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Restore Baidu artificial intelligence faction dispute: Wu Enda out, Ma Dongmin Lu Qi Ding victory

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Text / "deep network" reported group Han Yimin

Not all of the resignation will be called a successful job.

Baidu chief scientist Wu Enda yesterday suddenly announced the resignation message, before there is no sign.

Wu Enda where the Baidu Institute, has been playing in front of Baidu artificial intelligence spokesperson's role, but in fact, it is only Baidu's internal development of artificial intelligence one of the two forces.

Baidu involved in artificial intelligence another important force, from Baidu's traditional core sector search system.

As one of the earliest layout of the domestic artificial intelligence company, in the mobile Internet era of Baidu from last year began to bet on the future of artificial intelligence, but carrying the Baidu artificial intelligence strategy Baidu Institute, from the beginning of the establishment of the face of talent Successive loss of dilemma, which is behind the Baidu two forces to compete, the Institute of the embarrassing reality of the situation.

The situation has changed again this year, the variable is Lu Qi and Ma Dongmin to join.

Core management update to bring the direct result is Baidu internal areas, resources, interests of the re-division, the result is the stakeholder's exit.

Wu Enda is Baidu since 2017 since the departure of the third high-level figures, the first is not long ago due to intelligent driving business adjustment and "internal rest" Wang Jin; second is because of "internal corruption" Responsible person Zeng Liang; Wu Enda become the latest in the list of Baidu executives.

In this Baidu artificial intelligence research system leader to leave, the search system began to fully grasp the right to speak, Baidu's artificial intelligence strategy will tell a new story.

Wang Haifeng passed the way

Baidu's handover to the artificial intelligence system is clearly prepared.

Baidu's chief executive, Baidu vice president Wang Haifeng was appointed general manager of AI Technology Platform System (AIG), was promoted to Estaff members, turned to Baidu Group President and Chief Operations Officer Lu Qi reported.

AIG became the latest business group of Baidu following IDG (Baidu Smart Driving Business Group). AIG that AI technology platform system, will further integrate the depth, including NLP, KG, IDL, Speech, Big Data, including Baidu core technology.

This adjustment means that Baidu traditional strong sector search system origin Wang Haifeng, has taken Wu Enda's Scepter, Baidu research, to explore the artificial intelligence and application leader.

Prior to this, Baidu artificial strategy of the forefront of the front is Wu Enda and its command of Baidu Research Institute.

2016 in September Baidu World Congress, Wu Enda is the second guest speaker, the first is Robin Li. Li Yanhong in the opening speech for the first time put forward "artificial intelligence is the core of Baidu core" and "artificial intelligence for Baidu means what? I can use a simple four words to describe, that is Baidu brain. & Rdquo;

Wu Enda is the head of Baidu's brain.

Before graduation Baidu, Wu Enda has Andrew Ng's English name in the field of international artificial intelligence reputation. The Chinese American is an associate professor of computer science at the Stanford University and an associate professor of electronic engineering. He is also one of the most authoritative scholars in the world of Google's brain founder, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In the former Baidu Depth Research Institute (IDL) executive vice president Yu Kai and Li Yanhong lobbying, Wu Enda in May 16, 2014 announced to join Baidu. Three days later, Baidu announced the appointment of Wu Enda as Baidu chief scientist, full responsibility for Baidu Research Institute, especially Baidu brain business.

2013 is Baidu decided to invest in the beginning of artificial intelligence, in 2014 Baidu quickly recruited a group of artificial intelligence experts, Yu Kai in 2015 to leave Baidu, Wu Enda will then stand in the Baidu Institute of power center.

In the O2O strategy as a result of the public comments and the United States after the merger suffered a setback, 2016 Li Yanhong will be artificial intelligence to the stage before the announcement that this is Baidu's future, with artificial intelligence to become Baidu's core strategy, Baidu internal commitment to artificial intelligence The battle for strategic discourse has become increasingly fierce.

Secret factional struggle

Foreign vigorously promote the Baidu artificial intelligence strategy, the actual hidden in the two factions.

Standing in front of the Baidu Institute is a major faction, it by Li Yanhong personally surgeon, from top to bottom to promote the establishment. In Baidu big system, the Institute is a sudden exogenous force.

Four years ago in January 2013, Baidu officially announced the establishment of the Institute of Depth Learning (IDL), Li Yanhong personally as Dean, China "thousands of people plan" national experts Yu Kay Ren vice president.

According to Li Yanhong, the establishment of the Institute's original intention is that "why not because I understand the depth of learning, but because of our brand can attract more understanding of the depth of learning experts and scientists." & Rdquo;

January 2014, Baidu launched Shao Shuai plan, mainly for the global recruitment of nine young people under the age of 30 young people, the annual salary of one million yuan start.

To the Institute for the pilot, Baidu into artificial intelligence posture quickly attracted a number of experts in the artificial intelligence industry to join.

In September 2013, former Facebook senior scientist Xu Wei and former AMD heterogeneous system chief software architect Wu Ren has joined Baidu Depth Research Institute; May 17, 2014, Wu Enda officially joined Baidu as chief scientist; 2015, Baidu In the same year in June, NEC United States Intelligent Image Research Institute Lin Yuanqing joined Baidu any depth of learning laboratory director.... In addition, Huang Chang (former IDL director architect), Ni Kai (Baidu unmanned car team before the person in charge), under the machine learning expert Alex Smola Li Mu also has joined Baidu.

In the United States, Baidu also set up an artificial intelligence team.

April 2013 Baidu in the United States, California, Kubitino established artificial intelligence laboratory, called "depth study and research center"; 2014 Baidu Institute of the United States from more than 30 people expanded to more than 100 people. In May 2014, Baidu in Silicon Valley set up Silicon Valley artificial intelligence laboratory; the same year in July, Baidu set up large data laboratory.

At this point, Baidu artificial intelligence research has formed three major laboratories, the basic pattern of linkage between China and the United States. Wu Enda is the head of the Baidu Research Institute, which has four laboratories: the Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SVAIL), the Depth Learning Laboratory (IDL), the Big Data Laboratory (BDL) and the AR Laboratory (January 16 days to set up, deputy director of the original IDL Wu Zhongqin as head).

But after Taiwan, Baidu has another wave of artificial intelligence forces in the quietly growing.

In February this year, Baidu's new COO Lu Qi took office after the two big strokes: the acquisition of Ravens Technology and the establishment of the Secret Division, as "Baidu artificial intelligence master" with the Baidu Institute team Research and development, but from Baidu vice president Wang Haifeng led the search team.

And Baidu Institute top-down development path of the situation is different, degree is Baidu search team from bottom to top to promote.

Baidu as a traditional strong sector, search is another Baidu internal artificial intelligence forces.

According to the introduction of Baidu Encyclopedia, NLP is one of the oldest basic technical departments of Baidu Baidu, and leads the development of artificial intelligence technology. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""

In 2014, the original Microsoft company chief research and development director King Kun joined Baidu, worked in the big search as a total product architect. According to the Baidu degree division of the CTO Zhu Kaihua introduction, Baidu search team has been doing the idea of ​​secret, because from the perspective of intelligence and ability, and search inextricably linked. Under the guidance of this idea, Wang Haifeng led King Kun, Zhu Kaihua from the beginning of 2014 spontaneous development of secret, a year later, through the introduction of Li Yanhong officially released.

The introduction of the secret means that Baidu internal artificial intelligence dual power of the formal formation of a wave of exogenous force composed of the Institute; allocated for the endogenous forces to promote the big search. But in Baidu comprehensive shift to artificial intelligence strategy, the two sides did not between the effective integration.

Tencent Technology has asked the Secret team how to work with the Institute, the Institute of research results applied to the degree of secret, but did not get the answer.

Research Institute around the source

Over the past two years, Wu Enda to Baidu artificial intelligence strategy evangelist's image has been pushed to the stage, but the scenery may be just a false impression, under the rule of Baidu Institute in the internal situation embarrassing.

The gap between the two forces can be perceived by the outside world even more serious.

A person familiar with the matter told Tencent Technology, "do not look Baidu artificial intelligence so beautiful, in fact, the search data is not open to the Institute. Do artificial intelligence of this wave of people are returnees, the elite, with the search side is completely two styles, both sides do not look at each other. & Rdquo;

Li Yanhong to promote the establishment of the Institute in the competition did not gain the upper hand.

Data is the basis of research and development of artificial intelligence and application, not Baidu search large data support, Baidu Institute is difficult to produce the actual results.

Even worse, the changing strategy of the development of the Institute so that the Institute can not establish a real accumulation: Baidu Eye, Baidu Light, Baidu Bike, Baidu chopsticks search Baidu has been dedicated to promote the artificial intelligence products, but now have no interest.

Complex internal relations, Baidu in 2014 around the field of outstanding experts in the field of artificial intelligence has been a serious loss.

2015, Yu Kai, Wu Ren left from Baidu; 2016, Baidu unmanned person in charge Ni Kai left; August 2016, Baidu Marshal plan iconic characters, IDL director R & D architect / chief designer Gu Jiawei Leave.

It is quite embarrassing that, in the Baidu Shao Shuai plan official introduction page, still display the Marshal program team members: Li Yanhong, Yu Kai, Zhang Tong, Xu Wei and Wu Ren. And now, in addition to the founder of Baidu as Li Yanhong, has been listed as the main mentor of the other four members only Xu Wei is still Baidu.


Founded in 2016, Drive.ai was founded by former member of the Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Wu's wife is one of the founders. Because of this relationship, there is speculation that Wu's first stop is perhaps Drive.ai, but it is not yet available determine.

However, it is worth noting that, according to Tencent technology to understand, as soon as possible to leave Wang Jin will join the car without business, and Wang Jin has been enrolled into Baidu's programming talent Tiancheng after leaving Baidu in Silicon Valley venture specializing in unmanned driving.

Baidu seems to have become the artificial intelligence industry Huangpu military academy.

Key Mr. Lu Qi and behind the scenes Ma Dongmin

Lu Qi is the key to the decision of Baidu's internal intelligence struggle.

Baidu's new core figure officially joined on January 17, Baidu Group, president and chief operating officer, Baidu director and vice chairman of the board, is responsible for Baidu's products, technology, sales and market operations.

Li Yanhong will be the management of the business all the responsibility to Lu Qi, according to the appointment of information, Baidu existing business groups and the person in charge will report directly to Lu Qi: including the search company president to the Dragon, technical system and emerging Business Group President Zhang Yaqin, Senior Vice President Zhu Guangjiang financial business group, senior vice president Wang Jin carrying unmanned driving business (adjusted) and chief scientist Wu Enda (has left) led the artificial intelligence technology team.

As a famous workaholic, entry more than two months, Lu Qi has been shot again and again, and his main adjustment area is Baidu artificial intelligence related business.

February 16, Baidu announced a wholly-owned acquisition of Raven Technology Co., Ltd., founder of Lu Cheng team to join Baidu, and as Baidu intelligent home hardware general manager, to Lu Qi reported.

On the same day, Lu Qi issued a circular, announced from now on the original degree of the team to upgrade the degree of secret division, directly to its report to accelerate the layout of artificial intelligence, and its product and market.

March 1, Baidu integration of the original L3 and L4 two departments, the establishment of intelligent driving business group (IDG), Lu Qi, general manager.

Overall, combing the internal resources is Lu Qi's current focus, these actions are the common idea is: the artificial intelligence-related business in accordance with the direction of integration, while strengthening Lu Qi its direct leadership.

In the adjustment process, Lu Qi's balance is clearly a strong sector to Baidu search company tilt, the establishment of a separate division of the ministry is a signal.

At the same time, the position of the Institute retreated. In the adjustment of the Intelligent Driving Division, the first is the important character of the Institute of Wang Jin nominal "internal rest" actually out; followed by the Institute's leader Wu Enda also eventually left.

Lu Qi is on the face of the key Mr., and to promote Lu Qi to make the choice behind the scenes is hidden behind the Ma Dongmin.

In February this year, Baidu announced the abolition of the medical division, according to Tencent technology to understand the abolition of the decision by Mrs. Li Yanhong Ma Dongmin made in the growth of limited revenue and spending continues to increase the situation, Ma Dongmin's idea is to cut off the prospects business. A number of informed sources told Tencent Technology, abolition of the medical department is only the first step, then, education, internationalization, O2O, etc. will face adjustment.

Artificial Intelligence Research Institute in a similar situation, despite being held by Robin Li Baidu artificial intelligence strategy of high expectations, but can not get the support of the search sector, the output is limited, in the adjustment of Ma Dongmin ideas, it is difficult to continue the past large investment, low-output development path.

Wu Enda last year at the Baidu World Congress to accept Tencent Technology interview was introduced, Baidu at least hundreds of artificial intelligence projects. "These projects include large, such as search, advertising, autopilot, etc., there are some small projects, these projects will be faster, may be a few months or do not need too much time can be achieved. Some also need one or two years. At the same time, according to Wu Enda open letter to provide information, Baidu artificial intelligence team has grown to nearly 1,300 people, including 300 Baidu Institute members.

While Li Yanhong's utmost support, but as a professional manager of Lu Qi obviously need to comply with Baidu internal strength in the short term to really make the results.

In the artificial intelligence of this matter, Lu Qi chose Baidu traditional strong sector, chief scientist Wu Enda is the last to leave that Baidu's frustrated people.

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