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Was removed from the post of chairman of Dong Mingzhu in Gree how far can go?

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The industry has been given to the Queen of the appliance and the Gree said the soul of the Dong Mingzhu has encountered trouble. Last Friday, Zhuhai City, SASAC confirmed Dong Mingzhu was in late October was removed from the office of Chairman of Gree Group. Gree official said, Dong, based on the relevant provisions of the state and I will take the initiative to resign from the post of chairman of Gree Group, Gree continues to serve as chairman and president, focusing on promoting the development of Gree.

Although Gree official said that this is a normal job changes, but the industry believes that, in fact, is the largest shareholders of Gree gradually weakened the right to start Dong Mingzhu.

Why suddenly be free?

In five years, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of both Gree Group and Gree, has been at the helm of the Gree strategy and management. In recent years, Gree from the air conditioning to the establishment of sub-brand Jinghong refrigerator, Gree cell phone, Gree rice cooker's diversified expansion, almost all Dong Mingzhu's decision.

All along, Dong Mingzhu is synonymous with Gree, the personal brand and even beyond the Gree. A person familiar with the matter said that Dong Mingzhu is too strong personality, often pushed himself to the cusp.

Since Dong Mingzhu in charge of Gree, Dong Mingzhu and Gree Group, the majority shareholder SASAC has been open to the opposition. In the summer of 2014, Davos Forum, Dong Mingzhu public Tucao SASAC, "there is interest it can only reach out to fight with him. & Rdquo;

In 2012, the original founder of Gree, chairman Zhu Jianghong after retirement, the SASAC had airborne Zhou Shaoqiang, president of Gree Group, a period of time, Gree and Zhou Shaoqiang into the era of Dong Mingzhu, and ultimately, Zhou Shaoqiang opposition because of small and medium shareholders out.

Zhou Shaoqiang was rejected by the Board of Directors, has been agreed that the industry is the major shareholders and small and medium shareholders control of the Gree competition for the majority shareholder and Zhuhai SASAC will not easily give up control of Gree.

From the equity structure, Gree Group is the largest shareholder of Gree, holding the proportion of 18.22%, Dong Mingzhu personal holding Gree 0.74% stake in Gree is the tenth largest shareholder of electrical appliances.

"Repairer" become a fuse

In 2012, Dong Mingzhu took over Gree, Gree has entered the 100 billion Army, then, Dong Mingzhu proposed to create a Gree, 5 years, 200 billion yuan breakthrough scale, an annual increase of 20 billion yuan in sales.

Gree air conditioning as the main business, which has occupied half of the country, to rely on a single business to achieve the goal of 200 billion yuan is difficult to achieve.

You can see, Gree has been seeking diversification in recent years, expansion, Dong Mingzhu even personally speaking "Jinghong" refrigerator, Gree cell phone, Gree rice cooker.

But compared to Dong Mingzhu achievements in the field of air conditioning, Gree investment in white, small appliances, mobile phones are not successful, in addition, Gree's overall performance has begun to decline. 2015 annual report, Gree revenue 97.745 billion yuan, down 29.04%, net profit of 12.532 billion yuan, down 11.46%.

Although Gree's tentacles 3 years ago has been extended to other areas, but from the overall revenue in 2015, Gree's share of view, air conditioning still accounts for 85.65% of total revenue.

According to time projections, Gree Dong Mingzhu of 200 billion yuan Da Jian arrow on the string. The acquisition of Silver Long, to enter the field of new energy vehicles, it is Dong Mingzhu to achieve the goal and to reverse the performance of Gree a "flag".

But out of immediate interest, the final acquisition of Silver Dragon's program in the final joint attack of small shareholders, the final failed. First, the shareholders that the acquisition of 10 billion silver dragon is not a bargain of the sale, and second, if the same as the failure of investment in mobile phones, Gree future prospects worrying.

Dong Mingzhu domineering and can not bring her the momentum of fire, but is one after another of the blocking. Coincidentally, a week later, and outgoing Dong Mingzhu outgoing Gree chairman of the message.

Dong Mingzhu's "ruthless and struggle": Gree to bring performance while also hidden

In the industry, "ruthless, bucket" is a synonym for Dong Mingzhu. Dong Mingzhu once described in the days of Gree as & ldquo; struggle with the people, and the market bucket, fighting with their own. & Rdquo;

Dong Mingzhu from 1994 to enter the Gree, innate competitive victory unyielding personality, in Gree for 22 years, Dong Mingzhu in Geli's position all the way step by step. Since 1994, he has been the director, deputy general manager and vice chairman of Gree Electric Appliances Department. In 2007 as the president of Gree, in May 2012, took over the post of chairman of Gree Group and concurrently Gree CEO. October 18, 2016, Dong Mingzhu retiring Gree Group chairman, director, legal representative, the incumbent Gree chairman and president and legal representative.

In charge of Gree period, Dong Mingzhu's personality and the prospects of the Gree tied together.

Some people say that she has no mercy

In June 2013, Gree was sued by its partners in the United States for security breaches and attempted to undermine business rules, with claims of up to $ 150 million. According to the Gree US partner Soleus was disclosed to the public after the consumer complaints, Gree pressure to reduce product production, raise prices and drive customers to try to lift the relationship between the two sides to be threatened.

Gree deal with the US partner disputes, it is home appliances circle evaluation by the Dong Mingzhu strong, unflinchingly iron hand style dictates, and this incident also declared Gree failure overseas expansion.

Some say she is strong

Gree is the industry's first inventory risk transfer to the dealer, asked dealers to pay after the first delivery, but also the implementation of the industry's first cycle of rebate policy, which also produced a copy of the "Gree store model "This model also achievements of the Gree air-conditioning sit tight in the first spot position, creating 100 billion myth of Gree.

But in order to recover control, Dong Mingzhu resolutely decided to strut the reform of the Gree channel, in 2013, Gree to take the "cutting fan" (http://www.agile-news.com/). In the past few years, Strategy, completed the sale of shares across the country the company's divestiture, all sales companies all by a Beijing Spirit Hengxing Gree International Trade Co., Ltd. wholly-owned holding. Gree and the relationship between the dealers began to become tense, beginning in 2015, will continue to spread the Gree Gree refrigerator and other products to the dealer Yahuo, dealers bear the pressure to sell large and choose to quit. This also allows the industry to worry about, Gree channel myth can be maintained for how long?

Some people say that her strong, peer evaluation: Dong sister walked the grass is not long

Due to dissatisfaction with the United States to adjust Gree Gree air-conditioning prices, in 2004, Gree air-conditioning announced the withdrawal of all US stores, and this decision is Dong Mingzhu single-handedly arranged.

Dong Mingzhu said publicly, "I remember a 2004 expert said, you leave the country the United States will die, but I then hit back a slap in the face, an increase of 38 billion." & Rdquo;

She has always been a topic queen

From the public and millet founder Lei Jun 1 billion pairs of gambling, to disclose Gree to build mobile phones, and then to the core of the car, the shareholders of the General Assembly on the spot called the small shareholders. Dong Mingzhu of the topic, the industry has not stopped her controversy.

The industry believes that Dong Mingzhu public remarks again and again, the industry on her evaluation mixed, and even more is questioned. As the spokesperson of the Dong Mingzhu Gree, personal speech also undoubtedly affect the Gree brand.

62-year-old Dong Mingzhu, leaving her dream of success in the Gree time may be running out.

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