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Reasons why Secret: micro - letter out of the 2017 Spring Festival red envelopes

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Zhang Xiaolong said that this year's WeChat will not do the Spring Festival red envelopes. This is like a very heroes of the curtain call, campaign for many years, fame and fortune after the announced retirement.

But the WeChat quit and can not change the Spring Festival has gradually become a new red envelope, and Tencent and Ali around the Spring Festival red envelopes of war will not easily dissipate.

The annual Spring Festival and Tencent wait for Tencent users, it seems that is not happy to see the play better than the Spring Festival Evening disappear. Therefore, from the demand to determine the macro-level market, the Spring Festival red envelope war is not entirely to the time it should curtain call.


Micro - letter does not do the Spring Festival red envelopes

In the announcement of the Spring Festival do not do red envelopes activities, Zhang Xiaolong to two reasons:

On the one hand is the WeChat as a tool, should not have too many festivals of the operation. "Tools are used on a daily basis and should not be altered by some festivals";

On the other hand is the mission of the WeChat Spring Festival red envelope has been completed, the first two years of WeChat reason to do during the Spring Festival 'shake' the red envelope on the grounds that the red envelope by the Spring Festival to drive more people with micro-red envelope. And now, do not need to do similar to the official activities, there will be a lot of users to play. Every holiday, WeChat only need to worry about their own server will not bug out on the line.

Typically, an official push of the activities, the purpose of most of the time are to pull the new, or pull the new user, or pull the new product. Ali was the reason why the year will do "double eleven," the purpose of the beginning is to push the day Cat Mall. Later, the reason will be out of control, continuous now, in addition to a little Jingdong factors, in fact, most of the time are regarded as "riding a tiger," forced to become a network culture icon.

WeChat rapids retreat, which allow themselves to repeat the "double eleven," the mistakes that Zhang Xiaolong is also considered another reason.

In fact, WeChat does not do the Spring Festival red envelopes activity is not without signs. Set aside the first year of WeChat has just launched a red envelope function is not, two years, WeChat is constantly in the Spring Festival red envelope to do more and more light.

Spring Festival 2015, WeChat with the Spring Festival Evening cooperation, the introduction of "shake" the red envelope, with Spring Festival Evening pull, in promoting the WeChat and television interactive, while the real Spring Festival grab red package definition for a new year; WeChat is hand over the Spring Festival Evening "send" to the Alipay - Alipay to 169 million won the Spring Festival Gala, to Tencent's power, this figure will not have too many concerns, the only reason to give up, only may not feel necessary - eventually only in their own platform to do a "shake" package.

WeChat to withdraw from the Spring Festival of the Red War, pay Po sing solo show

A new Kaopu news is that Alipay has been to billions of cooperation fee to win the Year of the Dragon, and the decision is not to do the Spring Festival in Zhang Xiaolong red envelopes after the event, Alipay only do.

You know, the reason why Alipay will be deployed for two consecutive years at the heavily involved in the war of red envelopes, in fact Alipay spotted the red envelope both social and pay two properties. Alipay to do red envelopes, not only to protect the WeChat to the nibbling of the payment market, there is a more important reason is that you can take this to develop their own social.

So, even Alipay for two consecutive years, but WeChat, but from Alipay's point of view, at least the red envelope war is not blindly passive defense, or have active offensive elements in it, the original intention of this war is not particularly bad .

However, WeChat suddenly announced this year do not do the Spring Festival red envelopes, and this is not a good news for Alipay. In the Internet field, the "strong defense, weak attack" is eternal truth, WeChat announced not to do the Spring Festival red envelopes activities, equivalent to the whole industry announced, whether social or pay, they have become the "strong" , Just do the defense.

Another level, WeChat does not do the Spring Festival red envelopes activities, will make Alipay suddenly lost to the target opponent. About 10 days ago, Alipay announced the AR technology-based "real red envelope", trying to counter WeChat. However, now ... ... This seems to pay Po practiced a variety of similar to the dragon eighteen palm, nine yin scriptures like martial arts Cheats to find opponents, but found the opponent has to "heart no sword, everywhere sword" realm.

WeChat is based on the platform based on the C2C red envelopes, to play Alipay B2C red envelopes, which makes Alipay how to do? Here have to mention B2C and C2C red packets. The so-called B2C red envelopes, refers to the official red envelopes activities, generally by the platform side with the business cooperation to the user red envelopes, such as WeChat "shake", QQ "brush a brush", Alipay's "set Wufu" are B2C red packets. The C2C red packets refers to the user to the user in the social chain to send red envelopes.

In general, B2C red packets for the C2C red packets of services, the reason the platform side to push B2C red envelopes, is to pull the C2C red envelope. Social and pay from the social point of view, the two are usually pulling social and pay, but the focus is different, B2C is focused on paying, and then social; and C2C is the first social, after pulling payment. B2C and C2C of the original dual battlefield, and now suddenly became only the C2C, the main tone of the battlefield to pay to pay, Alipay no matter what will be a disadvantage.

So, I guess Alipay won the Spring Festival this year, must be done a "difficult" decision. Whether from the social or pay the market, Alipay can not give up the opportunity of the Spring Festival. Alipay, of course, want to microblogging free and easy as the announcement, "but do not do the Spring Festival this year, red envelopes," but helpless, and now Alipay payment and social support are not enough, so teeth should also play the red envelopes.

The last question, Tencent how to deal with?

Here to clear a premise, Zhang Xiaolong said the red envelope of the activities of the mission is over, not to say Tencent Spring Festival red envelope mission of the end, this is two levels of things. For Tencent, in addition to WeChat, there QQ.

QQ pick up WeChat, and Alipay launched a red envelope war

Alipay continued to do in the Spring Festival under the premise of red envelopes, has always been the use of "dual platform" strategy Tencent apparently will not sit back and relax, after all, Alipay has no small strength. For Tencent, the Spring Festival this year can not do red envelopes - for Tencent, even if not from the Chinese New Year redemption war what to eat, to a certain extent, blocking Alipay is also a success.

Another aspect is that the so-called Spring Festival red envelopes war, the participants are to achieve a certain offensive and defensive balance, in order to figure in this battlefield will not be blindly passive beaten. When the micro-red envelope has been a certain sense of success, the Tencent, the WeChat to participate in the red envelope war only defense, there is no attack, the battle loss big.

Now, if only the QQ war, so that you can form an offensive and defensive balance. After all, from the payment market point of view, in the WeChat, QQ and Alipay tripartite, QQ payment is the weakest, through the Spring Festival red packet-driven QQ payment, which is completely loss. So we can see that in November this year, QQ was the first to announce the "AR LBS" red envelope. Tencent's intention is very obvious, this year is to use QQ to fight against Alipay, in order to form a social and pay market balance of attack and defense - in the payment market offensive, social market defense.

Therefore, the WeChat announced that no longer do the Spring Festival red envelopes after the activities have been announced in disguise this year's red envelope war, but this does not mean that there is no red envelope war. From Tencent, Ali's action point of view, in fact, the theme of this year's Spring Festival red envelope war has become a QQ VS Alipay. Tencent is bound to invest a lot of resources, even more than two years ago to give WeChat resources to fight such a tough battle, and Ali will try not to participate in the WeChat, through two years of accumulated experience to achieve a Jedi fight back.

If you guessed right, this year's war of red envelopes will be more exciting, because both sides are not allowed to be lost. QQ on behalf of Tencent, Tencent can not allow themselves lost in the red envelopes war; and Alipay is against QQ, Tencent will not allow another platform in the face of still less than the cheap.

As for next year, the year after ... ... and the future, I believe that QQ VS Alipay war of red envelopes will last a long time ... ...

For Zhang Xiaolong announced not to do the Spring Festival red envelopes, we can say, micro letter to establish a rivers and lakes, but in the WeChat exit, the rivers and lakes will not exit with the WeChat, on the contrary, it will continue, and stretches .

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