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Pinyin father boarded the Google cover He exhausted life to let the world know China

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Today, open google browser, you will be surprised to find that it suddenly changed shape. On its pages, not only Chinese, but also our unique Pinyin appear.


And this tops the google homepage is the father of Chinese Pinyin - Zhou Youguang.

At 3 a.m. on January 14, 2017. Zhou Youguang died at the age of 112. Today, in order to commemorate him, Google specifically to page Logo translated into pinyin: G G sea.


If it is not him, I am afraid today we can not use pinyin in the computer, cell phone fun chatting, phonetic transliteration to be delayed for a long time to appear. The world also calls "Peking" "Chongqing" the "Chungking".



It is because of his appearance! For us opened the door to connect with the world!


History Throughout his life to learn English, French, Japanese three foreign languages, experienced the late Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China, New China three times, across the economic, linguistic, cultural three areas.

He had a good time chatting with Einstein and Pu Yi to do "meals" at every turn. Also with Hu Shi, Xu Zhimo, Lao She, Zhou Enlai, Chen Yi became close friends.

His life is called heavy, his experience can be described as legend.


He is the father of Pinyin, Zhou Youguang, formerly known as Zhou Yaoping. Born in Changzhou Qingguo Lane an ordinary people. In addition to him, this alley also produced two other celebrities Zhao Yuan Ren and Qu Qiubai.


At the age of ten, he moved with the family to Suzhou, became the first students to go to foreign school. Wait until after graduating from high school, outstanding achievements he successfully admitted to China's first new university - Shanghai St. John's University.


The university was a church school at that time, most of whom were teachers from Britain and the United States. Words, thoughts, beliefs are very free. In such an environment, he grew up step by step with his previous plans.

On the first day of school, the school sends each student a name card, spelling the Roman name of each person's name. At that time, the school required that all assignments and documents of students must have their names spelled out.


At that time, China did not have a unified Pinyin, but the school had to take the Shanghainese to mark it. So a complaint, everyone complained about trouble.

However, Zhou Guangguang can see it, with the advantages of document creation, so majoring in economics, he did not hesitate to choose linguistics as a minor major.


With mother and family (the second right is the week light)

That time, under the leadership of a British teacher, students went to the library every day to read newspapers. The teacher told them to read the newspaper to ask yourself: Which of the most important news today? Why is this news the most important? What is the historical background of this news? If you do not understand, we must go check the book.

Day after day reading training, not only expanded his knowledge, but also to develop a good learning habits.


Therefore, whenever anyone asks what his greatest achievement at St. John is, he will answer that question. The greatest benefit is that he learned how to teach himself. After all, we must learn by ourselves, but the teacher only needs to point the way for the students.


Full of blood but suffered a national crisis

After graduating from college, he was fluent in foreign languages ​​and could have been a diplomat like any other student. But he chose to study abroad, due to family constraints, he chose to travel to Japan. After returning to China, wanted to display their fists, unexpectedly coincides with the war of resistance against Japan. Little daughter because of no treatment of appendicitis, unfortunately, died in Chongqing hospital. Nest under the nest, Yan Yan finished eggs! He had no previous positive sun academic, can only take his wife and children fled around ...


Zhou Youguang and his wife Zhang Yunhe

Until the flames of resistance against Japan went out, the banking industry in Shanghai should resume. Zhou Youguang was sent to the United States to work on Wall Street No. 1. At that time, he had a friend called He Lian, from time to time to find him to chat, one day he suddenly said: "Einstein now nothing to do, looking for someone to chat with him, you go or not? & rdquo;

A week light, Einstein ah! Of course, go! ! So he dressed a lot, specially came to visit. Einstein did not expect a very easy-going, like two old friends reunion on the ancient theory of this.


During the conversation, Einstein told him: "The difference between amateur, a man to the age of 60, except to eat and sleep, there are a lot of spare time. If we can make good use of these times, it is entirely possible to accomplish something in a discipline. " The master moment awake week light.

After returning to his residence, he began to study linguistics and vowed not to allow himself to spend every day!


1948 in Cambridge, England

In 1949, New China was established. Zhou Youguang, who underwent "May 4th" cultural baptism, heard that the future will be a democratic country and he will not hesitate to return to his motherland with his wife and children. After returning home, he continued to work in the bank and taught part-time economics in Fudan University. As knowledgeable, know everything, we call him: Week Encyclopedia.

In his encyclopedia, the most interested in the number of linguistics. Nothing else, he often published some papers and books on pinyin and text reform, unexpectedly received the attention of linguistics.


At that time, all things were going to be done in New China and all the careers were mentioned on the agenda. Hanyu Pinyin, as the most important part of language, is naturally included in the discussion. However, the proposal of the Soviet experts is not in line with China's national conditions. Zhao Yuan Ren created the law of change is difficult to grasp.

After some thought, Zhou Youguang proposed: may wish to use the Latin alphabet? Did not expect, after some controversy, actually passed! So, he was originally a financial scientist and professor of economics, he, with previous amateur language laid the foundation, simply diverted to engage in linguistics.

Turn interest into professional start from scratch, to confirm the Pinyin auxiliary characters possible.

He resumed more than 4000 letters of recommendation from domestic and foreign professors and published more than 20 books and 300 theses. Led a group of linguists a letter of a letter repeatedly scrutiny, a word of a word shape, set the tone. Spent a full three years presided over the preparation of today's common Chinese Pinyin program.


Sure enough, hard work pays off, three years of effort has not been in vain.

In 1958, the National People's Congress passed the resolution of the Chinese pinyin program. Since then, the nation's first primary school enrollment: that is, learning Chinese pinyin. It can not only help the general public to speak mandarin, but also improve the reading ability of school-age children for at least two years. Only in 1958 a year, the national phonetic reading up to 10 million! To promote national literacy, cultural make a great contribution!

Then, he extended his gaze to world history. Began to study the laws of culture and the evolution of human history.

After a hundred years of age, still working penniless 100-year-old, published a "hundred-year-old manuscript," 105-year-old, published "North Korea", 106 years old, published the "Picasso."


No wonder that Chinese official academics rate him as a considerable contribution to the Chinese language reform: "Father of Pinyin", "Great linguist".

However, this evaluation, Zhou Youguang actually indifferent smile: "I am not the father of Pinyin, I am the son of Pinyin".


He is equally a leader in the education industry, apart from his outstanding contribution in language. In the education industry, Zhou Youguang also made extraordinary contributions. Earlier, Bill Clinton's educational philosophy deeply affected him. Clinton once provided 1.5 billion U.S. dollars to invest and educate his children at the age of eight.


Especially looking at 6-year-old grandchildren back from the United States, holding their own English version of Holmes see relish.

Zhou Youguang, who was educated by the West from childhood, also had new inspiration. Whenever mentioning the education he received earlier, Mr. Chow always talked about. In his opinion, general education consists of two aspects. The first aspect: To foster basic knowledge, it is possible to make achievements in the future only if the foundation is strong.


Zhou Youguang and his wife Zhang Yunhe

Looking at the current college students are too busy to death, Mr. Chou will always recall: we then, high school can speak fluent English. When you graduate, you reach ABE level (Adult Basic Education) and you can apply basic knowledge during college to gain a higher level of pure knowledge. Because basic knowledge, especially linguistic knowledge, is not pure knowledge, but knowledge of knowledge is just a tool.


The second aspect is to learn logical thinking and develop the ability to think independently. In Mr. Chou's impression, at that time St. John's University had a booklet. Visitors specifically for the reference. Which specifically about the purpose of the school: "cultivate good morality". To this end, he specialized finishing "century oral history." Only to awaken the modern emphasis on education, awaken the youth to regain the emphasis on foundation and morality!


No wonder "Crystal News" had him comment: Zhou Youguang is China's most daring to tell the truth of the intellectuals!

In addition, in order to make the world better understand China and to spread the latest remarks to the next generation in China, he devoted himself to writing masterpieces only to bridge the gap between China and the rest of the world.



Google remember him, we will not forget

For most of his life, be conscientious and do one's best until you are 100 years old. You should keep reading books, read newspapers,


Also opened a blog, microblogging, from time to time concerned about the latest developments. His favorite TV series is "Journey to the West", but also with the young chase "Mochizuki biography", is really an old urchin it.


No wonder everyone said that from Zhou Lao, he saw how Chinese intellectuals have made the transition from "traditional" to "modern" and that this "live-to-learn" spirit deserves more attention from everyone Respect and study.


So far, the home page Jun also remembers the sentence he used to read: "God is too busy to forget me." However, at 14:30 on January 14, 2017

He is gone forever from us.

His life, both the profound knowledge of the intellectuals and the fashionable new generation of true and candid, really innocent son of his wife's words: his life with a bright, light life.

Today, the first anniversary of his death, Google remembers him! Of course, we will never forget!

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