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Thunder sounded wechat just solved who just needed

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This also means that WeChat is moving towards multiple accounts, seamlessly switch over. For some users, this eliminates the need to leave the current account, re-enter the inconvenience of another account and password. Of course, this function does not reach similar to the QQ, you can hang two numbers at the same time double open, but "false double open" WeChat can record your two accounts, but the two accounts can not log in simultaneously to receive messages, only Choose one of them and log in as a "hide" one.

Double open, open a new social way?

Looking around us, up to seventy years old to primary school children, many people have become accustomed to using the WeChat to communicate. according toTencentAccording to the company's latest quarterly earnings report, Weixin and WeChat combined monthly live users reached 963 million, an increase of 19.5% and a quarterly increase of 2.7%. In the meantime, the latest quarterly earnings report shows that the number of QQ monthly live users is 850 million, a year-on-year decrease of 5.4%.

Although both are Tencent's products, but compared to QQ, weChat is characterized by more convenient and mobile, and the development has been quite mature. However, user groups of different age groups and social backgrounds still have more complicated requirements on WeChat.

WeChat team also believes that WeChat is a way of life, not just a chat tool. So we will see WeChat continue to launch search a search, take a look,AppletsAnd other peripheral features, adding more interesting services, and hope to gradually WeChat fight into a multi-faceted, all-round way of life.

Among these, wechat "double open" seems to come a bit late.

WeChat users are now nearly 1 billion in scale, in addition to individual special needs of users, many people have become accustomed to the use of two micro signal, the life and work separately.

See this business opportunity, it is very popular domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the custom UI will also default to this application dual-open function, and as a selling point hype. However, since WeChat itself does not support account switching, so whether it is a third-party software or mobile dual-UI dual opening function, are not very safe, but also may be subject to WeChat official seal processing.

Late last year, there are a number of media reports, many users on the microblogging Tucao their WeChat account was blocked. Most of the accounts blocked at the time were used on Apple mobile phones, while Android users were not affected. From the microblogging related messages, Tucao users and a lot of number, message and feedback quite lively.

It can be said that these two Weixin titles triggered by the controversy at the same time prove that double-open function for many users is just a need.

So when January 26 WeChat closed beta version of the outflow, there are many users that long-awaited "double open" can finally be achieved.

However, this kind of "pseudo-double-opening" may be far from what many people think.

Double open at this stage is still "tasteless"

According to the current outflow of official evaluation data show that the current WeChat double open up only supports switching between two micro-signal login, and not as QQ or Weibo that can be compatible with multiple accounts at the same time.

In addition, at this stage weChat's double-open function only supports multiple account switching login, strictly speaking, only simplifies the micro-channel logon steps, not the mainstream market after the third-party double-open mode.

Moreover, at present, the WeChat Double-Functioning is still unable to enjoy the "Double-Open" bonus except for the mainstream Android mobile phone manufacturers and the Apple Mobile with the new version of WeChat on iOS. Perhaps, they also need to take advantage of risky third-party platform for the two sides, will still face the risk of personal information disclosure.

For the WeChat team, DOUBLE does go a little closer to user needs, but for the majority of users, the seemingly formal "double opening" does not bring fundamental convenience. If you use one of the Wechat accounts from the "instant" aspect of instant messaging, the other "hidden" account will not be able to get the information in real time. For people who need to communicate and communicate with WeChat at the same time, this is indeed a bit tasteless.

Ever since, this update of WeChat, in some people's view, is extremely cool, called the most perfect version of the update; while some users said that "the work number and life number have been mixed, this switch is not worth mentioning ".

Well, once we have to crack down on double-cracking, we should take a big step forward in the face of the huge market demand behind "Work No." and "Life No." "And other applications in the marketplace fight? Look forward to the next version of the update ...


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