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Blizzard smashed - Why is the "Dark Black God" mobile game diss?

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The annual BlizzCon is a feast for Blizzard players. At the opening ceremony of this year's carnival, Blizzard dad brought fans of "Warcraft 3: Remastered Edition" and "StarCraft 2" a new cooperative commander. Latour, "Heroes of the Storm" new hero Ophelia and "watching pioneer" new hero Aish. However, the most topical may still be the Diablo: Immortal, which is the finale of the carnival opening ceremony. This is the first time that the Diablo series has been launched on the mobile game platform, and it was created by Blizzard and Netease. The type is MMORPG, landing on iOS and Android platform.

According to the current demo version of the game, "Diablo: Immortal" will contain 9 map areas when the initial launch, the story line occurs between "Diablo 2" and "Diablo 3", the gameplay is similar to the popular virtual on the market. Rocker + button skill, the player can click to release the general attack, or long press for the skill to charge / aim, aim at the enemy and release the skill. Each character in the game has at least 12 skills, and the number of different professional skills is different, but only 5 can be played. The game's social system will be linked to Blizzard's battle network. Players can be bound to their Battle.net account after downloading the game. The Battle.net friends will be automatically synchronized to this mobile game's friends list.

We can think that Blizzard has given the important moment of the important carnival to a mobile game that is not very suitable. However, this proves that Blizzard attaches great importance to this mobile game, bringing the classic IP such as Diablo to the mobile platform, redesigning the UI and controlling the feel, and re-creating a dark world, which itself requires a lot of money and energy. project.


Contrary to Blizzard’s hopes, Diablo: Immortal was quickly resisted by players, especially European and American players. The game trailer harvested more than 400,000 dislikes and may become the most unpopular on YouTube. One of them, the Reddit platform has criticized mobile game posts, and even players have petitioned Blizzard to cut off mobile games.

Activision Blizzard's share price even fell 6.74%.

The reasons for the players diss mobile game are also obvious:

First of all, the core PC players are looking forward to a formal sequel. After all, it has been six years since the release of Diablo III, and the next one has not been seen. Blizzard is doing it in the end. ;R; lt '; FL? This is a question that players care about, but if you want to respond positively to this concern, the best answer is the release of Diablo 4.

But on BlizzCon 2018, the players did not wait for the results of their own minds, the final DIABLO title flashed at the opening ceremony, more people are looking forward to the "4", the result is a mobile game, hope that after the fall, it will inevitably produce It is the dissatisfaction of the mobile game that squeezes out the sequel.


What's more interesting is that Bethesda didn't bear such pressure when it released the "The Elder Scrolls: Blades" mobile game at the E3 exhibition. The E3 exhibition was more commercial and more eclectic. Second, it was because the B agency was promoting the game. After the mobile game, immediately gave the core players a big cake, showing the LOGO of "The Elder Scrolls 6", proving that "we did not ruin the orthodox because of the mobile game", very witty. Blizzard may be missing a bit of time and people & bar … …

Second, it is the other party's dissatisfaction. Foreign players should not have deep stereotypes about Netease, but some players have questioned NetEase's past mobile games. Why does "Immortality" look like the ARPG mobile game that NetEase has done before? Is Blizzard planning to take care of a homogenized leather game?

For this, there is a disagreement between the player and the media. The player dislikes the UI and the gameplay of Diablo: Immortal. VentureBeat points out that there is a deja vu, but it does not go to the extent of As for map movement, tap pointing skills, killing monsters and other equipment, the main gameplay is similar. It happens that most ARPGs on the market are products of "Diablo", which are influenced by this classic game. It should not be said. The Diablo mobile game looks like another ARPG, but the current ARPG is more or less like Diablo.


For the classic game series, the game was opposed by the core players, not only the Blizzard family encounter. Previously, EA's "Command and Conquer" announced the launch of mobile games, which caused strong dissatisfaction among the series of players. The accusation of mobile games is "the game for investors is not for the players". Of course, in the case of not doing business in the business, our talented mobile game factory is very firm, and the final fantasy series and the Dragon Quest series are one after another, and the transplants are completed. You are now used to it.

But you have to admit that the success of mobile game is able to bring new vitality to the classic IP, and even feed back to the host version to renew a lot of new ideas, attract new players, of course, developers can also Earn income and invest enough resources for the next project.

For the player's accusation Blizzard is somewhat wronged, Blizzard game designer Wyatt Cheng said that the mobile version does not mean that the quality is not good, the team just hopes to let more people come into contact with Diablo through mobile smart devices such as mobile phones, Blizzard It will also create the best Diablo experience on the mobile platform.

In fact, the 500 trial mobile devices that the Blizzard site prepared for the players were in short supply, and even queued up. Most of the players gave positive feedback on the demo feedback.

Produced by Blizzard, it must be a boutique. & rdquo; This gold sign is not so easy to be embarrassed, Blizzard is very important for the quality of the game, at least they will be introduced above the pass, which is enough for the players. This is Blizzard's first development of a special mobile phone platform, and it is also the first time to cooperate with NetEase to develop, which is of great significance. Blizzard will not take such a chance to spoil its precious IP.


In addition, the appearance of a Blizzcon Chinese player who has stayed overseas for a while after BlizzCon 2018 may give us another experience.

The player said: When the voices of the crowds were fascinating, the mobile game "Diablo: Immortal" jointly developed by Blizzard and Netease appeared on the big screen, and the first feeling in the heart was actually a faint pride. In the face of global players, they announced the joint development with Chinese manufacturers. In any case, this represents the recognition of foreign game giants for domestic game companies. We should always believe that domestically, we can make a mobile game that allows overseas players to be convinced, instead of being busy with diss before it is born.

If you are a Diablo player, are you expecting more for mobile games, or are you disappointed?

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