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(56 min ago) At 10:08 a.m. on june 6th, the P40Pro launched its first sale, and we are impressed by many aspects of the flagship, especially in terms of photo taking, with leica five taking a further photo experience. The powerful Leica V camera P40Pro features the Leica V camera system :50 million pixels super-perception camera 40 million pixels movie camera 8 million zoom camera 8 million telephoto camera 3 D deep camera.
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(56 min ago) Friends familiar with mobile phones know that the mobile chip field is a smoke rolling market. Over the years, the dominant qualcomm has been sitting in the top position, enjoy the most market share, and in the upcoming 5 G era of the whole people, the long silence of the long- the Helio impact of high-end failure with Tianji back, samsung Exyons has been new products, thinking of a piece of the soup.
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(57 min ago) With the development of smart phones in recent two years, folding screen mobile phones are regarded as the development direction of smart phones in the future. At present, Huawei and Samsung have launched folding screen mobile phones, while Xiaomi has shown a double folding screen engineering machine, but Xiaomi has not yet launched a folding screen mobile phone.
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(58 min ago) According to foreign media Barron's, if the U.S. government wants to cut off the lifeblood of China's science and technology industry, it will inevitably affect TSMC and Samsung, which are in a key position. But in the end, the market reality will prevail over politics and not fall victim to the two powers. Barron's pointed out that TSMC is the leader of wafer foundry and also produces chips for 5g technology and cloud services.
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(1 hr ago) June 6 news, when 618 big promotion, millet 10 The price of 8GB 256GB、8GB 128GB version is reduced, starting at 3799 yuan (8GB 256GB、8GB 128GBGB 128GB 256GB、8GB 128GBGB version). It is worth noting that a netizen with 3289 yuan to start Xiaomi 10 8GB 256GB version, the netizen introduced the specific "wool" method.
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(4 hr ago) Wen / Xiong civilization source: titanium industry observation (ID: taifangwu) who are you? Which way? Xiong Wenming, the author, supports the original title of tihe Industry Research Institute: TSMC's loyalty and strategy in chip war, and there are many wars.
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(4 hr ago) On June 6, Samsung will release the galaxy note 20 series on August 5, according to sammobile. Samsung has confirmed that the galaxy note 20 series launch will be launched online, sammobile said. The launch date is the first week of August, August 5.
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(4 hr ago) On June 6th, a netizen wrote a message on Redmi product director Wang Teng micro-blog: millet 10 has more strength than millet awesome flagship products in recent years, not just sales, but also profits and average price. Wang Teng replied that the average price was mentioned, but there was no profit.
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(4 hr ago) Tencent technology news, on June 6, Tencent Yangtze River Delta artificial intelligence Supercomputing Center and industrial base held a commencement ceremony in Songjiang District, which was an important landing of strategic cooperation between Tencent and Songjiang District before, and also an important part of Tencent's new infrastructure layout in East China.
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(5 hr ago) On June 6, the first live e-commerce Festival 2020 in Handan was officially launched, sponsored by the Department of Commerce of Hebei Province and the people's Government of Handan, and jointly organized by Baidu and the E-Commerce Association of Hebei Province.
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(5 hr ago) June 6 news ,12.2 billion Beijing consumer coupons officially issued today. Xiaomi marketing deputy general manager Zang Zhiyuan said that Xiaomi 10 orders can use Beijing full 2000 10% discount coupons ,8 GB 128GB version of the actual price to hand only 3419.10 yuan.
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(5 hr ago) This article is reprinted from the super energy network, and other media reprints need to be approved by the super energy network. 13. One of the most popular stems played the year before and last year was "x mulberry, the cherry blossom in my hometown is blooming..." , well It seems that this infamous stem is not suitable here. It doesn't matter Netease in recent years may be in the "Hometown" to taste a lot of sweet
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(5 hr ago) On June 6th, Kwai Tong announced today that it would invest billions of dollars to build data centers in Wulanchabu, Inner Mongolia, and is expected to be put into operation next year. According to Kwai Chung, Wulanchabu's big data center is the first self built super large scale Internet data center, which will be developed by the Kwai tech team and independently completed the conceptual design.
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(5 hr ago) On June 6, at the opening ceremony of the first live e-commerce festival in Handan 2020 themed "live broadcast with goods to promote the development of e-commerce to benefit the people and help the city", Shen Qiao, executive vice president of Baidu group, first interpreted Baidu's definition of live broadcast with goods.
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(7 hr ago) Huawei good food is not afraid of late, good things are always worth looking forward to. On april 8th the Huawei of the spring launch of new products, the top of its HuaweiP40 series, with the super-sensitive leica five flagship HuaweiP40Pro finally met with the pursuit of extreme imaging enthusiasts.
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(8 hr ago) On June 6, pinduoduo officially announced that Zhou Tao, a famous host, would land in pinduoduo's official live studio as "star recommender" from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. on June 6. During the live broadcast, Zhou Tao will select 43 products for recommendation based on his "10 billion subsidy" purchasing experience and the current ranking of popular products on the whole network.
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(8 hr ago) On June 6, it was reported that Youku app 9.0 was officially released, and the homepage was completely revised, highlighting pugc (professional user production content), short video and other contents, which were presented in the form of double waterfall flow. The original "discovery" module has become "dynamic". Users can click in to see the content published by the creators they are concerned about.
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(8 hr ago) After the windows operating system ԡԡԡԡ ԡ.
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(8 hr ago) The new high-end flagship of the HuaweiP series, which Huawei unveiled in April, is HuaweiPHuaweiP40Pro on sale. HuaweiP40Pro is the highest-end model of HuaweiP40 range of products, as a new generation of high-end flagship top configuration version ,HuaweiP40Pro can be called luxury-level flagship.
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(8 hr ago) According to the information released by Microsoft, alpha 4 of Microsoft simulation flight will be launched on June 11, and the game will be launched on PC / X1 platform in the future, and the specific release date is unknown. Now, the official website of Microsoft simulation flight has released a new set of screenshots of the game to show the beautiful scenery in the game and the internal structure of the aircraft.
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(9 hr ago) Huawei ԡ ԡ. According to foreign media, the British government is reviewing its position on Huawei's participation in the country's 5g construction and contacting Japanese and Korean suppliers to seek alternatives to Chinese technology.
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(9 hr ago) Since 2020, Tencent's share price has risen by more than 15%, not only to stand at the threshold of HK $400 again, but also to a new high of HK $445.8 in mid May. At present, Tencent's total market value is 4.148 trillion Hong Kong dollars (about 3.79 trillion yuan), ranking the second among Chinese Internet companies, only next to Alibaba's market value of 4.17 trillion.
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(9 hr ago) Recently, the "plagiarism dispute" between keivan beigi, author of open source project appget, and Microsoft's Winget project ushered in the latest progress. Microsoft responded by admitting that it "failed keivan and appget" and affirmed their contributions to Microsoft's new projects.
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(9 hr ago) LG first exhibited a new 38 WN95C-W curved game display at the 2020 consumer electronics show (CES) in january. Now, the display is officially on the market. On June 5, foreign media reported that the LG 38WN95C-W display, a 38-inch UltraWide QHD IPS curved display, had opened an appointment in the United States for $1599(about 11300 yuan).
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(9 hr ago) On the morning of June 6, the press and publicity Center of the Ministry of industry and information technology held the online summit of "the first anniversary of 5g licensing". Zhang Quanfa, deputy general manager of China Tower, said that the past year was the year of 5g network scale deployment, and also the year when 5g, as the first of new infrastructure, promoted high-quality development and achieved initial results.
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(10 hr ago) Microsoft CEO Satya Nadra (Satya Nadella) sent an email to the employee on Friday. In an open letter published on microsoft's official blog, the letter said that "changing yourself helps drive change in the world ".
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(10 hr ago) Apple informed developers today that the company has launched a new open source project, which allows password management app developers to create compatible strong passwords for well-known websites. The new password manager resource open source project allows the password management application to be more compatible with various websites. This mechanism is the same as icloud key chain password manager.
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(10 hr ago) Yesterday, at the Huawei Smart Life Museum (Shenzhen Zhuoyue Center), he Gang, president of Huawei consumer business mobile phone product line, held a communication meeting with the media at which he announced that the Huawei Smart Life Museum (Shenzhen Zhuoyue Center) would officially open at 10:28 a.m. on June 6,2020. In addition, the long-awaited HuaweiP40Pro of consumers will also be officially opened on this day to meet with the majority of consumers.
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(10 hr ago) LG first exhibited a new 38 WN95C-W curved game display at the 2020 consumer electronics show (CES) in january. Now, the display is officially on the market. On June 5, foreign media reported that the LG 38WN95C-W display, a 38-inch UltraWide QHD IPS curved display, had opened an appointment in the United States for $1599(about 11300 yuan).
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