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Baidu Cloud BaaS builds a one-stop blockchain empowerment center in the cloud. Finance, logistics and other industries benefit

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As a decentralized technology mechanism, blockchain has a wide range of application scenarios and market potential. Since the explosive growth in 2017, although the blockchain has entered a stable period, there are still pain points such as concept confusion, technical performance constraints, smart contract constraints, consensus mechanisms, and network construction. In order to break the barriers of the industry, the blockchain will be put into the actual business scenario more quickly, and the business practice based on the decentralization concept will be built. Baidu Cloud and Baidu Blockchain Lab are based on Baidu's self-developed XuperChain technology kernel, breaking through the consensus mechanism and stand-alone computing. And serial processing of the three technical bottlenecks, and the integration of ABC and IoT and other capabilities to create a blockchain commercialization solution covering the technical framework, product system, ecological construction and industry practice.


Self-research XuperChain breaks through three technical bottlenecks in the industry

Baidu Cloud Blockchain Solution is a commercial solution for real business scenarios based on XuperChain and ABC technologies. As the technical core of Baidu's cloud blockchain solution, XuperChain is completely self-developed by Baidu. It is a blockchain network that supports parallel chains and sidechains. It manages other parallel chains of the XuperChain network through a special root chain and provides cross- The chain service has broken through the three technical bottlenecks of the current consensus mechanism, the lack of single-computer power and serial task processing.

In view of the different advantages and disadvantages of different consensus mechanisms in the current blockchain, XuperChain designed a pluggable consensus mechanism to meet the needs of different consensus mechanisms in different scenarios. In order to break through the single-computer computing bottleneck, XuperChain maximizes the use of CPU through multi-core parallel computing, breaking through the hardware limitations and performance bottlenecks of the original blockchain nodes, providing continuous computing and storage support for the blockchain network.

In traditional blockchain solutions, the invocation of smart contracts and the execution of transactions are performed serially. As the complexity of smart contracts continues to increase, computing tasks need to be processed in a distributed parallel manner. XuperChain's in-chain parallel network technology allows blockchain smart contracts to execute in parallel. Parallel chain technology can form a real and independent blockchain three-dimensional network system in XuperChain, achieving overall network management and performance flexibility.

Baidu Cloud BaaS: Building a Cloud One-Stop Block Chain Empowerment Center

On the basis of breaking through the technical bottleneck, Baidu Cloud Blockchain is positioned in the cloud one-stop blockchain empowerment center, providing enterprise users with blockchain technology and product capabilities out of the box. At present, Baidu Cloud has built a Baidu Cloud BaaS (BlockChain as a Service) service system that integrates the underlying technology and framework, middle layer, product layer and upper layer solution. The system is based on AI+ blockchain, IoT+ blockchain and other technological innovations and XuperChain technology. It integrates Baidu superchain, Ethereum and Fabric as the core technology framework, blockchain middle layer and blockchain public cloud platform, privatized deployment. And a variety of product forms such as super-node hosting, and export one-stop blockchain solutions for vertical industries such as finance, Internet of Things, healthcare, and games.


At the level of technological innovation, Baidu Cloud Blockchain inherits the advanced technology architecture and capabilities of the cloud, providing innovative technology solutions such as AI+Blockchain and IoT+Blockchain. At present, the Baidu cloud blockchain has been integrated into Baidu's latest technology stack ABC STACK2.0, which integrates the XuperChain superchain and supports the technical output capabilities of all the scenarios such as public chain, alliance chain, private chain and BaaS. Multiple open source frameworks, multi-chain coexistence systems, multi-organizational uplinks, single-chain performance, super-node technology and other innovative areas for multi-point layout.

Commercialization accelerates financial, logistics and other industries to benefit

According to the characteristics of different industries and the actual needs of business scenarios, Baidu Cloud is based on the blockchain engine (Baidu Blockchain Engine), combined with the system resources of cloud computing resources, deployment, delivery and security, to systematize the blockchain platform and Productization, the credible deposit, trusted sharing, credible finance, compliance incentives and other capabilities are exported to the financial, Internet of Things, medical, gaming and other industries, empowering partners to help build a credible ecosystem of multiple industries .


Taking hazardous chemicals logistics as an example, by accessing the Baidu cloud blockchain platform, it is possible to trace back every link of the cargo transportation chain, such as dangerous goods truck trajectory, improper operation of freight drivers, notarization mechanism and digital signature of notary agencies. The supervision information of the Transportation Department, etc., so that the supervision of the whole process of resource transportation can be controlled. At the same time, the optimization of freight scheduling based on lines and data can also improve the operational efficiency of enterprises and the income of employees.


In terms of financial information sharing, Baidu Cloud Blockchain platform can open up third-party information providers, financial institutions and users, and facilitate the timely trading of transactions, non-performing loans, etc., combined with Baidu cloud user portraits, financial brains, big data, etc. Ability to clean, analyze and train the uplink data, connect more financial systems, and greatly improve the utilization of financial data.


In the financial collection scenario, Baidu Cloud and financial institutions jointly build a blockchain collection task sub-contracting platform, through the unified chaining and management of differentiated asset packages and collection tasks, to achieve information sharing, real and transparent, through the chain The Compliance Certification System has established a set of incentive system based on contribution for third-party partners, while avoiding the cumbersome processes such as bidding and settlement, which greatly improved the collection efficiency and platform trust. In addition, by accessing the smart contract, the collection task is executed according to the contract definition, realizing the settlement and clearing of the capital automation, effectively avoiding the pain points of the industry such as standard confusion and long settlement period.


In the consumer finance scenario, Baidu Cloud's unified blockchain platform supports multi-type blockchain financial services such as credit, metering, ABS and transactions to achieve business customization and isolation. In terms of asset securitization, the Baidu Cloud Blockchain unifies the information such as the digital signature of the underlying asset information and the digital signature of the trust plan. Currently, it has supported the authenticity verification of 50 billion assets.



Break through the technical bottleneck and link to generate value. Baidu Cloud Blockchain will achieve ecological alliance and value sharing on the basis of technical empowerment, and cooperate with partners to contribute to the popularization, service and ecologicalization of blockchain.

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