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Microsoft executives: HoloLens described as among the most advanced new technology products

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August 24, according to foreign media reports VentureBeat as help develop Web TV, Ultimate TV, Xbox 360 and Xbox One hardware and chip-known engineer, Nick Baker (Nick Baker) rarely seen in public. However, recently he appeared Hot Chips semiconductor Assemblies, specifically about the Microsoft holographic computer helmet HoloLens internal hardware. HoloLens described as one of today's most advanced new technology products.

HoloLens exploded view

Baker said, HoloLens is Microsoft's mixed reality (through a rich combination of sensors will be the virtual world and the real world into a digital integration experience) vision Pioneer products. According to technology consulting firm Digi-Capital estimates that by 2020, this augmented reality experience may give birth to a size of up to $ 120 billion market.

Baker said, "We have not made as HoloLens" My World "(Minecraft), but we have a game called Fragments of The game can tell you that our definition of mixed reality."

Fragments game can help you understand the mixed reality

Since March, HoloLens as a developer kit for sale, priced $ 3,000. Microsoft is still trying to reduce manufacturing costs of this product, which lets you see in the real world superimposed on a 3D hologram. For example, in the anatomy class, you can see the animated version of the skeleton in the lab.

Baker presented the situation from the point of view, HoloLens described as technically "beast", it is built multiple sensors, processing and communications chips, custom nano-optics, spatial stereo components and high-definition microdisplays. It can not bring the cable constraints experience, users do not need to connect it to a PC, it also has a perspective lens. Arithmetic processing inside the helmet, thick battery is surrounded by your head. It can gaze, gestures and voice processing to input system. The device itself contains dozens of components.

"For HoloLens, we know we have to innovate simultaneously in three areas, namely, input, output and design." Baker said, "HoloLens support local Holographic computing. You do not have to make any mark on the environment, you do not have to rely on external cameras and other devices, you do not through a cable to connect it to other devices. it operates without relying on mobile phones, do not need to rely on a laptop. to make the system equipped with Windows 10 computers to interact, you need to do is conduct gaze, gestures and speech input. "

Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Nick Baker

"Since we built sensor technology, you can move around freely in your environment." Baker said, "I can walk around at home, walked from one room to another room. Hologram appears, will surround you with objects seamless integration. this is a mixed reality, which is a more natural way to interact. "

He also said that a few days before he left the piece of holographic dog is still on the piano, the next day when he came home he was still there.

"Mixed experience many different reality and augmented reality means." Baker represented.

He said, in order to develop a HoloLens, Microsoft has gone in a number of departments, together with the co-operation. In Mountain View, chip design teams from the Microsoft Web TV acquisitions. It is one of the most important assets of the project company, because it allows the software giant to engage in Xbox hardware development era. However, unlike in the past for the Xbox 360 chip design project, which was once an engineer in Mountain View is also responsible for the system design HoloLens.

Microsoft's team must customize their own optics, chip and hardware, not just to create a standard graphics processor (GPU) and central processing unit (CPU). The device is equipped with Intel's 14 nm on Cherry Trail chip CPU, the main logic board has 64GB of flash memory and 2GB of memory. HoloLens comes with stereo speakers, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

In addition, HoloLens said Microsoft also has custom holographic processing unit (HPU). Microsoft in Mountain View, hardware engineering team must be in-house developed HPU. The HPU chip is quite complex, there are 65 million logic gates and 8MB of static random access memory (SRAM), by the TSMC 28-nanometer manufacturing process crafted.

HoloLens goggles subsystem

Microsoft to create a number of different subsystems, including optical imaging and optical combiner. The latter may be the real world and the virtual image together. The company had to build displays, head-tracking system and gesture sensors. Display consists of two liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) composition, similar to the projector. If these systems are too slow systems, the moving image is not so fast your head, then you will have a sense of vertigo. Goggles is for protection purposes.

HoloLens sensor bar features custom 3D depth camera (used to scan your environment), four environmental sensors camera, ambient light sensor and a 2 million pixel high-definition camera. It also has inertial measurement means for head tracking information to quickly provide updates. If you quickly turn your head, it will be in a few milliseconds between transmit information to display.

HoloLens main logic board

Microsoft developed the technology more than five years, Baker said HoloLens There are five major prototype.

"It took us several years to make us feel that we can launch to industrial design." He said, "to ensure that people do not dizziness very important."

Engineers must enable the user to see the details of the hologram, so as to improve their image resolution. Helmets can be adjusted before and after, so it can cater to different head sizes and preferences. Its design also need to cater to those who wear glasses. HoloLens does not have a fan or heat sink, thus everything had energy efficient.

In February, Microsoft sent to the International Space Station a HoloLens, astronauts use it to complete its first Skype call from space.

Future, Microsoft will bring Windows Holographic as a platform, so that other virtual reality helmet manufacturers can also be used.

Turning to the development of the industry, Baker said technicians from various companies can cooperate to enhance the head-mounted display unit perspective. Most helmets are barely provide 100-degree viewing angle, and humans, there are 180-degree viewing angle. Retinal recessed rendering technology in this respect can help bring the technology to render the height of the user's eyes only see the image. In addition, there are other problems to be solved, such as tactile feedback.

"You can not touch and feel the hologram." Baker said, "These are some of the views I have for the future of the entire industry can cooperate to improve aspects."

HoloLens allows you to see a virtual image in reality

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