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[Comment] Windows Mobile killed seven sins

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Sohu Technology / Cui Jia Le

Microsoft should want to make a difference in the field of mobile, but from the earliest 1996 development of WinCE system, Windows Phone to the current Win10 Mobile, 21 years, Microsoft has done things have been overturned, has been in failure.

Prior to this, Microsoft has refused to publicly comment on the Windows mobile phone platform situation and the future, but now everything has been settled.

Recently, Windows 10 Mobile director Joe Belfiore (known as Joe North Peak) said by Twitter, Microsoft will only provide for the future of Windows 10 Mobile repair BUG, ​​update security patches, no longer develop new system features and hardware products.

The answer is not surprising, but it is almost equivalent to Microsoft's official announcement of the death of Windows Phone.

Guess in the start, but did not guess in the end

"You can put all these things and more things into another information device, we call it a pocket personal computer. It is the same size as the wallet, you can put it in your pocket or bag. It can display information and Timetables also allow you to read or send e-mails and faxes to record the weather andstockReport, and can play simple or complex games. At the meeting you may take notes, check your date with someone else, check out the information, and if you feel tired you can also look at thousands of easy photos of your child. "

In 1995, Bill Gates wrote the "future road", once predicted the future. He said the wallet computer, almost today is equipped with voice-enabled mobile smart phone.

At that time as the CEO of Gates, so God saw the same as the development prospects of smart phones.

However, the big prophet Bill Gates how could not think, in just twenty-one years later, this dream has occupied the first, after the frustration and want to go with iOS and Android occupy the top three operating system will crash down, in name only The.

Market research firm IDC has announced 2017 Q1 smartphone market report, Windows Phone in the global range of only 0.1% market share. Previously in the 2016 forecast, IDC has said Windows Phone's share will reach 0.1% in 2020; did not expect, Microsoft 3 years ahead of this tragic situation.

And Bill Gates in an interview at the end of September also said he has switched to Google's Android system.

Of course, in order to comfort the WP users, he also introduced to the most used in the phone, is still Microsoft's products, such as Office suite, OneNote, Microsoft will be APP;

Preface - the first good

After Gates predicted the future of smart phones, Microsoft took the lead in the field of smart phones, and mobile phone operating system predecessor Windows CE, so in 1996 was born, the initial version is based on Windows95 streamlined development, the user interface also inherited Microsoft's classic element starts the menu.

At that time, Microsoft also conceived a set of business models, Microsoft do mobile phone system, mobile phone manufacturers to do hardware, and then to the mobile phone manufacturers to collect royalties, looks pretty good.

At that time there was no Nokia Saipan system, when Bill Gates frequently to Nokia, Microsoft hopes to grow in the Nokia to join themselves, the two sides were also pushing a plan called Phoenix.

However, when the juvenile Nokia is clearly reluctant to give others when the coolies, so in 1998 will be the first three times the combination of Ericsson, Panasonic, Motorola invested in the British PDA company Psion split out of the software sector, set up a Symbian company.

It also caused Microsoft to be quite dissatisfied, Bill Gates has publicly expressed disappointment for Nokia, "Nokia has never told us they want to unite. No matter what Symbian do, we are harmful."

Nevertheless, when the Microsoft operating system or occupy a place where the mobile phone operating system. In 2007 Apple launchediPhonePrior to the smart phone competition mainly in the four major players to start, respectively, Palm, BlackBerry, Symbian, Microsoft. At that time the Windows Mobile 6 system accounted for 30% of the market, quite great.

So, after this, Microsoft in the end is how to step on the market to play dead it?

Here's a look at Microsoft's business in the mobile phone committed many crimes.

Counseling - iPhone released before the missed opportunity

Now, in addition to the function machine, we have rarely seen the keyboard phone, everywhere are different shapes touch screen mobile phone.

As everyone knows, before iOS and Android, Microsoft is the first to support mobile phone touch screen one of the operating system. Starting from PocketPC 2000, Microsoft's mobile phone operating system to support touch screen. But then the touch screen is not capacitive, Microsoft's touch screen is designed for the pen, and even have to go to the top left corner of the screen start menu.

And do not say how to operate, to the current perspective, if Microsoft adhere to the touch screen road, and then a little improvement, and now how beautiful.

However, at the time, the touch screen mobile phone sales is not how, Microsoft after the sale does not move, turn to design the keyboard.

In 2005, Microsoft and once opponents, has split the operating system Palm announced cooperation, launched with Windows Mobile5 Treo 700W, a full keyboard, but also touch screen, the interface is no major changes. Windows Mobile is like a forced entry.

Motorola Q9 with Palm Treo 700w

In 2006, Microsoft and Motorola launched the Q series full keyboard Windows Mobile phone. This time more simply, Motorola Q9 has no support touch screen.

In this way, Microsoft gave up the touch screen.

So we see this picture -

2007 Macworld conference, already in the development of iPhone Steve Jobs to Motorola Q, Palm Treo, BlackBerry, and Nokia E92 ridicule some, used to set off the iPhone touch screen interactive way is how innovative.

Slow - iPhone released after the snail cattle step

Vaguely remember, Joe Bangzhu said at the press conference, Apple phone will lead the other mobile phone at least ten years.

Not to mention, now iPhone8 or iPhone X is now also leading, but at the time, iPhone release at least stimulated all the fields of mobile phone manufacturers, including Andrews and Microsoft.

On January 10, 2007, on the morning of the iPhone's release, Andrew's father, Rubin, was on a 600-mile road from Las Vegas and was about to meet with the operators at CES.

When he saw the TV in the hands of Steve Jobs extremely surprised, immediately let the driver stop, read the conference on the Internet. He commented on the future of Android that was brewing: "I guess our phone will not be released."

Originally used Android full keyboard design, the prototype looks like a BlackBerry. However, Google quickly pushed to the previous interactive design. A year later in September, the user interface to re-modify the Android1.0 debut.

In 2007, Google joined HTC, Broadcom, LG, Samsung and other companies set up an open handheld device alliance.

In 2008, the world's first Android phone HTCG1 was born.

In April 2009, Android quickly iterated to version 1.5, supporting virtual keyboards, gravity sensors, and multilingual languages ​​including Chinese.

September 2009, Google released the official version of Android1.6, and launched the official version of the HTC Hero G3, became the world's most popular mobile phone.

At this point, iPhone 3GS has been released, App Store has been on the line for almost a year, Android system has occupied the US mobile system market share of 28% in the world accounted for 17% of the market share.

In between, what did Microsoft do?

In February 2007, Microsoft released Windows Mobile 6. In April 2008, minor repairs of Windows Mobile6.1 released. Until mid-2009, Microsoft is still busy with Windows Mobile6.5 update.

Microsoft is really too slow!

Chaos - the perfect Windows Phone 7

Have to say, after the 2010 release of Windows Phone 7 as a follow-up version of Windows Mobile, gives a bright spot in the design.

The world of switching animation, smooth intuitive interaction and eliminate the useless interference of high-speed information flow, that is not like Android imitate iPhone.

In fact, not only that, Windows Phone platform is also reflected in the early flow of some of the details of the interactive processing, such as pressing the button press feedback, enter the keyboard click when the system sound feedback is quite epoch-making significance. This advanced design language was later imitated by other products.

However, Windows Phone 7.0 has a complete UI design concept, but it does not make most users feel satisfied, because in the system outside the various aspects of the existence of varying degrees of problems.

First of all, the function is very imperfect, many as early as Andrews and iOS to achieve the things, such as copy and paste the function, it may not come until Windows Phone 8.

Although the 2007 release of the iPhone, there is no copy and paste and multi-tasking. However, iPhone in 2007 can have these shortcomings, late 3 years of Windows Phone 7 not because it is a latecomer. But also said that the advantages of late, but Microsoft does not fully reflect the advantages of such a person.

At the same time the most commonly used input method has become a problem. Windows Phone 7 initial version only provides the English language support, in addition to not support the system does not support the Chinese language display, there is no third-party input method interface, which means that the user can not switch the Chinese input method keyboard. This may be bitter application developers, need in the early Windows Phone Chinese applications built-in Chinese input keyboard, it is embarrassing.

Until 2011, Windows Phone7.5 push, the problem was really resolved. But at this point, Caton's problems appear almost every third-party application.

This period, the face of the market share of the full day of Apple and Andrews, Microsoft is anxious, but even more hasty Windows Phone chaos.

Pit - 3 years to ruin Nokia

Time to enter in 2011, Microsoft finally pulled a heavyweight partner - then betrayed Microsoft's Nokia mobile phone.

Here would have to mention a great man - 3 years to break the Nokia Elop.

In September 2010, Stephen Elop officially switched from Microsoft to NOKIA as CEO.

At that time, Apple launched the real will affect the world's iPhone 4; Andrews small partner HTC Desire, Moto Milestone2, Samsung i9000 who are attracting the general public eye, and then what is Nokia?

Covering low-end non-intelligent machines in low-income countries, Saipan smartphones known for their ruggedness in various countries, and the future of Nokia's Hope-Meego system.

Stephen Elop took office with an important mission to revive NOKIA

However, on February 11, 2011, Elop's public speech changed the fate of many people - announced that Nokia and Microsoft began to develop Windows Phone, while Nokia will stop for Symbian development, as the future of Nokia plans Meego will also be given up.

His words, the original decline in the natural cycle of Symbian almost suffered a shock-like sudden death, the same quarter Nokia's smart machine sales by Apple beyond, and Nokia for the first time in many years a loss.

Pit of the Nokia did not say, Windows Phone or not on the wall, 2011 cooperation began, Microsoft's Windows Phone system update suddenly stopped. Until the summer of 2012, Windows Phone 8 released. And the past two years, iPhone sales turned three times, Android turned more than six times.

And after 2012, the mobile market has nothing to do with Microsoft, although it costs more than $ 7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia, so that Windows Phone completely lost the opportunity to rise. Microsoft into the financial difficulties, had to through a variety of layoffs and business adjustments to make up.

And look back at this road closed eyes farther and farther Nokia, already already beyond recognition.

Stupid - abandon the user's system replacement

June 2012, Microsoft released Windows Phone 8 pretty good, Microsoft proudly announced that Windows Phone 8 is a new start -

To give up the Windows CE core, and Windows8 using the same Windows NT6.2, the future of Windows applications can be directly common, mobile phones and PC can seamlessly.

Windows Phone version also for the first time to provide support for multi-core CPU, mobile phone resolution standards are also upgraded to WVGA, WXGA and 720P, which makes Windows Phone hardware behind the situation has become history.

However, seemingly beautiful for the old user is silent tragedy.

As a result of the replacement of the kernel, all equipped with Windows Phone 7 system, mobile phones can not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.

This has just started a few months of Windows Phone 7, is undoubtedly a fatal blow. To know when the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 and other Windows Phone 7 phone just released not long, Microsoft's move is tantamount to saying that they announced their death penalty.

Originally not much WP will think?

Since it is not used, then go to iOS or Android these two more mature platform is not better?

Greedy - can not bear the child can not set the wolf

In fact, Windows Phone system has just launched, really attracted a lot of manufacturers to join. Finally, many manufacturers choose to leave Microsoft, although the platform ecosystem is not perfect, less application and other relations, but there is a reason can not be ignored - Microsoft's licensing fees hou expensive!

All along, Microsoft has made a lot of real money by taking PC license fees for PC makers to use the Windows operating system.

So they will continue this tradition to the mobile phone platform, mobile phone manufacturers to charge each 10-20 US dollars Windows Phone system license fees.

But Andrews is free!

ZTE has said that every production of a WP phone, to give Microsoft $ 27, which directly led to its inability to launch a cheap version of the Chinese market for mobile phones.

At the same time, it is understood that Microsoft in 2012 through the WP system to obtain the authorized fee, about 736 million US dollars, accounting for only 1% of the company's total revenue that year - even much lower than Microsoft through Andrews equipment to obtain patent licensing revenue (2013 Year, Microsoft in the Andrews equipment can get about 4.3 billion US dollars authorized income).

This is a small cheap, lost a pity, but can stimulate sales, this point, Microsoft was how to see it?

Really in 2014, Nadra saw the general trend of free licensing, but this time too late, not only did not get more support for third-party OEM, but let the market that Windows Phone has no cost The

Want to make up for the fault, but a mistake again, really hard!

At the same time, Microsoft has a problem is not willing to hardware in the promotion of Windows mobile phone sales.

From all Windows phones can be seen, these phones are basically no price at all, entry-level low-end models have higher prices than Android models, this sales strategy is not to attract too much consumers, not to mention The system platform is also behind the case of other homes.

Later, Microsoft seems to be aware of the importance of low prices, therefore, Lumia 520/521 began to appear in various areas, its search volume in Google quickly surpassed the flagship Lumia 920. Lumia 520 in the most prosperous period, occupy the Windows Phone8 platform 27% share, in all Windows Phone also has 20% share.

And the opposite, but it is Lumia high-end products in the cold.

However, when the 2014 Android phone wave after the opening, Lumia sales began to fall in avalanche, and then the appearance of Lumia 620,630 and other products is difficult to reproduce Lumia520 / 521 grand occasion.

China has a saying called "unwilling children can not set the wolf", the reason Microsoft also understand, but only because of a word - greed.

Collapse - the user is missing with the application of the missing loop

No sets of users, naturally can not apply developers.

Lack of sufficient rich, excellent APP has become the Windows Phone platform criticized, the user so a lot of loss ... ...

Ever since, Windows Phone platform into such a dead loop.

In many people asked Qiao North Feng Microsoft mobile phone failure reasons -

Qiao Beifeng gave the response is that although Microsoft spent a lot of money for developers to develop applications for Windows 10 Mobile software, and even developers do not want to participate in the development of applications, but because the user is too small, many companies are reluctant to invest The

Even a lot of APP support Windows, design and function is also very rough, or update slowly, Qiao North Feng also admitted that this is indeed a problem, but no solution.

July 2015, Microsoft released the Windows 10 operating system; At the same time, Windows Phone also entered the Windows 10 Mobile era. However, this can only guarantee Windows Phone live for two more years.

In an interview on October 13, 2017, Nadera reluctantly replied -

"We do not have the absolute smartphone hardware share, which is the real choice of consumers. This is the reality .... The reality is that we can not exist as a third mobile system ecologically, there is no market share and can attract Developer. "

It is difficult to say what is the problem caused by the current Windows Phone situation, can only say that the situation has been basically irreversible.

Or maybe we really do not need Android and iOS mobile phone system.

"Experienced the life of the world of warmth and warmth, this smile warm and pure" - "once you"


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