the negative thick silicone wire soldering.

Micro USB, USB Type-A socket, good quality, through-hole soldering firm place.

One USB Type-A socket Logo CZT (Italian).

The negative electrode spot welding nickel chip also uses a layer of sponge tape to do the buffer protection.

Front of the black double-sided PCB motherboard, Huawei used a full set of British-core program, IP5209T + IP3005A.

The back of the distribution of closed high-power inductors and LED resistance capacity of the original.

Copper traces using expensive gold plating process, to enhance the conductivity, enhance heat dissipation and other aspects have a positive effect.

IP5209T QFN24 package, different from the previous IP5209, more with a suffix "T", could not find its details temporarily, it is speculated that may increase the small current discharge function IP5209 improved.

Huawei CP07 (6700mAh) mini mobile power with small current discharge function, without this feature mobile power can not be Bluetooth headphones, sports bracelets and other small products charge.

Most mobile power supply on the market does not consider the small current output application scenarios, when the output current is small to a certain extent that (cell phone) is already full, turn off the output.

The following is the IP5209 public information, has been widely used Nanfu Xiaojia, Meizu M8E and other big mobile power.

P5209: A multi-functional power management SOC with integrated boost converter, Li-Ion battery charge management and battery level indication, providing a complete power solution for mobile power.

Using switch charging technology, providing 2.4A current, charging efficiency to 97%. Built-in IC temperature and input voltage intelligently adjust the charging current.

Requires only one inductor for buck and boost functions. The DC-DC converter operates at 1.00MHz and can support low cost current and capacitance.

The IP5209's synchronous boost system delivers 2.4A output current with 96% conversion efficiency. At no-load, it automatically goes to sleep and the quiescent current drops to 100uA.

Built-in 14bitADC, accurate measurement of battery voltage and current, access to ADC data via I2C. IP5209 built-in battery calculation method, you can accurately get the battery power information.

Customizable battery power curve, can accurately display the battery power, support for 3/4/5 LED power display and lighting functions.

IP3005A is British lithium core IC dedicated protection IC, built-in MOS, line simplicity.

Take a look at the shell:

ABS + PC material, taking into account the strength and toughness, strong and durable impact.

Inside the enclosure there is a "CP07" model number.

The power button, which is mounted on a semi-levitation bracket, provides a moderate force feedback for pressing, giving it a soft, lightweight feel.

The LED power indicator has a black, soft silicone frame that is optically isolated to prevent stringing.

Die is more sophisticated.

The outer surface of the LED light-transmitting hole on the outer shell is also covered with a layer of white soft paper for reducing the light intensity of the LED and reducing the dazzling discomfort. The details are well done.

Bottom cover is the first use of ultrasonic welding and then use the glue card nameplate sealing process.

Disassemble family portrait:

Huawei CP07 (6700mAh) mini mobile power is the same machine with a thousand full screen Huawei enjoy 7S with Chang launched together, the positioning is not very high-end, conventional 5V low-voltage output, wins in the small and portable, smaller than it lipstick charging treasure due to battery life Serious lack of food often tasteless to abandon the feeling of pity, and more than 10,000 mAh and too cumbersome, sometimes it seems very burdensome to carry, two 18650 batteries Huawei CP07 (6700mAh) is just right, you can In the volume of weight and battery life to achieve a more appropriate balance, to meet most of the power needs.

Manufacturing process is, as always, the style of excellence manufacturers, with the appropriate sales price, is very worth considering.

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