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(33 min ago) More than half a year after creating an official account on the short video platform tiktok, apple is now using it to market its iPhone 12 Mini. As early as April this year, someone noticed that Apple's official tiktok account was empty.
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(1 hr ago) One netizen responded that one of his Huawei phones, with 256 GB of storage space, had been used around 120 GB, but overnight found that the remaining space was insufficient. Upon examination, he found a large file with a volume of 144 GB, xlog log format, belonging to Tencent Microvision, but it was not clear how it came from.
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(1 hr ago) If all goes well, the galaxy S21 should go on sale in January, and Samsung may officially launch the phone in December. So far, we know very little about this phone. At present, some leaked information has exposed the overall appearance of the mobile phone.
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(3 hr ago) The Internet has brought a lot of convenience to everyone's life. Shopping, payment and service can be solved online. However, the current mobile phone interaction is designed for young people, with small text, complicated content and complicated operation, which makes many old people flinch. in addition, recently, there are many reports that the elderly will not use mobile phones and encounter a lot of troubles offline, which makes people feel that the elderly are being abandoned by the Internet.
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(3 hr ago) India is really clinging to Chinese apps. After three consecutive rounds of blocking hundreds of Chinese apps, India has added 43 Chinese apps to the list, with a total of 267. Kwai Chung, which has many well-known products, such as Alibaba's Alipay, AliExpress, nail, Taobao live, Tencent's Tencent video Overseas Edition (WeTV), and mango TV, fast short video and so on.
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(3 hr ago) By the end of November 24 local time, Tesla's shares rose 6.43% to $555.43, breaking the $500 billion mark for the first time, making founder musk the second richest person in the world. On the same day, musk told a European battery online conference that Tesla was developing a long-distance electric vehicle with a range of 1000 km.
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(3 hr ago) Cancer vaccine may not be far away from us. According to foreign media reports, the results of animal research on a new type of cancer vaccine in the United States are very good. At present, the food and Drug Administration of the United States has approved it to enter the phase I human trial.
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(4 hr ago) November 25, the 33rd China Film Golden Rooster Award film concert and opening ceremony party officially held in Xiamen. At the opening ceremony ," mobile film "as a new force in the film industry on the stage. Host forecast, by this Chinese film golden chicken award and Huawei jointly launched the "new video mobile phone film program" will be officially launched on November 27, which will become a milestone in the development of mobile phone films.
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(4 hr ago) On the afternoon of November 24, Xiaomi released the third quarter financial report of 2020. One of Xiaomi's most brilliant achievements in this quarter is that, according to the forecast data of canalys, the global smartphone shipment of Xiaomi has surpassed apple, ranking the third in the world, and its market share has broken through a record high, reaching 13.5%.
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(4 hr ago) Yobao Yubo has developed a very practical outdoor power supply product line in addition to the household known power bank. Recently, Yubo en series outdoor power supply family has ushered in a new member. He is Yubo en300wl-pd outdoor power supply. It has the strong performance of 300W 220V sine wave output. It is equipped with 2a1c multi port DC fast charging and supports 65W PD bidirectional fast charging. It is as strong as a small outdoor power station.
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(5 hr ago) On October 30, Huawei officially released the watch GT 2 Pro Series watches. There are three versions of the watch GT 2 Pro Series, which are the sports version, the fashion version and the ECG version. At present, except for the ECG version, they have been put on the Huawei mall, Jingdong Mall and other e-commerce platforms, but they are also limited in time.
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(5 hr ago) France has begun to demand that US technology companies pay a "digital tax," despite Washington warning that the US could retaliate by imposing new tariffs on French imports. In recent days, companies such as Facebook and Amazon have been notified by French authorities to pay taxes on digital services in 2020, the report said.
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(6 hr ago) According to the information released by wechat security center, by 2020, wechat has continued to strengthen the governance of malicious registration and malicious account use in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, Tencent wechat software license and service agreement, wechat personal account use specification, wechat public platform service agreement and wechat public platform operation specification, and has strengthened the governance of malicious registration and malicious account use behavior, and has taken a total of measures to control the illegal registration and use of malicious accounts More than 6.2 million malicious registered illegal accounts have been handled.
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(6 hr ago) In order to let you have a more comprehensive understanding of Apple iPhone 12 MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charger, we cooperate with CNAs authorized chip analysis laboratory Xi'an semiconductor power device test and application center to conduct chip level analysis on MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charger.
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(6 hr ago) According to reports, IBM is planning to cut about 10000 jobs in Europe to reduce costs in its slow-growing service sector and prepare for the division to spin off. People familiar with the matter said the massive layoffs would affect about 20% of employees in the region. The UK and Germany will be the most affected, while Poland, Slovakia, Italy and Belgium will also be affected.
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(6 hr ago) Huawei is actively ordering 4G smartphones and related terminal components from suppliers, and some component manufacturers have been informed that they will resume purchasing motherboards and other components this month, according to the first financial daily. Huawei did not respond to the above news.
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(7 hr ago) According to Apple track, Jon Prosser's overall accuracy is 82.4%. In the latest sharing, Prosser has provided information that at least one of the new iPhones in 2021 (temporarily called "iPhone 13") is designed without holes, that is, if it is charged, it can only rely on MagSafe magnetic suction.
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(7 hr ago) In recent years, in the US stock market, the performance of the new forces of domestic car manufacturing has been amazing. except that BYD's market value soared to US $75.98 billion, ranking fourth in the world after Volkswagen. Among the new forces of car manufacturing, Weilai has surpassed Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes Benz, with a market value of US $75.44 billion, and has become the fifth highest automobile enterprise in the world.
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(7 hr ago) This time, huami ov will burn the war to the European continent 8000 km away after experiencing the scuffle between the domestic market and the fierce battle between India and Southeast Asia. At the end of last month, as the last domestic mobile phone manufacturer to land in the European market, vivo officially announced its entry into six countries, including Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland.
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(8 hr ago) 5G has been in business for more than a year, what different experience has it brought? A lot of people think of high rates ,5 G does bring faster download speed, but obviously not a transformative experience change. During the past week, Ziguang worked with China Mobile, ZTE and other partners to showcase the industry's first 5 G terminal slicing target, visiting:
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(8 hr ago) Shenzhen, Suzhou and other countries have begun to test digital RMB in a large scale, and it will be fully used next. Li Lihui, leader of the blockchain working group of China Internet Finance Association and former president of Bank of China, also made some detailed interpretation on this trend.
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(8 hr ago) In April this year, mechanical revolution held a new product launch conference in 2020, and officially launched the new deep-sea Titan x3-s, equipped with a 17.3-inch giant screen and equipped with ten generations of core processors, positioning performance enthusiasts. we have got this game book by fast technology. Here's a picture for you.
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(8 hr ago) Today, Song Qi, director of social media in realme, went to ——iPhone 12Pro Max. new products A netizen message, you will find iPhone 12Pro Max charging thief slow.
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(8 hr ago) As people are used to turning on their mobile phones and brushing all kinds of long and short video platforms to kill time and recording life with various Vlog devices, there is no doubt that video has become an important way to obtain and disseminate information today. How would you define an extreme immersion horizon? A projector lying in bed opening the ceiling to watch a high-definition IMAX movie? Or put on VR equipment for a jungle adventure? Or witness the whole process of a wonderful chemical reaction in class by MR?
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(8 hr ago) China has built the world's largest 5g network, and 5g base stations have reached 700000! the number of patent applications for artificial intelligence in China surpassed the United States for the first time, and became the first in the world! one third of the global 5g network will come from Chinese technology!
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(8 hr ago) When it comes to surface, I believe that the first impression of many partners is the form of two in one laptops. In fact, when surface leads the trend of two in one computers, Microsoft has also added many "brothers" to the surface family.
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(8 hr ago) Single fly after the small ice, and Microsoft again! At 9 a.m. on November 24, Microsoft China and Xiao Bing held a joint press conference in Beijing to announce that the two sides have reached a strategic cooperation and will work together to launch a series of artificial intelligence for To B key industry customers Cloud computing commercial solutions.
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(8 hr ago) The performance and energy efficiency of AMD RX 6000 series are very outstanding, and the game support is becoming more and more prosperous. Many great works like "watchdog: Legion", such as "Assassin's Creed: Hall of souls", such as "far cry 6".
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(8 hr ago) In response to the slowdown of Moore's law, TSMC, the world's largest chip manufacturer, is cooperating with us technology companies such as Google to develop a new semiconductor packaging technology. The new architecture can make chipsets small and powerful by stacking different types of chips.
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(8 hr ago) With the arrival of winter, the fear of the new crown epidemic has prompted people to put on masks again. However, the problem is that masks are a problem for face recognition. We often have to take off the masks to pay by wechat. now Tencent is finally going to settle the wechat payment when wearing masks. According to mocha, a supply chain person, Tencent has already completed the face recognition of wearing masks with payment security level, that is to say, normal face recognition payment can be made without taking off the mask.
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