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Unity CEO John Riccitiello: Creators can beautify the world

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Author: Craig Chapple Translator: Willow Wu

Unity as the preferred development engine industry, its status can be described as more and more important.

At the Game Developers Conference in 2017, John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity, published the data: With the development of technology, hand downloads in the 2016 has reached 16 billion times, an increase of 31% over 2015.


Call of Duty Strike Team (from play.google)

He said that the game produced by Unity has accounted for 38% of the world, these games are running about 2.6 billion units of equipment.

In addition, 70% of VR and AR projects are using this technology.

Recent reports that more than 2 million users are using the engine, Unity's open version is satisfactory.

And the Chinese market convergence

But to a certain extent, this is a never-ending task, under the leadership of Riccitiello, the company is still along the road to go on, I will explain in detail the meaning of this sentence.

Unity did not pretend that last year they announced a number of big plans, especially with the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer millet cooperation projects.

The purpose is to help developers around the world through China's strict authorization process, so that their game can be in China's domestic market shelves. Developers can profit from in-app payments and Unity ads, but so far ads can only be served by third parties authorized by the millet store.

It was a good news for those Unity developers who had previously been interested in developing the Chinese market but hesitated for the cumbersome official procedures needed to enter the market.

Riccitiello told PocketGamer.biz:“ We removed a lot of incredible complicated procedures. & rdquo;

"Larger companies can send a team of 100 business development group to negotiate, even if this may not get the results we have now achieved. I think this is still a great thing. & rdquo;

technical challenge

The main barriers to entry into the Chinese market are only cultural barriers between the West and Asia, and Riccieello argues that it is wrong.

From the physical barrier point of view, in view of the difficulty of entering the market, he believes that this is a technical problem, rather than cultural aspects.

He has listened to a few previous games: Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed, FIFA and World of Warcraft, although the game style is more than the West, but they are in the Asian market was a success.

"This does not mean that there is no cultural difference in China and Japan, and to some extent," he added, but after that he added that these cultural influences also spread over time, such as Street Fighter Fighting game design has an important impact.

"Things are moving in two directions." In fact, in fact, the situation is also very unexpected to my expectations, the number of Western games into the Asian market than the number of Asian games into the Western market more. & rdquo;


In the 2017 Game Developers Conference announced another plan is for the original artist and designer.

Unity wants to help the original painters use this engine better, especially programmers. There will soon be a series of new features to be added to the engine, including a new scriptable rendering pipeline called Cinemachine Intelligent Camera System, as well as a trajectory-based serialization tool called Timeline.

Riccitiello said it was definitely not Unity's short board, and it was a bit like you were blaming the car for the feeling that could not fly, "he said. But it is more recognition of the original painter and designer of the problems faced, and one of Unity's goal is to solve the problem for the development team.

He said, "Now, with the team's growth, the biggest problem is that they will be unlimited employment more and more original artist, the degree of specialization will be higher and higher," ralph lauren pas cher,

"but still need to pay a lot of tears and tears, because the tool is not so easy to use. & rdquo;

Riccitiello does not criticize tools such as Maya, Studio Max, or Photoshop, but he means putting these assets into the game, giving them vitality, dealing with other problems, like lighting and detail in the game.

He said "with a relatively odd metaphor is the programmer is the original painter in the hands of the pinhole needle," ralph lauren pas cher,

In fact, programmers want is to become the original artist's canvas, so that they can enjoy their own ideas, but there are still some restrictions. We are trying to do something that has never been done before, that is, to remove those constraints. & rdquo;

Creator of the world

Now to enter the Chinese market is not so difficult, coupled with the VR and AR more and more users, coupled with the designer and the original artist's new features, so that the focus of Unity back to the development stage of the openness.

"We have made every effort to improve the performance of the engine as much as possible, and we are working to achieve it. "Riccitiello said.

The open version is also a personal ambition of Riccitiello, who previously established GlassLab, which aims to use the game to drive children to learn the key skills in the modern technology world.

And he is still working with Unity to continue to achieve this goal, and strive to change the world he is now in the eyes of each creator has a lot of consumers waiting, into the majority of ordinary people can create their own Technology.

He said: "I am convinced that one thing is that we have invested a lot for education because I believe that the world can be even better, but there are a lot of mess in the community, the government nonsense, etc., but if there is More creators appear, in fact, will not be so bad. & rdquo;

"If I had a debate with my daughters' school, I would say that we do not need to teach children how to use God, how much of them have been understood, and that you do not know how to use it. & rdquo;

we should teach them how the TV signal works, how to reproduce the picture on your home device, or we should teach them what is the runtime, how the programming language works, and we should teach them to believe that they can create , They can become contributors to evolution. & rdquo;

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