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Oops! Students actually see this way through the porn ...

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Through the WeChat sale of the film source is becoming a new way of college students watching movies. Reporters survey found that, with the main purchase of students to re-spread, micro-trading piracy film has gradually formed a relatively complete industrial chain. But many college students may not know, this behavior will violate the criminal law.

Price: 8 dollars to buy the full version of "Tomb notes"

Micro-trading operation of the film is, WeChat to add some of the agents to sell movies as friends, through red envelopes and other online payment, the agent then the resources to share the cloud through the network to the buyer.

Film "Tomb Notes" release, college students Kwak search through a video site when the trailer to search for a movie clip, the lower right corner of the video reads "Watch the whole film, please add micro-signal XX" watermark. Kwak then added the micro-signal to the price of 8 yuan to buy a full version of the film Blu-ray version of the resources. Compared to the cinema to spend tens of dollars to see the film, said Kwak spent a few dollars will be able to watch in the hostel to complete the film, save money and save time.

Kwak said that since a new film as long as the release, the micro-signal will give him the relevant posters and short video clips, asking whether he needs to buy. Just a few months, Kwak cloud disk in the network will have stored more than 100 G of memory, film resources, he said: "add up to less than 100 yuan, go to the cinema to see two movies at most. You can also repeat, more convenient than the cinema. "

From the Beijing Jiaotong University, Qin Hai (a pseudonym) revealed that through the WeChat he had to buy a number of films in theaters. He bought the film through a micro-signal called "XXX", and shared a variety of film posters in his friend's circle, with prices. Qin said that as long as the name of the film to buy him and sent to him through the micro-credit transfer, the other will be the resources to share their own network through the cloud disk, then you can watch online. He said: "There are also many students around this way to purchase film resources, and sometimes we will share with each other.

Source: both hot film also has a ban on film porn

North Green News reporter learned that through the micro-video trafficking of the three main categories: First, the cinema is showing the latest film, almost synchronized with the cinema. Usually in the film launched the first day of the introduction of lower quality gun version of the new film release within a week and then provide high-definition version of the film source, and sometimes even released in the film release the next day.

The price of such films is slightly expensive, usually in the 5 to 10 yuan. Second, the major video sites need to pay or buy members to watch the video. The price of such films is a little cheaper, a TV drama in the price of 5 yuan, the price of a film only 1 to 2 yuan. The third category is the Internet can not find the ban on film and so on.

Such films are usually packaged for sale, the price from a few dollars to a hundred dollars. In order to avoid the audit, some agents do not directly provide the seeds of these videos or video, but to provide compressed package, extract the unpacked package to download after the buyer to watch.

WeChat to sell the film, it seems quite popular with college students "welcome." A micro-signal has been introduced, and sometimes more than a thousand people to buy popular movies. Another micro-signal is revealed, South Korean film "Busan line" HD version sold 5 yuan, 300 people to buy.

Marketing: recruit students to form a complete industrial chain agent

Through the network, the North Green newspaper reporter to find a "XXX" micro-signal release WeChat to sell the film recruitment agency information. The team said the implementation of the "ten thousand profit" of life-long agency model: once the agent will copy the existing 1.7T film resources, and then agents to join the team's micro-agent group, ten administrators responsible for updating the daily video resources and distribution of friends With the corresponding material, such as: movie posters, such as recommended text. Different from the traditional network operators, do not store goods, you can freely resell unlimited.

The micro-signal known as the daily update of the recommended videos are restored by the administrator of the background after the non-toxic non-advertising distribution to the team after the agent resource group, the film posters and recommended text by the team to do, the manager forwarded every day on the administrator's circle of friends On the line, all the things done by the team. In addition, the team will be agents to WeChat training, teach them how to promote the film. It is understood that the team now has four micro-agent group, the development of nearly a thousand agents, mainly in college students.

Consequences: serious cases will violate the "Criminal Law"

In an interview with reporters, the well-known screenwriter, vice president of the Chinese Film Society, Wang Hailin analysis, the reason why this phenomenon will rise in the group of college students is formed through the network of daily viewing habits consumers may know that viewing piracy is A bad behavior, but did not realize that the sale of pirated film resources is actually a criminal act.As a college student, for the "Copyright Law" and respect for the respect of the authors, should support the genuine.

Wang Hailin said that if college students were recruited as micro-sales of pirated movie agency, when the number of transactions reached a certain amount, will need to bear the corresponding criminal liability. He reminded students not to contact with the community, perhaps only to see the immediate "business opportunities" as part of a subsidy to the cost of living, but did not understand the seriousness of the incident. So, there may be a small loss, embarked on illegal road. "Consumers should respect the work of the film creators, respect their favorite works, directors and actors, support the genuine, to form a good viewing habits.

According to Article 217 of the Criminal Law, the Beijing Youth Daily has learned that, in accordance with Article 217 of the Criminal Law, without the permission of the copyright owner, for the purpose of making a profit, the reproduction of its literary works, music, film, television, video, computer software and other works; , Constitute a "crime of copyright infringement," serious will be sentenced to seven years imprisonment and a fine.


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