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Baidu Ali Tencent Jingdong, Internet Co who is the most generous staff?

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At present, the domestic well-known Internet Co, not landing the capital market, and has created a lot of wealth story. These well-known Internet companies in the IPO before and after the commitment to motivate their employees? Which boss treats his employees the most generous?

Alibaba group listed, launched a new round of wealth creation frenzy, millionaires, billionaires, a lot of fresh baked. The new wealth legend has triggered a lot of people's yearning for the Internet Co, has been in the circle of people are looking forward to their own companies if the listing of rich scenarios.

In fact, the current domestic well-known Internet Co, not landing the capital market is very few, and has created a lot of wealth story. These well-known Internet companies in the IPO before and after the commitment to motivate their employees? Which boss treats his employees the most generous?

Tencent equity incentive continues to expand

June 2004 listing of the Hong Kong stock exchange, the Tencent Inc's issue price is only 3.7 Hong Kong dollars. According to this price, Tencent executives layer of the birth of 5 billionaires, 7 millionaires. Tencent CEO Ma Huateng holds a 14.43 stake, worth HK $8.98. Prospectus did not disclose the number of employees.

December 2007, Tencent announced that it intends to retain and attract talent incentive plan. In the effective period of 10 years, the group has no more than 2 of the total number of issued shares, the maximum number of shares granted to the award does not exceed 1 of the issued share capital.

By 2013, the equity incentive plan to carry out the expansion, the maximum limit from 2 to 3 of the issued share capital. It is reported that more than a thousand, including the project manager, director of grassroots cadres have been incorporated into the new awards range.

During a period of time, Tencent has several equity incentives, including the 2008 board of directors decided to grant 101.605 shares of 184 shares of new shares as a reward, announced in 2009 for the 1250 employees of 818.118 shares of stock incentives, about 0.453 of the issued share capital. At that time Tencent's staff for about 5000 people, the stock of employees accounted for nearly 1/4.

Alibaba holds 1756 shares = millionaire

Alibaba Group in September 19th this year, the United States IPO, the company's share price has reached $68. The issue of high prices, means that the market will also increase the shareholding employees. According to the opening price of $92.7, Ali employees want to be a million (RMB) rich, just holding more than 1756 shares.

Ali employees generally owned, it can be said

Alibaba IPO, the chairman of the proportion of the shareholding of the company is 7.8, is a few, not to hold a large stake in the hands of the founder of technology companies. However, one hundred billion market capitalization of the electricity supplier giant also enough to become the richest man in China.

Ma Yun and

Need to pay attention to the point is that Ali shares in the high price of the capital market, the future growth of space is not known. Part of Alibaba employees in the IPO prior to the transfer of ownership, that is to take into account the uncertainty of the prospects of the stock rally.

Baidu 9 years ago to create 50 IPO million

June 2005, Baidu successfully landed on the Nasdaq, creating a miracle at that time. Issue price of $66, the opening price of $3, less than 27 hours to break through the $100, the highest sprint to 151.21 U.S. dollars. Issue of shares rose as high as 354.

Baidu founder and CEO Robin Li holdings accounted for 22.9, worth more than $9 will soar. Prospectus also disclosed that Baidu's share of 5.5 for the general staff. Among them, not including company executives or equity, has exercised esop.

In April 2004, the Baidu Inc had internal split,

Public information, Baidu IPO a total of 8 billionaires, 50 millionaires and about 250 millionaires.

Qihoo 360 Zhou Hongyi holding less than employees

In March 30, 2011, Qihoo 360 listed on the NYSE, the opening price rose as high as 86. Prior to the listing, the 360 employees of a total of 22.3 stake in the company, more than 21.5 of the first major shares held by Zhou Hongyi.

Prospectus shows that the number of 360 employees of 1665.27 shares of stock, plus the stock option incentive pool of 2160.36 shares, a total of more than 3800 shares, the proportion of employees up to 22.3. It is reported that 360 of the company was founded in 40 of the shares of the company's ownership, before the listing diluted to 20.

IPO after the first major shareholder of the company Zhou Hongyi stake of 18.61, worth about $10. And in the case of about 20000000 shares of equity incentive, the stock market value of the stock market value of $4.8, at that time the average calculation of 1000 employees, each holding market value of up to 48 yuan, equivalent to about 294.6 yuan.

Jingdong Liu Qiangdong IPO before

In May 22, 2014, Jingdong officially listed on the Nasdaq, founder of the Liu Qiangdong net worth nearly $50. It is worth noting that, Liu Qiangdong listed on the eve of the company got more stock.

Before the official listing of Jingdong, in mid March to update the prospectus shows that the proportion of Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong stake to 18.8, the largest shareholder jingdong.

Liu Qiangdong's equity increase from the reward, Jingdong board based on its contribution to the past 10 years, gave him a value of more than $6 in equity, the total share of 4.

2013 by the end of the year, Jingdong will have 5 versions of the equity incentive plan merger, the maximum can be granted a 4.68 shares. Up to the market, has granted a 1.07 shares. The number of shareholders, the distribution is not disclosed.

Internet Co staff and founder of the shareholding situation

Ali group: small and micro payment services and Alibaba group, all employees 100 small and micro payment service, (except Ma Yunwai) employees holding a small proportion of small and micro payment service 32.7; Alibaba (listing Corporation) employee stock is not disclosed. Ma Yun currently holds 7.8 of Alibaba, Ma Yun holdings of small and micro payment service will not exceed 7.8.

Tencent: employee stock ownership has not disclosed. 2004 Tencent Inc IPO, Ma Huateng holding 14.43.

Baidu: 2005 Baidu Inc IPO, 5.5 for the general staff. Among them, not including company executives or equity, has exercised esop. Robin Li was holding 22.9.

Jingdong: by the end of 2011, Liu Qiangdong had said, Jingdong issued to employees of more than 70 of his personal. Jingdong 2014 IPO, Liu Qiangdong holds 18.8 shares.

Qihoo 360:2011 Qihoo IPO, ESOP 22.3, Zhou Hongyi holding 21.5.

Cheetah Mobile: 2014 cheetah company IPO, the team and the staff of about 11.6, the proportion of the shareholding ratio of about 7.5 Fu Sheng.

Thunder: by the end of 2010, Zou Shenglong said the employee stock ownership 15, Zou Shenglong in 2014, the company's IPO when the proportion was 9.5.

Sohu: employee stock ownership has not disclosed; in 2000, Sohu IPO, Zhang Zhaoyang has 28 stake.

Youku Youku: 2010 listed companies, more than 500 Youku employees full ownership, Gu Yongqiang holding 41.

Where to go: in 2013, IPO, in addition to executives and directors of the management and staff of the company's shares held by about 2.3, Zhuang Chenchao 7.23.


Ali employees when to sell the stock to earn the most

Each company listed, will be born a number of millionaires. For Alibaba such a large market value of the company, it is

Sold after the listing to the United States and China to pay taxes

If you hold Alibaba stock 3000 strands (so the staff there). According to the September 29 closing price, $264930 value of this batch of stock, equivalent to RMB about 16.27 million yuan.

In accordance with the provisions of the U.S. stock exchange, non U.S. citizens to participate in the U.S. stock exchange, to pay a maximum of 30 of the personal income tax. But if you fill in time and submit a form named W-8BEN, you can only pay at the rate of 10.

Of course, as a Chinese citizen, you still need to declare and pay personal income tax to the Chinese government. According to the difference between the market value and the issue price, is not difficult to calculate the income of these 3000 shares of $62250, or about 38.2 yuan. This part of the income has more than 8 yuan of the upper limit, need to be in accordance with the maximum rate of 45.

Count these two taxes, you need to be part of the income of the 55 as a tax on. Count on the Commission of the agency, as well as some other taxes and fees, the total less than 25 yuan. After the discount, you can get about 140 yuan of revenue.

This 140 yuan of income, but also need to subtract the cost of the initial purchase of shares, is the real part of the proceeds. For a lot of Ali's old employees, access to the stock is almost no need to cost, and many employees are very low price to buy these shares, the cost can be said to be very low. As a result, their net income of nearly 140 yuan.

Before the sale of small but less revenue

Some people will feel that the listing after the transaction is too much trouble, and there is a risk of falling stock prices.

This leads to second kinds of transactions, that is, before the company listed on the transfer of ownership. In fact, there are a lot of Ali employees are such operations. Ali is about to be listed in July this year, the stock has been fried to $80. According to the price of the transaction, holding 3000 shares of employees can be sold to 24 yuan, equivalent to 147.4 yuan.

In accordance with the existing provisions of China, the company listed before the transfer of equity, to receive 20 of the personal income tax, that is, the company's share of personal income tax.

As mentioned before, a lot of Ali employees with very low cost to get these stocks, and even do not need to cost, so the principal is almost close to zero. Plus reasonable cost is relatively small, therefore, the tax section of the maximum not more than 20 of the transaction price.

According to the income of 147.4 yuan, a tax portion of up to about 29.48 yuan, the net proceeds of the transaction will not be less than 117.9 yuan. Although this transaction way to earn less, but also in the night become

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