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Microsoft monster Server Windows can once again subvert the entire industry?

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Editor's note: decades ago, Microsoft (Microsoft) company is a beast in the field of computer Internet, whether it is a MS-DOS of the operating system, or the classic Windows system, once launched quickly occupied the market commercial desktop computer. As early as Novell (Nowell software company) also puzzled, Windows has begun to quietly absorb OS/2 system gene, transformed into Windows NT system and NT server system. Even if the Novell strong occupy the early PC (personal computer) network market, by the end of 1990s, Novell has been much less than before.


2016, Microsoft three years ago to restart the interrupted Server 2012 R2 server system evolution and variation, and finally released the latest Server Windows 2016 server operating system. Server 2016 released to enhance the market position of Microsoft server platform, from a local deployment server is growing as an integral part of the current business cloud computing virtualization, cloud based operation of the company.

Said the 2016 Server and Tastes differ all tastes., but want to do everything for the user: not only is the virtual management program is more heavyweight and lightweight Cloud Application container! It is not only a high performance storage platform, but also a security platform!

However, just like the movie people for Godzilla misunderstanding, Windows Server 2016 is unlikely to gain general acceptance. Anyway, relative to the Linux has provided many years of virtual container services and VMW has been provided by the virtual storage area network, Server 2016 release is indeed a little late.

However, every function of Server 2016 is fairly strong, and it is easier to use than both of the previous two, especially for PowerShell's experienced users. Benefit from Microsoft has been in their own Azure cloud services on the application of Server server experience, the current Server 2016 enough to challenge even more than its virtual competitors.

Technical preview function evaluation

Server 2016 is based on the previous two generation server system Sever 2012 and Sever 2012 R2 evolved. In addition to a number of similar changes in the Windows 10 desktop, Sever 2016 graphical user interface (GUI) relative to the previous two generations did not change much.


Server 2016 Manager Sever (server management program) with the previous two generations of Server 2012 R2 and Server 2012 are basically the same.

Evaluation personnel based on 2016Technical Preview Server 5 (technical preview version) on the Server2016 some of the major changes as well as the main features of the evaluation.

Evaluation of the two sets of evaluation program: a set of evaluation is running on the Azure virtual laboratory and set by the Microsoft, to be familiar with the key features of Server 2016. Second sets of evaluation is the server in individual laboratory, and for the fictional monster Island Company (Monster Island Incorporated) set up a local network deployment, in order to better the overall assessment of the Server 2016 platform and its compatibility.

Turn material resources to good account

To make full use of the function of Server 2016 server configuration is compatible with the X64 instruction set architecture of the Intel or AMD processor, and the corresponding need to support two level address conversion (Second Level Address Translation) EPT Virtualization (Intel processor) or Nested Paging Tables (AMD processor). Given the minimum form that can be run on RAM Server 512MB 2016 compact GUI, at least 2GB start Experience Desktop installation. In addition, at least SATA of the 32GB or SCSI controller hard disk space to start the physical server, at least one Express PCI Gigabit Ethernet adapter (adapter Ethernet).

It is said that there is no virtualization of the old system can fully run Server2016.


Server 2016 Essentials version

The various versions of Server 2016, either in the local deployment or remote services are ready to open to Microsoft's cloud. The first is a small business based Essential Server server operating system, mainly used for less than 25 users of the network and up to 50 devices connected.


The Essentials Server control panel is a highly simplified management tool that has not changed much over the past four years.


Essentials Experience Server provides a variety of ways to connect to Azure.

Since the introduction of the release of the Server 2012 Server Essentials Experience almost did not change, including a remote desktop protocol (Remote Desktop Protocol) quickly integrated wizard administrator login control panel and a variety of Microsoft cloud services.

Office365 collaboration services;

Intune mobile device management;

Azure virtual network: through the virtual private channel to the local network to add Azure cloud services;

Azure restore backup and disaster recovery services.

Server 2016 other versions of the current can be directly run experience Essentials, without having to downgrade Directory Active license. This means that basically can be expanded to meet the needs of Server Essentials and at the same time to ensure the same plug and play (plug-and-play) integrated Azure cloud services and remote management tools based on the same RDP, all this does not require the full remote management tool or System Center2016 license file.

Nano Server Windows

Nano Server is the latest version of evolution streamlined Windows Server, and not to interfere in the local deployment container for Cloud Service Deployment (hands-offon-premises). In essence, Server Nano is not an independent product, it can be used as a deployment option. Server Server similar to the introduction of the ServerCore 2012 Nano server configuration, but removed most of the graphical user interface (UI), leaving only a console window. Server Sever reference Core Nano experience, discarded all the server instance unnecessary things, become more portable. The discarded includes 32 application support, support for the.MSI setup program, and all of the UI, leaving only a basic text menu configuration console.


Server Nano login interface.


Server Nano recovery console (Console Recovery) is very simple, the function is to re connect the server when the failure occurs.


Server Nano recovery console network configuration.


By rolling or global reset firewall.


Run Server Nano in Powershell.

However, minimalist UI also brings some inconvenience. Nano Server can only be used to repair the console window network and setting up a firewall, you need to install any other operating through the PowerShell or XML file sharing software package and execute instructions, so don't forget to install the file service module.

Server 2016 security upgrade




Extension Hyper-V

Hyper-V's biggest selling point lies in: compared to the VMWare platform, Hyper-V in small virtual machine deployment in ease of use. However, this advantage has gradually decreased over the past few years, because vSphere can provide better and more convenient management tools for small virtual machine deployment. 6 of the vSphere network management, coupled with the latest VMWare remote console, with almost Hyper-V manager in ease of use on the match.

Server2016 Hyper-V vs. VMware vSphere Windows 6


Looks like the creation of a storage cluster.


Click the step, select the server to create the extended file server.


If you use all solid state hard disk SSDs, you do not need to use the Spaces Direct Storage buffer function; but if it is a disk and SSD hybrid hard disk, you can use the high speed buffer media response.


Using Spaces Direct Storage to create an extended file server from disk.

Actually, this is the function that VMware already achieved. However, Server Windows 2016 this feature of the wizard to drive simple, single software can and the use of existing Windows system administrator skills, etc., compared to more attractive. This makes it easier to load some of the high availability requirements of the application into the server cloud environment.

Microsoft has been claiming to be very happy to accept Hyper-V, at least as a customer operating system Azure and Linux.

Among them, the biggest benefit is cloud deployment. Now, users can deploy Hyper-V as a private data center or a virtual instance of Azure or other Server Windows cloud. Microsoft continues to enhance the software defined network and shield virtual machine capabilities, making it more user cloud operators to provide virtual Hyper-V host to the firewall protection. The process gives customers some confidence that no one can spy on their servers from the clouds.

Hyper-V virtual machine management also has some improvement, and now supports virtual machine hot swap memory, add memory allocation in VM activities. And, it is now supported in the state of the virtual machine does not uninstall the re adjustment of the virtual hard disk file (.Vhdx) size. In addition, also joined the host resource protection, the user can set the maximum activity level on the virtual machine to prevent runaway VM drag the entire server.

All of the above constitutes a small advantage in some areas of Hyper-V, it is likely to be short-term advantage.


Furthermore, server Nano can effectively prevent the application of container in the process of self replication and cluster to produce the entire server kernel error.

Requires a lot of PowerShell commands to achieve all of the above functions. Once installed Docker engine, the user is able to create the container image on their own applications and pre packaged applications. This means that the user can run the information server IIS on the server in the container, while not exposing the underlying file system to the IIS or any IIS vulnerability.

However, when the reviewers called the test technology preview version, the Server Windows container collapsed. Real effect, but also need to wait for the assessment of the update.

Let off

According to the existing experience, for the enterprise has been using Server Windows platform, Server 2016 upgrade is inevitable. Do not say anything else, alone on the Hyper-V and Server 2016 to add security features enough to the trend of enterprises to upgrade as soon as possible. And, Server 2016 has reached a wider range of tentacles, especially in the virtual space, whether it is for the private cloud or multi-user cloud, Hyper-V are very attractive.

Some of the new features, such as containers, may require more user development and maturation with PowerShell professional skills to facilitate the use of ordinary users.

However, the biggest benefit of the Server 2016 is that it will once again be integrated into the operating system of the previously expensive additional services. With the Server Windows growing and excellent, the industry's other service providers have to update.

Server Windows can subvert the entire industry?

I am afraid it is difficult, however if other software vendors on Microsoft based strong March, will surely suffer. On the contrary, if these competitors are willing to compete with Microsoft in the ease of use and cost, which is the meaning of our vast number of users.

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