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NASA used VR and AR, who are able to go on the expedition to Mars

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帅炸了!NASA帅炸了!NASA 用了 VR 和 AR,谁都能去火星上探险了

Text /VR dimension

As American science fiction blockbuster often appears in the role of NASA on the new technology has reached a degree of obsession, and in the first year of VR, it will certainly be the VR and AR research again.

HoloLens: from space station to Mars

帅炸了!NASA帅炸了!NASA 用了 VR 和 AR,谁都能去火星上探险了

帅炸了!NASA帅炸了!NASA 用了 VR 和 AR,谁都能去火星上探险了

Aldrin's presence on Mars Hill

Prior to this, the researchers have been based on a long, flat route Mars probe, to draw the general landscape of the surface of mars. Clawson's team found that when researchers in the virtual scene can look around Mars, the accuracy in determining the distance can be increased by 2 times, to determine the specific location of the Mars angle accuracy is improved by 3 times. And researchers (including geologists) have found that they use tools to become more natural.

帅炸了!NASA帅炸了!NASA 用了 VR 和 AR,谁都能去火星上探险了

Clausen and Jo Litz Ma also demonstrated the second applications of HoloLens, they called Sidekick Project. By observing the movements of the astronauts, the study of charts and additional information, you can help experts to guide the international space station astronauts perform tasks. Although Clausen and Jo Litz Ma can not live demonstration of this technology, but they share the Sidekick Project test photos and videos.

帅炸了!NASA帅炸了!NASA 用了 VR 和 AR,谁都能去火星上探险了

Using HoloLens to experience weightlessness

帅炸了!NASA帅炸了!NASA 用了 VR 和 AR,谁都能去火星上探险了

With HoloLens's guidance, the astronauts in the NEEMO can complete the scheduled tasks within 1 hours. And in the past, when it was written, they needed to take 4 hours to complete. In the international space station, open the hatch and extinguishing action are very complex, need to take a number of steps and procedures, Project Sidekick can help save a lot of time.

帅炸了!NASA帅炸了!NASA 用了 VR 和 AR,谁都能去火星上探险了

Clausen and Joe Lee's third HoloLens application called Protospace, allows engineers in the design of spacecraft or other machinery, the exploration of their detailed model. Researchers have used Protospace to design surface water and ocean terrain (SWOT) satellites, NASA intends to launch it in 2020, to observe the impact of climate change on the ocean. In addition, the researchers also use the design of the U.S. space agency Mars 2020 spacecraft and satellites orbiting Jupiter Europa rotating large orbiter, the former will travel to the surface of Mars to collect samples back to earth.

帅炸了!NASA帅炸了!NASA 用了 VR 和 AR,谁都能去火星上探险了

VR NASA training ground

帅炸了!NASA帅炸了!NASA 用了 VR 和 AR,谁都能去火星上探险了

NASA has a large VR lab, the main goal is to train the astronauts to carry out the space walk. When the astronauts left the space ship environment, into space, the implementation of some tasks (such as the replacement of space vehicles on the faulty module), it is going to be carried out in space. The most common space walk is the international space station (ISS, a Multi Country Cooperative built satellite). Since 1998, ISS has been in orbit, so when the repair time outside the satellite to two (or more) the astronauts emerged from ISS, a spacewalk to carry out maintenance work.

帅炸了!NASA帅炸了!NASA 用了 VR 和 AR,谁都能去火星上探险了

NASA uses VR PS to train astronauts

In the past, if you didn't walk in space before, you don't know what it would be like. So, in order to prevent the occurrence of disasters, from the mid 1980s, the NASA researchers are looking for ways to let the astronauts experience the space walk. You can see the results of their research in VR's NASA lab. Now, almost every astronaut on the ISS knows what it's like to be out of the ISS.

VR's NASA lab also has a virtual SAFER (Aid for EVA Rescue Simplified) unit. The astronauts from ISS through, go into space and simulate the process of walking in space has its participation. In an ideal situation, the astronauts want to use nitrogen to advance the SAFER system to return to the space station, so the relevant VR experience is involved in the deployment of this unit, and how to find the route back to ISS. (Kathy, deer in compiler)

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