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Python will migrate to GitHub

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English text:Will be Moving to GitHub Python

Python current defenders, Cannon Brett, recently in the Python core workflow mailing listannouncePython will migrate to Github, in the dialogue with the Cannon, InfoQ explained the decision to move to spend more than a year's time, when the main consideration has the following three options:

Finally to the decision is to choose the GitHub, mainly due to the following three reasons:

  1. GitHub and GitLab in the functional aspects of the basic almost; however, Cannon special mention here, GitLab open source or not is not a decisive factor.
  2. Active developers are familiar with Github, whether it is a core developer or a peripheral contributor. In addition, although there are some developers clearly opposed to migrate to GitHub, but no one said that if the community is so determined that no one is using the Github.
  3. Van Rossum Github prefer Cannon, Guido taking into account that although now Rossum only occasionally contribute, but his influence is still in order to avoid potential conflicts, should consider the feelings of Rossum.

Cannon talked to InfoQ about how he made the decision:

Basically I this the decision-making process and had done two times without much different is this: I to pep request on the issue of possible solutions, based on the proposed topics to be discussed (although the discussion is often a mere formality, but PEP will always keep detailed records, the new general recommendations will notice to), formulate various period, such as test instances such, then, when I have to make a decision, I is based on the material is very rich.

Here is worth a problem is the use of GitHub Python, only for its code hosting and code audit support, which means that the Python defect tracking and Wikipedia will not migrate to the GitHub.

Cannon also talked about the core of Python developers with each other is the debate.Krah StefanThe expression of the point of view is actually represents the developers who tend to use the GitLab people, for this purpose, Cannon specifically carried outreplyAnd received a lot of non copy sent to the mailing list of private chat reply, all answer the assumption that GitHub is the first choice if we will stop the submission of code? He added that, in his view, whether it is moving to GitHub or other warehouses will have a small part of the people do not adapt, but must be properly handled.

InfoQ took the opportunity to interview the Cannon Brett, hoping to be more in-depth understanding of the benefits brought about by the decision, in the entire process is currently in the state. Wait

Can you explain the benefits of migrating to Github in the Python and Python communities?

I am currently writing a PEPdraftCan be part of the solution, but we hope to have the benefits of is can be done more quickly patch review and people can more easily involved in the community (the former is the key factor for real, but the latter belong to the icing on the cake). All tools are or can be on GitHub constructed, can do for Python development team in the past manual to do a lot of work were substituted for automation and reduce the time take the time to review the patch, the hope of so as to improve the production efficiency. (our biggest problem at the moment is that it is not good for our foreign contributors to track the defects, and even make them very uncomfortable. Not to mention whether the development team or a wider range of open source communities are familiar with the GitHub plus, and I hope that all people involved can be more rapid and convenient.

What is the state of the present? What will be done next?

When it comes to the state, I am in 2016 January 1st of Python development migration to GitHub this decision, now I'm writing about all the steps we each repository migration of PEP (in answer to a question I give the link). Once in ourCore workflow email listReach a consensus, and PEP will be more perfect, highlight some of the details. After that, we will begin our work.

As for the specific work of the next, they have to do is to solve the transfer of those who will hinder the migration of the code warehouse

You mentioned in the announcement that there are still some arguments in the mailing list, and how do you want to end the discussion?

You are referring to the discussion in the core workflow mailing list after I have made my decision! I am very satisfied with the result. While some people are willing to choose it because GitLab has an open source, everyone understands why I made such a decision and supported my persistence. We still this migration to a positive attitude, and use this opportunity to let our development platform as far as possible remain platform independent, in the future to relentless pursuit of more simple (it will be able to achieve, since I became the core developers, which can be considered the three changes the, and python today has gone through the 25 year, still maintained strong momentum, of course, in the next few years, we are never to do platform transformation).

Recently, the open source project to migrate to the Github seems to gradually increase, you have to worry about, such asOther peopleSo that it is not relying on a Business Companies to fly? Do you think this is going to be a problem for Python?

The situation is very worried about the future of the platform is still very worried (sometime in the future will happen). But we will only use GitHub to managed code and for code reviews, the former is easy to find a replacement products, while the latter, once closed a pull request history, the nearby there is no value. That is to say, we will make a backup of code review history, then we once found a replacement, we can get effective code reviews, because the audit history is valuable, even if it is straight with a accepted for presentation. If GitHub does not provide the open API to give us access to the data and improve barriers, then we would not consider it. In addition, such as GitLab platform will provide some tools allow you to replace the GitHub, including pull request can be imported into their platform, we know that we will not lose anything, but GitHub can give us the fastest time. There is our defect tracking system will not migrate to the GitHub up, which makes those worried about losing control of a little more relaxed, narrowing the scope of some changes.

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