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Microsoft cancel behind unlimited storage OneDrive is what?

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Recently, Microsoft is closing its OneDrive unlimited cloud storage space packages and to change the terms of the service

The specific measures for unlimited use of user space cloud storage space is limited to 1TB; cancel 100GB and 200GB package, instead is a monthly rent of $1.99 50GB of cloud storage space. Free user's cloud storage space from 15GB to 5GB. In addition, Office365 Family Edition, personal edition and university users are no longer entitled to the limited space, but by the 1TB to get paid space and so on.

In this regard, the OneDrive team explained that:

Since we began to launch an unlimited amount of cloud storage services to Office 365 users, there is a small number of users will be a large number of PC backup to the OneDrive service, but also saved a lot of movies and DVR video. Some users store the amount of data is more than 75TB, is 14000 times the average of the user's memory.

In short, is a small number of users over the cloud disk space, some people even passed the 75TB movie and video. I do not know the industry to see this explanation for what feelings?

What we see is that since the OneDrive provides unlimited storage services, then first regardless of the content, only the number of storage space, the user has a choice of right;

Second, while Microsoft has referred to the OneDrive service in the user agreement that can not upload and store certain pornographic and other related content (we do not know whether these videos and movies of Microsoft are in violation of the relevant agreement of Microsoft), we are curious why Microsoft can know what users upload and store it? But it is certain that the use of Microsoft's OneDrive services (including the majority of users with the use of Microsoft OneDrive protocol) users' privacy has been monitored and violated, and this is currently the most worried about the user cloud storage services (and before Microsoft OneDrive has been a similar problem, and has caused considerable controversy);

Again, since Microsoft claimed that only a very few of the user's behavior, but to do so at the expense of most of the user's interests

Finally, Microsoft OneDrive can have today in the cloud storage service market competitiveness and size is closely related to the service has not been changed before.

As we all know, Microsoft in the cloud storage services market is a successor, which had no advantage in the market, including the price, function, etc.. Until 2014, Microsoft by onedrive paid prices are down 70, namely 100GB of storage space monthly subscription price from $7.49 fell to $1.99; 200GB storage space subscription price from $11.49 fell to $3.99; free cloud storage space from 7GB up to 15GB; all office 365 subscribers bundled 1TB onedrive cloud storage space, onedrive to and Google cloud storage service level. And at the beginning of this year, Microsoft announced that if it is a competitor to Dropbox users, Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage client installed, Microsoft will give free 100GB space.

It is worth mentioning that, OneDrive is not only in the price concessions, but also added a picture format text information search function; launch photo line print service; use OneDrive to backup mobile phone photos, free space 15GB for OneDrive Business 20GB cloud storage space has been upgraded from 1TB to and many other competitors in the hands of users.

We can't know exactly how many of these initiatives have been made by Microsoft from competitors, but it has been announced recently.

Recently UserVoice for Microsoft OneDrive

If the user is angry with some

As Microsoft onedrive competitor, Google is for the user to provide 15GB of free space, the monthly payment $2 can get 100GB space, if the $10 monthly payments can get 1TB space; apple to the user provides 5 GB of free space, $1 a month can be increased to 50GB, such as monthly pay 3 dollars could increase to 200GB. In contrast, Microsoft's previous price advantage will not, in addition to a substantial reduction in free cloud storage space, is bound to result in the loss of existing OneDrive users and future users of cloud storage service providers to choose, and may greatly weaken the OneDrive in the current growing cloud storage service market competitiveness.

In addition, more analysis, Microsoft's use of OneDrive in the cloud storage efforts to promote, not just focus on the share of the cloud computing market, due to the Phone Windows operating system in a very vulnerable position in the mobile ecosystem, Microsoft wants to retain or attract Phone Windows users, more important is that, for Microsoft, OneDrive is not only carrying a cloud storage service, but Microsoft CEO Nadella said the cloud is an important part of the first and Winows10 unified platform strategy. And this way, not only for the industry and the market questioned the feasibility of the strategy and the Microsoft can afford to have it?

In summary, the implementation of the Microsoft OneDrive

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