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Alipay can not toss dead?

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Editor's note: The author Keso, starting in the article Micro Signal & ldquo; Keso how to see & rdquo; (ID: kesoview), 36 krypton given the right to reprint.

Alipay Version 9.9 released on schedule, bad reviews are predictable. A Zen said: & ldquo; a joke, Alipay interface and a revision. & Rdquo; chief product designer before Alipay white crow believe that a version change, let users can not find their common features, this is the will of the company will rape user, the user is a great disrespect.

In fact, this version of Alipay has measured a very long period of time, as the closed beta users, I also participated in several product communication will, without exception, every time I would personally Tucao. Alipay has a micro-channel heart, I always laugh, but I am also very clear that no matter how the outside world Tucao, Alipay people will never change their minds. There will be some compromise, for example, you criticized the attempt by adding a weather module to improve the user opens the rate is purely a dream, they will humbly accept, and removed the next day the weather module versions. If you criticized Alipay attempt to establish the relationship between the user by introducing a so-called living area, this is purely wishful thinking, they smiled, then keep trying.

Everyone knows that Ali did not do social gene; everyone knows, is not a suitable place inside the wallet flirting affectionate; everyone knows, cut social payments belong yielded pay cut social belonging futile. Everyone is not good, everyone says is not feasible, the first thing everyone will read scolded, Alipay still insists, must adhere to the road to go, I am afraid that this thing is not so simple to ignore user habits, there must be sufficient grounds had so dry.

If you read the May Mary & middot; Mick Internet report this year, I wonder if you are following this slide there is no impression.


Alipay founded in 2004, 12 years of glorious 12 years of hardships. Micro-channel payment is August 5, 2013 with the launch of version 5.0 of micro letter, just 3 years old. Growth Alipay regarded as rapidly, but with a micro-channel pay than immediately eclipsed. Everyone said micro-channel pay great potential, the subtext is Alipay ten years the city has established very strong, but inadvertently, has long been not just micro-channel pay a lot of potential. My family fruit shop downstairs, close to the two-dimensional code on the counter, you can scan code were paid by micro-channel or Alipay. I asked the female owner, sweep the yard which more people? She answered: & ldquo; over ninety percent are micro letter. & Rdquo; rather critical.

This is today facing competition Alipay situation, the payment items, micro-channel pay 3-year-old to 12-year-old Alipay far behind, hard to imagine that a dramatic change occurred in the last year. The result was the largest in the electronic business platform Taobao exclusive support Alipay exclusively made in the case, which shows strong potential micro-channel pay. As you praise in a year-old baby in the future may become a good boxer, people have been knocked out Tyson flourishing.

Alipay had regressed so, as once invincible Mike Tyson. By secured transactions, so the lack of any basis of trust in C2C e-commerce, more than ten years ago, China is beginning to flourish. Quick Release payment is the result of almost all major Chinese banks from the concept to the facilities, all set in a family, a result that users cool, but payment platform has almost nothing to gain, but let such a micro-channel pay later by eliminating the need to communicate with the bank-by-house, from the beginning the development and deployment of trouble fast payment infrastructure. Balance Bao border financial innovation has even the Internet to a new realm, a new level, the balance of treasure in the money even without removing directly as cash to spend, so far this convenience is hard to beat.

Is such a mighty PayPal, now often ask the question is: Can Alipay by Conservative defensible? For ants Kim service domestic business group president Fan Zhiming responsible Alipay business, the answer is obvious: the game is.


As the number of monthly active users ranking the top three mobile applications (according to Analysys statistics sails), if Alipay not actively go out to attack, but continue to stick to the payment of & ldquo; & rdquo ;, the sub-micro letter let alone restrict pay, but even the existing status have no guarantee. & Ldquo; If only Alipay payment, financial, payment, transfers, credit card payments of these features, you can have it open high frequency? & Rdquo; Fan Zhiming who asked him to stay focused and keep pure person, he meant was, you might really like as a treasure to pay, but you certainly do not often use it, and slowly, you will more and more payment scene transferred to the micro-letter. & Ldquo; Why do you keep micro-channel to stay focused? & Rdquo;

In the outside world that Alipay is still strong enough, but clearly Alipay managers feel the breath of death. That's what you think Alipay has been agonizing, but they are never tired of reasons. Nobody wants to die, no one knew he was dying that is not also struggling. They think they found the cause, and out of the only correct prescription drugs just need time to bear fruit.

Of course, I totally disagree with their prescription, I think they are doing something they do not know and certainly do bad things, do not save Alipay, and may even allow Alipay die faster, and I certainly would not put my life into the relationship between Alipay. But one thing I Fan Zhiming judgment is the same & mdash; & mdash; pay treasure deep crisis, does not change there is no future, do not toss really dead.

& Ldquo; the focus, simple payment and financial instruments you want, we will certainly do according to your needs, but it is not called Alipay, it is called Treasure ants. & Rdquo; Fan Zhiming said. By Fan Zhiming idea of ​​future payments, banking and other financial functions are all transferred to the ant Treasure, Alipay completely turned into a scene of large data fully supported living service platform. Well, I can not imagine a man named & ldquo; Alipay & rdquo; something not even pay function. But Alipay is yours, you give yourself a prescription medical consultation, medical dead is your own business.

But I sincerely hope Alipay live, and live well.

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