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The battle between the old and the new kings: Apple iPhone 7, VS Nokia 8

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Mention NOKIA, in that year is almost synonymous with mobile phones, with excellent workmanship, innovative design, control of the global mobile phone sales of the first throne for a long time. But as Jobs iPhone turned out, Google, Samsung and other technology giants strong follow-up, have not kept pace with the new era of intelligent mobile phone operating system NOKIA retreat, the tragic fate of the ever end up even to sell mobile phone business.

In fact, NOKIA had put forward the concept of intelligent mobile phone, and smart Symbian operating system, but because has always occupied a huge market share, the mentality is too conservative, major changes in the mobile phone revolution has been indecisive, missed the best time. Let iPhone, Android manufacturer of the power savings, will eventually catch up from behind, pull down the throne of the king of NOKIA mobile phone.

Faced with now almost iPhone, Samsung two world, earned most of the profits of the mobile phone industry status, presumably all NOKIA hearts are holding breath. Now under the leadership of new owner, NOKIA once again starting to attack the mobile phone industry, with many years of accumulated experience in mobile phone manufacturing and once popular, is likely to pose a threat to iPhone, Samsung and other manufacturers. Here, first look at the recent relatively hot flagship NOKIA 8 and iPhone 7 results.


As the screen is smaller, iPhone7 is slightly smaller than NOKIA's new flagship model.


Because of the smaller size, the iPhone7 is lighter than the NOKIA 8, and the weight of the two machines, of course, does not cause pressure for the user to hold it.


These two mobile phones are made of aluminum alloy shell, different from Samsung, some products are supplied with glass shell.


IPhone 7 cancelled the more popular deep gray color matching, and introduced black and bright black two new colors, immediately sought after by users. Other classic colors include silver, gold, rose, red and so on. And NOKIA 8 also offers two blue versions, the new machine's flagship color is bronze and bright blue, of course, classic color, silver, black also.

Water repellency

IPhone 7 is the first mobile phone dustproof and waterproof, apple, and NOKIA 8 can prevent liquid sputtering. If the user is often in contact with water, iPhone 7 would be a better choice, or to the NOKIA 8 equipment waterproof coat is OK.

Screen size

The iPhone 7 is smaller, lighter and smaller in size.

Resolving power

NOKIA 8 uses a 2560 x 1440 QHD display with a pixel density of 554 ppi. Although smaller than LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8, but in fact, this gap is almost invisible to the naked eye. In contrast, the resolution of iPhone 7 is relatively small, with only 1334 x 750 and a pixel density of 326 PPI, but it uses a retina display.

So it's up to you, but everyone knows that Apple has long been known for its contrast, brightness, and white balance.


Both iPhone 7 and NOKIA 8 use the IPS screen, but NOKIA's screen is slightly brighter than the iPhone 7, with brightness peaks of 700 nits, compared to 625 nits.

Home key

These two phones have a physical home key, installed below the screen. The difference is that NOKIA 8 power, volume keys are distributed on the same side of the fuselage.

Fingerprint identification

Both iPhone 7 and NOKIA 8 embed fingerprint sensors in the home key below the screen.

Face recognition

Neither of these two phones supports facial recognition, nor does it support iris scanning. And Samsung S8 will support these two functions, rumors that the next generation of iPhone flagship will also support facial recognition.


Apple iPhone and iPad on the use of their own development of the A series processor, and NOKIA 8 is used Qualcomm production Xiaolong 835 chip.


IPhone's 7 RAM is only half the size of NOKIA's 8, but Apple has always been famous for its efficient use of the memory of its own devices - and the fact has proved several times that memory is sometimes not great.

Device storage

IPhone 7 buyers can choose from three storage models of different sizes, with a minimum starting from 32G. NOKIA ultimate has only one storage model option for 64G, but it can be extended with MicroSD cards.


The Apple device does not always support extended by the MicroSD card, you want a bigger capacity only to spend more money to buy a large capacity version, or the user can try to take the risk of equipment damage disassemble their own replacement memory. While NOKIA 8 requires a MicroSD card, it can support maximum 256G storage extensions.

Earphone jack

Apple Corp made a "courageous" decision, the 3.5 mm headset interface from iPhone 7 removed, although the adapter can make Lightning headset with a normal use, but still caused a lot of users complain. NOKIA 8 is choosing to stay in the 3.5 mm headphone interface camp.


Both are built in batteries, compared with 7 of the iPhone 8 battery capacity is much lower than the NOKIA. But the iOS system is its battery management efficiency is known, although NOKIA has not yet announced the 8 equipment standby / run time about time, we also believe that NOKIA will eventually win is 8, but the two mobile phone standby / run time difference time may be closer than people think.

Fast charge

Apple Corp has not yet charged the fast charging feature into iPhone 7, while NOKIA 8 has a fast charge of 3. Considering the large capacity of the NOKIA 8 battery, this is a very necessary function. IPhone 7 users, or routine slowly charge it.

Wireless charging

IPhone 7 has not yet received wireless charging function, NOKIA 8 also did not, and perhaps all feel that the current technology is not yet mature


As the new machine is a very important selling point, NOKIA 8 can be said to go all out in the camera, equipped with 13 MP sensors. The front 13 million pixels, with 78.4 degree angle. 13 million pixel rear Carle Zeiss double camera, "black and white color scheme. The unique mode before and after the new support while shooting video. And support before and after pictures simulcast. After the camera can start shooting, before and after the synchronous presentation of pictures / video screen on the screen.

Rear camera aperture

The aperture of iPhone 7 is slightly larger than that of NOKIA 8, which should have different effects on low light photography.

Image stabilization

The two phones have built-in optical image stabilization capabilities.

operating system

IPhone 7, of course, is using Apple's own operating system, which is one of iPhone's biggest strengths, and the latest official version is iOS 10. NOKIA 8 will use the Android 7.1.1 system, and promises to provide instant security updates for users.

Release date

IPhone 7 has been released for nearly a year, and next month there will be new flagship models to replace it, and NOKIA 8 will start worldwide next month.


IPhone 7, priced at $649, is expected to sell at $599 ($700) at NOKIA 8 Europe, and the US official pricing has yet to be announced. At present, there are many rumors that China's pricing will be cheaper than other regions around 1000 yuan. If NOKIA really launched in China, then preferential efforts, I believe that by virtue of the strong feelings of NOKIA brand, coupled with NOKIA 8 several innovative selling point, it will cause great interest in Chinese users.

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