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Acquisition of glutinous rice, introduced Takeout, invested 20 billion, or O2O Baidu would lose?

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收购糯米、推出外卖、投资收购糯米、推出外卖、投资 200 亿,为什么百度 O2O 还是一场必输无疑的赌局?

Text / deep network coverage group (phase Hin, according to Han Min)

Sell ​​or not to sell? These days, the future fate of Baidu takeaway removed several times.

Despite rumors Baidu sell takeout business a long time, but this time the rumors seem to be more violent and more emphatic.

September 6 night, Baidu official microblogging issued an emergency statement: Recent media reports Baidu and new American and merger talks on rice and takeout business, does not match with the facts related rumors, Baidu has never hired Renaissance merger talks .

Although the company Baidu, Baidu takeaway and rice have started to sell outside clarified rumors, but according to the "Deep Web" (Micro Signal: qqshenwang) understand that this merger from the confusing, is not nothing.

First, Baidu plans to sell take-away business a long time, from the beginning of Baidu has been in contact for months with the United States Mission reviews "Deep Web" access to information is, until last week the two sides are still negotiating the final deal still needs about two months, that is the end of October may be the result.

Secondly, in addition to the US group, Baidu and hungry Mody, Jingdong has been exposed. US group to talk about long-pending reviews and Baidu main reason is that the merged company's shares accounted for Baidu problems, Baidu hopes to get US group reviews the shares, but does not want the United States Mission reviews aspects of Baidu holds rights on future business.

In addition, the sale of takeaway message Baidu business has been more determined, but whether the rice sold in the column is still unknown.

Two years ago, the beginning of Baidu acquisition of glutinous rice into a comprehensive O2O business, and since then, Baidu to O2O business has gone from attention, increase investment in the end quietly abandon the process.

Baidu's O2O strategy has been optimistic about the outside world is not, however, in the past a large investment, Baidu do O2O really only a failure of this ending?

Potential sacrifice

September 1, Baidu World Conference held in China World Hotel, which is the most important one Baidu annual conference in this conference, Baidu founder, CEO Robin Li and Baidu important business of the responsible person will be & ldquo; go out to see off & rdquo ;, to the outside world about Baidu to think about the future strategy, and the next key development.

Thus, Baidu Baidu World Conference is the outside world a glimpse into development strategies, programs and center of gravity of the window, in this window, Li's position is of particular interest.

In an hour-long opening speech, Li AI expand all around. Baidu O2O business, only because the relationship between Baidu takeaway spokesman, Li mentioned once. Has assumed the burden of Li Mingyuan Baidu O2O, not even appear in the speaker bar.

This had a very different attitude: Baidu Takeout Baidu CEO Robin Li was pinned on Baidu breakthrough mobile Internet dream, in addition to Baidu O2O business raised to a high position, announced 20 billion invested heavily enough to explain the rise of this business Baidu attention.

At last year's World Congress on Baidu, Robin Li lecture most of the space in mention O2O business, or even stand Baidu primary task is to develop O2O, & ldquo; Baidu O2O future revenues will surpass search revenue & rdquo ;.

In the case of this year has been different.

In the first half of this year to accept the interview, Li referred to his attitude toward O2O business, for O2O business results & ldquo; we can not say completely satisfied & rdquo;, & ldquo; if it did, however, do not do, to do decision also do. & Rdquo;

Then in this year's Baidu World Congress, O2O Li was completely forgotten, this year's focus is artificial intelligence.

The only problem is, the transaction is subject Baidu takeaway takeout alone or with rice packaged for sale, buyers will be who, Baidu will get much benefit from the transaction.

Early admission

The O2O business development blamed on the poor attitude of hesitation Li, Baidu may not be too late admission objective, in fact, Baidu admission no less than Tencent, Alibaba night.

As early as June 2010, Baidu's Hao123 on the last line of the & ldquo; buy navigation & rdquo; function. A year later, & ldquo; Hao123 buy navigation & rdquo; upgraded & ldquo; Baidu buy navigation & rdquo ;, thus getting more attention.

October 2012, Baidu split map, set up a separate division LBS, and before the establishment LBS Division, Baidu Baidu side map actually finishing and other applications, and to move closer to the local areas of life.

After the founding of LBS business, Baidu map adds all kinds of life service functions: In addition to the deals, hotel reservations and other services integrated into the map, but also includes applications in April 2013 access Didi taxi (now known as Didi) online taxi, in June 2013 to support the movie ticket seat selection function.

After the realignment, Baidu map application that has many users, Baidu has become an important carrier O2O business.

As can be seen from the operation, Baidu enter O2O time and not too late, but from the business layout view, the early Baidu conduct O2O business did not really fall, as more information intermediary with the US group, the public comment, handles network and so fast that time of O2O company compared to Baidu lack of upstream resources of the control, use the map as a support O2O business, it is difficult to produce an independent brand, and then get bigger audience.

2013, Baidu buy navigation starting from simple information to downstream evolution, buy on-line self-service. But in that time the market competition, Baidu buy the business market self-awareness is not high, competitive advantage is not obvious. In order to promote the development of O2O business, Baidu began with the capital means extension into the second round.

Acquisitions and investments

Baidu acquisition of glutinous rice is O2O business into the second stage of the flag.

August 2013, Baidu announced to the sticky web of strategic investment $ 160 million, to obtain about 59% of the shares, becoming the largest shareholder of sticky web. January 2014, Baidu announced the acquisition of all of the sticky web of the shares held by all networks. Under the agreement, the transaction is completed Baidu will become the single largest shareholder of rice wholly-owned network. In March, glutinous rice network officially changed its name to Baidu.

March 7 that year, Baidu launched rice & ldquo; 3 & middot; 7 girls section & rdquo; activities, access to good results. Continuation of the subsidy war thinking & ldquo; 3 & middot; 7 girls section & rdquo; as Baidu rice punch a beautiful report card data, it is said to this transcript enhance confidence in the O2O business Li, Baidu rice thus obtained more resources to support.

After that, Li began to personally O2O business platform, and has revealed the Foreign Baidu determination on O2O business, mid-2014, Baidu formally launched takeaway. So far, Baidu buy in, takeout and other areas of the US group, the public comment, it has begun to hungry showdown.

June 30, 2015, has rarely attended the press conference, Robin Li of Baidu in unexpected rice & ldquo; members + & rdquo; strategy conference, and release & ldquo; Baidu account on there more than 500 billion in cash to acquire a 20 billion yuan to the rice well & rdquo; pronouncements. In the same year on the Baidu World Conference, Li & ldquo; The primary task is to develop O2O business & rdquo; remarks, once again stressed the O2O business to Baidu's position.

Baidu vice president, Zeng Liang, general manager of Baidu rice in 2015, disclosed in an interview over the goal: In 2008 Ultra review in two years over the United States Mission.

But the situation worsened in October of that year. October 8, 2015, the US group and the public comment joint statement, announced a strategic partnership, the two sides have jointly set up a new company, the new company will become China's leader in the field O2O platform.

That time, the face of the US group and the combined outcome of public comment, Baidu rice still feeling out & ldquo; Baidu rice buy the industry ahead of the second KPI & rdquo; joke and said that & ldquo; have the opportunity to contribute to rival merger & rdquo ;. But the industry's first and second sectors combined accounted for the vast majority of buy market share in the O2O business obtained an absolute leading edge, compared to Baidu rice strength disparities.

The first in the industry and industry join forces to suppress opponents of the second pattern, if you want to break, which means the need for greater investment in rice. Not only buy in the take-away business, the US group Takeout, hungry, it is also to put pressure on Baidu takeaway.

Changes in industry structure, making Baidu O2O business has almost lost hope of competing for the first industry. At the same time with the arrival of winter capital, Baidu executives on whether to continue to invest heavily O2O is shaking, glutinous rice Baidu, Baidu takeaway marketing campaign also will tend to be conservative.

Since the second half of last year, Baidu rice subsidies, takeout business significantly reduced, despite the 20 billion invested in the previous pronouncements, but according to Zeng Liang revealed that the first half of this year, the money is only paid out half of which there are over 20 one hundred million is the establishment of rice Film Fund.

O2O captured in battle, Baidu system resources leading role O2O is not obvious.

In 2014, Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan Baidu World Conference in the year on the grand launch of direct number, but the effect is not ideal. The 51 car Baidu investment, Uber China, every day vehicles, such as the limited synergies, in fact, the fate of these companies, it can hardly be better.

Devote too late O2O business decision Baidu rice, Takeout disadvantage in the competition, but according to "Deep Web": problems of (Micro Signal qqshenwang) survey, the internal mechanism is also an important reason for the development of Baidu Takeout not ring true.

Path Dependence

Started to search for Baidu is a typical technology-oriented company, O2O business early technical content is limited, in order to develop this business, it has turned to Baidu marketing system to seek help.

Push O2O is the development of the company's initial moat.

Generally, O2O companies need to rely on strong in the early push the team to build barriers on business, especially in the takeaway and buy these two sub-sectors, pushed arguably not the most innovative, but it is expanding the market most lines the effective way.

To this end, the US group and what are hungry to build a team of their own to push the Iron Army, the US group CEO was hired Ali Wang from dry Jiawei gave the US group management team sweep the streets huge fine and standardized, since then, the US group from the wilderness into a field army combat operations in the second salesman joined the US group's Shen Peng is taken up the entire US Mission takeaway pushed the team; and hungry it in the early days, only 400 people half of the team is to push staff.

Later, those who did not use Baidu takeaway predecessors strategy. Pushed to the ground, take the self-employed Baidu + proxy mode.

In the four-tier cities, Baidu takeaway push policy is to push the line a number of cities in the fields of work assigned to all the agents, the agents will provide Baidu takeaway brands, products, capital, management experience and a series of platform resources, each Baidu takeaway from the cities sent by the 1-2 city manager responsible for training and the whole situation.

Only in the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen such first-tier cities, Baidu takeaway before taking & ldquo; self & rdquo; way push, such as the distribution of leaflets to the work of the outsourcing companies responsible.

Baidu pushed to the ground to take their self-+ proxy mode in the search business years accumulated huge sales network related, in the search PPC business model, Baidu established a nationwide sales network of agents, in order to quickly spread business while simultaneously minimizing cost reduction, Baidu select an existing sales system to seek help.

According to the "Deep Web" (Micro Signal: qqshenwang) understand, Baidu takeaway around the agency, mostly Agent original search business.

After last July by the carrier plans to spin, Baidu takeaway have their own CEO Gongzhen Bing, Baidu Gong served as Director of the Department of channels a large area, the national director of the channel, Cable under combat capability. In the eyes of employees Baidu takeaway, Gongzhen Bing is a & ldquo; ground gas & rdquo;, & ldquo; understand sales & rdquo; boss level employees affectionately call him & ldquo; & rdquo ;. big Gong

Baidu takeaway in early development, Gong Zhenbing even personally went to the restaurant to see if the line is added to Baidu takeaway internet. But this & ldquo; ground gas & rdquo; the practice in a number of cities to push did not work. Do push through a proxy surface mode light, the path is simple, can quickly spread even market & mdash; & mdash; as long as the third party to hire staff to push the line to talk about the list, to persuade restaurants can shop on the internet. But the problem is, proxy mode for fine management and promotion of the area is not well controlled, while O2O bleak earnings outlook also affects Baidu agents who put this business determination.

Losing gamble?

In addition to difficult to control the push strategy, Baidu takeaway internal corruption are eroding their own future.

A regional manager of Beijing Baidu Takeout "Deep Web," said Beijing had allocated to the three agencies through the tender outsourcing company, sold to foreign outsourcing company Baidu push funding of 100 million per month, but recently in order to cut costs will be reduced three to one. A more serious problem is that there are Baidu staff found that this outsourcing company turned out to be in the area of ​​direct marketing manager of the company shares.

& Ldquo; Baidu takeaway inside is like being eroded as worms. & Rdquo; the employee puts it. Moth to erosion than by direct manager level, "Deep Web" was informed that a similar incident also occurred in Baidu takeaway senior body.

August 31 this year, Baidu takeaway to adjust the internal structure of the hair by an internal e-mail, said Chen Qing, vice president due to health reasons leave for some time. Chen Qing in Baidu takeaway inside the high status of external exposure frequency after CEO Gongzhen Bing, chairman Liu Chun, so the & ldquo; sick leave & rdquo; a bit abrupt.

According to Baidu insiders, the so-called & ldquo; break & rdquo; in fact, & ldquo; & rdquo ;. dismissed The main reason is dismissed Chen Qing kangaroo company that uses resources and takeaway shop Baidu cooperation, suspected internal related party transactions. However, this claim was denied Baidu takeaway aspect, said it was slander.

In addition to issues of internal mechanisms, Baidu takeaway on the grass-roots staff KPI assessment also was not very refined. This directly affects the water line Baidu takeaway, market share and overall orders can improve.

According to the "Deep Web" is understood within the US group has a very detailed consideration of standard KPI: Based buy takeaway and restaurant data, and then worked out according to the number of businesses around, buy water, compared to the market situation and take-off price and other secondary data each city corresponding KPI, and then refine the need to check how many new businesses, to talk about how much such a cooperation index assigned to push people around.

& Ldquo; but Baidu takeaway pushed team KPI seem too general, flowing performance-related, but we are not told specifically how to enhance the water. & Rdquo; the regional manager of Baidu Takeout "Deep Web," said.

Takeout stay, to go yet remain sticky

Baidu Takeaway is unable to retain relatively sure thing, but from a few days of rumors tug of war can be seen, the two companies still ongoing interests of the game.

On Baidu, the best outcome is to sell to the United States Mission reviews Baidu takeaway, while access to the US group reviews of the shares in this way to get a place in the O2O industry while opening the gap for the rice business with the United States Mission Reviews Cooperation , reduce competition to reduce investment, will not be too tragic.

US group in terms of reviews, shake hands with Baidu takeaway favor weakening the strength of competition in the market, reducing the deficit to further expand market share, focused on dealing with hungry yet.

The game, the US Mission Reviews occupy a more active position, if the two sides could not agree, the US group reviews the impact on the market share of the dominant control, the worst result is the loss will continue and possibly expand. And Baidu Takeaway is different, outside of the United States Mission reviews, no longer the country can then set the reliable choice for Baidu takeaway.

Baidu Takeaway is to choose teeth bite the bullet and go, or choose to compromise, will determine the final outcome of this game.

In this confusing merger, the fate of rice is still somewhat obscure.

Baidu's service in the whole O2O ecological system, Baidu rice, phone Baidu and Baidu maps are three complementary core composition.

Specifically, the search-based traffic information service, the phone Baidu can send business and service information more intelligently recommend users search; relying LBS location-based services, Baidu map allows business based on the location and scope of the precise delivery, allowing users to quickly on the map found to meet the requirements of businesses; and finally, the service demand from users and businesses to provide, will be realized from the acquisition of a closed loop to complete the transaction service information through Baidu rice rich marketing tool.

For Baidu, the glutinous rice is a user to obtain an excellent entry transactions, these transactions on the financial services Baidu also has a great significance.

Good rice had recently talked about the merger with US group reviews the topic had said so, & ldquo; from the current situation in terms of the game, anything can happen in this world, but from Baidu's point of view, we do not have rice strong urge to merge. & Rdquo;

Had good attitude and environment-related, and different takeaway, buy this model itself has been in decline, the original buy site have transformation to service O2O platform, competition is easing, reducing the willingness by combining subsidies are no longer strong.

In terms of synergies or cost point of view, there is no possibility of glutinous rice was sold themselves takeaway so high, but whether this business will become Baidu at the negotiating table for the greater good of chips, then there are variables.

Although the final outcome remains unknown, but fully turned to artificial intelligence Baidu has walked away. For the past few years O2O this Sturm und Drang industry, Baidu takeaway story, has opened a new chapter in the industry.

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