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Hubei Jingmen Consumers Association shelled apple on the first day of work: the new mobile phone lacquer Apple said it was not a three pack range.

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The official Weixin of Hubei Jingmen Consumer Association on October 8 reported that at 9 a.m. on the first day of work after a long vacation, the Consumer Association of Jingmen City in Hubei Province issued a circular to the local media. Unlike before, this is a public denunciation letter for Apple Computer International Limited. The full text is as follows:

Apple Computer International Limited:

Mr. Liu of Jingmen City, Hubei Province, bought the iPhone X 256G black mobile phone in Dongfang Household Appliances Plaza on August 10 this year. After seven days, he found many paint drops. He called Apple's official customer service 4006668800 three times and got the reply that the case of the mobile phone was not covered by three packages.

The Consumer Association of Jingmen, together with the law enforcement officials of industry and commerce, found that Mr. Liu's complaint was true. After the mediation, the sales side Oriental household appliance Plaza took the responsibility first and replaced Mr. Liu.

According to Chinese law, the Seller shall have the right to recover the compensation from the manufacturer after compensation. However, your company, as the original culprit of the case, has no reason to reject the request for compensation for Dongfang appliance Plaza.

Similar controversies have taken place in this city. Your official customer service has been buzzing again and again: Defects in the case of mobile phones are not performance failures, not within the scope of three packages.

This sophistry is contrary to Chinese law and contrary to human nature.

The mobile phone shell is the natural component of the host, without the shell, there will be no host. China's "Mobile Phone Commodity Performance Fault List" is clearly written: host performance failures, including structural or material factors caused by the shell damage.

Cracking, according to Chinese characters, refers to the separation of external morphology caused by cracks. Falling paint is due to the separation of materials.

If a watch is peeled off, can it be said that it is not a quality defect?

When a car appears to be lacquer, can the factory turn off its responsibility with its outer shell not in the three package?

A new garment appears discoloration, does not affect the wearing, can not affect the effect of wearing?

A mobile phone is not only an important consideration, but also a major option in terms of its type, style and color.

Buying a durable product is only for the purpose of being able to use it without paying attention to the aesthetic appearance.

So simple, you do not understand, but know how to pretend that you do not understand. In essence, it excludes and restricts the rights of Chinese consumers and evades the obligation of "three guarantees".

A product, from the assembly offline to sell to consumers, the process is long, uncontrollable factors, flaws are very normal, even high-grade brands are not sure that every product is perfect and undamaged.

Lacquer drop is not a big problem, many brands in Jingmen similar situation, can reach a compromise with consumers, or accept third-party mediation in accordance with the law to assume responsibility.

Except for your apples.

You have frequent disputes with consumers in Jingmen and other parts of China. You usually pretend to be deaf or dumb, or react coldly in arrogance. This so-called cold treatment is one of your tricks, so that a large number of complainers touch soft nails, a single consumer can not take you at all.

China's highest consumer rights organization

But deaf people are not afraid of thunder, and * dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water. You say you, I do mine, do not let go.

The Chinese Constitution stipulates that all foreign enterprises in China must abide by Chinese laws, and you can not exempt them. You can't override China's laws, even if you are the world's largest, even if you are in the name of a super multinational company.

Countries have their own standards for after-sales service, but since they operate in China, they must enforce the standards of consumer protection under Chinese laws.

Over the years, Apple's brand has been a myth that has had a tremendous impact on Chinese consumers, with a quarter of its sales coming from China and making a lot of money every year.

But you have to face up to a reality: Apple's sense of superiority is declining, Apple's price-performance ratio is declining as a whole, Apple's market position in China has been seriously challenged.

You have been trapped in the public opinion crisis several times. Quantitative change will eventually lead to qualitative change. When Chinese consumers are angry, they will kick you off.

Ignoring a small destructive force, which transfers forces to each other, produces inertia that causes one collapse faster than another. You should know the Domino effect.

A camel is worn out. If only a straw is placed on it, it will crush it.

Many brands have withdrawn from the Chinese market. You can never change your mind. It's not far away. Reversals or crashes often happen in an instant.

It is the right of Chinese consumers to respect what brand, what brand to trust and what brand to choose.

However, in view of the fact that the Association has mastered a large number of cases in Jingmen, Hubei Province, in which you were suspected of infringement and refused to bear the responsibility, we solemnly remind consumers throughout the country that there are major defects in Apple after-sales, and it is very easy to constitute a risk to users'rights and interests, and transactions with them must be careful!

The Jingmen consumers' Association has always wanted to talk with you and discuss the common sense problems in front of you. But you are a very weird company, like a ghost, like if there is nothing, there is no hiding place.

Then we will tell you through the public media that you have no privilege to violate Chinese laws, which is not good for you.

You have been opposed to Chinese law and have been lacking in discipline for a long time. We will refer you to the Hubei Provincial Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Committee to bring a public interest lawsuit against you and let the court clean you up. You might as well have a little convergence.

(original question: Hubei Jingmen Consumers Association shelled apples on the first day of work: deaf are not afraid of thunder, but * dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water! Warning: you can still converge a bit! ")

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