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Can Apple Pay stand in China?

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Apple Pay business in China has been on the line a year and a half, just on the line when the major banks to promote hard work to help out, and then to the downturn, Apple Pay all the way came Kankan rough, not satisfactory.

But for China to pay the market this big cake, Apple is clearly not easy to let go. After more than a year of development, the fledgling Apple Pay finally joined the subsidy game.

Apple to carry the major businesses to carry out shoppingPromotionsFrom 18th to 24th July 2017, where you can pay with a PayPal logo, use Apple Pay to earn up to 50% off, and up to 50x bank credit card points. Whether in the supermarket, coffee shop or shopping malls, use Apple Pay just touch it, hear "bite" sound, payment will be easy and quickly completed.

Apple for large-scale promotional subsidies, which shows its attention to the Chinese market. Faced with Alipay and WeChat two rival Apple Pay whether by burning game to open the situation?

Apple Pay Advantage

For Apple Pay, the most obvious advantage is the "rich second generation" origin. Apple's market value of the world's first, holding 257 billion US dollars of cash reserves, if the move from the real money to play money subsidies game, Ali, Tencent is invincible. Apple Pay for the first time in mainland China to launch such a large-scale promotion, although the event time only lasted a week, but the first promotion will naturally have the second three or four times. For consumers is a real benefit, if the Apple Pay offer is greater than Alipay, WeChat payment, naturally some people are willing to try new payment methods. The key is, Apple Pay is also very convenient not it?

On the other hand, Apple Pay has a very good hardware foundation, iPhone 6 and above equipment in the Chinese market stock more than 100 million, as long as the user is willing to bind the bank card, it is easy to promote consumption. You know, Apple Pay a year ago in China on the line, 12 hours to bind 38 million bank cards, the user can not be described as large.

In addition, Apple Pay is based on the NFC technology payment function, as a bank card contactless payment carrier, CUP will strongly support Apple Pay promotion to counter Alipay, WeChat to pay some of the functional erosion of the bank. Apple Pay on the line at the beginning there are 18 bank support, one after another there are more financial institutions announced support for this feature, publicity and promotion of massive.

Embarrassing status quo

First of all, in China's mobile payment market, Alipay, WeChat has been up to 310 billion yuan to pay the scale of accounting for 90% of the market share, and in the remaining 10%, there are like Samsung Pay, millet Pay, Huawei Pay, and UnionPay cloud flash and other Apple Pay share on the contention, it can be said to Apple Pay-led "non-contact payment method" and WeChat, Alipay led the two-dimensional code payment game, has In a clear disadvantage.

Second, Apple Pay itself is also a lack of social and electrical business attributes, there is no way for consumers to develop habits. In China, WeChat, Alipay and other third-party mobile payment means not only can we liberate the hand of the wallet, but also through the introduction of a wide range of social, entertainment and other games are played so that consumers can pay with them at the same time can be a certain Entertainment, this is exactly what Apple Pay does not have.

Finally, Apple Pay is also underway to promote the capillary-like long-tail payment scenarios, such as focusing only on Starbucks, 711, KFC and other high-end consumer scenarios, while ignoring miscellaneous grains pancake fruit stalls, which is precisely the consumer needs to be frequent Place of payment. Perhaps the "rural encirclement of the city," the essence of this set of tactics, UnionPay and the banks did not understand, not to mention the apple.

Future can be expected

Apple Pay continued to touch the wall finally let Apple learn the law as follows, follow Alipay, WeChat payment to join the war, relying on hardware and software applications to form a combination of boxing, steadily expanding market share, is Ali, Tencent fear of the Department. But for the consumer, the business burned the money I got a concession, but also look forward to more violent war more.

In addition, as Apple Pay continues to expand, Apple began to consider the iPhone's NFC play a greater role. The future Apple Pay will also support domestic bus, subway and other traffic card functions, the use of more broad prospects.

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