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Android/iOS who copied who? The truth of this!

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Android and iOS are the hottest mobile market operating system, iOS touch screen and lead the trend, An Zhuoze put this trend to the world. Two kinds of products interweave together, bringing a richer consumer electronics experience, which should have been time is mobile Internet dreamy. However, iOS and Android fans of each other but quarreling, why would this be? A large part of the reason is because the two systems between the "copy" problem.


Android and iOS who seems to have the shadow of the other side

Between Android and IOS fans, the topic of "plagiarism" seems to be eternal, from a start IOS camp to denounce the Android copied the design concept, to now Android fans retort copy IOS, Android, the war of words has not been able to rest. In the end who is copied? In fact, whether it is Android or iOS, there are a lot of elements borrowed from other places. Today, let Xiaobian look at Android and iOS's "plagiarism".

1, touch design: Android iOS suspected plagiarism?

An Zhuoyi has been accused of plagiarism iOS, design of touch interface is definitely the most important evidence "". Android was not initially a touch screen operating system design, the prototype is similar to the full keyboard BlackBerry models. The spread of the Internet, Android prototype as follows, we can feel.


The spread of the Internet Android prototype, there is a big difference in future and touch design models


Android's interface seems to be the first not to touch screen design

However, when iPhone was born, Google seems to have been shocked senseless. The iPhone was released shortly after, Google and HTC launched the first Android phone, the G1 and Android operating system in this device still retains many traditional phone system of signs, for example it is not virtual keyboard, only with a sliding out of the full keyboard operation. However, G1 and is not a traditional mobile phone, people found that many elements of the G1 Ann Zhuo system interface and IOS are very similar, such as operation of picture zoom gesture menu, drag, almost and IOS is exactly the same.


After the release of the iPhone, the first Android phone G1 shortly after birth, this is not the complete machine touch screen

In addition to the seemingly more direct evidence, some other facts, also seems to show that there is a suspicion of plagiarism iOS design Android. For example, Google's former CEO Schmidt in Google after the acquisition of Android to enter the apple board. Schmidt in Apple's board of directors during the iPhone was born, the first Ann G1 Zhuoji then was born, Schmidt subsequently returned to the Google. In addition, known as the father of Andy Andrews? Lubin, also once was the apple employees. Although these events are not directly prove that Google's people to Apple stole some technology or idea, but really it is imagination.

2, flat UI is copied or represent the general trend?

Either iOS or Android, in recent years the same use of flat design. Many fans believe that iOS7 is a flat trend, Android 5 follow the flat design concept of iOS. But it is not really the case? In fact, this is not accurate.


Android and iOS are invariably use a flat design

First of all, in the mobile operating system of this one, the first use of flat design is not the apple iOS, but Microsoft's Windows Phone. The flat design of Microsoft very early in the Zune player uses the Metro style, continue to use the similar design language in Windows Phone. Secondly, IOS, Android and WP flat design in fact style is very different, IOS use frosted glass stacking hierarchy, and Ann Zhuo material design uses a large number of shadow created paper-cut effect, WP is using the magazines like the graphic mix row UI design. These three kinds of design style, and no obvious signs of plagiarism among. It is said that the flat iOS copy WP, Android or iOS copy flat, are biased.


After the iOS7 system with zoom animation and frosted glass to the performance level


Android Material Design with shadow shape paper-cut effect presentation level

The mobile operating system simultaneously using a flat design, because the flat design is really more suitable for touch screen concept. With the popularity of touch screen mobile phone, people's understanding of the touch screen control became deeper. Compared with the quasi physical design, flat design can more naturally more animation, it is easier on the touch screen of the single plane show UI level. Therefore, the UI flat design of iOS, Android and WP, in fact, is represent the general trend, is difficult to talk about what is not plagiarism plagiarism.

3, card design: everyone copied WebOS?

Although the IOS and Android flat UI in the overall style, difference is very big, but in some of the details, there is still a lingering depending on the sense of that. The most obvious point is that, in the new version of iOS, the frequent card design similar to Android. For example, IOS background multitasking interface, and Android likeness; and in Safari, multi label switching card interface is simply an Zhuo chrome version. It is easy to have copied the idea of Android iOS.



The design of multi label iOS browser is the basic version of the mobile version of Chrome

Perhaps, Android, IOS card design is indeed a plagiarism suspicion, but about the card design, have to say the two are descendants of WebOS. WebOS palm launched in 2009 is mobile operating system, the palm name for intelligent machine of old players should is famous. WebOS is completely up to the Palm fame, design concept card type multi task switching it uses, particularly impressive.


This is the WebOS interface, it is the originator of the card design

Unfortunately, due to the ecological system and other reasons, WebOS is not popular. But this does not mean that WebOS elegant design disappear in the crowd -- Google hire a designer of WebOS, Android 4.0 holo interface, it is the product of such a background.



WebOS Android and Holo Design from the same designer

Android 4 Holo interface, use the design concept of a large number of WebOS, the original WebOS card multitasking interface to Android. In the next 5, Android 6, Google uses the Material Design language design more fashionable, but the design of card multitasking, still be handed down. The design of visual effect is very intuitive, but also very suitable gestures. Apple is aware of the advantages of the design, therefore, this design has also been studied in the past apple.

4, the notification Center: in the end who first copy?

Now both Android, IOS, Windows Phone System, the operation of outbound notifications center are consistent, as long as the notification bar to drop, notification center will appear vividly eyes. This design in the three systems, the first is the first to appear in Android. Soon, iOS also appeared in a similar design, Android fans have accused Apple copied the idea of Android.


IOS and Android are used to design the notification center drop-down exhaled, Android appears to be earlier

The drop-down notification bar design out the notification center, Android is ahead of iOS use. But in fact, both of which are not the original design. After receipt of the notification, the notification center pull notice design can be exhaled, in fact WebOS appeared earlier; and in the drop-down notification bar out the notification center design, a iOS jailbreak plugin has also been achieved too. In other words, both Android and iOS, the design of the notification center is not original.


Today, Android and iOS drop-down menu is very different, Android drop-down menu also serves as the control center of the role

So, WebOS is leading a variety of design trends. It is a pity that the design concept of WebOS is very difficult to build a strong ecological system, it uses HTML to build all kinds of application developers, the revenue is difficult to guarantee. Coupled with Palm and without Google and apple as strong business position, WebOS did not succeed in the mobile market, unfortunately.

5, split screen multitasking: neat copy of Win?

In the latest version of iOS and Android, we can see the design of split screen multitasking. For example, iPad Pro, the user can simultaneously open two App are respectively arranged on both sides of the screen, for the convenience of observation and operation. In Android N, has a similar design. Although IOS and Android are invariably appear this design, but this did not cause between powder and powder spray, because the design is very obvious, is Microsoft pioneered the use of.


IOS9 uses a split screen multi task


Android N (Android 7) also supports split screen multi task


The Win system is the forerunner of the mobile device screen multi task

Similar design can be traced back to the earliest Win7, Microsoft introduced in Win7 Aero Peek. This design can let users need only a simple drag the window to the edge of the screen, it is convenient to left and right side of the window two. In Win8, a similar function has been improved, whether traditional or new Win32 program, Windows Metro App, are about split screen display. In Win10, the function of further evolution, users can even lay 4 window. While iOS and Android split screen multitasking now can only lay two windows, have not learned.

6, the background process mechanism: Android, iOS learn from each other?

The most common dispute between iOS and Android users, "the true background" should be regarded as a. Many Android gamers will the mechanics behind the satirical IOS is false background, because IOS will freeze app background process, background app often not app and front desk work at the same time; and IOS users that Android so-called "background" is not suitable for mobile environment to use, what cow ghost snake god app is in the background registration process resources consumption, only another phone into a hand warmer. But now, the background process mechanism of iOS and Android have some same taste.


Android introduced 6 Doze models will fall dormancy background process

Apple in IOS 7, gives the background process some privileges, background process and will not only be silly frozen, but began to do some tasks on a regular basis, such as news client in the morning can automatically download new content and so on. While Android's background, has gradually not so can do, Android 6 tightening background permissions, equipment Static after a period of time, the background will be dormant system, so as to save electricity. Therefore, the background mechanism of iOS and Android actually getting closer, although still far from both the reference as like as two peas, but some of the design ideas of the opponent.

7, in the open system permissions: measure and rules

In addition to the background, another difference between iOS and Android on the mechanism, is the system access. Android is representative of the open system, the app can wantonly apply for all kinds of authority, so as to realize the function of the rich; and IOS in this area has received relatively tight, app can apply for the privileges compared to Android a lot less, also trigger to geographic position relates to the permissions of the user privacy, users also need personally confirm authorization. Android's open many risks, many app will abuse of authority; and IOS strict permission rules bring more safe use of the environment, but the app can do things Co., such as IOS for a long time input method can custom.


IOS open more and more privileges, while Android began to tighten permissions

Now, the situation is changed. Android permissions management has already begun to tighten, authority management system has become the standard Android native; at the same time, IOS also began to relax some system permissions, app has allowed flow generated in the background, and input method and so on authority also had been distributed to the third-party app. Obviously, Android and iOS have "copy" of some of the ideas of the other party, authority mechanism of the two systems when compared to just released, is close to a lot of.

8, voice assistant, fingerprint, health center, payment and other functions: iOS trend

If it is said that in mechanism system, Android and IOS have a trend towards the other side stepped, then in some of the ace, IOS can claim to be a trendsetter, and Android looks more like a the footsteps. For example, Apple launched the first iOS4 intelligent voice assistant Siri, Android quickly in the Android 4.1 using Google Now to keep pace; Apple first in iOS7 first joined the fingerprint recognition, while Android will follow up on the Android 5.1. In addition, there are health centers, mobile payment and other functions, is the first to market iOS. Android launched in the same function is still somewhat lagging behind, which seems to make Android dropped the "copy" iOS excuse?


First, fingerprint recognition technology NFC induction is not apple, but iOS provides a very suitable soil technology

However, instead of saying that Android is plagiarism iOS function, rather than follow the Android iOS business model. IOS new features, most of the time is not the first time. Such as before iphone5s, Motorola has launched mobile phone with fingerprint recognition, iPhone but the fingerprint recognition did a new height; another example is apple pay payment, the dependence of the NFC function earlier popular in the Android, IOS ecosystem to promote the development of NFC mobile payment. Because of the technology integration, to create ecological aspects, iOS is indeed stronger than Android, the new function of iOS can easily be considered the first technology. Therefore, said Android highlights the copying of iOS is not accurate, Android just took the lead iOS trend.


Android and iOS has been more and more perfect, the mobile operating system can discover the explosion point, in fact, slowly reduced. In the mobile Internet environment, how to integrate various ecological equipment, make all aspects of their services by the user's life, is a common vision of IT firms. In this way, with touch-screen device hardware and no major breakthrough, mobile operating system is more similar, is also reasonable. 7 Android and iOS10 will soon release the official version, looking forward to a new generation of mobile operating system to come!

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