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Music as the car "Ponzi scheme" the truth: the reporter visited the United States FF factory

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In November, has been a high profile in the United States as the music company "sudden crisis of confidence", the tipping point is the US media, previously announced and music as the car has a strategic partnership, registered in Los Angeles, Faraday Futures (FF) can not Pay the project funds on schedule, the electric car factory project infrastructure works suspension. Subsequently, the project site Nevada officials openly questioned the financial support of the project as the financial strength, or even as the music model as "Ponzi scheme".

In this regard, the Xinhua News Agency reporter tried to get in touch with the relevant parties, and field visits to Las Vegas, Nevada, the construction site of the FF factory. After a period of investigation, the reporter found that the parties involved in the FF factory project progress, music as the relationship between cars and FF, the US opposition to music as officials, there are arguments, including the following questions.

Question 1: FF plant construction or phase of the completion of the suspension?

According to the schedule, FF should be in September and October, respectively, to the factory construction general contractor AECOM company to pay 21 million US dollars and 25 million US dollars project, but the two money has not been in place , Resulting in engineering downtime.

At the same time, FF should be in September to the Nevada state government to pay 75 million US dollars, as the state followed the issuance of 120 million US dollars bond guarantee bond. Bond financing will be used to improve the regional infrastructure of the plant, complete the plant "three links" (water, electricity, access). But this bond has not in place, the bond is not issued, supporting the project also stalled. Nevada Finance Minister Dan & middot; Schwartz confirmed to reporters the contents of the report.

In this regard, FF16, issued a statement saying that capital in place one after another, Nevada factory never stopped, has successfully completed the first phase of construction, and will enter the construction phase in February next year, the first production car may be next year January at the world's largest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas (CES) debut.

In the United States, music as the Xinhua News Agency reporter for FF local factory project written response to the following questions: "The factory really stopped, but not down, the first stage, the land formation has been completed, this is not called shutdown." & Rdquo;

AECOM 23, Xinhua News Agency issued a statement, said: "At present, we have completed the land formation and infrastructure preparations, but at this time, FF temporary adjustment of construction plans, plans to start in early 2017." & Rdquo;

Reporters on the 23rd came to the construction site, to see part of the plant has been carried out over the formation of land work, "three links" construction of water and power has not yet begun, the road had. Workers told reporters that they entered the site construction work in July, but the progress is not fast, stop in mid-October, when the resumption of work do not know, there are about 30 people left behind every day, the main job is to care site equipment.

Schwartz told Xinhua that he did not understand if the Nevada factory is not complete, FF announced that next year will debut in the CES car from where?

Question 2: Music as the car and FF What is the relationship?

In this incident, the factory building is the main body of FF, but with the music as closely linked to the car.

Music as the head of Jia Yue Ting 21, Xinhua News Agency reporters in a written interview, said: "LeEco (music) and FF is a strategic partnership, but also two independent companies. As one of FF's individual investors, I will continue to support the development of FF. & Rdquo;

Music Watch Group currently does not have the official website, according to its main video business music Watch published data, in December 2014 announced the music Yue Yue "SEE plan", will create a super car and automotive Internet electric ecosystem.

Music as the permanent resident in Los Angeles, is responsible for strategic cooperation and senior vice president of investment Nie Tianxin reply Xinhua interview, said: "FF is a strategic partner for music, in January this year, CES, FF released the first concept car FF Has announced the first round of financing as the car project 1.08 billion US dollars; recently announced that it will melt 600 million US dollars, of which a considerable part will be used for music as the Ministry of Science and Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., Automotive projects. "He also said that Jia Yue Ting FF is one of the individual investors will continue to support the development of FF.

FF ownership for the situation and the relationship with the music as the essence of the car, the Xinhua News Agency reporter had to FF inquiries, but the latter in the two replies to the statement did not provide relevant information. In its Chinese version of the company's official website, FF said it is a user-centric high-end automotive company with headquarters in Silicon Valley and Southern California. The team has 1,400 employees worldwide. In the presentation of the company's management team, there is no CEO or CEO, the top ranking is the world's chief brand and business officer Malone, followed by the senior vice president of research and development and engineering Nick & middot; Sampson. Reporter in a company called "clean technology" industry media website to see, in 2015, FF spokesman Spacio Stasi Morris told the media that a woman named Deng (transliteration) of the company's chief Executive, but not responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company.

CES show in January this year, Nick - Sampson has announced that FF will redefine the car, one important reason is "excellent alliance". At that time the market analysts generally believe that the so-called "excellent alliance" and Jia Yue-ting on the FF's investment.

For the relationship between music and FF, Schwartz 22 Xinhua interview with reporters, said: "Obviously, Jia (Yue Ting) in the use of mortgages to provide financial support to the FF", if Jia said Music as the car is not a FF, he must not tell the whole truth, you go to ask him about the mortgage thing. & Rdquo;

According to a number of domestic media reports, Jia Yue Ting in recent years will hold a large number of Music Watch stocks as collateral for financing to support the music, including its holdings, including a number of automotive line of business development.

Question three: Schwarz's accusations have personal motives?

November 15, Schwartz in an interview with the United States, "Fortune" magazine interview and evaluation of FF and the music car is a "Ponzi scheme". However, music as the Schwarz side of the motives behind the questioned.

Nie Tianxin in a written communication with the Xinhua News Agency reporters, said: "Le Car and LeEco for its gratuitous attacks, which is even baseless, outright slander, this government officials frequently attack the behavior of a business even in the United States Very rare, it is clear that the finance minister through this abnormal attack to protect the interests of individuals or have some ulterior motives, we reserve the right to put the law. & Rdquo;

Nie Tianxin also said that music as the first super car LeSEE concept car debut in April this year, causing great concern. Just last month, music as super car upgrade concept car LeSEE Pro also completed the world's first show. This is all he describes with the so-called scam completely detached.

Earlier reports said, Schwartz was seized because of the FF and the music as the car, because he and the support of the project Nevada governor Sandoval disagree. In this regard, Schwartz told reporters: "rumors that I and the governor of a bad relationship, but this does not affect my attitude and view of music as the FF and. & Rdquo;

Schwartz said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that he had been to China to look at music, but also the financial statements of the music. His mistrust of music is based on two factors. First, Levision's annual profit margin is very low, earning enough to support an investment of $ 1 billion overseas development projects, and second, music as no previous car design and production Experience, the lack of adequate technical accumulation and personnel reserves, the only one year or two years to pay the FF a small-scale R & D team, received technical capacity is insufficient to support an annual output of 150,000 units designed to support the construction and operation of the most advanced electric vehicle factory . So he suspects that the local car project is just a shell for money.

In response, Jia Yue Ting in a reply to the Xinhua News Agency, said: "Nevada's finance minister's accusations without basis, completely inconsistent with the facts, suspected of libel, but the communication channel is always open." & Rdquo;

October 19, held in San Francisco press conference, plans to show the public prototype of the car by Jia Yue Ting personally driving, but the music side later said the original plan to show the prototype car from Los Angeles to the venue on the way to encounter the accident can not be repaired to the scene, Another prototype was in London from the United Kingdom to the meeting venue encountered flight delays. However, after the car after the conference arrived at the scene to do the show.

Question 4: US new energy vehicles how to see the risk?

FF and music as the car in the US turmoil, but also with the United States related to the uncertainty of the new energy automotive industry.

"While new energy vehicles are a hot topic in the media, as oil prices continue to fall, it is now down to under $ 2 a gallon in many places," said Michelle Miliband, an autotrade veteran, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. Tesla, including home electric cars and hybrid cars are very difficult to sell, this time to enter such an exceptionally complex, highly competitive, highly regulated and highly capital-intensive areas of high risk.

However, there are banks who do not want to be named in an interview with Xinhua, said that as a self-driving cars and electric vehicles in the field of start-up companies, financial and technical bottlenecks encountered, or even failure, are high-tech investment risk, Tesla had also encountered a similar predicament.

The banking industry that, regardless of FF factory construction should be referred to as whether the suspension, the media whether there is misunderstanding, and regardless of the music as the development model should be how to define, right now FF, music as the car and the music as the holding, the most important Is spent in the next few months, "winter capital".

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