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Windows 10 Creators Update update summary

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The upcoming release of next month's Windows 10 Creators Update will bring a major update, although in October last year the conference version of plan and update the route, but in nearly half the Insider preview version of the update, Microsoft BUG in the repair and adjustment of background stability but also enrich and strengthen the function of the system, in the next in this article we will focus on displaying the user can obtain these new features.

Paint 3D:

Microsoft also said that the Paint 3D application will be landing Windows 10 Mobile, but this application is still PC exclusive. In Creators Update, Paint 3D applications will replace the original Paint applications appear.

Mixed reality:

Last June, Microsoft announced that it will open to all manufacturers Windows Holographic, promised to run mixed reality new equipment will appear; in August last year, Microsoft announced that Windows Holographic will be landing Windows 10 desktop equipment system components.

Then Windows Holographic changed its name to Windows Reality, but Microsoft's integration of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) on the Windows 10 system has not changed. The new shell will allow users to purchase low-cost virtual reality devices, VR experience for existing devices.

Part of the new VR head of the device as low as $299, but in the future Microsoft will further reduce the cost of VR hardware, so that mixed reality become the core component of the operating system.

Windows Ink:

In the anniversary update Microsoft strengthened the Windows Ink function for the stylus, and will be further optimized in the upcoming Creators Update.

For example, the Sticky Note application supports address, phone number, time, stock symbol, flight and other information detection, allowing users to click on the information, which quickly access and insight. Photo applications also support Windows Ink, so as to ensure that users can annotate and share these photos.

In Creators Update, if you accidentally shut down, the screen graffiti will automatically save. In addition, Window Ink also added a multi display support, add a circular protractor new screen virtual Ink tools.

Microsoft Edge:

The most obvious change in the Creators Edge browser is that, by default, the Flash content is prevented from running, thereby improving the security and performance of the Update and providing a longer life time for the mobile device.

Other features include web payment, Web-to-App links, the new Jump List support, allowing users to right-click the Edge taskbar icon to trigger a new window. In addition, Edge browser has introduced the support of WebRTC 1, can support video communication without plug-ins.

In addition, in recent months, Microsoft Edge ushered in more extensions.

Windows Store ebook:

In Creators Update, Windows 10 users can purchase e-books directly from Windows Store, and read in the Edge browser. Purchased from Store e-book format for PDF, but the Edge browser also supports no DRM EPUB format.

Windows 10 theme

In Creators Update, users can access the Windows Store to download the extension. Windows Insider in December last year ushered in the first theme, 1 months after the official release of Microsoft theme function in the Build.

Night Light:

The new built-in settings allow the system screen is more conducive to long-term use at night. This design allows the computer screen changes according to the day time, night screen becomes more warm, reduce the damage to the eyes.

Users can set the screen Night Light settings to access this feature, the user can set the color temperature according to their preferences, according to the daily use of computer time to automatically close / open this feature.

Optimized support for high DPI displays:

In Creators Update, to better support desktop applications in high DPI display display. Some improvements in some desktop applications default activation, but Microsoft also said that users can own other GDI based applications to open this feature.

Support for 802.11ad WiFi

Creators Update is the first to support the 802.11ad Standard Version 10 of Windows, compared to the current 2.4GHz and 5GHz used in most devices, this new WiFi standard uses the 60GHz spectrum.

Precision touchpad

Sometimes even the smallest changes can make a big difference to the use of the device. Microsoft has introduced a system level improvement in precision touchpad, which makes gestures more comfortable.

Start menu application folder:

With the same Windows Phone end, this feature finally landed on the desktop. A user can create a new application folder by dragging a magnetic stick to the top of another magnet. Click on the folder and then jump out of all the internal applications.

Optimized sharing

In Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft redesigned the share menu. Microsoft not only to share the function of re thinking and positioning, but also bring a new application icon, the focus is to replace the Windows 8 system since the sidebar design.

PIP mode:


In Creators Update, first of all, users can use Cortana to perform shutdown, restart and lock operations, even in sleep mode can also use Cortana. Cortana also can raise or lower the PC volume according to the voice command. Cortana also supports the control of iHeartRadio, NPR One, Audiobooks and other applications of audio playback, if you are interested in playing music, then you can ask Cortana to provide information about the author and lyrics.

In addition, users can also use Cortana to set the new Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 or Windows 10 PC. Cortana has been integrated into the open box experience, in addition to using a keyboard or touch screen, you can use Cortana voice to set up Windows 10 devices.

In Creators Update, Cortana reminder function is more powerful. Users can set up repeated reminders, in the week / month / year specific time to remind you to help you remember birthdays, anniversaries or monthly repayment, etc..

In Windows 10 Creators Update, Cortana also has some other interesting features:

Universal Clipboard: (Universal shear plate)

Notification Sync (notification sync):

Unlock your with your phone (using the phone to unlock the PC) in:

If your Windows 10 PC does not activate the Windows Hello feature, then you can use the phone to unlock the PC. On Android and iOS devices, you need to download the Cortana application to unlock, and on the Windows 10 Mobile device, the ability to unlock the native Windows 10 PC.


Essentially, when the user specifies the most important game, the game mode will be allocated to the majority of the system processor core to the game. Other applications and system functions will require the processor thread from the rest of the core, the benefits of doing so, not because of the loss of thread caused by the performance of the damaged.

The game mode will also promote the Windows system focus on the focus of the window in the allocation of processing time, the GPU cycles allocated to the running game, and all the other deprivation program is using the GPU cycle. GPU memory is also optimized for the target game, thereby further enhancing the processing capacity.

According to some media field test, the game model to enhance the overall game experience is limited, but it can give better performance for the low-end game PC. Specific effects may have to wait until the official release to determine.

Improved accessibility:

In the upcoming Creators Update, a professional Braille monitor is able to support Braille input and output. At the same time, by strengthening the support of Narrator, adding a new audio experience, as well as promoting Office 365 and many other products into the Windows 10 auxiliary projects. UWP applications in the high contrast mode will improve the readability of the application.

Improvements in safety:


New Windows Defender Security Center

Optimize and improve Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

To optimize MDM solutions for enterprise and Surface enterprise management mode

* allows organizations to prevent employees from installing applications on non Windows Store

Windows Information Protection improvement for enterprise users

It is easier to set up Windows Hello biometric authentication

Windows Goodbye:

More control over data:

In addition to the safety function mentioned above, Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update also improved the privacy control, including the new OOBE set, provides a more clear explanation of why Microsoft users need to collect some data, users can also collect data on the option to activate and close.

Better update experience:

Windows 10 Mobie update:

Compared to the PC side, currently on the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update improved information is relatively small, it is necessary to mention the following list of updates is not all, but also need to wait until Microsoft announced.

Use Cortana to control music playback in more applications

Cortana can identify songs in China

* to improve the text scaling on the Edge browser

Improving readability of UWP applications in high contrast mode

Table WiFi and device settings

By Azure Active Directory Identity to login and set synchronization

• get the same update options as the desktop.

Functions that have been removed and cancelled

In the Windows 10 Creators in Update, functions and features of next list from Current Release products (Removed), or removed is not currently active in research and development, plans may be removed in subsequent versions of the function (Deprecated).

This list is intended for IT professionals who update the operating system in a business environment. This plan and list may change, which may not contain all of the Deprecated features or features.

Functions that have been removed:

By default, the Flash is automatically turned off in the Edge browser, using the default Click-to-Run (C2R, click on run) mode, which can be adjusted by the user.

Interactive service testing service

* no Microsoft Paint language pack on the full localization list

NPN support in TLS (replaced by ALPN)

Mobile for Windows WSUS, the update has been transitioned to the new Unified Update Platform (UUP)

Planned cancel function:

Apndatabase.xml is being replaced by the COSA database. Therefore, some components do not function again. This includes the hardware ID, mobile applications call SMS SMS rules, mobile applications in the list of privileged applications, automatic connection instruction, APN parser and CDMAProvider ID

Apps Corner (application garden)

Reading List (reading list)

Tile Data Layer

TLS DHE_DSS ciphers DisabledByDefault


IPsec task offload

Other equipment:

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