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[Live] Google Pixel 2/2 XL officially released: starting price of 649/849 dollars

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Live address:Google official|Sina

Osterloh back to the stage, to a small summary. Today launched a total of 8 hardware products, sincerity. The conference ended, thank you for staying up late during the National Day holiday.

Google Clips and Buds are the hardware products that are designed with AI concepts as the center


Of course, be able to sync to Google Photos, the phone can quickly edit your baby's growth process, priced at $ 249


Machine learning plays an extremely important role in this device and is very helpful for caring for the elderly and young children. AI can identify fast-growing babies that track



The new clip-on smart camera Google Clips, can be caught in a variety of things to monitor the family situation, driven by the AI ​​core



Google Pixel Buds officially released, integrated Google assistant, real-time translation, Google Pixel Buds support real-time translation in 40 languages. Connected to the Pixel phone, the Google Pixel Buds real-time translator features very smooth, three colors, and is now available for $ 159


YouTube VR and Google Play Movies even offer free IMAX movies for Pixel users, with the largest sensory experience with Daydream View

Juston Payne came to the latest Google Daydream View, a full upgrade of the lens and fabric fiber, the Daydream platform has more than 250 VR applications, the product retail price of $ 99.

Google Pixel 2 / XL is open for bookings starting at $ 649/849. Starting for the United States, Australia, Germany, India, Britain, Canada market,

Google Pixel 2 XL follow-up will also land in Italy, Singapore, and the Spanish market



Motion Photos - 3 seconds short video with Live Photo on iPhone, Pixel 2 owner can still enjoy unlimited Google Photo cloud storage.


Pixel 2 camera with a higher dynamic range (HDR Range), optical image stabilization, and portrait mode


DxOMark to the first generation of Pixel played 89 points, while the Pixel 2 reached 98 points. Piexel 2 camera is not unexpected, using a more mature single-shot program


Pixel 2 camera, especially optimized for enhanced reality.


Star Wars 8 linkage AR content also seems to appear on December 15th


Strange story of the Q version of the small eleven appear in the AR interface in the reception of monsters


Pixel exclusive AR expression package, can be real-time display in the AR camera interface


Google Lens shows the new progress that Google AI has made in image recognition, and it works well even when there are a lot of interferences. For Google Lens users traveling to a new city, only need to sweep , There is a photo, it can be completely in the new city in the capability.

Aparna Chennapragragada teaches Google Lens. A small example of the optical character recognition (OCR) function should not be unfamiliar.


But also prompted the mother's unread message, intelligent identification of the news related to dinner. Native run system is Pure Android Oreo, as Google's pro-son, Pixel2 series of course, will soon get the latest system and security updates


If you say "go home", then the voice intelligence assistant will tell you about the commute time and other information

If you like the squeeze operation, then, learn from the HTC EdgeSense inspiration it, now Pixel2 series support "grip" gestures, you can send to the Google Home phone broadcast instructions

The search bar is placed under the Dock, and at the top you can display the "quick overview" widget, the concise calendar and the meeting schedule


Sabrina Ellis takes the presentation and Always-on Display displays the currently playing track name when playing music

Google Pixel 2 XL uses a pOLED screen, QHD + resolution, 18: 9 screen ratio, but only black, and black + 100 color


The trumpet Google Pixel 2 features a full HD display with a contrast ratio of 100,000: 1


Appearance and the previous broke the news is basically the same, 5-inch standard version, and 6-inch XL models, one aluminum body, iconic two-color rear shell, front stereo speakers (HTC Boomsound soul possessed), support the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard.

Mario Queiroz said Google's thinking about smartphones is always daring to question the stalled environment. Posted a Google Pixel 2 phone directly.


After a video, and finally turn to Mario Queiroz came to power that phone, the background screen is a huge search box.


Pixelbook sells for $ 999 and is open today. October 31 in the United States, Canada, the British UK market, thousands of retail stores shelves.


Pixelbook also supports rich Android apps


Run the latest system of Chrome OS, start ultra fast, fast response, multi-layer security features automatically updated, support Pixelbook Pen stylusSurfacePro and iPad Pro do not want to speak) 10ms delay, 60 degrees recognition bevel, 2000 pressure accuracy, of course, you can also use it as an ordinary stylus to use, take notes, painting and the like. Pixelbook Pen stylus can be used directly in a variety of Andrews applications, very convenient


Well-known DJ and music producer Diplo directly to the DJ system connected to the Home Max, gives a very positive sound quality evaluation


Max will be available for sale in December at $ 399.


Max can support many mainstream music online platforms, such as YouTube Muisc Spotify and Google Play Muisc, Pandora, etc.


The Smart Sound feature will allow the speakers to automatically adapt to the room size and eliminate some noise. If the sound is placed on a wall or on a shelf, they will sound different. The Smart Sound feature allows these differences to be eliminated.

Chandra has launched a large home product, the standard Apple HomePod smart speakers, equipped with super-shocked 4.5-inch subwoofer unit, the volume is Google Home 20 times, for the bass we are quite addicted to "super subwoofer" to shake a lot airflow




Family Link introduced article portal

Video time, about how a group of children interact with Google Home. On the children's growth path, Home products will undoubtedly become their best life and learning partner

Home system will allow parents to the child's warm learning tips broadcast to the various speakers

Chandra returns to the stage and continues to talk about the progress of Google Assistant's functionality


Google Home is also able to give you a confirmation of the alarm time set before going to sleep


The new Nest smart doorbell can be used directly through Google Home to transfer the doorbell screen, want to know who is in front of your house, you can also use the voice command to cast the screen to the TV


If you have a Nest camera, you can let Google Home transfer the screen to your TV (via Chromecast)

Nest's CTO Yoky Matsuoka came to the stage to explain Nest Smart Home


Google is stretching the daily habit of the border, in the video ending one sentence - Google Home mini, home life helper. Such as setting a variety of macro commands, say "good morning", you can trigger lights, coffee machines and other operations. Want to increase the room temperature, you can also directly through the natural language to order. Google Assistant can work with more than 1,000 smart home products, more than 100 brands

Google Home mini is hidden under the surface of the four LED fabric, the surface of the fabric hidden under the four LED, the Chromecast speakers can be connected with the Google Home mini, with red, gray and black, the product will be accepted today, will be October 19 in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Britain and the United States on sale, still missed China.

Home products should match the style of home improvement, form and size is very important, and now, more compact and simple Google Home Mini launch (the cat's shovelers may need to beware of meow pedestrians scratch it). In industrial design, can be more integrated into the modern minimalist home style, while providing a very consistent core experience.

Google Home hardware chief hardware designer Isabelle Olson came to power. (Tips: she was also the chief designer of Google smart glasses)


Later this year, the United Kingdom will also usher in hands-free call function. With immediate effect, Google Home can dial the phone with the user's own number.


Chandra claims to use 50 million voice samples to train its speech recognition software. In order to enhance the ability of Google Home, the company in the "voice tired match" (Voice Match) put a lot of energy,


Rishi Chandra speaks about Google Home. Google Home will be available in Japan this week.


Last year was a year of AI and software and hardware integration, machine learning and AI's involvement was well demonstrated by Google's Pixel phone and the series of products. Rick pointed out that Google designed the hardware strategy is to show a strong core, software and hardware perfectly together, the product design is from the inside out, hardware, software needs to work together.


Chromecast's global sales exceeded 55 million units, Google WiFi is the best-selling grid router, and Google Assistant can answer 100 million new questions.

After spending a few minutes in-depth discussion of artificial intelligence, for Rick Osterloh came to talk about some of the hardware aspects of the story. In the subsequent demo video to demonstrate a variety of Google products in people's lives in the application.


TheVerge front reporter believes that "object detection" will become a killer application, so that "smart glasses" has become practical.

Picha continues to demonstrate how the AI ​​in Google Calendar is applied and faces the shortcomings of Google Calendar. For this new introduction of "Auto ML" (automatic machine learning), this is a concept that can contain many layers. The understanding of image recognition can be more accurate than human identity, and he says AutoML is able to perform object scanning - to describe the separation of things. Children around the world are also using Google Translate to communicate with each other.


Pichai summed up the AI ​​priority strategy includes three major principles: 1, natural conversation 2, the atmosphere 3, the scene

Pichai then talked about years ago for Chrome to introduce the translation function, machine learning in the translation service has also been a very good use. We are very excited about the development of the focus from the mobile priority to AI priority

Pichai briefly reviewed the company and his recent work, such as his early trip to Nigeria, and about the machine learning in the use of Google Maps Street View


The scene of the three arc on the screen suddenly freeze frame, Sundai Pichai came to you to say hello.


From the beginning of this conference there are about 15 minutes, the scene broadcast a variety of music. From the start of this conference there are three minutes,


Just before the start of the conference, Google Home official application showed the official renderings of Pixel 2 XL after the update.

Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL flagship phone:

October 4, the main theme of the conference is the second generation of Pixel mobile phone, in the previous leak has basically locked shape, specifications and other related information, and in the price side will provide black, white and blue three colors, providing 64GB and 128GB two versions of storage, which Pixel 2 64GB version retail price of $ 649, 128GB version of the retail price of $ 749.


According to the latest exposure of the picture shows, Google Pixel 2/2 XL will have a higher than the previous generation of screen ratio, continue to use the virtual key on the screen and the back of fingerprint design. But compared with the Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the proportion of space occupied by its screen seems to be less than the extreme, because the upper and lower or to retain a dual speaker design, the benefits are put will be more to force.



Compared to the two new Pixel phones, the Pixel 2 XL will have a relatively high screen share ratio, and from the cover (protective sleeve) effect map, the machine side will retain the power button and volume keys. The previous multi-message also shows that Google Pixel 2/2 XL will retain 3.5mm headphone jack.


Despite the new Pixel  2 series of mobile phones to meet the trend of a higher proportion of the screen, but the machine seems to have a small back on the back of regret, that is the popular double photo still missed, there are spy photos show Pixel 2/2 XL still only provides a single camera on the back. The details of the two mobile phone camera and fill light position of the difference, in addition Pixel 2 back will be blue, white, black optional, still up and down mix of styles, Pixel 2 XL is not available in blue version.


Two-photographed Google Pixel 2 series of mobile phones, it is learned to followiPhone8 Plus and iPhone X provide portrait / portrait mode, but more through the software algorithm to achieve, in fact, in the native Android O system has provided a similar virtual background function.



Pixel 2:

Operating system: Android Oreo 8.1

CPU: Qualcomm Xiao Long 835 processor

Memory: unknown

Built-in storage: 64GB or 128GB

Screen: Unknown, resolution is 1920 * 1080

Main screen: dual camera, optical image stabilization, Google Imaging chip

Front camera: unknown

Battery: 2700mAh

Audio: Dual stereo sound, no 3.5mm headphone port

Other features: IP67 and E-SIM

Pixel 2 XL Specifications:

Operating system: Android Oreo 8.1

CPU: Qualcomm Xiao Long 835 processor

Memory: unknown

Built-in storage: 64GB or 128GB

Screen: unknown, resolution of 2560 * 1440, screen ratio between 80% to 85%, wide color gamut

Main screen: dual camera, optical image stabilization, Google Imaging chip

Front camera: unknown

Battery: 3520mAh

Audio: Dual stereo sound, no 3.5mm headphone port

Other features: IP67 and E-SIM


According to the current information, 64GB version of Pixel 2 priced at 649 US dollars, about 4318 yuan, 128GB version was 749 US dollars (about 4983 yuan), Pixel 2 XL two versions priced at $ 849 (about 5649 yuan) / $ 949 (about 6314 yuan).


According to the retailer Synnex stock information, Pixelbook screen will be from the previous 12.85 inches down to 12.3 inches, the screen resolution of 2560 * 1700, the screen aspect ratio of 3: 2, easy to browse the Internet.

In addition, according to foreign media Droid-Life to explore the information to confirm Pixelbook will have 128GB, 256GB and 512GB three storage specifications, but will be equipped with Intel Core i5 processor, it is not clear the specific clock frequency, whether it will carry different memory combination.

In terms of price, rumors that the sale price of 1199 US dollars, the top with the price of 1749 US dollars. In addition, Google also plans to provide the price of 99 US dollars Pixelbook Pen.

Google Home Mini:

According to the rumors of previous exposure, the retail price of this device is $ 49 and will becomeAmazonEcho Dot's strong rival. Although the name of the Google Home Mini is not directly present in the FCC certification document, the device model is "A4RH0A" and is very similar to Google Home's "A4RH0ME", and is also described as "multimedia device".

According to the label picture shows that this device will have a round bottom, but not and Google Home charging port, so guess the port will be located in the side of the fuselage. In addition FCC certification documents show that this device also supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi network connection, and supports Bluetooth LE.

Daydream View 2

In a recent Google parent Alphabet revenue conference call, board members and Google chief executive Sundar Pichai revealed that by the end of 2017 a total of 11 devices would be compatible with Daydream.


To this end, foreign media speculation Google is expected to launch the second generation of headdress equipment, and in the price may be more close to the people above. Apple's latest iPhone X has been involved in the AR field, and Google also announced the ARCore platform, Google's Tango project successor.

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