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Google why can't do Instagram such products?

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GoogleGoogle 为什么做不出 Instagram 这样的产品?

The game in many large companies and startups in facing enormous pressure, Microsoft is catching up by a group of startups, eBay bought Skype, Instagram in just a few weeks more than 500 thousand downloads, why do Google such results? Don't say Google really lack of social genes? Why big companies have unlimited resources, but also need to spend a lot of money to buy small companies? Blogger Robert Scoble had this technology are analyzed, the present situation is still good.

Why can't Google do the Instagram of this kind of product?

Google can not maintain the operation of a small team, Instagram's two founders in the DogPatchLabs 38 Pier rented a station on the creation of the company. Wave Google team of more than 30 people, while the team to increase one person per person, the iteration rate decreased. See Oracle CEO Ellison Larry is how to improve the efficiency of the team it? If a team is inefficient, he will fire a person every few weeks, until the team starts again and will not be in a low efficiency meeting.

Google can't narrow the scope of services like Instagram. Instagram started setting is a completely different from the current product, according to Techcrunch reports, and later changed because the company and investors Horowitz Andreesen between some of the contradictions. Instagram's service plans are far more than photo functions, but when they find themselves unable to complete a magnificent vision of the beautiful, they continue to reduce the function. Instagram can do this and Google can not, Google must compete with Facebook, and Instagram only with their own race. Marc Andreesen said, this is why like GoPro or SmugMug never had any VC, excessive pursuit of home run destroyed many companies.

In Google, if a product has been successful, the company will put a lot of resources into it, and sometimes the growth of the team is not conducive to progress. In Microsoft also has a similar phenomenon, when a small group of achievements, a large number of resources will be coming. No one wants to spend time on boring projects, we all want to join a project like Instagram, in the world to play the value of. If the Instagram team return in the Google arm, every day they will have to deal with a lot of mail, eager to join the team of people to accept.

Google forced developers to use Google to design the distributed data storage system Big Table or Ruby on, can not use the MySQL Rails framework, and infrastructure that is not suitable for the development of small projects. Engineers believe that Table Big is sometimes not as effective as other tools used by outside developers.

Google service must support all platforms, all regions, and Instagram only supports the use of the iPhone. Microsoft's teams are getting slower and slower because they need to make sure that the products are tested every language around the world. Instagram do not have these problems, no matter in what area, they only support english.

Google can not walk the idea of Reis Eric. Eric's "lean entrepreneurship" (a popular Silicon Valley approach to entrepreneurship) advocates the need to determine customer needs, and then start building infrastructure and expand. Google generally only after the confirmation of a service will generate hundreds of millions of users will begin to operate. Wave Google failed in some way because of its own growth rate is slow, can not follow the first wave of users.

So, what is the big company innovation?

Perhaps Google can be purchased by companies such as Instagram to achieve innovation. After all, they can help these small companies in the field of their ability to get involved in the field of strength, for example, the development of automated vehicles will require a strong team.

Can also try the open source approach, building a system that anyone can encode and add value to. Just like in the web hosting company Rackspace, the non working people bring some cool innovation for its OpenStack project.

Hadoop supplier Cloudera also encountered the same situation, they know the company's strong assembly to slow down its pace of development, let developers try to establish innovative play value system so is, is not a big company politics tired.

Aside from technical limitations, we look at TEDx, who have held thousands of speeches around the world with TED's name, largely without the authorization of the parent company. Although the company stopped the core part of the innovation, but this is what they keep the secret.

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