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Tencent on the "golden red envelope", there are 16 official questions and answers

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关于腾讯的“黄金红包”,这里有关于腾讯的“黄金红包”,这里有 16 个官方问答

Tencent Internet financial official micro signal (tencent_if), recently confirmed in the closed beta "golden red envelope" products, by the occasion of the Spring Festival to invite some user experience.

On the Chinese New Year gold red envelope closed beta activities, Tencent Internet financial official micro-signal out of the 16 users are more concerned about the Q & A:

1, what is the gold red envelope?

Recently, TenPay and Industrial and Commercial Bank jointly launched the "Tencent micro gold" (hereinafter referred to as "micro-gold"), an online gold trading innovation products. "Golden red envelope" is based on the platform to provide the service. The user can own the gold share in the form of red envelopes to transfer to friends and relatives, the form of performance for the "red envelope".

2, gold red envelopes and ordinary red What is the difference?

The difference between red envelopes and ordinary red envelopes is mainly reflected in two aspects:

1, gold red envelopes and ordinary red packets of different, gold red packets with the price of micro-gold price fluctuations, micro-gold offer to track the Shanghai gold exchange price fluctuations. Red gold package, please exercise caution according to individual needs.

2, the gold red packet is based on the financial and ICBC jointly launched the [Tencent micro gold] online gold trading innovative products based on the entertainment of the red envelope products, is still in the closed beta, the entrance is located in the [Tencent micro gold] Public number, the product features and experience is also gradually improved.

3, everyone can grab the gold red envelope?

All micro-real-name users can grab the gold red envelope.

4, how to grab the red envelope of gold?

Received a friend sent to the "golden red envelope", simply click on the micro message dialog box, "open" red envelope can receive the gold share.

5, grab the red envelope where?

Has opened a micro-gold account of the user, the gold share will be automatically deposited in the user's micro-gold account, you can click to view;

Not open micro-gold account users need to click the "deposit micro-gold account" and accept the micro-gold service agreement in order to receive to your gold share.

关于腾讯的“黄金红包”,这里有关于腾讯的“黄金红包”,这里有 16 个官方问答

6, then my share of the existence of the existence of Tencent gold or ICBC?

The existence of ICBC gold share, the ICBC to keep safe and reliable. But only through the [Tencent micro gold] platform for inquiries, trading and other operations.

7, grab the value of gold is the number of red envelopes?

Grab the red envelope will contain 0.001 to 1 gram ranging from the micro-gold share, the equivalent of the user to the gold price of gold at that time, the value of gold red gold with micro-gold price fluctuations, micro-gold price tracking Shanghai Gold Exchange Price float.

You can always enter [Tencent micro gold] public number, view the current gold value or buy and sell, according to individual needs, careful operation.

8, grab the red envelope can be raised it?

Grab the gold red envelopes will be deposited into the user's Tencent micro gold account in the trading day 9: 40-22: 20 time to enter the account options "sell" can be sold at the then gold price, choose to sell To WeChat change can be real-time credited into account. To sell to the bank card, sold before 17:00, 2 hours into account; sold before 22:00, the date of arrival; 22:00 after the sale, the next day credited into account. Sell ​​will be charged 5 & perm; of the fee.

9, micro gold offer principle is what?

Micro-gold is a reference to the Shanghai Gold Exchange price combined with market-related factors for a comprehensive offer.

10, why the Spring Festival during the Shanghai Gold Exchange closed, micro-gold can still buy?

In order to enhance the customer experience, during the Spring Festival, micro-gold in accordance with the Shanghai gold exchange trading time interval based on the extended trading hours. Micro gold platform specific trading rules are as follows:

January 26 22:30 to February 2 22:30 can be a normal buy transaction, sell the transaction to suspend.

February 22nd after the end of the Spring Festival holiday mode, to restore the original trading hours: Monday to Friday 09: 40-22: 20 (except statutory holidays).

Of course, as long as the personal micro-gold account share enough, you can 7x24 hours to send gold red envelopes.

11, everyone can send gold red envelope?

Gold is currently in the closed beta stage. Neice period, part of the invited test users can send gold red envelopes, the future, we will gradually open to send red envelopes to more users.

12, how the red envelope of gold?

Gold is currently in the closed beta stage, part of the invited test users can send gold red envelope, the following steps:

1. Search concern [Tencent micro gold] micro letter public number, click on the bottom of the menu "micro-gold" into the product page;

2. In the micro-gold page, click "golden red envelope", you can enter the red envelope;

3. Fill in the number of red packets and grams, click [plug gold into the red envelope], through the micro-credit package to pack a good red envelope;

4. screen shows "golden red envelope has been wrapped", you can click [red] to share;

5. Select to accept the red envelope of the WeChat group of friends or micro-group chat, to friends and family & ldquo; hair gold & rdquo ;.

If the golden red bag is not sent or not received after 24 hours will automatically return to the user to send micro gold account

关于腾讯的“黄金红包”,这里有关于腾讯的“黄金红包”,这里有 16 个官方问答

In fact, there is another way to send gold red envelope:

1. In the micro message box received a red envelope

2. Open and receive a red envelope, the page jump to the red envelope to receive the page

3. Click the bottom of the page to receive "I would also like to send gold red envelope" text chain

4. Enter the red envelope page, and then release the process as the above steps 3/4/5

Spring Festival, we also prepared for everyone in particular, "New Year 's Eve", New Year' s Eve may wish to Bo a good luck!

关于腾讯的“黄金红包”,这里有关于腾讯的“黄金红包”,这里有 16 个官方问答

13, why there is no gold red envelope to receive tips? Why have to open the red envelope to see who is robbed of my red envelope?

At present, the red envelope is still closed beta stage, using the h5 to share links, so different from the cash red envelope of the original experience, being unable to promptly notify the sender of the red envelope to receive the situation. We will gradually optimize the experience, improve product features.

14, gold red packets have a limit it? Can be made in the WeChat group?

When 1-to-1 transmission, the single person can only send (receive) 1 gram of gold; when 1 to send, single up to send a maximum of 30 grams of gold, up to 100 individuals, Receive up to 1 g.

We can also send a red envelope in the WeChat group, based on risk control and consumer protection requirements, "red envelope" to take a limit of not more than 1 gram.

15, there is no binding micro-credit card users can buy micro-gold it?

Only at least binding a bank card real-name authentication WeChat payment users can buy.

16, micro-gold floating profit and loss is how the calculation?

Accumulated floating profit and loss account is the history of gold in the account history of profit and loss and positions ups and downs. The specific formula is as follows: Accumulated floating profit and loss = holding gold share * Current gold price + accumulated selling income - accumulative buying expenditure.

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