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Ministry of Industry ordered the Alipay, headlines today, Baidu rectification

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Technical team continued to monitor and deal with serious violations

Recently, Baidu, Alipay and today's headlines and other related mobile applications infringe on personal privacy issues continue to be fermented, causing the market and regulators attention.

Baidu's two APPs were allegedly involved in monitoring consumer phone calls; Weibo circle of friends in WeChat's 2017 annual bill, was accused of the smallest font default check "agree" sesame service agreement "", infringement of consumer personal information security ; Some netizens broke the news, today's headlines will not only affect cell phone charging, there is also "through the microphone to steal user privacy" issue.

The development of Internet technology brings great convenience to the users and meanwhile poses a great threat to personal privacy. The status of personal information protection in the internet era is not optimistic.

In order to standardize the industry behavior and protect personal privacy, the MIIT's Information and Communication Administration interviewed relevant enterprises on January 11 and said that it has organized technical departments to continuously monitor whether the mobile application software has infringed upon the privacy of users, and to strengthen supervised check. Once found illegal, will be severely punished and exposed to the community.

The Information and Communications Administration requires Internet companies to follow the lawful, legitimate and necessary principles for the collection and use of personal information, to not collect personal information of users other than those necessary for service, to use the information for purposes other than providing services, and to sell illegally to others Or provide personal information. To effectively protect the user's right to know and choose to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users.

Headlines today issued a statement yesterday to clarify the headlines today without the user without permission, unauthorized access to user privacy, and for the recent rumors will be reported to the public security organ, apply for investigation.

The three companies interviewed said they will conduct a comprehensive investigation of related services in accordance with the regulatory requirements, strengthen internal management and make serious efforts to rectify and improve the collection and use of personal information of users.

It is the key to examine whether the agreement reached by both parties is illegal

Over-calling user data has a long history of problems,TencentSocial Security Research Center and the DCCI Internet Data Center jointly released the "Internet Privacy Security and Internet Fraud Research Analysis Report (first quarter of 2017)" shows that mobile phone APP cross-border access to personal information has become the main source of online fraud. Up to 96.6% of Android applications will get the user's phone privacy, and the iOS application of this data is as high as 69.3%. Cross-border access to privacy rights refers to the mobile application in its own function is not necessary to obtain the user's privacy rights.

On how to prevent the leakage of user privacy issues, the reporter interviewed Ningxia law firm with a lawyer Liang Zhengda, he told reporters that this requires regulatory authorities, Internet companies, users of the three parties to work together.

He pointed out that "regulators for the Internet companies to collect user information in the process of developing rules, review the agreement between Internet companies and users whether there is a violation of the law.For example, the regulatory authorities to review Internet companies provide personal information protocols require Internet companies do not rectify In line with the law, the terms of user privacy violations, from the source to do first-hand supervision. "

Liang Zhengda said that Internet companies and users signed an agreement, legally speaking, the terms of the format contract. Need to comply with the Consumer Protection Law, may not be forcibly, fraudulent users to sign a contract with. Businesses may not restrict the rights and interests of consumers in the agreed text of the agreement, increasing the responsibility of consumers. If this happens, be sure to use obvious fonts to alert consumers.

For users, when signing the agreement need to pay attention to the terms of the audit. Liang Zhengda pointed out that "the user signed an agreement, once found violations of the provisions of the law, such as restrictions on user rights, smaller font is not easy to find the terms can be reflected to the competent authorities, and Internet companies to intervene to require Internet companies shall not use this information "

Li Tiejun, a cheetah security expert, said that from the technical point of view, there is still no evidence to accuse the above three companies of collecting and uploading personal information of users. "If APP has the behavior of uploading user's personal information, it will certainly be analyzed by program and we are accustomed to analyzing the program's behavior in the code. In contrast, Alipay Bills default allows the user to authorize the use of sesame credit, which is not fully explained to users Slightly larger. "

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