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Firefox: once broke the dark product

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Lost the biggest customer, missed the move, Firefox has no chance. But it can not be denied that it had contributed to the. "We have no business relationship with Google now." Mozilla business and legal officer Thaye Dixon said. This means that the company behind the Firefox browser completely lost its main source of funding for ten years - the default use of Google search authorization fee.

Still, Mozilla says he can live. Lost Google a year of $3, while YAHOO, Baidu has made up the position of Google. Meanwhile Firefox browser on the iPhone last month launched.

But the situation in Mozilla is not optimistic. IPhone Firefox version launched too late, this is the eighth year of iPhone, Firefox browser market share in the mobile phone market share is not even 0.5, has been attributed to other types of statistical agencies.

Once brilliant desktop market, today is also occupied by Chrome Google. Launched this summer Windows 10 directly to the user by default to start the browser to become Microsoft's own de novo Edge.

And in 2012 announced the OS Firefox mobile phone operating system, but also for a long time no sound.

Regardless of the notebook computer, or smart phone, today people access to the Internet has no Firefox what. Mozilla have to create some miracle to save this project.

But this does not prevent us from a change in the browser and Internet companies to pay tribute to the development of. No matter you today with Chrome, IE or the transformation of the China Internet Corporation, which can not be a common function of Firefox.

In the dark ages of all the Microsoft rule, is the first point of the final Firefox Internet Explorer incineration fire.

Firefox before the Internet world

In 1994, a Netscape (Netscape) company founded in Silicon Valley. In the era of the Internet is still in its infancy, it is very fast, the same name of the browser to become the Internet access to the internet. And it is a paid software.

But only after a year, Microsoft Explorer Internet (hereinafter referred to as IE) was born. Then the so-called first browser war started here.

After two years, IE became Netscape and matched products. Plus Microsoft will be bundled with the big success of the Windows 95 system, IE final victory.

Netscape is in 1998 by AOL acquisition, and then decline. Since then, IE will usher in its dominance of the era, when the top 95% of the market share of the market.

Fully control the entrance of the Internet, Microsoft began to stop. It launched in 2001, the version number of the IE 6 browser has been fixed for 5 years, until 2006 was updated to the 7 version. But this is not the end of the IE 6. To Microsoft in 2010 to open the countdown, the old browser to announce the withdrawal of the historical stage.

In these 5 years, the monopoly and difficult to use has become synonymous with IE. Forbes has written claims: "IE6 is a product of the history of the negative typical."

It is also in this 5 years, Jobs let a company on the verge of bankruptcy by iPod to become popular, and for the future of the birth of iPhone. Google from a small Venture Company to see the income of the largest technology companies listed. Amazon from a struggle to survive the retail site, bring a cloud computing service originator of AWS, and secret research and development to change the Kindle reading.

How did Firefox come from

Netscape departure and not so thoroughly. In 1998 before it was acquired, it has been the second browser wars buried seeds. In January of that year, the company announced that it was in desperate for free and open source code.

It also set up a non-profit organization Org Mozilla, which is the predecessor of the Mozilla foundation, which created the Firefox.

On 2003, Netscape has been dissolved in Microsoft and AOL in a lawsuit. The same year changed the name of the Mozilla foundation will become the only institutions responsible for the protection of Netscape open source projects to proceed, and Firefox is at that time began to begin development.

What Firefox brings

2004, Firefox first preview version released, only 6 of the world's capacity to break through the million mark. 4 years later, the 3 version released the same day, download the amount even more than 800, and a record of the world Guinness. At that time, the IE occupancy rate has dropped to 63, while the Firefox is 30.

Firefox quickly and successfully derived from it provides a normal browsing experience. When the IE6 is fixed for many years, the virus is ridden, the vulnerability continues, the page loading speed is also very slow. In addition, it does not support the translucent PNG format picture, nor does it support the latest web standard syntax. Page layout dislocation has become a common thing.

It is no exaggeration to say that, on the same website, Firefox has shown a completely different world - a more beautiful world.

On the other hand, Firefox has made a lot of innovation, and was Google, apple, Microsoft's mainstream browser.

Plug-in unit

Mouse gestures, automatic page, screen translation, these are only tens of thousands of Firefox plug in the part of the function. Today, almost all browsers have begun to support third party developers to upload plug-ins.

Privacy mode

This allows you to surf the Internet without leaving a record and Cookie model, and in 2008 it has been added to the Firefox. And Chrome was introduced in 2010.

Ad shielding

Safari recently added to the content of the iOS9 in the interception function, said it can intercept the browser in the ad. But this is only the function of the Plus Adblock in 2004, which has been implemented by Firefox.

Bookmarks and browsing records on different computers.

Cloud synchronization is now the function of all browsers are advertised. And this was in 2007 on the Firefox.

Firefox:曾经打破黑暗的产品Firefox:曾经打破黑暗的产品2007-2015 browser market share changes

So Firefox not only by the technology enthusiasts are welcome, but also became the first choice of users who care about the Internet experience. By 2010, Firefox has taken 34 of the browser market share, reaching its most glorious moment in many years.

Missed the mobile Internet Firefox

When Firefox is still on a desktop computer to gain a greater share of the time, the mobile Internet has been with the advent of smart phones.

2007 iPhone's release, Jobs, one of the three important functions of the demonstration on the stage is Safari. Before the Store App has not appeared, the more convenient access to the Internet experience is the reason for the user to buy iPhone.

But Firefox did not see the huge potential of mobile. Until 2013, Sullivan Jay, vice president of its products, also announced that if Apple can not cancel the restrictions on the third party browser rendering engine, it will never be released iOS version. When Firefox is not the iPhone when the matter, its main competitors in the desktop Chrome Google has been in 2012, Apple's restrictions, the launch of the iOS version, has been ranked in the forefront of download.

In a wider range of users of the Android platform, Firefox is not quick. It has always insisted that the function should be as much as Android. Although very early start research and development, but until 2011, it was officially launched in the Android platform. In 2012, Chrome came to Android to solve the problem that comes with the browser is not good. A year later, Google was set to Android by default Chrome browser. Firefox missed the opportunity to stand on Android.

Firefox in the mobile platform to start the earliest, the most positive product is the beginning of 2008 and NOKIA's touch operating system Maemo cooperation. This would have been NOKIA's future operating system, but with the 2011 NOKIA turned to Phone Maemo, Windows was abandoned. Along with the destruction of NOKIA's future, there is the Firefox in the mobile market all the opportunities.

Also Google also Google

Mozilla foundation is a non-profit organization, the search engine to bring the advertising is divided into an important source of income.

Like Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, Baidu, Amazon, etc. are the object of its cooperation. But its most important ally or Google, more than 85 of its revenue comes from the company.

Back in 2004, Google signed with Mozilla, so that the Google search box integrated into the Firefox browser. From then on, Mozilla can get a considerable amount of advertising from Google that year. After the end of 2011 over three years, the company each year from the latter that accounted for almost $3. For Google, there is such a user entrance, but also to protect its steady stream of advertising revenue. This both sides are good allies, has become a growing Firefox in the capital of a reliable guarantee.

Firefox:曾经打破黑暗的产品Firefox:曾经打破黑暗的产品2005 Mozilla annual -2014 income change chart

The good cooperation between the two sides in four years after the ups and downs. In 2008 Chrome browser release, a good experience and a better integration of Google services, the Google's own development of the browser in the next few years has been rapid development. Firefox in the browser market and more powerful competitors, the two sides began to crack the rift.

Chrome is a fast iterative product, in which 7 years. Its version number has been updated to 47. In addition, it also provides a similar Firefox like a store, and the plug-in does not need to restart. Today even web developers have been used to debug web pages on the Chrome - which was once a selling point for Firefox.

In 2011, Firefox's market share was completely caught by Chrome. Firefox if the Google is not impossible to be abandoned by the end of the day. So it's no surprise that the Mozilla announced in 2014 that it was no longer a contract with Google, and that YAHOO as the default search engine in the United States.

Interestingly, the Yahoo! But even their own can not reverse the decline. October of this year, the company signed a 3 year agreement with the Google, the latter to provide the search advertising business desktop and mobile platform for YAHOO. So the future of YAHOO search out is actually the result of Google.

As a result, Firefox can be obtained, but it is only part of YAHOO's acquisition of the Google. The so-called no longer rely on Google, it seems not so easy.

OS Firefox failure

The last time Moziila was trying to move is a mobile operating system -- OS Firefox.

2012, Mozilla officially announced to do OS Firefox. Since it caters to operators and mobile phone manufacturers to get rid of the idea of Google control, in July 2013, including LG, Al Carter, HUAWEI and ZTE 4 mobile phone manufacturers support, and in October began selling in South America and europe.

In support of the operators, the $33 mobile phone in the low-end market started selling well. In the first year of the Venezuelan smartphone sales, 12%, as well as Columbia's 8 sales.

But the operator's promotion can only give it a chance. Lack of application, function is not perfect, the response is slow OS Firefox did not retain users.

Today, OS Firefox's market share is less than 1%, the development direction of the low-end market for Africa, the next will be like South Asia and South America to be swallowed by Android market.

Microsoft began to burn up billions of dollars in 2010, the mobile market has not any improvement. This year to do third operating systems, it has been very difficult to have any opportunities.

But you can understand why the Firefox operating system. The opponent is no longer in the face of the browser, but the operating system. Behind the Safari iOS and Mac system; Chrome is Android; IE (and the latest Edge) is Windows. This is about 17 years ago.

Each of these have their own cross platform account system, and can be directly integrated with the application of the web window. This is the third party browser can not do.

In the face of apple and Firefox, Google select the operating system on a war. With the failure of OS Firefox. Firefox as the browser has no chance, its market share in the foreseeable future, I am afraid there will be no improvement.

A nonprofit organization, the second challenge to the world's most valuable technology companies, this time it failed.

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