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"Loss of the ninth season" coming HTC can stand up?

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HTC Chairman Wang Xuehong to participate in the 2017 Boao Forum for Asia. Figure / Vision China

August 14, HTC released 2017 second quarter earnings, earnings reported that the second quarter of 2017 revenue of about 3.545 billion yuan, growth of 11%, net loss after tax of about 429 million yuan, down 3.9%. This is HTC for nine consecutive quarterly loss.

Analysts predicted that HTC announced the third quarter earnings, the loss will continue to rise.

In June this year, after the eighth loss in the HTC season, CEO Wang Xuehong said, "I am sorry for the company did not profit, I have served as CEO for two years, I firmly believe that in the third year HTC Will be able to bring satisfactory results to shareholders. & Rdquo;

Next year, just the third year of Wang Xuehong served. Has been nine consecutive quarterly loss of HTC, next year will give Wang Xuehong bring real exams.

Betting VR

In the global smart phone slowdown in the background, almost all of the mobile phone manufacturers are beginning to layout other business. Faced with the downturn in the mobile phone business, HTC will focus on the VR (virtual reality) the outlet.

In March this year, HTC to 630 million yuan price of its smart phone manufacturing plant in the mainland - & wdash; Weihong Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to sell, in order to profit 147 million yuan. HTC said that the purpose of the sale of the plant is to expand the VR business with more funds.

Wang Xuehong had told the media, HTC has been prepared for a very large team, whether it is software or hardware. "We are ready for the start of the VR field, and we hope to make a VR platform through HTC's Virtual Reality Helmet Vive to create a standard." & Rdquo;

Has ignored the mainland market HTC in the VR area of ​​energy has become a lot of concentration. Canalys data show that in 2016 the Chinese mainland market sales of virtual reality helmet 300,000 sets, becoming the world's second largest market, the global share of 15%. HTC ranked first, the market share of 17.7%, big friends ranked second, the share of 16.9%.

Market data analysis organization SuperData jointly released Unity 2016 VR market research report shows, HTCVive sales of 420,000. HTCVive799 dollars in terms of price, HTCVive2016 total revenue of $ 336 million, and HTC in 2016 compared to revenue, about the equivalent of HTC's annual revenue of 13%.

HTC focus on the layout of the VR business will be the profitability of the company? There are views that the current VR market, small but competitive, HTC can rely on VR turn over profit or an unknown. At present, VR industry hot also attracted big friends, storm technology, millet and other companies into the Council, low-cost strategy is sweeping VR market, from the price point of view HTCVive advantage is not obvious.

Communications expert Liu Qicheng told reporters, HTC can profit to see AR, VR market can not break out, the current look enough to choke. The current AR, VR market competition is not small, many professional companies are doing. According to the rhythm of HTC bet, if the AR, VR fire up, the market was preempted, the business model can not follow the HTC plan to go, then HTC can stand up or an unknown. & Rdquo;

Some analysts believe that HTCVive HTC is the most valuable asset, this industry line and smart phones should be separated from the operation. Last year, HTC will Vive business spin-off, but also began to get involved in content production, to ensure that HTCVive head in the experience of a better performance and optimization. In addition, HTC spent 100 million US dollars to launch ViveX accelerator program to attract the global VR venture team for HTCVive provide quality content.

Last year, smart phone sales fell nearly 60%

After a lapse of six years, HTCVR business seems to be standing in the 2011 mobile phone business "fork in the road" and " At that time, China and the United States is the most important two smart phones market, for various reasons, HTC did not win any of the market, for today's mobile phone business collapse foreshadowed.

HTC for the first time in mainland China is in 2002, then, Wang Xuehong's two companies HTC and VIA Technologies jointly set up Dopod International Co., Ltd., then in line with the HTC in mainland China's brand layout, Wang Xuehong to personal Nominated investment founded Dopod Communication Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shanghai, made in mainland China mobile phone license, the official sale of Dopod own brand of smart phones. 2010 transformation of smart phones, to HTC brand show people.

The first mobile phone world research institute president Sun Yan Biao said that the campaign against the Chinese mainland market is Dopod, 2010, when the transition smart phone suddenly strangled the Dopod brand, with HTC China market, making the Chinese mainland users Not very understanding of HTC Dopod rise in mainland China is because the operator business, brand switching, resulting in HTC in mainland China a bit acclimatized, the operator business a bit close. & Rdquo;

Communication experts Liu Qicheng that, HTC was not suitable for the strategy of the Chinese mainland market, "the price is relatively high, the product is not enough new, so sales can not. China's mainland market is still in the thousand yuan machine market, the product can not adapt to domestic changes, not in the low-end to do, the loss of this opportunity. & Rdquo;

Until 2014, HTC began to force in the low-end market, a comprehensive layout "in the high and low" and the three front, take the "sea tactics" and "ralph lauren pas cher. However, due to the lack of core technology, HTC did not like Apple or Samsung launched star models, after the launch of a variety of models are encountered in the mainland users "do not buy" rude "embarrassment. At the same time, domestic mobile phone manufacturers began to rise, the Chinese smart phone market into the shuffle stage.

2016, HTC10 come out, but in the workmanship, hardware configuration, was a large number of users Tucao, that the configuration "no sincerity" and "no sincerity".

August 15, the Beijing News reporter login HTC opened in the official flagship store in Jingdong found that all the goods "only 5, of which 4 for the phone, the other is HTCVive hardware equipment, HTC released this year's flagship machine Type U11, priced at 4599 yuan, in the Jingdong HTC official flagship store, the phone evaluation of the user has 2656. Lynx HTC official flagship store a total of 9 baby, sales of 4477.

Results show that in 2016, HTC smart phones and accessories sold 26.83 million units, compared with the level of 60.183 million units in 2015, down about 56%.

Communication experts Kang Zhao said, "very few channels now see the HTC, may also be online channels to sell, foreign operators will be combined to sell." & Rdquo;

Liu Qicheng that, HTC in the past few years in the mobile phone market downturn is very powerful, basically kicked out of the mainstream market. Smartphone market from the point of view, HTC comeback hopes are getting smaller and smaller.

Patent case lost, abandoned by the European and American markets

In the Chinese mainland market acclimatized, and because of patent infringement in Europe and the United States suffered heavy losses in the market.

In 2008, HTC began working with Google, launched the world's first mobile phone equipped with Android smartphone T-MobileG1, and therefore laid the industry status, completed from the ODM manufacturers to independent brand manufacturers in the transition. Since then, HTC has maintained steady growth trend, the market value of up to 33.8 billion US dollars, becoming the biggest winner of Andrews mobile phone camp.

In 2011, HTC in the United States market share of 21%, second only to Apple's 29%, that field with Apple's patent lawsuit to become a turning point for the decline from HTC.

March 2010, Apple to ITC (US International Trade Commission) filed a lawsuit, said HTC violated the Apple iPhone patent, requiring the prohibition of HTC smartphone sales in the United States. In December, ITC found that HTC violated Apple's iPhone 647 patent, and from April 19, 2012 on the HTC involved in the patented smart phone implementation of the official import ban.

In May 2012, the US Customs delayed the import approval of the HTCOneX and Evo4G smartphones, although HTC subsequently succeeded in lifting the ban, but the release of the OneX handset was postponed.

After the patent litigation, HTC in the US market suffered a heavy blow. In the third quarter of 2012, HTC mobile phones in the United States only 6.2% share of net profit of about 133 million US dollars, compared with the same period in 2008 of 640 million US dollars down 79%.

The first mobile phone world research institute president Sun Yan Biao told reporters, HTC in the smart phone industry has more background, was also the world's most active industry Andrews manufacturers. But because of losing the lawsuit with Apple, in Europe and the United States into a product of infringement, the European and American markets soon abandoned it.

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