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Third generation Apple Watch network abnormal reason detailed explanation

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BUG popped up

At the recent apple new fall conference, Apple Watch Series 3 was confirmed as we had expected. The new most important improvement is undoubtedly the addition of the LTE cellular network. From then on, Apple Watch will also be able to connect to the network without the assistance of iPhone.

Although the new Apple Watch has no design upside down changes, support for the cellular network is not only meeting the needs of the people, but also important for itself. One of the most important attributes of intelligent electronic devices is to be able to connect with the network, obtain external information and enjoy various services. After Apple Watch supports the LTE network, it has the ability to independently support itself as a platform. Apple is not willing to, Apple Watch is only a high priced iPhone accessories, independence is imperative.

Taking into account the smart watch small space and more demanding thickness, Apple Watch Series 3 does not have an ordinary SIM card tray, but the use of SIM built-in program. Fortunately, even so, the new Apple Watch still has domestic starters, the major operators have a corresponding version. Although this means that in the mobile phone SIM card, you have to pay more watch every month, this series of fees to come, but with the potential of Apple Watch, many people still think it is worthwhile.

However, Apple Watch Series 3 has just been exposed, has a very influential experience BUG, and it is related to the LTE network. Because of the existence of this problem, many early reviewers have given this new product a bad evaluation, and even "do not recommend the purchase" conclusion. So what's the whole thing going on?

Where is the problem?

The BUG was first exposed by the outside station The Verge, saying Apple Watch Series 3 will try to connect to an unknown Wi-Fi instead of a cellular network when iPhone is no longer around". Obviously, this will cause the cellular network to be unavailable. The author said he sought Apple's replacement for the test machine, but the problem remained.

In addition, the Wall Street journal has raised similar questions about Apple Watch Series 3's LTE network connectivity experience.

We can start by talking about how Apple Watch connects to Wi-Fi. Like iPhone, Apple Watch also has a Wi-Fi antenna built in, allowing it to use the Wi-Fi network instead of always using your cellular network traffic.

But watch and iPhone is different, it is not like the latter as Wi-Fi network menu, that is to say you not as smart as a mobile phone, open interface, select one of the network, and then enter the password to connect. Only when iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, enters a password, and when it is connected to the Apple Watch, the phone can sync the information to your watch.

The synchronization is completed, the future Apple Watch into the Wi-Fi range as long as the network, even if there is no iPhone. It also can automatically connect, and use their own that a series of functions and services online. This whole process is, of course, simple, but because of the limitations of the Apple Watch itself, it has these restrictions on Wi-Fi connectivity support, as written in the apple official support page:

First of all, Apple Watch cannot connect new Wi-Fi hotspots without iPhone interference, and it can only use 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz networks instead of 5GHz networks. Last but not least, apple doesn't recommend Apple Watch to connect to any public network that has its own connectivity program, such as hotel login systems, Starbucks's Wi-Fi network protocols, and so on.

The reason has been found

It should be noted that Apple has acknowledged the Apple Watch Series 3 connection Wi-Fi problems. "We have found that when Apple Watch Series 3 joins an unreliable, unreliable Wi-Fi network, it will occasionally prevent the watch from using the cellular network," a spokeswoman said...... We will fix it in future software updates."

From a power saving perspective, Apple Watch will be more inclined to connect to the Wi-Fi network than to stick to the LTE network. Apple Watch life is very important, so Apple will use this mechanism is not surprising. But the problem is that we have just said, the mechanism of Apple Watch connection Wi-Fi iPhone is not so perfect, which means that if it needs to connect those "non normal" network, it will be a problem.

The "non normal" networks here refer to public hotspots such as hotels, Starbucks, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and McDonald's, which have their own login pages instead of adding passwords. According to apple, in theory, Apple Watch can not connect to this network, because it can not enter the latter for mobile phones or pen design of the login layer. The problem is that the current watchOS 4 has BUG, which identifies such networks as regular Wi-Fi networks, and tries to log in as much as possible. In the process, it's not surprising that users simply can't use a cellular network.

So before to fix this problem in a little apple, at least we can rest assured that Apple Watch Series 3 cellular network function is not a problem, a problem is that it only will have their own authentication mechanism of the public Wi-Fi network recognition to the ordinary Wi-Fi network this point. This shows that it is not a hardware defect in Apple Watch Series 3, but a better solution to the software problem.

What to do next?

Even if you know the problem, this BUG will cause a lot of trouble for users, after all, we will wear Apple Watch to a lot of places, especially when you travel, login Hotel Wi-Fi, it is necessary. By that time, Apple Watch's Web experience is bound to be affected.

Fortunately, however, this BUG is triggered by conditional access, first of all, you must have logged into the network, and more importantly, when you re-enter the network area, the watch must be disconnected from the iPhone. Considering that most people do not have mobile phones at all, the chances of meeting these two conditions are not too great, so the experience loss that they can cause should be fatal or low.

So when we get the Apple Watch Series 3, and the apple has not yet confirmed that the problem has been fixed, we can do just one more mind. Try not to log on to public networks that require more layers of authentication, after all, these networks are not safe to some extent. If you suddenly find that the watch cell network is not available, pay attention to whether you are already in the coverage area of that type of Wi-Fi network.

Fortunately, Apple has promised to solve the problem, and from the above analysis, the solution to the problem should not be difficult. So Apple Watch Series 3 is not worth buying? In fact, it's still worth buying, and the BUG won't haunt him for a long time. By the way, the control center in LTE Apple Watch Series 3 has an icon that represents the Wi-Fi connection, and if the current connection is available, the icon will be green. When you have a similar problem, take a look at the location of the control center to determine if you have encountered the problem we are talking about today.

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