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Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 officially released the hug AI's strongest SoC

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Specifications, the CPU part,Snapdragon 845 using Samsung 10nm LPP process to create, upgrade to the Kryo 385 core, is still the eight-core architecture, the four largest core up to 2.8GHz, 25% -30% performance improvement; four small core frequency up to 1.8GHz , 15% performance improvement.

Qualcomm said this time using the latest ARM architecture core design, and some improvements to support ARM DynamIQ technology (so the architecture should be A75 + A55?).

GPU section,Snapdragon 845 upgrade to the Adreno 630, compared to the previous generation performance increased by 30%, energy consumption increased by 30%, video processing efficiency increased by 2.5 times.

Algorithm part, Adreno 630 supports focus algorithm technology, you can intelligently identify the human eye focus, focusing on rendering this part, so as to achieve the purpose of saving power. This technology with visual tracking, to ensure that anytime the camera moves, the focus of the part is still in the best rendering state.

ISP, Snapdragon 845 integrated second-generation ISP chip Spectra 280, focusing on improving the performance of low-light environment, claims to bring the best video recording experience. It is also the first mobile platform to support ultra-high-quality video with frame rates up to 60fps, claiming Hollywood-quality picture quality.

To DxOMark score, for example, the highest score is Google Pixel 2, a score of 98 (equipped with a Snapdragon 835 mobile platform),And the future equipped with Snapdragon 845 device after the birth, Qualcomm confidence score can break 100, continue to maintain the leading position.

Color management, Spectra 280 supports 10bit color depth, can bring better color reproduction, make the photo look more natural.The color gamut is also promoted from Rec. 709 of Snapdragon 835 to Rec.2020, able to support more colors, Allows photos to achieve higher brightness, saturation and contrast, especially in high-light environment will be better.

Video, Snapdragon 845 can shoot 480fps 720p slow motion video, this is unimaginable on the phone.

At the same time, Snapdragon 845 also supports video visual processing, some of the video images can be inserted into the static photos among them, to achieve a better shooting results.

Algorithm, the Snapdragon 845 supports motion compensation, you can shoot the video frame near the image compensation to the current frame, to achieve higher brightness and clarity.

Snapdragon 845 also added a similar Apple's Face ID features,Qualcomm called XR, 3D face modeling and biometrics can be achieved, The future Android mobile phone Face ID support there will be no technical obstacles. Currently, Qualcomm has established cooperation with more than 20 related companies in the industry to jointly promote the development of this technology.

Action capture, although the Snapdragon 845 and Snapdragon 835 or 6 degrees of freedom, as well as recognition,But joined the real-time location (SLAM), you can automatically identify the surrounding objects, To protect the safety of users using VR helmets. In the future, they will also join the modeling and recognition of gesture actions to achieve a better immersive experience (part of the interaction needs to be accompanied by hand-held accessories).

As a hot word in 2018, Snapdragon 845 also added support, which Qualcomm regards as a "revolutionary and most influential" technology that will have a profound impact on human life in the future.

Qualcomm believes that the current artificial intelligence has been divided into training and derivation of two parts, the training part is currently mainly done in the cloud, need a lot of equipment to do support, and derive part due to the user's life are closely related, it involves privacy and security The problem does not necessarily have to share the user data is considered AI.

In fact, Snapdragon 845 is Qualcomm's third-generation commercial AI platform, Qualcomm has been added to the previous two generations of AI-related features, but did not focus on.

On the Snapdragon 845, Kryo architecture CPUs support FP32 and INT8, while Adreno GPUs support FP32 and FP16, all of which provide the foundation for neural network computing.

Qualcomm's own DSP is the protagonist of AI computing, which supports HVX and INT8, enabling more efficient computing power, reaching 3 times the Snapdragon 835.

Qualcomm believes that the highest AI is the user can not feel the AI, Snapdragon 845 platform, Qualcomm opened up all the software through the interface, through an API to achieve all AI-related functions.

Security architecture, Qualcomm is the first time Snapdragon 845 platform launched, the official described it as "security island."

In Snapdragon 845 security encryption chip, Qualcomm joined the HLOS operating system to provide operating system security support, while supporting TrustZone hardware-level security mode, and all security and privacy-related data, such as fingerprints are given to the TrustZone for processing .

Throughout the security section, Qualcomm calls it SPU (Secure Processing Unit), with its own processor, memory, etc., for a single operation, giving it a higher level of security that can withstand more attacks.

SPU biggest feature is the support of biological information recognition, almost allow users to forget the password. But the biggest challenge facing the system is how to identify "you are you", simply by fingerprints, face and so there may be stolen by hackers.

In order to solve this potential risk, Qualcomm stores the relevant information separately in the SPU, each time the biometric information is compared by the SPU and will not be disclosed.

At the same time, SPU can also provide digital passwords, user data and other information encryption. On the Snapdragon 845 platform, SPU encrypts all documents with a single key, further increasing the difficulty of being cracked. Even if a document is cracked, it will not affect other documents, after all, is encrypted separately.

In terms of baseband,Snapdragon 845 integrated X20 LTE baseband, up to LTE Cat.18, which is 1.2Gbps download speed, support for 5CA carrier aggregation (Qualcomm is the first to achieve 5CA vendors) and 4 * 4MIMO, along with LAA.

At the same time, X20 baseband byHowever, support for unlicensed band carrier aggregation, to achieve a higher rate. Qualcomm adjusted the proportion of licensed and unlicensed bands to a minimum, requiring only a 10 MHz licensed band to achieve 5-carrier aggregation.

Dual SIM Dual Standby Dual VoLTE Dual Standby This is the same as this, with dual cards supporting LTE Cat. 18 rates without any discounts on performance.

In terms of Wi-Fi connection, the Snapdragon 845 not only optimizes the network communication protocol, but also adds the first fast connection setting, and the network connection response speed can reach 16 times of the previous generation.

In terms of Bluetooth, Qualcomm has added QUALCOMM's TrueWireless capabilities based on Bluetooth 5 to support one-to-many transmission, saving up to 50% power consumption.

Life, Qualcomm think battery life is the key factor when consumers choose mobile phones, so the Snapdragon 845 on the focus of this part has been optimized.

Qualcomm said on the Snapdragon 845 platform, shooting 4K 4K HD life of up to 4 hours, immersive VR up to 3 hours of operation, VoLTE talk time can be more than 2 days.

Fast charge, the Snapdragon 845 still supports QC4.0 fast charge, compatible with USB-PD fast charge.

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