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"Synovial sarcoma patients death" behind the Putian Department of the company is now bidding for Baidu

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This article from the WeChat public number / slot, author / Bloomberg BusinessWeek - James Juan


Cancer immunotherapy with Chinese characteristics?

Beijing Armed Police Hospital tumor biology center at the hospital to Wei Zexi and accepted is DC-CIK cells immunotherapy, which is for abroad has been eliminated, but in China is booming in the tumor immune treatment.

However, according to the study results, it has much significance Different people, different views.. Although this treatment began in the United States, but due to the failure of clinical trials have been repeatedly, on the website of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) retrieval can see there are only two institutions in CIK cell therapy research. The first study was conducted in Standford. A groove (Dr-Venting) in the afternoon of April 29, telephone interview the Stanford University School of medicine in the media relations department of Becky Bach Ms., she said, indeed a CIK research at Stanford University School of medicine, but is it as adjunctive therapy in treatment of myeloproliferative diseases or bone marrow hypoplasia. In cancer immunotherapy, Standford hopes to explore newer, more effective therapies. In addition, Ms. Bach also clarified that, Stanford did not appear to be associated with any hospital in China engaged in cell therapy of cooperation, including Beijing Armed Police Hospital, she did not understand why the hospital in the publicity will emphasize is a technology introduced from the hospital and promised will work with lawyers to go into further investigation.


But in China it is not such a thing, in the Pubmed medical paper library can be seen, although the high quality of DC-CIK related papers is not much, but the author is almost exclusively Chinese people.


In accordance with the Planning Commission issued the first allow clinical application of the third class medical technology catalogue and immune cell therapy is limited in the scope of clinical research, the hospital can carry out immune treatment of clinical research, but in principle shall not charge any fees. But for the management of this technology is very confusing, Health Planning Commission and the food and Drug Administration seem to be avoided. Therefore, an experimental technology which should be clearly answered in the three phase of clinical, effectiveness, indications and so on, has now become an important therapeutic tool and profitable tool in hospitals across the country.

How to make money? The following is a cell technology for the characteristics of the biological company given the calculation: a CIK treatment fee for the first time, gross profit of 40%. If you work with the ten top three hospitals, each treatment of 200 people in the first year, three per person per course of treatment, one year gross profit of 15 million 120 thousand yuan.


The armed police hospital is what kind of home hospital?

At the beginning Wei Zexi and his family desperate, in Baidu search information treatment for synovial sarcoma, search is such a recommendation pages. Thanks to the enthusiastic netizens retained, because in the last two days Baidu found once again faced with the dilemma of public relations, has deleted completely. As you can see, the recommended position is ranked second in the second hospital of Beijing armed police.



The site marked is the official website of the hospital of Beijing Armed Police Corps, said that the introduction of the representative techniques in the field of tumor biological treatment, using DC immunotherapy and CIK immune treatment to eliminate cancer cells, so as to prolong survival and improve quality of life and to inhibit tumor progression.

However, experience tells us that whenever the page so loud, and dialog box appears in the hospital, there must be something. Our first step from the examination of the organizers ICP record start. Well, the subject of the record is a person, not a hospital.


To continue to pursue the hospital domain name registration information, Second Hospital of Beijing Armed Police registered for: KangXin hospital investment and Management Co. Ltd.



In cooperation with the second hospital of Beijing armed police is what company?

Their technology partner is Shanghai Ke Lessing Biological Technology Co. ltd.. About the company's recent news: March 3 in the evening, the source of Concord release plan, said the company intends to 11 million yuan acquisition of Shanghai Ke lasson Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 100% equity. Public data shows, Ke Lessing is one of the largest immune cell therapy. Coleson's official website also Stanford University medical center as a partner, Standford said the company does not understand the company.

Information from the public point of view, one family in Shanghai and the Beijing Armed Police Hospital Ke Lessing tumor biology center is also deeply attached to each other. Why do you see? Coleson even for hospital recruitment of nurses.



The answer is revealed, the boss is a person

We have found that Kang new company is the second hospital of Beijing Armed Police domain managers, Ke lasson are supporters of the second hospital of armed police immunocytochemistry techniques. Then, Xin Kang and Coleson again is what relationship?

Jane and Jane, one family they are deeply attached to each other, the boss is Putian people Chen Xinxian and Chen Xinxi brothers.

The chairman Ke Lessing company called Chen Xinxian, he published in the online news to guide the work of the company. The publicly traded information display, one of Coleson's former shareholders for Chen Xinxian's younger brother Chen Xinxi.


Chen Xinxian in addition to being Coleson chairman, there's two major medical institutions, public interview he introduced said, he registered in Singapore established Huakang medical Investment Group Co., Ltd., in Shanghai incorporated is Kang Hospital Investment Management Group Co., Ltd..

So, figure is such a relationship (time is tight, lack of art, sorry can only hand drawn):


Kang Chen Xinxian Putian people of new companies by contracting and other departments, management more than public hospital tumor department, engaged in hospital website construction and maintenance, baidu bidding, online consulting medical guide, or even directly involved in clinical treatment; biological company less Ke Lai, Chen Xinxian and his brother Chen Xinxi for these tumor department to provide technical services. This is a can not lose business, as long as the new head of the hospital to get health.

So the murder of the treatment, the hospital director of connivance, obtained the rank of Baidu contest price boost, has also been regulatory open one eye closed one eye acquiescence. Got cancer, cheated out of money and did not have the life of the patient is too poor, too helpless, too wronged.

How far away from the problem of the hospital?

Young Wei Zexi died, he was before the death of his own Baidu Inc, the military hospital and doctors to deceive the people, as the greatest evil in human nature. Media and a large number of doctors had a few years ago questioned cellular immunotherapy is invalid, but useless; comprises a groove (Dr-Venting) media and from the media have questioned Baidu for advertising operation of non-compliance, the disclosure of army hospital is the drawbacks of Putian contract, is also a natural and eggs.

But you can help protect their family and friends.

First of all, do not ask Baidu, everything do not ask Baidu, do not ask Baidu. Reason no longer explain.

Second, the caution of the military hospital. Forces a lot of hospital profit sections of Putian contract has said many times, the male, gynecology, infertility, skin diseases, traditional Chinese medicine department is the hardest hit, but I did not expect, even cancer patients of money they have to make, tumor patient's life they have to squeeze.


I am an atheist, but in this matter I expect a retribution, I hope all the people involved, including medical supervision officials, Baidu, hospital, Kang new people, Ke Lecter, night hear the cry Wei Zexi and other victims of.

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