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Amazon web site of the false evaluation, so that you are surprised

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English text:Surprisingly Large Amount of A Amazon Reviews Are Fake

Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping sites, and one of its characteristics is the perfect evaluation system. But now, the network evaluation website use evaluation system vulnerabilities, resulting in more and more false comments, Amazon faces a crisis of confidence.

My kitchen table mess, looks like the Macy s department store at the end of the season like a rummage sale. I was about to be protected to be oil, testosterone tablets, vitamin C essence and iPhone 6 cell phone shell to the flooded. Recently in the past two years, I scoured the three apple watch accessories (but I didn't Apple watch ah) and a lot of facial care solution. A total of 29 items, I spent only $44, but their retail price of a total of $507.06.

I was evaluated by a Amazon website for Service Corporation to buy these things from this strange world. For the evaluation of the Service Corporation to write a real product evaluation, you can buy things at a high price with a low price.

However, in order to make the goods discount evaluation, and how true? It is because of a large number of such a disguised form of goods to buy, consumers are often deceived, those who actually did not have such a good product imagination is too high quality.

Why should play tricky in the evaluation system?

Today, the first to look at the Amazon shopping site evaluation, and then dig out the money to buy expensive moisturizing cream and big TV, has become a common practice of online shopping. According to a survey done by Nielsen in 2015, 66 of people choose to trust products on the web. Nielsen survey of 30 thousand consumers, found that most of them will trust other people's recommendations in the shopping.

This coincided with the opening of the Internet to form a control. Evaluation data should improve its transparency, and protect the rights and interests of consumers. But there are a number of Companies in the network evaluation system to play between the palm of the hand. They know how to hide negative search results, and they are a lot of brush. So, hundreds of thousands of biased evaluation to several negative evaluation to the public the occasional ran min.

The establishment of Amazon evaluation system, in part, is based on the defect of the magazine product evaluation system. But nowadays, the phenomenon of the evaluation of the brush on the network is no doubt contrary to the original intention of the Amazon evaluation system.

Magazine's evaluation staff in writing product evaluation, often have been told to focus on product characteristics. Magazine from s, Sony, Macy and other advertisers get a lot of sponsorship fees, so the magazine's sales director would like to try to meet the sponsor's meaning. Since I entered a media career. Such a thing I necessarily more: a value of three stars products were suppressed to a star, and a only value Capella products can be played to Samsung and a half. So, the magazine evaluation system is a big flaw.

Amazon's evaluation system is on the contrary to the magazine, which is characterized by the real users to talk about their own experience. I also mentioned in the above, 66 of people will be very trusting of these evaluation.

However, the Amazon evaluation system is not perfect, can not see the light of the false evaluation can easily be filled with them: poor English is not easy to write the evaluation of. However, there are also a lot of looks very well written, so you can not identify a false product evaluation. Indeed, these evaluations can be seen in the nuances of the "evaluation of the goods discount."

"As a consumer who uses the Amazon web site, it really makes me believe that I no longer believe in the evaluation of Amazon," said Jack, an entrepreneur named Smith. Smith before working with others to set up two startups, named Shyp and Vungle. Smith said that because he likes to get free stuff, so he often will be based on the evaluation of the content of the service website orders. But he also admits that the web review system is a mess.

"It's hard to tell which ones are good and which are bad," says Smith Jack, who is hard to judge. "Now, I have to make a careful study of the contents of the evaluation, in order to judge what the evaluation is in exchange for free goods, which is written by the real consumers. "

"Is the Consumer Assessment true or false? Unprediqtable. "

Consumerreports.org and Techlicious.com feeds, consumer research experts Kaitlyn wells told the author, to observe that consumption evaluation is true, and there is no obvious signs to follow. She explained: "a method allows you to easily identify false evaluation. That is, if to evaluate the feelings color too strong points, or is completely bad review, but did not say is how to draw such a conclusion, that this is a false evaluation the. "

If the control evaluation system can get a lot of benefits, then those who write a false evaluation of the people will not be able to stop such behavior.

On the Amazon web site to write a false evaluation, can get some benefits?

Let's take a Instagram user Back_to_My_Roots as an example. She used false evaluation in exchange for a large number of products: self timer, hair nut oil, Bluetooth headset, printed on the pattern of the wool sweater, yoga, etc.. She marked these things as "the evaluation of the exchange of goods", and for other people want to register evaluation services to provide a recommendation code. People like Back_to_My_Roots are still a lot of people.

A considerable number of people have registered a wide variety of evaluation service sites, in the Amazon to write a false evaluation of goods, so as to continuously get a lot of free goods.

In addition, in order to provide support for my research, I have also registered to use a number of such evaluation services.

I would like to investigate is whether to participate in the writing of false evaluation is as simple as outsiders, as well as what goods can be replaced by false evaluation free. In addition, I would like to know how long it takes to carry out these tasks, how much effort to pay?

I give myself concluded two basic rules: first, I won't make any false evaluation, I will objectively trial of these products, do not take into account "for three days in evaluating the requirements; the second, I will each use different evaluation service website, to measure the overall work these sites.

About Amazon product evaluation service website, you need to know the things

I need to make it clear that the company's goods in exchange for the evaluation of the practice is 100 perfectly legal. According to amazon.com sales terms and conditions. This way is in line with the provisions of their, even if you didn't pay for it, not to other forms, such as future goods, the participating works) payment of compensation costs.

A disappointing reality

The announcement of the Amazon website is like this: "the only flaw in the evaluation system of Amazon is when a physical product is available to consumers at a price that is free or at a discount. In this case, as a business, if you to specific evaluation for the exchange, to the consumer to provide free or discounted goods, you have to understand, you will get the feedback is positive and negative aspects. And as a consumer, if you write a false evaluation for free or discounted merchandise, you have to do is to boldly expose the insider. "

In addition, according to the rules of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), as long as you expose the industry behind the scenes plotting, that you own is regarded as innocent. As a matter of fact, the Trade Commission has particularly stressed that advertisers should focus on the provision of "the innocent" in order to ensure that consumers can rest assured that the. This is why all of the sites that are engaged in the Amazon product evaluation have paid particular attention to this.

In general, as long as you follow the rules of the Trade Commission, you will not make mistakes. But when you begin to think about the moral issue of the system, the situation becomes more complex.

I registered the largest of the eight Amazon product evaluation services website. Prior to registration, these sites will require you to provide your Amazon personal account website, some sites will also require the use of Facebook account and phone number for registration.

In addition, there are a lot of sites are in the form of Facebook group, but in order to continuity, I still choose to focus only on the official website. At first glance, these sites seem to have low to provide a reasonable price for a large number of commercial users. But the facts are a little different from the impression.

I opened the link is expired and was found to have all kinds of exciting merchandise, such as 100 businesses provide vitamins and cream of the sample; the many kinds of goods are sold out, such as a pair of the original price $79.99, price only $4.99 Bluetooth headset. Producers provide a certain amount of change for each product, and users have to get up early to buy the goods they want most. If your love baby has been sold out, it is always very disappointing.

In addition, the purchase of some commodities look too tempting, so it is not really. I saw in the list of goods, some goods hit ninety percent off, only to sell $5

In some cases this, some labeled "triple sale" of goods is actually deceptive, because the seller in the registered commodities put prices quietly to rise some, such as a pair of headphones retail price only sell for $12.99, but after the operation of the sellers, buy home 3 fold bought turned out to be $12.49. Some companies attempt to suppress the atmosphere, which advocates that the seller must be honest in accordance with the marked discount sale of goods, otherwise it would have to go under the shelf.

Of course, these businesses will sell some of the mess of things, including sometimes fashionable doggie diapers, wedding veil, by unknown Chinese manufacturers to produce the ugly Bluetooth headset, printed Emoji pillows "stool" expression, as well as some interesting looking things

I bought a lot of goods, but no one is my favorite. And because there is a problem in getting a discount code, I didn't buy anything in all of the Service Corporation.

It's not just a question of a discount code. Look at these comments on the Facebook home page of the Service Corporation, there are hundreds of comments are complaining about the benefits of the code thing.

Probe into the den

In order to finish this article, I want to give the evaluation of the price of goods to the Service Corporation to do the interview, to see what information can be obtained. In December 2, 2015, I sent an e-mail to all of the evaluated service websites I have registered, to talk to them about time.

Just to find these websites email address, is a big problem. In my registered eight websites, there is a phone number only, there is no e-mail; only two in the site of the eye-catching location of the electronic mail posted them. The rest of the site of several email address is written at the bottom of the page, size is also very small, did not find.

Other information related to these evaluation services are very few, the information about their service content is only a little bit, and on the evaluation of the Service Corporation's own information is not a bit of it can not find. The only exception is iLoveToReview, which has Adam Hudson CEO information on the company's Web site. Although this situation is not illegal, but always make you feel they are in hiding what.

In the end, I got a reply from three companies. Snagshout gave me a name and a string of phone numbers. AmzRC responded by e-mail that they would accept my interview, but they could not answer the phone, I can only send them to ask questions. Deal Club Elite is directly in reply to my question to me in the mail.

The following is the details I got from AmzRC company.

Andrew Arnott CEO AmzRC told me that he founded the AmzRC company in June 2015. Initially as an Amazon merchants, Andrew Arnott found that its profit through formal channels is too difficult, because there are a lot of businesses have in the use of black hat techniques (such as super URL "s) and shameful to evaluate the service company to obtain improper benefits. Arnott also considered and evaluation of service companies, but these companies are too expensive, and they do many things shameful.

Question 1: Why did you set up the AMZRC company?

Arnott Andrew: "I started looking for ways to solve this phenomenon for myself and other businesses, not only to follow the terms of the Amazon service, but also to achieve the objective and true evaluation of the business. (Arnott is an entrepreneur from a long time ago. He wrote a program called Collaboradate, allowing users to simultaneously search multiple social networking sites. In 2006, Wired magazine wrote an article about Collaboradate. Arontt believes that he sees the available market space.

Question two: how can you make sure that the consumer will make a real assessment?

Andrew Arnott: "of course, we have no way of forcing consumers to write realistic evaluation, but unlike other evaluation services company, we will honestly tell our users, we are looking forward to seeing and encourage them to issue authentic assessment. We will also note that even given a bad review, the user will not be affected by what. Sometimes we will receive a message to our businesses, said the person in the Amazon to give a bad review, we can put it to delete it. I reply to the business, will tell them, I understand their concerns, but we do not do the site. In our website, users will always be able to give them a proper evaluation. Some businesses will be because we refused to kowtow, and our cooperation is terminated. "

Question three: in this evaluation system, who is the beneficiary?

Arnott Andrew: "in terms of business, this system is good for the emergence of new things. Part of the reason is that, businesses selling things on Amazon, the subject is a few run small businesses (like we this website is by my wife and I manage). Unlike some has played brand influence, small businesses are inability to set up a marketing department, and thus it is difficult, and big companies compete. I'm glad I can help some businesses. Help those small businesses get success, really make me very happy. "

"And as a consumer, you have the potential to get the goods you normally can't afford, or to find new products that you have never seen before. "

Question four: some of the evaluation of the Service Corporation will delete the difference between consumers, how do you think of this phenomenon?

Arnott Andrew: "I think it's mean and unfair. This also will corrupt the Amazon website commodity evaluation. I don't think that is what businesses will want to sell inferior goods, if the merchant's website is flooded with false comment, consumers benefit is damaged in, which in turn will bring the negative influence to the business of marketing. "

"We only encourage honesty. Businesses are not because customers do not have to write their comments on the deletion of customers. I myself as a love to visit Amazon consumers, I hope to be able to make sure that I see the evaluation is true and correct. As requested by the Amazon web site, all of our users have to use real evaluation for free or discounted merchandise. "

"As a publishing company, I have not tried to reach the scale of Snagshout, nor have we revised our comments to follow their comments. I'm really appreciative Snagshout. First of all, it is first reply individually to each user, and each user name to supporting a number of the user; secondly, it is the first claimed users have two weeks of time to write evaluation companies, some companies only to the evaluation time three days).

"In spite of the evaluation of the Service Corporation, it is hoped that consumers will be able to write an honest evaluation, but sometimes they hide their own statements. "

"I like to write about evaluation."

One industry source told me: "if you feel you are being forced to write a bad review of goods, then you are ready, but think about what you're going to write about. For example, if you are to write on a anti cellulite creams and products businesses to tell you, you must also to the provisions of the diet and exercise, but you didn't actually do this, that you have no absolute reason to cellulite cream bad review. "

"Keep in mind that the real people are in control over the back of these products. These people have put in a lot of time and money to put their goods on the shelves. Your evaluation will always be on the Amazon website, and will have a direct economic effect on the sale of this product, so please write an evaluation of the goods to remember this point. "

How, is not heard evil overtones?

Amazon trust problem

The issue of trust in network evaluation is nothing new. In the past few years, these scandals have hit the field of network evaluation, broke the unscrupulous companies hire vote write handwritten false evaluation. This situation has seriously violated the terms of the Amazon service. In response, Amazon chose to prosecute those who bought a false comment, while Amazon also improved program algorithm, marking a false evaluation and quickly remove these evaluation.

"Deceit nature of the evaluation is not may influence of Amazon's sales performance, but they will destroy the Amazon marketplace between buyers and sellers, sense of community," website thestreet business reporter Amelia Martyn-Hemphill pointed out: "of these false evaluation wrote to take legal measures implementation is a positive action, but it also highlights the problem, namely yelp and TripAdvisor and other formal review site must also in the face of this phenomenon. "Martyn-Hemphill believes that to prevent unscrupulous users with evaluation system, is the common interests of all of us.

Amazon actively punish false evaluation, such as 2015 on December 2, Fiver website happened in 1919 cases because of the false evaluation and punished, although not all evaluation are released in the Amazon, but obviously there are quite a few are so. For example, the user Alance22 claims that they guarantee on all sites to the five-star praise. Alance22 wrote a total of 922.

Amazon itself should bear some responsibility for the present situation. For example, Amazon allows all people who have an account to write a product evaluation, whether they have bought the product or not. Real bought goods users, in the evaluation of the user's name with a little "confirmation of purchase" (verified purchase) words, but I bet, you watching evaluation will never pay attention to the small print is what meaning, right?

In addition, Amazon and a secret Amazon vine club that Amazon will some users pulled high order status (vine status), in these users to write high quality evaluation (whether from or bad review), give them some expensive products as a reward.

Add all of these different services and defects

If the seller adhere to the evaluation system in this operation, the value of Amazon will decline, as a company, only to meet the beginning of profit, is far less than the ideal level.

Amazon understand this, the user has found the evaluation of false lawsuit. In court documents, Amazon announced their "strictly prohibited any manipulation of consumer evaluation in an attempt to" and "the defendant in the Amazon to mislead consumers, vendors and manufacturers of these a mouthful of lies, to their profits and corrosion of Amazon's brand. "

At present, we have no way of knowing the real name of the defendant in the case of Amazon, the lawyer only discusses the criminal part of the network users, including cakepopsbymari, naughty_girl01, mama_nice and so on.

How to protect themselves from false evaluation of the harm?

Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure that consumers are not affected by the false evaluation of the purchase of goods. With the increasing popularity of the web site and the tendency of people to focus more on the user experience, this issue will continue.

Wells said: "it is entirely up to the consumer to pay attention to and look at them when they are reading the web. "That is to say, consumers should be careful to analyze all kinds of evaluation, and pay particular attention to the" discount "notice.

There is no reason to think that all the discounted merchandise evaluations are false, but in view of the fact that there are so many web sites that are mandatory for consumers to write.

In order to prevent this phenomenon, a user name on the News Hacker website is Dukefall's engineer, which established a website called Fakespot in 2014. The purpose of this website is to use machine learning algorithms to help the public to identify what is the evaluation of the product is fake. By examining the written language and evaluation of the evaluation is released through the BOT (a kind of automatic operation of the Trojan horse). Fakespot can analyse how the evaluation with true feelings, or for the task and. This site is free to use, only need an Amazon evaluation of the site, Fakespot can tell you how high the credibility of this product evaluation.

For example, Exlight night light on the Amazon website for $44.99, there are 31 evaluation, a total score of Wuxing

"The product evaluation system is an important part of the company's branding and performance," Hemphill-Martyn said. At the same time, Hemphill-Martyn also said that Amazon's brand strength lies in "bring to purchase their favorite goods customers to indiscriminate buying experience", if constantly eroded the trust of consumers of the Amazon, that eventually the situation will be very confusing.

Survival of the fittest, from my start

The completion of this article also let me shake. I always believed that a savvy consumer, is well aware of the pitfalls of digital product, but in exploring this insidious but is completely legal evaluation system, I feel mouth is full of bitter.

I spent $1 to buy a few things I have long admired, and I don't think about why they are so high. Available on the network to buy the Victoria C essence and iPhone 6 accessories, so I had a suspicion. Indeed, cheap data lines or cell phone shell if it is bad, it will not cause real damage to society, but if it is those high priced goods? The water is too deep.

A five-star waterproof phone shell really can protect my cell phone? If it has no effect, what compensation can I get it? If a consumer has to write an evaluation of a product in four days for a vitamin or a face, even if they are true, how much can they really help other consumers?

We may be able to choose to return to the era of big brands, buy those in the TV and magazines to advertise, but usually less online promotional products. But that means we don't have the chance to get a good price.

At present, we still can not find a perfect answer, but if there is an article to incite you to register users and use evaluation services, I suggest you think carefully. Do you want to take the initiative to jump into the Kang? Or would like to and other people together, in order to find a better way to distinguish between the merits of goods and work together?

How to choose to see you.

In this paper, by the Tech2ipo / Zhu Ziyao compiled the original, reproduced please indicate the source.

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