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Unveils the seven most popular videos on YouTube

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In 2016, Youtube users watch the time to grow 50% year on year, which will be network video access to the TV screen to watch users doubled over the previous year, whether it is video content or viewing channels, network video on the TV industry to form a huge Impact.

Statistics show that 18-49 years old crowd, the use of Youtube watch the video is much higher than the proportion of television networks, Youtube has become the mainstream consumer groups to obtain information an important way. Youtube is of great importance to both the content producer and the advertiser. So, what kind of video can you get attention on Youtube?

Evaluation video

Product evaluation video is the most popular video type on Youtube, because this video is often rich in content, including the bloggers of a product or service experience and experience, to meet the needs of people to obtain information. With the increasing number of online video users, Youtuber on ordinary people to buy decision-making influence, but also began to get more and more business attention.


Yoga yoga product evaluation

Google's official data show that 62% of consumers will be online before the purchase of related products to see the video presentation. While 52% of consumers are more inclined to buy products with video evaluation. Evaluation category Youtuber has become one of the most vulnerable Yunduber groups.

2. tutorial class video

Tutorial video is mainly concentrated in the field of food, beauty and home improvement DIY, video content to demonstrate the production process, most of the Youtuber in the production process, to share their own unique experience, which is the most attractive such video The point. Such as the Italian food blogger Fred, he used the family handed down from the kneading method, making a series of bread baking tutorial, Youtube on the highest hit more than 10 million.


Kneading tutorial video

The detailed process and unique skills are the key to the tutorial class video stand out. Google's official data show that the amount of tutorial video search to maintain an average annual growth of 70%.

3. VLOGs

VLOGs (video blog) is like a video version of the text blog, it is in the form of video diaries, record Youtuber's daily life and their immediate feelings. This is in recent years in Youtube particularly popular video type, because VLOGs show Youtuber's daily life, and basically no special effects and clips, this way of the original ecology but very close to the distance and the fans.


Drive VLOG

And TV reality show, VLOGs also meet people's curiosity and spy of desire. On Youtube, tens of millions of people watch VLOG video every day.

4. Game video

Game video is actually a very general classification, any game-related video content can be classified as the game video category. From the game hardware evaluation to the game live video, from the game music to the game costumes, game video all-encompassing, nothing to comment. The game channel has always been one of the most popular Youtube.


Youtube the most profitable game blogger pewdiepie

And product evaluation video similar to the situation, the game video is also relatively easy to realize. According to Social Blade statistics show, Youtube revenue in the top ten channels, there are six games video, the total income of more than 70 million US dollars.

5. funny video

Funny video will always be in the video list to occupy a place. Youtube's top ten net red bloggers, half of the main funny video.


Funny combination Smosh

Such as Smosh, a super popular California funny combination of fans on Youtube more than 22 million, a single video traffic billions of dollars to their main comedy movie "Smosh: big movie" also boarded the big screen, the annual income of more than 850 Ten thousand U.S. dollars.

6. Count the video

There are two kinds of inventory video, one is the product inventory. Generally concentrated in the end of the season, the end of the year and other specific time nodes, most bloggers will be introduced in the video, they recently the most recommended product for some time, one of the most typical is the beauty of the owner of the "love supplies" and " Class video.


Youtube famous beauty blog owner

Different from the product evaluation video, inventory video will generally be a specific theme for comment, such as "spring clothing inventory", "popular summer cold spot" and so on, the product type is more single, but the horizontal comparison of the content more Rich, suitable for specific target audience.

There is also a piece of inventory, such as "the history of the most terrible five times supernatural events", "10 best street piano playing" and so on.

7. Unpacking video

As the name suggests, out of the box video is to receive the mail parcel open, and to the fans show and introduce the contents of the video. Different from the product evaluation video, out of the box video focus is not on the product, but in the bloggers reaction.


Youtube out of the box video

Traditional evaluation video may take a lot of space to introduce the function and use of the product, out of the box video is to show the bloggers in the first time to see the product response, disappointed also surprises Ye Hao, bloggers emotional reaction, Is the fans want to watch the "main event & rdquo ;.

Out of the box video popular, with the rapid development of electricity in recent years are inseparable, especially in the field of beauty and fashion, out of the box video is very popular.

2016 is Youtube was Google acquired the tenth year, was billionaire Mark & ​​middot; Cuban called "only idiot to buy" Youtube, completely changed people's video consumption habits. At present, the number of Youtube users has more than one billion, accounting for nearly one-third of the total number of Internet users.

From learning to entertainment, from shopping to DIY, people's lives are affected by all aspects of the impact of Youtube, Youtube not only redefine the video production and video viewing methods, but also continue to influence and shape the popular culture.

This article comes from Animaker, compiled by South Seven and Qiu Ya. South seven: South seven new media founder & amp; CEO, concerned about the Internet and technology entrepreneurship. No. 7 South Road.

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